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tbrowder hi, #raku people! 12:06
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Geth__ lonestar: a5b9303a08 | (Patrick Spek)++ | README.adoc
Lonely whitespace to force a new commit
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tobs updated repo names and website 13:21
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Altreus hello friends 13:30
in the brave new world 13:31
Geth_ problem-solving: d9beab8df7 | (Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev)++ | 6 files
Consistify filenames

The idea is that existing files in the repo define how new files should look like, so it's a good idea to keep files consistent. The first document had spaces in it, which I guess can be a problem sometimes, so kebab-case it is then.
Altreus Is `use v6` now deprecated?
AlexDaniel Altreus: no, why 13:32
it's still version 6
Altreus of what
AlexDaniel Raku v6.d 13:33
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Altreus ah we've introduced a historical reason 13:33
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lucasb did it skip 5 versions? 13:33
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AlexDaniel you mean historical reason to write `use v6` in your code? 13:34
ChanServ 🦋 Welcome to Raku! raku.org/ | evalbot usage: 'p6: say 3;' or /msg camelia p6: ... | irclog: colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_log/raku 13:35
Altreus a historical reason why Raku is already on version 6 :) 13:45
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Juerd lucasb: The project was renamed, not restarted :) 15:25
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Altreus Having the 6 in the version number certainly contributed to the confusion that culminated in the name change in the first place :P 15:50
It was never perl version 6, it was perl6 version 1 ... 15:51
now it's raku version 6 :D
AlexDaniel Altreus: heh :D 15:52
Altreus: but no, it was meant to be the next version of perl, sorta
the idea that perl6 and perl5 are separate came much later
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lizmat anyways, I would be in favour of giving versions just letters: so we're now at Raku D 15:57
working on Raku E
AlexDaniel lizmat: fucking hell 15:58
Altreus Raku Do
lizmat AlexDaniel: ?
Altreus these are still numbers as far as I'm concerned :P
I'll change my mind after F ;)
AlexDaniel lizmat: if we're ready to change versioning, then we have to drop letter nonsense
lizmat: we still haven't figured out how to do versioning at all, btw 15:59
like where's 6.d.1 and stuff, why are we doing this in branches
lizmat yeah, I know, was just stating my current preference
Raku D.1
would be ok with me?
AlexDaniel lizmat: here's the crazy thought, right
lizmat: why not use something that everybody else is using
and understands
like semver
why do we have to be special snowflakes with these letter nonsense 16:00
my point: 7.0.0
here, released
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lizmat Raku 7.0.0 ? 16:02
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AlexDaniel yep, gonna put a final nail into the “so is it released?” thing 16:02
Altreus well in that case the current 6 could be the middle one 16:03
0.6.d = 0.6.13
Grinnz that wouldn't be greater than v6.d
AlexDaniel that's not going to work
Altreus oh right
AlexDaniel that's not how semver sorts
Grinnz the only reason moving the middle one to major verison for perl 5 is being considered is because it would still work in version sorting 16:04
SyrupThinker I'd compare the alphabetic releases to C/C++ standard versions. Just that they are not years. 16:06
Personally I only see a point in using semver when the standard moves so quick that patches are actually a thing 16:07
patrickb AlexDaniel: Please, be a bit more polite. 16:35
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vrurg slashdot.org/submission/10554004/p...offucially – shall we make it to the top? 17:14
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AlexDaniel patrickb: sorry, it's just making my blood boil :) 17:20
lizmat vrurg: Offucially ?? Is that intended ? 17:22
vrurg lizmat: Sure not. U/I close to each other on the keyboard. :( 17:23
I have spotted a couple of errors in the text, but overlooked this one. And no way to edit.
lizmat can you change the title? If not, I would rather you delete and repost with proper title
vrurg lizmat: It's one way road. I neither able to edit it nor delete. 17:25
lizmat :-(
vrurg lizmat: but the editorial is likely to edit it. FAQ says the do so for fixing error. 17:29
*they do
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AlexDaniel Xliff: it doesn't look like silence to me 18:32
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AlexDaniel Xliff: for example: colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...2019-10-14 18:32
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Xliff Since I've been here... nary a woid! 18:35
sortiz \o Xliff
lucasb it's monday :)
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uzl I guess there's not a Matrix bridge yet?! 18:36
Xliff developers.slashdot.org/comments.p...d=59306032 18:37
Yes. That's me.
AlexDaniel` uzl: what do you mean no matrix bridge? 18:41
AlexDaniel uzl: it took 4 minutes for that message to arrive 18:42
also messages from freenode are doubled
uzl AlexDaniel: I mean a bridge from Riot to freenode (or the other way around. Not sure) similar to the one for #perl6 18:43
AlexDaniel uzl: the whole freenode is bridged with matrix 18:44
uzl: just join #freenode_#raku:matrix.org
AlexDaniel` uzl: it's there, just being slow like always
AlexDaniel ↑ that's a message from Matrix :)
uzl I was trying to find it in the Explore tab and it didn't come up. Thanks :-)! 18:45
AlexDaniel uzl: also, you can go to `perl6 / raku` community which lists all the rooms
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AlexDaniel uzl: I think the whole matrix.org is not feeling well 18:52
uzl: I don't even notice that stuff usually because I'm on my own server 18:53
uzl AlexDaniel: I'm noticing it's taking quite long. Yeah, I'm using the default server. 18:54
SyrupThinker The matrix.org server is horrible, there are so many people on it
sjn o/ 18:58
AlexDaniel sjn: \o 18:59
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sjn Who do we know that knows Perl6^WRaku well, that has a good radio voice, a good English or American accent and some time left over to try some audio-like Raku-goodness with me? :) 19:01
sjn has already talked with jnthn, but he's about to move to a new appartment so his off-work tuits are about to tank.. 19:02
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uzl \o 19:02
El_Che sjn: ovid had given perl 6 presentation
sjn true 19:03
n1ge o/
hello #raku
sjn But his accent is Texan <_< :-D
El_Che pretty sure he sound French by now :)
sjn hehehe 19:04
El_Che s
sjn maybe that's an improvement :-)
uzl AlexDaniel: This is what I get when trying to join #raku with matrix: #freenode_#raku:matrix.org is not accessible at this time. Try again later, or ask a room admin to check if you have access.
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AlexDaniel uzl: I can't even syncronize with the server 19:06
uzl: just give it time, it's an issue on their end
uzl Alright, will just have to wait until later. 19:07
sjn BTW, anyone up for hanging out on Discord (audio) and chat? discord.gg/TdUDGd
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lizmat PSA: I've gotten so much shit over me in the past few hours, that I'm not in a state of mind to write a Perl 6 Weekly objectively 19:21
so I won't publish one today
sena_kun hugs lizmat 19:22
n1ge is sorry to hear that too 19:23
sjn lizmat: aw, sorry to hear that. *hug* 19:28
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vrurg joins sena_kun and hugs lizmat too 19:36
lizmat: I know it's hard to do, but the only way is to ignore stupidity. 19:37
19:38 xinming_ joined
leont also hugs lizmat 19:38
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Geth_ whateverable: aee3925707 | (Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev)++ | 3 files
Initial Raku changes
whateverable: 88109fed6c | (Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev)++ | README.md
Rakufy the README too
AlexDaniel please forgive me xD
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Doc_Holliwood m: my %a = b => { c => 11, d => 12 }; %a{'b';'c', 'd'}.say 20:19
evalable6 (11 12)
Doc_Holliwood uuuh, nice
m: my %a = b => { c => 11, d => 12 }; %a<b>{'c', 'd'}.say 20:20
evalable6 (11 12)
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Xliff m: my %a = b => { c => 11, d => 12 }, ω => { α => 20, β => 42 }; %a{'b', ω'}.say 20:35
evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Error while compiling /tmp/YjWFWouhix
Two ter…
Xliff, Full output: gist.github.com/7535031b3ceab00e6e...018b7967f5
Xliff m: my %a = b => { c => 11, d => 12 }, ω => { α => 20, β => 42 }; %a{'b', 'ω'}.say
evalable6 ({c => 11, d => 12} {α => 20, β => 42})
Xliff m: my %a = b => { c => 11, d => 12 }, ω => { α => 20, β => 42 }; %a{'b';'c', 'ω';'β'}.say 20:36
evalable6 (exit code 1) Type Int does not support associative indexing.
in block <unit> at /tmp/t6Pl1xYyFh line 1
Xliff m: my %a = b => { c => 11, d => 12 }, ω => { α => 20, β => 42 }; %a{'b';'c'; 'ω';'β'}.say
evalable6 (exit code 1) Type Int does not support associative indexing.
in block <unit> at /tmp/4qzBelhWM7 line 1
Xliff m: my %a = b => { c => 11, d => 12 }, ω => { α => 20, β => 42 }; %a{'b';'c'.say
evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Error while compiling /tmp/0WbrD34rGT
Unable …
Xliff, Full output: gist.github.com/3fd3d0fabfe2135825...ce737deb38
Xliff m: my %a = b => { c => 11, d => 12 }, ω => { α => 20, β => 42 }; %a{'b';'c'}.say
evalable6 (11)
Xliff m: my %a = b => { c => 11, d => 12 }, ω => { α => 20, β => 42 }; %a{'b';'c', 'ω';'β'}.say
evalable6 (exit code 1) Type Int does not support associative indexing.
in block <unit> at /tmp/GxQhtzTeOn line 1
Xliff Hrm.... 20:37
m: my %a = b => { c => 11, d => 12 }, ω => { α => 20, β => 42 }; %a<ω>{''β'}.say 20:38
evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Error while compiling /tmp/SKoWBab6Ay
Two ter…
Xliff, Full output: gist.github.com/485eec4775ae1d4f39...23335c1e1a
Xliff m: my %a = b => { c => 11, d => 12 }, ω => { α => 20, β => 42 }; %a<ω>{'c', 'β'}.say
evalable6 ((Any) 42)
Xliff Ah...
This channel needs a camelia. :P 20:39
Doc_Holliwood There can only be one 20:42
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El_Che maybe we can use this: aws.amazon.com/blogs/opensource/aw...e-projects 22:02
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Xliff El_Che++ -- I just signed up! :) 22:17
vrurg Xliff testing code makes the new channel feels more like lived-in. ;) 22:18
Xliff vrurg: LOL! I know. 22:25
I want my camelia!
moon_child I have a bad idea
if some code is invalid, but there exists exactly one valid code of levenshtein distance N from that code
and no valid code of levenshtein distance <N
then the invalid code is treated as if it were that valid code 22:26
Doc_Holliwood yes 22:34
that's a bad idea
moon_child actually hmmm 22:39
I think it needs to be recomputed for every line
s/recomputed/computed separately
Doc_Holliwood i am playing with hyper and sorting and i can get 66% speedup sorting in parallel 22:42
however, how do i combine the n sorted sub arrays to one most efficiently? 22:43
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Xliff Doc_Holliwood: Why not let hyper do the batch? 22:52
AlexDaniel moon_child: I remember some talk in which the presenter was showing a bunch of cool error messages and stuff 22:54
moon_child: and somebody from the audience asked: if it's so smart why can't it fix it for me 22:55
Xliff Doc_Holliwood: Hmmm... take min off of each sublist and push it to the new full list.
Rinse and repeat until all lists are empty.
AlexDaniel moon_child: I don't think the compiler should autocorrect your code and run it, but an IDE probably should
Xliff AlexDaniel++ 22:56
AlexDaniel I wonder if Comma should be taught to do it
if it can't already
Doc_Holliwood XLiff, I did try `$lines.hyper( :$batch ).sort` with $batch being 2500 and $lines having 10K elements, 23:03
however that is slower than a `$lines.sort`
Xliff Doc_Holliwood: Did you use :$degree? 23:04
Doc_Holliwood To 4 yes. The number of cores on my machine. But that should be the default anyway? 23:06
Xliff Ah. OK. Weird. 23:07
Doc_Holliwood summons jnthn 23:09
Xliff Hah! That would be nice. 23:10
Doc_Holliwood Let's see if it works, I had to substitute the goat blood with grape juice 23:11
Xliff heee
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Grinnz AlexDaniel: dangerously approaching github.com/mattdiamond/fuckitjs :) 23:27