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k-man howdy 03:50
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jmerelo I've suggested "raku" as a synonym for Rakudo, and that seems to be possible since there are only ~60 questions tagged Rakudo (and they are probably not referring to the compiler by itself) 06:54
It needs 4 votes to be aproved, so please get your karma ready and head here stackoverflow.com/tags/raku/synonyms to do that.
If I understood it correctly, once the synonym is approved "Raku" will be suggest for anyone that tries to add "Rakudo" as a tag. They can still do that, but they'll get the suggestion. 06:55
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jmerelo That's the plan also for perl6 06:55
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Geth doc: b6940dc1cc | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Type/Callable.pod6
Changes tabs and rewrites intro to example.
jmerelo I'm changing the description of some repositories I have access to Perl 6 → Raku 07:46
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jmerelo Can we practice Raku-Go in the next conferences? www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbt0jAYDVOw 08:12
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jmerelo Commaide.com is rejecting secure connections? commaide.com/ 08:35
stanleytam seems the website down 08:39
sena_kun ssl certificate issues. :/ 08:52
jmerelo sena_kun: can you help? stackoverflow.com/questions/584288...tion-of-co 09:08
sena_kun jmerelo, do you actually have Log::Timeline module setup? As in, event types, their usages etc as described in github.com/jnthn/p6-log-timelinea ? 09:09
jmerelo, or is it a network issue? 09:10
jmerelo sena_kun: no, I didn't do anything like that. Just pressed the button.
sena_kun: OK, I see it's not so straighforward, you really need to prepare code for being logged, and it can't be done in a script... 09:11
sena_kun jmerelo, well, alas the timeline does not magically determine what your code does, so you need to manually specify types of events you have, call them from the code, set up module usage, and then it'll open a socket and draw things.
jmerelo, yes, though I am not sure about "can't be done in a script" part, I think it can 09:12
jmerelo sena_kun: I believe in magic. Raku is magic. But I guess a bit of sweat equity will have to go into it too...
sena_kun oh, no, it can't, because "These are specified in one or more modules, which should be registered in the provides section of the META6.json. The module name's final component should be LogTimelineSchema" from the readme.
jmerelo sena_kun: and then you have to set up socket logging, I guess 09:15
sena_kun yes 09:16
jmerelo sena_kun: in a task you don't call log from the task, but you call the task from the log function
tyil jmerelo: I should arrive at munchen hauptbahnhoff around 2 pm local time
jmerelo tyil: I'll get to the hotel at 8ish. I'm still in Granada. 09:17
tyil alright, I'll see you at the hotel later tonight, then
jmerelo tyil: OK. Have a nice trip. 09:18
tyil thanks, and same to you :D
sena_kun jmerelo, if it is a "tick", a single event when you are saying "Something is done", then you just call it, if it is a "continious" event that can contain ticks or just some work you are logging, then yes, the code is wrapped in a log call.
jmerelo sena_kun: thanks 09:20
jnthn Provided you have a new enough Cro::HTTP, that includes logging of the HTTP pipeline using Log::Timeline. 09:30
If you want application-level logging then yes, it's up to you to add that :) 09:31
sena_kun jnthn, I think the question is about a custom script, not cro-based. 09:32
jmerelo jnthn: sena_kun is right, it's my usual evolutionary algorithm with Perl 6... 09:44
Sorry, Raku...
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jnthn Ah, OK 09:54
pmurias blogs.perl.org/users/pawel_murias/2...ate-1.html - final rakudo.js grant update 09:55
jnthn Then yes, you augment it. It really is a logging tool, not a profiler, even if the interval nature of it makes it useful for a high-level view of what's going on
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jnthn On conference/workshop naming, Perlyglot is quite cute: blogs.perl.org/users/awwaiid_brock_...yglot.html 10:06
sena_kun .oO ( sounds not so cute from Slavic languages perspective :S ) 10:10
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jmerelo jnthn: ... and cryptic 10:17
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jnthn I thought the word "polyglot" was relatively widely known 10:17
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patrickb o/ 10:18
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sena_kun jnthn, can't say its cryptic, and sure it is relatively widely known. maybe I am just too cautious about things now... 10:23
patrickb, o/
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El_Che Perlesque Rakulicious 11:12
moritz m: say 42 11:13
camelia 42
lizmat shazam! 11:14
El_Che hi lizmat! 11:18
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Doc_Holliwood So, are there rules or recommendations about module names and the organization of the namespace? 11:21
specifically, os specific modules. should the os name be at the end of the namespace or at the front?
sena_kun no guildelines, but usually at the end 11:22
Doc_Holliwood as in "Win32::API::Kernel32" vs "API::Win32::Kernel32"
sena_kun e.g. IO::Path::Win32 with IO::Path being more general (I know this is a class)
Doc_Holliwood, I am ignorant, but what are other options of `Kernel32`? 11:23
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sena_kun but regardless, API::Win32::Kernel32, API::Linux::Foo, I think. 11:23
Doc_Holliwood well the win-api is divided into DLLs, kernel32.dll is one of them, .dll ~= .so 11:24
rindolf3 Hi everypony! Hail fluttershy! Sup?
sena_kun of course, when you are doing something linux kernel itself specific, then Linux::Foo
Doc_Holliwood, are you writing bindings to WinAPI?
Doc_Holliwood Only those I need to. It's not an effort to catch the whole 11:25
rindolf3 lizmat: i iz here 11:26
sena_kun I mean, it depends on what do you do. If OS-specific (WinAPI, something Linux specific), then Win32::API::Kernel32 sounds great. If you are doing your package Foo that has different implementations for different OS, then Foo::Win32, Foo::Unix etc.
Doc_Holliwood it would be the former
sena_kun Doc_Holliwood, I suggested the other one previously, but now I think the opposite is more fitting, sorry
Doc_Holliwood Ok, so I'll go with Win32::API::Incomplete::*, as in not to pollute the main namespace for something more serious. 11:27
I just have a collection of structures, enums and a few functions 11:28
sena_kun Doc_Holliwood, I'd not add anything like `Incomplete`, maybe. I mean, if you write out some parts, people can write out some other parts they need and just send patches. Of course, if you are strictly against doing "fat" modules and want a tiny wrapper, then something like `Tiny` sounds better than `Incomplete` to me.
maybe for me `Incomplete` kind of implies `It does not work yet, maybe in future`, thus the confusion. 11:31
rindolf3 timotim
Doc_Holliwood I am thinking of compatibility. As you say, people might send in patches, probably conflicting ones (there is more than one windows), the thing grows organically (the win-api is huge), and wwen the time comes for a big refactoring the good namespace is already used.
rindolf3 sorry
Doc_Holliwood for instance i have a "Constants.pm6" for now, but as i said, huge api and if I were to put all constanst from all header files in there it would come out too big 11:32
but i also don't want to prematurely organize something 11:33
mmh, maybe Win32::Draft::API::*? 11:35
Another question. If a module needs to persist some data, for caching for example, where can it do that? 11:42
just write to the home direcory?
El_Che Doc_Holliwood: I would write to /var/tmp 11:43
or tmp depending in the os 11:44
Doc_Holliwood that may be fine for a cache, but what about configuration?
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El_Che configuration is indeed different, you may want to backup that. For my code is mostly look in a few dirs, e.g.: /etc/$app.yaml; /opt/$team/etc/app.yaml; $home/.app.yaml 12:24
Doc_Holliwood man writing os dependent code is really a pita without macros 12:26
how do i "use" a module depending on the os? 12:27
here: in a test file
tadzik with `require` :) 12:28
Kaiepi i do that in Net::Telnet, gimme a sec 12:29
Doc_Holliwood thing is, the module exports stuff 12:30
Kaiepi so does this one 12:31
oh no it doesn't
it just makes Net::Telnet::Terminal::Client different things depending on os 12:32
Doc_Holliwood yeah, that's easy =)
whatever, i just use fully qualified calls
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Kaiepi this might be useful Doc_Holliwood github.com/FROGGS/p6-if 12:35
Doc_Holliwood whatever happened to froggs? 12:36
tx, i try that 12:37
lizmat I believed 3 kids in quick succession
all with a lot of red hair, just like their dad :-)
Doc_Holliwood from how many women? 12:38
lizmat 1
Doc_Holliwood Of course. Once you go ginge you can't go back. 12:42
lizmat afk& 12:49
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Geth perl6.org/finanalyst-patch-1: cb9c117dcb | (Richard Hainsworth)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | source/community/irc/index.html
Added remaining bots on whateverable list
perl6.org: finanalyst++ created pull request #138:
Added remaining bots on whateverable list
finanalyst_ AlexDaniel: I suggest putting a link to the bots section of perl.org/community/irc into the "topic" section for this channel 13:02
.tell 13:06
.seen AlexDaniel
tellable6 finanalyst_, I saw AlexDaniel 2019-10-16T19:51:03Z in #raku-dev: <AlexDaniel> lizmat: github.com/perl6/problem-solving/i...-542756891
AlexDaniel . 13:10
finanalyst_ AlexDaniel: I just transferred a bit of what you put on the Whateverable wiki to the community html. 13:11
AlexDaniel finanalyst_: “As of today, rakudo is not relocatable”
it now is
finanalyst_ Does this count as documentable?
I'll edit that bit out. The wiki needs editing too 13:12
AlexDaniel yep 13:13
patrickb: what's the first rakudo release that's relocatable?
tyil: btw your bots are missing from this list, please add them: github.com/perl6/doc/issues/711#is...-235414744 13:16
Geth perl6.org/finanalyst-patch-1: c71b9c141a | (Richard Hainsworth)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | source/community/irc/index.html
rakudo updateable
AlexDaniel finanalyst_: I wonder if there's any easier way to do it
finanalyst_: because that page is always out of date 13:20
once in a while somebody updates it, and then very shortly it's out of date again
finanalyst_ AlexDaniel: ?? doing what? List of bots? or topic?
AlexDaniel finanalyst_: I mean perl6.org/community/irc 13:21
finanalyst_ AlexDaniel: I think pointing topic at that page here is important, because some information is better than none, not all info ages at same speed
AlexDaniel finanalyst_: also, let's delete some bots from that page… 13:22
finanalyst_: dalek is no longer online, ilbot is no longer online, huggable is no longer online
finanalyst_: SourceBaby is not but probably should be, so maybe leave it there for a bit 13:23
finanalyst_ Probably also better to have the information in a pod in a raku/docs/tutorial, which can then be updated
AlexDaniel finanalyst_: Undercover is down and probably won't be up soon
finanalyst_: yoleaux was replaced by tellable6
ZofBot is a personal bot so shouldn't really be listed there
finanalyst_ A pod6 file in the docs space can be edited relatively quicky and is updated regularly. The community html tab is not so easily updatable 13:24
AlexDaniel PufferBot and BeastieBot are not very useful to the end user anyway
finanalyst_: oh, that's a good idea actually
patrickb AlexDaniel: It's possible that the next release will be the first. 13:25
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AlexDaniel patrickb: ahh! OK 13:26
patrickb Not entirely sure, but very well possible.
Is it possible to retrieve the length of a Channel is? 13:27
sena_kun patrickb, no, but you can .list.elems if it is closed on the other end or not e.g. infinite. 13:29
AlexDaniel patrickb: I needed that some time ago, but I don't remember what I did to work around it 13:30
patrickb I think that won't do for me. I want to implement some limiting on the sending side. 13:31
AlexDaniel maybe !peek should be public and should also take an argument as to where you want to peek: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/f3dd...#L100-L117
finanalyst_ AlexDaniel: How about changing the main doc page (perl6/docs/doc/HomePage.pod6) to add 'Community' under FAQ, and have it point to /Language/Community.pod6. Put all the bot stuff in there
AlexDaniel finanalyst_: makes sense to me 13:32
finanalyst_ I'll do a PR in perl6/doc and ask JJ to review
AlexDaniel sounds like a plan, yep 13:33
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vrurg patrickb: In Async::Workers I count elements manually. 13:40
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Geth doc: 6da71c5f1c | finanalyst++ | doc/Language/community.pod6
modify quotes at top

IF we put quotation marks around Larry Wall's first remark about Perl 6, then we cannot simply substitute 'Raku' for 'Perl 6', as that is then not a direct quote. BUT it does seem to me to be consistent with history and philosophy that the rename was community driven and approved by Larry. Hence adding in the second quote is more correct.
AlexDaniel finanalyst_++ 13:59
finanalyst_ AlexDaniel: Glad to see approval. Change made worrying it would trigger an avalanche!!! 14:00
AlexDaniel I was surprised when I saw the quote being changed, and I was about to fix it myself 14:01
finanalyst_ Given the huge number of changes to be made to documentation, its inevitable there will be those that are inappropriate in some way 14:03
Kaiepi releasable6, status 14:13
releasable6 Kaiepi, Next release in ≈2 days and ≈4 hours. 6 blockers. Unknown changelog format
Kaiepi, Details: gist.github.com/c4a043cb13b67f5797...24741acc2f
AlexDaniel btw 14:14
squashable6: status
squashable6 AlexDaniel, ⚠🍕 Next SQUASHathon in ≈13 hours (2019-10-19 UTC-12⌁UTC+20). See github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Mont...Squash-Day
AlexDaniel that thing is still not figured out :(
it's unfortunate because it's Hacktoberfest right now too
maybe something about Raku?
warriors it can be also writen this way 14:15
+ "Perl 5 was my rewrite of Perl. I want Perl 6 (now Raku) to be the community's rewrite
+ of Perl and of the community." - Larry Wall (circa 2000
i see quote amended all the time, to add clarity
mspo shouldn't it be, like, Perl 6 [recte Roku] or Roku [sic Perl 6] ? 14:18
or even just [Roku]† †(Perl 6 in original quote, but renaming considered) 14:19
warriors Perl 6 [recte Roku] , the brackets includes the clarification, so people know what he originally said, but the brackets for us to know what it means now
raku not roku
mspo yeah 14:20
warriors roku is the tv service thing right :)
mspo my television corrected it for me ;)
warriors tv software :)
should get raku hits, when people mistype roku and search for raku instead
mspo or get no hits when google autocorrects 14:21
"did you mean roku sponsored content?!?!?!?!?!!?"
finanalyst_ warriors: Many ways of handling changes of name in a quote about an earlier name. But the change needs to be shown. Actually, I think Larry's next comment is just as important and it underlines that it was community driven 14:22
warriors i like amending the quote, to push raku stronger
mspo I got [recte] from wikipedia; I've only seen [sic] in the real world 14:23
tyil AlexDaniel: will do 14:26
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tyil and done 14:28
vrurg AlexDaniel: I don't think we can find a good subject about Raku for the Squashaton. But I'm already getting "professional distrortion": there're 62 tickets on rakudo still opened because 'tests needed'. Maybe we can make test-writing one? 14:36
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AlexDaniel vrurg: we can try, I guess, and that's exactlyw hat was proposed 14:37
14:37 tamiko is now known as darth_tamiko 14:39 renormalist joined
AlexDaniel let's do it then 14:40
vrurg Tell me if anything is needed from my side. Sure, I'll be keeping my eye on PRs submitted. 14:42
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ufobat is there a channel regarding the comma ide? 15:00
sena_kun ufobat, no 15:04
ufobat, but there is me and jnthn
ufobat i've installed comma as an intellj plugin. Is there no Settings -> Editor -> Code Style -> Comma/Raku/Perl6 subsection? 15:05
sena_kun ufobat, that's normal, because we don't have one _yet_. 15:06
ufobat 2) i've got a weired behaviour when I create a block like in `if $something {}` - the block defined with the curly braces
sena_kun and the default formatter is LTA sometimes, which is a known bug too
ufobat when i push "enter" my closing `}`is now i the beginnin of the line, not indented with the i of `if ...` 15:07
when i push "tab", with the cursor in front of the `}` nothing happens
jnthn What is the $something? Literally a variable access, or? 15:08
ufobat literally a variable
now "enter" just moves the `}` down a line, and when i push "tap" on one of those empty lines i created compelely strange indtation and my `}` gets moved.. somewhere.. 15:09
jnthn Hmm, I must have literally written `if $something {`, had the `}` inserted automatically, and hit enter hundreds of times without problem...I wonder what is happening
I'm guessing it's something to do with the surrounding context. 15:10
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ufobat how can I troubleshoot this or help 15:10
well freshly created pl6 file, just wrote `sub foobar() {<curser_is_here>}` 15:11
same thing happens to all blocks
jnthn Any error indication (bottom right)?
ufobat i started a new perl6 project, the same 15:12
jnthn What intellij version?
ufobat yeah one, regarding my emacsplus plugin
jnthn Also, can you reproduce it in the standalone Comma?
ufobat let me disable that
jnthn Ah, an unfortunate interaction with another plugin would be...well, still surprising, but also explain why we'd not seen such an issue before. :) 15:13
ufobat same with disabled emacs plugin
i need to install the stand alone version of comma first
benjif do we keep historic benchmarks done w/ roast?
ufobat intellij is 2019.2.3 15:14
jnthn sena_kun: Hm, was 2019.2 the version with a ton of breaking changes? 15:15
sena_kun jnthn, yes
we currently support 2019.1
jnthn Joy.
Yeah, I'd known we were going to have a huge headache upgrading to that for the standalone IDE, I hadn't quite realized it was nasty to the point of causing such plugin fallout. :S 15:16
ufobat jnthn, does not happen on comma stand alone
jnthn OK, well, then we can probably guess what the answer is 15:19
ufobat I have to wait ;-)
jnthn As so often in software, it's quite distressing how much work one has to do simply to stay still. :/ 15:21
ufobat thats true 15:24
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AlexDaniel ab6tract: o/ 15:34
ab6tract hey hey! love the new digs :D
so, i'm a bit bummed that declaring an infix:<+> for a given type doesn't unlock the reduce operator [+] 15:36
but i'm assuming there is some way to get it to work, right? :) 15:37
15:37 kybr joined
jnthn Really? 15:38
m: class A { has $.i; }; multi infix:<+>(A $x, A $y) { A.new(i => $x.i + $y.i) }; say [+] A.new(i => 2), A.new(i => 30), A.new(i => 10)
camelia A.new(i => 42)
jnthn Minimal example works, so I'm guessing there's something a tad more interesting in your case 15:39
Doc_Holliwood jnthn, I need your address for the promised cookie
jnthn A real cookie?!
Doc_Holliwood Are there others?
ab6tract jnthn: hey buddy! glad to read you, indeed there must be something odd then :(
jnthn Well, every website I visit tells me it wants to give me them too... :) 15:40
ab6tract: If you only have 1 element or 0 elements in the reduce you'd probably need to define the base case too
oh, 0 you can't do because... :)
but the unit case you can 15:41
Though it may default to identity anyway there
So yeah, probably something else.
ab6tract ahh, okay yeah, that's a doof! adding an infix:<+> target for a single arg that returns that arg does the trick 15:45
jnthn aha!
Geth doc: finanalyst++ created pull request #3064:
Highlight Community, add IRC bot list
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ab6tract jnthn: gist.github.com/ab5tract/b9b03558c...ffc019b40e 15:47
i'm working through the Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics book. pimbook.org 15:48
jnthn Nice :)
Interesting indentation in that diff 15:49
ab6tract really fun working through the code in Raku. was able to do some easy tricks to make 'f(x) + g(x)' DWIM, but also 'f(4) + g(5)'
jnthn Oh, just tab/space confusion :)
ab6tract yeah, it's all over the place. i blame git diff | pbcopy
turns out i had good reason to be falling behind in math back in the school days, though i've only learned why recently. the book's author definitely sticks to math tradition in that you can't really get through many pages without having a pad out running numbers by hand :) 15:51
nice writing test cases you've literally plugged in on paper though ;D 15:56
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AlexDaniel squashable6: status 16:12
squashable6 AlexDaniel, ⚠🍕 Next SQUASHathon in ≈11 hours (2019-10-19 UTC-12⌁UTC+20). See github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Mont...Squash-Day
AlexDaniel see also: hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/ 16:13
El_Che AlexDaniel: regarding your relocatabe comment, are moarvm and nqp relocatable as well (nqp and moarvm inside the rakudo install) 16:16
AlexDaniel: append a "?" to the sentence
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Xliff_ Whee! GTKPlus now taking 2445 seconds to compile. 16:26
That's 943 .pm6 files 16:27
16:28 zacts joined
mspo .rm and .rk ? 16:28
Xliff_ mspo: Until I get the time to do that across all of my repositories, the filenames will remain unchanged. :/ 16:29
mspo Xliff_: wondering what the convention will end up being :) 16:30
Xliff_: if they should matter at all
Xliff_ Your guess is as good as mine. :)
Although .rm and .rk aren't a bad idea. Still have to check those for conflicts. 16:31
mspo add some spice and call everything .core ;)
sena_kun .rakumod is already established for modules
Xliff_ mspo: Um. No. LOL
sena_kun .raku for scripts
mspo long 16:33
sena_kun doesn't matter
warriors lol just noticed the P 6 in the camelia mascot
that was deep 16:34
sena_kun 1)editor or IDE can take care of that; 2)when you are programming, you are programming, not typing file extensions all the day
warriors it doesnt seem that there is any active vs code or emacs mode for Raku
the vs code mode was last updated 2018 and the emacs mode is even older 16:35
sena_kun well, someone has to volunteer
to update them and make them better. :) 16:36
gdonald the perl6-mode for emacs works fine for me
benjif iirc ~50% of raku users use vim 16:38
sena_kun maybe 50% of those raku users that participated in the survey... 16:39
gdonald i once heard 27% of all statistics are made up, on the spot.
benjif yes, 50% for the previous two raku surveys
sena_kun gdonald, well, the survey results are not made up, just saying that there is a larger population in general 16:41
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AlexDaniel Xliff_, mspo: do not change the filenames 16:41
gdonald k
AlexDaniel Xliff_, mspo: also, please use extensions specified in the path to raku document, don't come up with your own, please 16:42
warriors: all of them are currently “Perl6” modes 16:43
benjif Having a LSP server for raku would be cool
AlexDaniel Xliff_, mspo: and by “use” I mean, like, in a year or two… 16:44
16:45 zacts left
Xliff_ AlexDaniel: Chill. We were only horsing around. 16:45
AlexDaniel El_Che: surely, otherwise what's the point? :) 16:46
El_Che: but I haven't tried it myself yet
mspo benjif: if you want vscode usage to increase then yes 16:47
can you get the current AST and stuff?
El_Che AlexDaniel: I learnt not to limit my assumptions related to software, long ago :) 16:51
ab6tract regarding the extensions, i kind of wondered why this isn't sort of a local COMPUNIT issue. seems like we could maybe add some compiler flag options and let the community shake out what it wants to use over time, while only accepting the official extensions in published ecosystem modules (thus becoming a footnote to the 'publish' task) 16:52
sena_kun >let the community shake out what it wants to use over time 16:53
anything but that
benjif that might be strange for newcomers, dunno
ab6tract sena_kun: in general, i agree. but this is community is full of strongly opinionated people. 16:55
warriors you cant help it, smart people are usually strongly opinionated 16:56
ab6tract none of whom really got a chance to weigh in on that topic. i do understand why the discussion was locked, but it's also more of a top down decision than we are used to here.
my favorite option was .raku, .rakm, .rakd , for instance :)
Grinnz ab6tract: there were at least 3 separate issues and they were not all locked 16:57
ab6tract but if we were really living in a forward thinking world, we'd be doing this strictly on mimetype and absolve ourselves of extensions altogether
Grinnz unfortunately the discussion could not be held open until people paid attention
warriors its a bikeshedding type of problem, good thing they took a decision and didnt spend too much time on it 16:58
Grinnz the file extension for executables actually doesn't matter a whole lot, but it still matters for text editors and github
i'm not sure what "on mimetype" means, unless you are proposing that raku files should all start with a magic number 16:59
ab6tract Grinnz: unless i'm mistaken, the blocker thread on extensions was locked to the voters on the name change ticket. like i said, i understand why that happened. 17:00
brass Sorry to bother, is there a good raku intro doc for people who already program regularly?
AlexDaniel brass: which languages do you know already? :)
Grinnz there were multiple tickets. and some of them were not.
AlexDaniel brass: there are some migration guides here: docs.perl6.org/language.html#Migration_guides
warriors there think perl6
Grinnz the last one was locked because a decision had to be made.
brass AlexDaniel: ruby, go, python, elisp :p
AlexDaniel brass: also, if you prefer the docs that talk about raku rather than perl6: rakudocs.github.io/language.html#M...ion_guides :) 17:02
warriors @brass greenteapress.com/wp/think-perl-6/
ab6tract Grinnz: a mimetype is metadata about a file that, in a better world, would be a significant consideration in how the OS deals with that file. BeOS had this on lock 25 years ago.
benjif brass: The learn x in y page for raku is well paced: learnxinyminutes.com/docs/perl6/
Grinnz ab6tract: so you mean a filesystem thing? 17:03
ab6tract nowadays you see it usually in a header during a post request
AlexDaniel brass: oh yeah learnxinyminutes is pretty great
Grinnz that doesn't seem practical to me, considering these files need to be distributed across the internet and to different OSes
brass Ok thanks I'll check it out :)
ab6tract Grinnz: I'm a dreamer. I'm just saying that there are much better technical ways of deciding what to do with a file besides an extension. I guess I can thank progress for the fact that we can extend all the way out to .raku* comfortably in a post 3-letter rule word 17:04
Grinnz :)
ab6tract counts those blessings ;) 17:05
Grinnz still have some 8.3 support on the perl side we need to kill with fire...
it creates bugs on windows, because of course it does
ab6tract that sounds painful indeed 17:10
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ab6tract Grinnz: re: mimetypes, BeOS was back in the POP3 days. so all email was downloaded from the server. it would store each field from the email as metadata. the file itself would be defined as 'text/email', allowing the OS to know to use the email app to open it. meanwhile, you could create folders which represent live queries against the metadata 17:17
stored in FS. so your email filters ended up being folder view rules based on metadata. you'd be clicking on a representation of the file in the Tracker (their version of Finder/Explorer) but you wouldn't even be using 'filename' as a field in the representation you were looking at ('from', 'subject' and 'timestamp' usually being enough)
Grinnz ab6tract: things would certainly be easier if we could get everything to support that 17:18
but outlook not good :)
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AlexDaniel squashable6: status 19:00
squashable6 AlexDaniel, ⚠🍕 Next SQUASHathon in ≈8 hours (2019-10-19 UTC-12⌁UTC+20). See github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Mont...Squash-Day
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El_Che AlexDaniel: maybe you need to kick everyone out and put a bot that answer with "/join #raku" for everything :) 19:55
cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Tomtit (0.1.6) by 03MELEZHIK 19:57
Geth doc: c72496e497 | (Daniel Green)++ | 22 files
Fix a couple double spaces
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softmoth m: my $x = "--- top number: 123; middle number: 234; bottom number: 456"; $x ~~ /[ <-[;]>* \s "number:" \s*(\d+)\s* ]* %% ";"/; .say for $0; 20:09
camelia 「123」
softmoth xinming_, ^ that's not as nice as Alex's .comb version, but maybe it's closer to what you were looking for 20:10
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squashable6 Webhook for perl6/roast is now active! Half measures are as bad as nothing at all. 22:15
Webhook for rakudo/rakudo is now active! Speak like a human.
AlexDaniel … I don't like these github zen messages 22:16
squashable6: status
squashable6 AlexDaniel, ⚠🍕 Next SQUASHathon in ≈5 hours (2019-10-19 UTC-12⌁UTC+20). See github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Mont...Squash-Day
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MasterDuke AlexDaniel: for the squashathon maybe something about reviewing the various s/Perl 6/Raku/g changes? 22:25
AlexDaniel MasterDuke: I thought about that but vrurg suggested testneeded tickets
and we haven't had a testneeded squashathon in a while
MasterDuke (unfortunately)? i'll be at the LPW all day and probably won't be able to contribute much 22:26
AlexDaniel MasterDuke: all three days? :)
MasterDuke heh, we'll see 22:27
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Red (0.0.5) by 03FCO 23:18
discord6 <Aearnus> just learned about Proxies. gives me some really cool ideas 23:28
vrurg Aearnus: just be careful: they're SLOW. 23:39
cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Red (0.0.6) by 03FCO 23:48
discord6 <Aearnus> vrurg: what magnitude 23:50
vrurg Depends. About a half a year go I benchmarked it to ~300-350 times slower. 23:51