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elcaro What's the recommneded way to re-build HEAD these days. I had an alias set up for years that used to work all the time: - 01:11
git pull && perl Configure.pl --gen-moar --gen-nqp --backends=moar --prefix=/usr/tools/perl6 && make && make install && make clean
but ever since the builds were modified (i guess to make them reproducable) the above alias fails sometimes
I think mainly after a Moar bump 01:12
when it fails I'll get a failure in NQP/Config.pm complaining that moar is too old
the old build system would update moar when it found the version was too old.
vrurg elcaro: it means you haven't pulled tags from the upstream. 01:29
It does rebuild when necessary. 01:30
Er, sorry, wrong. Somehow I decided you build from a forked repo. 01:32
elcaro: Anyway, try doing some more diagnostics. I just have pulled latest changes including bumps in my copy of HEAD and it currently rebuilds moar. 01:34
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! LibXML (0.1.6) by 03WARRINGD 02:37
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elcaro vrurg: probably related to the fact i'm running under git 1.7. I suspect it handles fetching tags differently 03:04
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Prometheus::Client (0.1.0) by 03HANENKAMP 03:39
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masak hi there #raku 04:59
(name still feels like wearing somebody else's clothes. maybe I'll get used to it. probably.) 05:01
benjif howdy masak 05:02
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jmerelo releasable6: status 05:09
releasable6 jmerelo, Next release will happen when it's ready. There are no known blockers. 7 out of 432 commits logged (⚠ 9 warnings)
jmerelo, Details: gist.github.com/b8f3fd2b8971f15a20...1ec0669f23
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Geth doc: a2ac522229 | Altai-man++ | doc/Type/Seq.pod6
Document elems on Seq
doc: b47ff56e84 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Type/Seq.pod6
Merge pull request #3067 from perl6/seq-elems-cache-note

Document elems on Seq
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rindolf3 sigh 05:31
SyrupThinker Doc_Holliwood: How about the defined-or operator? I think it makes the intend more clear
rindolf3 no timtoady no cry
SyrupThinker p6: sub foo { fail }; .say with foo() // 22 05:32
camelia 22
SyrupThinker You wouldn't even need the with, a return is enough 05:33
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rindolf3 i am going to miss the 2ndsukkot holiday 06:21
cant wait for my father to come and bring me pizza and/or bourekas 06:22
it is home made pizza, but i''mperfectly satisfied w theone in the shopping centreor pizza hat or dominoes 06:24
my parents can spend a lot oftime to save a little money :( 06:25
</boring rindolf life at the ward>
now you can return to the game
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! LibXSLT (0.0.3) by 03WARRINGD 07:34
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SmokeMachine should lists have `.do` method as supplies does? 10:13
m: await Supply.from-list(^10).map({ %(value => $_) }).do({ .<value> *= 2 }).map: *.say 10:14
camelia {value => 0}
{value => 2}
{value => 4}
{value => 6}
{value => 8}
{value => 10}
{value => 12}
{value => 14}
{value => 16}
{value => 18}
SmokeMachine m: (^10).map({ %(value => $_) }).do({ .<value> *= 2 }).map: *.say
camelia No such method 'do' for invocant of type 'Seq'. Did you mean 'so'?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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lizmat SmokeMachine: seems like a question worthy of a problem-solving issue 10:29
SmokeMachine lizmat: Yes, I think I agree... I'll open it on lunch time... but what's your opinion about that? 10:31
lizmat I'll form an opinion when you have described the wanted semantics :-) 10:32
in the middle of working on the first RakudoWeekly
my mind is not at the right place for an opinion about that
SmokeMachine :)
m: (^10).map({ %(value => $_) }).map({ .<value> *= 2; $_ }).map: *.say # lizmat: but I think it would be something like this 10:39
camelia {value => 0}
{value => 2}
{value => 4}
{value => 6}
{value => 8}
{value => 10}
{value => 12}
{value => 14}
{value => 16}
{value => 18}
lizmat so what's the difference of .do on Supplies over .map on Supplies ? 10:40
discord6 <noelsken> .map emits the altered value, .do emits the original value
lizmat in other words, wouldn't .do for other types be just the same as .map ?
ah.... so it's just for side-effects
interesting 10:41
discord6 <noelsken> I'm mostly unsure how "emit" in those semantics would translate to lists because .map already is for the side-effects, at least from the perspective of the list 10:42
SmokeMachine noelsken: the way I see it map isn't for the side-effects, but for its return... and it's return would be the equivalent of the emit... so I think of something like: `method do(&side-effects) { self.map: -> |c { side-effects |c; $_ } }` but with proper handle of the signature... 10:47
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discord6 <noelsken> I'm not really seeing why we'd want another method instead of "just don't assign the return value" to be honest 10:57
<noelsken> well, behind a bit of clarity of intent maybe
<noelsken> mind, this clearly doesn't mean there isn't a good reason :) 10:58
SmokeMachine noels ken: I think consistency is another reason... 11:01
I think everything that exists on a Supply and make sense, should also exists on List... and vice-versa... 11:02
as (something I still have to continue trying to implkement) 11:03
as (something I still have to continue trying to implement), Supply.map's closure when returning Empty should skip that value... 11:04
m: (^10).map({ $_ if $_ %% 2 }).map: *.say 11:05
camelia 0
SmokeMachine m: await Supply.from-list(^10).map({ $_ if $_ %% 2 }).map: *.say
camelia 0
SmokeMachine noelsken, lizmat: ^^ 11:06
discord6 <noelsken> yeah, those Emptys do seem inconsistent 11:09
timotimo github.com/julvo/reloading 11:10
uuuuh shiny
m: await Supply.from-list(^10).map({ |($_, $_) }).map: *.say 11:11
camelia (0 0)
(1 1)
(2 2)
(3 3)
(4 4)
(5 5)
(6 6)
(7 7)
(8 8)
(9 9)
timotimo Supply's map simply doesn't seem to have semantics for slipping
SmokeMachine timotimo: yes... I've suggested of doing that... I was trying to implement that... but I haven't enough time yet... 11:16
lizmat timotimo: oops, looks like that needs a ticket ? 11:25
SmokeMachine lizmat: I haven't opened that because I thought I would be able to "fix" that fast... now I see that was an error... :() 11:28
Geth ¦ problem-solving: FCO assigned to jnthn Issue List should have `.do` method as Supply github.com/perl6/problem-solving/issues/122 11:35
¦ problem-solving: FCO assigned to jnthn Issue `Supply.map` should respect the `Slip` semantics as `List.map` does github.com/perl6/problem-solving/issues/123 11:38
timotimo depends, i'd claim it's a design question whether we want it or not 12:10
i can definitely see a reason to want it
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brass How is a Promise vow supposed to be used? 13:08
I'm understand what it does but I'm having a tough time imagining what it's for 13:09
jnthn It's useful in situations where you are manually creating a Promise to return, and want to make sure that only the thing that provides it can keep/break it, and that no other code can. 13:10
tellable6 gist.github.com/989a6709e3ff65d736...c9c3c05f3b
SmokeMachine m: my Promise $p .= new; my $v = $p.vow; Promise.in(1).then: { $v.keep: 42 }; say await $p
camelia 42
jnthn You hand back the Promise, and keep the Vow to yourself. 13:11
A little bit like how one keeps a Supplier private and hands back a Supply
SmokeMachine jnthn: do you think that should be 42 or (42,).Seq?
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jnthn SmokeMachine: Where "that" refers to the problem-solving issue? I don't know. 13:11
SmokeMachine yes
brass Oh ok thanks jnthn that makes sense 13:12
jnthn SmokeMachine: I can argue it a few ways.
brass I'm just not used to promises being kept like that in other languages
jnthn If you're used C#, then you can think of the Vow as being a bit like the TaskCompletionSource, I guess. 13:13
SmokeMachine jnthn: I think it would be cool to do something like: ```return $return-value.do: { when something() { do something }; default { do something } }```
return the $return-value, but do something else just for the side-effect... 13:14
```my $ret = process().do: { @responses.push: $_ } 13:15
$_ .= "```" 13:16
jnthn: ^^ 13:18
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fingolfin1 Hi, how can I use dynamically typed hash? Like this: my $type = Int; my %hash{$type}; 13:47
tellable6 2019-10-19T13:23:32Z #raku <AlexDaniel> fingolfin3: re ∧ and ∨: thanks for the interest! It's a lot of work, more than it seems at first glance (e.g. they need to be versioned, so that you can only use them on newer language versions)
2019-10-19T13:24:10Z #raku <AlexDaniel> fingolfin3: we had some not nice experience with other unicode stuff (e.g. unicode minus) which was a real pain to support properly and maintain, so it's unlikely we'll be adding more ops any time soon
2019-10-19T13:24:26Z #raku <AlexDaniel> fingolfin3: maybe in the future, but right now we have some other things we should focus on :)
vrurg fingolfin1: only though type capture. 13:57
jnthn m: my $type = Int; my %h := Hash[Any, $type].new; dd %h; 13:59
camelia (my Any %{Int})
lizmat and the first Rakudo Weekly hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2019/10/21/2019-42-answered/
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vrurg lizmat++ 14:02
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awwaiid lizmat: thanks for the DCBPW shout-out! 14:23
lizmat awwaiid: yw :-)
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bartolin lizmat++ 14:50
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patrickb o/ 15:04
As far as I have seen, there wasn't even a single news article that correctly described the rename process. They all took Larrys approval as the act that made the rename official. None recognized, that we now have a well defined process for how changes to the language are made and the conclusion of that process resulted in the rename, not the
approval of Larry.
AlexDaniel: Thanks for getting problem-solving up and running. 15:05
Also I think this entry insights.dice.com/2019/10/18/perl-...amed-raku/ shows very well, how confused the outside world in parts still is wrt Perl 5 and Perl 6 being separate languages. 15:06
</end_of_rant> 15:07
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mspo insights.dice.com 15:18
Kaiepi releasable6, status
releasable6 Kaiepi, Next release will happen when it's ready. 1 blocker. 7 out of 432 commits logged (⚠ 9 warnings)
Kaiepi, Details: gist.github.com/d0bf678cee216ac5c0...b4d840e4b6 15:19
AlexDaniel patrickb: it's weird, but Larry's approval seems to be very important to people regardless of what we have established for working on such issues 15:23
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Grinnz from the outside, he still appears to be BDFL and well he is, his hands-off direction is less apparent to those who haven't been watching 15:24
people are probably used to how guido directed python
AlexDaniel patrickb: and I don't care as much when people say “all these problem-solving don't matter”, I'm just happy that we got a solution to this big issue, and we have a process for working on anything alike in the future 15:25
problem-solving tickets*
Grinnz you can only show it matters by results 15:26
AlexDaniel also, the problem-solving document can be somewhat confusing, it should be much more explicit on how things work 15:27
I'll do my best to improve it when I get time 15:28
PRs are welcome, too 15:31
patrickb Again, big :thumbs-up:. I think we wouldn't have been able to do this debate without escalation if we wouldn't have had that frame for discussion. 15:32
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AlexDaniel thanks :) 15:35
it's a bit too late, unfortunately, I think one of the reasons for Zoffix's departure is the fact that we didn't have anything like this in place earlier 15:36
for me their departure was one of the motivators for creating the repo 15:38
Zoffix++ :) 15:39
ok, that didn't sound right? But you get what I mean :)
nine While we didn't require Larry's approval, it did help the process along quite a bit. But that doesn't devalue the problem-solving process in any way. Renaming the whole language is a huge thing and the discussion about it has been ongoing for almost a decade. It's not something that comes along frequently and not something that can be seen as part of any "normal" process. 15:43
mspo github.com/raku 15:51
nine: it looks like copyright is mostly assigned to the perl foundation? 15:54
did larry give up the copyright to "perl" ?
AlexDaniel mspo: github.com/rakulang github.com/raku-lang 16:02
I'm waiting for the main domain to change 16:03
rba Aha
AlexDaniel: Did you think already how to move to the new github org? 16:05
El_Che AlexDaniel: I wonder if github bots would ban you if they look for the honest description of the repo :)
mspo AlexDaniel: did you ask `raku` if he'd consider giving up his name? 16:06
AlexDaniel rba: yep, this was discussed previously. It may sound surprising but moving each repo individually is better than renaming the organization
rba: we only have 82, so wish me luck 16:07
and strength
mspo: I did not
rba Just curious. Will old raw links be redirected?
AlexDaniel rba: yes, most things will be redirected 16:08
rba AlexDaniel: great
AlexDaniel rba: I'm pretty sure there are some edge cases, but mostly it should just work
rba: my understanding is that if something goes really wrong, we can just transfer the repo back and broken links will start working again 16:09
and then we can think again :)
so the transition should go really smooth, but also it's a good opportunity to perhaps move some repos into different places 16:10
mspo AlexDaniel: he's only marginally active
might not mind
AlexDaniel for example, there are some modules in perl6/ org that should probably be in community-modules org
and also there are some repo names that should perhaps be changed 16:11
so I'll try to figure it all out
sena_kun mspo, short names are not always working...
though I agree that'd be cool to have `raku` 16:12
but `rakulang` is cool enough
El_Che or we can pick a new name with a non-claimed github namespace?
El_Che ducks
rba The high level plan to move the webhosting from *.perl6.org to *.raku.org is to let all domains (so far without touching docs.perl6.org) appear under *.raku.org. 16:13
sena_kun El_Che, seeing all the ways people surely invent to mock the new name again will be bad for my health. :S
rba Then if all looks fine doing redirects of eg. design.perl6.org/* -> design.raku.org/*
AlexDaniel rba++ 16:14
El_Che: I'm surprised I'm still not banned on github 16:15
rba AlexDaniel: Is the github repo move something you like to do this week?
AlexDaniel rba: no
El_Che: first, I have too many accounts 16:16
El_Che: turns out their rule is that you can only have 1 personal account and 1 bot account
El_Che ha, lol, I didn't know that either 16:17
AlexDaniel I have at least 3 total, and last time I asked for 4th they told me to delete other ones
the only reason they noticed, I think, is because I use +foo in email when registering anywhere, and this raises a red flag for them because spam or something 16:18
then I have 10500 gists on whateverable account
some of which contain actual spam, because reportable used to pass ticket subjects from RT 16:19
El_Che ik you ever visit the USA and have to give your social accounts at the border --> Guantanamo for you 16:20
rba What do you think of moving pl6anet.org to something like feed.raku.org or maybe planet.raku.org ? 16:23
AlexDaniel rba: rss.raku.org? :) 16:30
patrickb rba: I'm in favor of moving the planet "home". 16:31
planet.raku.org describes best what it is in my opinion. It's not just an rss feed, it's a distinct website. Most similar sites I know call it planet
AlexDaniel patrickb: oh! I'd like to see some examples :) 16:32
patrickb planet.gnome.org planet.kde.org planeteclipse.org/planet
AlexDaniel planet it is then! 16:33
patrickb planet.qt.io
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Doc_Holliwood Task #2 is impossible without resorting to generating code 16:41
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Doc_Holliwood or is it 16:56
Geth ¦ problem-solving: AlexDaniel assigned to jnthn Issue What's exactly our stance regarding other Raku implementations? github.com/perl6/problem-solving/issues/124 16:57
AlexDaniel Doc_Holliwood: what's task #2?
Doc_Holliwood creating a variable with a name coming from the command line
but i think i know how
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Doc_Holliwood hah! 17:30
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SmokeMachine has anyone made an AWS Lambda Layer for Raku? 17:47
sena_kun remembers github.com/Xliff/p6-Amazon-AWS-EC2 but not sure if it's related 17:58
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Doc_Holliwood Who's the first one to solve the raku parts of the challenge? 18:19
<-- this guy
I liked #2, it makes you connect rather obscure corners. 18:22
of the language
vrurg Doc_Holliwood: proof link? ;) 18:39
Doc_Holliwood github.com/manwar/perlweeklychalle...585fed5f10
discord6 <Aearnus> damn Doc_Holliwood, beat me by an hour.. was going to do it when I got out of lecture :) 18:41
Doc_Holliwood everything is lexical in this language, why not sub EXPORT?
vrurg Doc_Holliwood: why dynamic? Why read-only? ;) 18:42
Doc_Holliwood I guess "dynamic variable name" is abit ambiguous 18:44
vrurg Doc_Holliwood: I mean, you could just export "${$var-name}" key. 18:46
lizmat Doc_Holliwood: EXPORT needs to be lexical to the compilation unit, afaik
vrurg lizmat: it is. VariableFactory class is a stub with { * } body 18:47
Doc_Holliwood vrurg: it is not read only. also, what do you mean, just export "${$var-name}" key? 18:48
and i think liz was referring to my question, not my code
vrurg Doc_Holliwood: It isn't r/o right. Hash and it's coercion to scalar container... 18:49
Doc_Holliwood: With regard to the export – can't get why do you export twigilled var, not just sigilled? 18:50
Anyway, I like this solution. It's quite elegant. :)
Doc_Holliwood because my brain parsed it as (dynamic variable) name
I'm curious if there'll be solutions that use a different approach 18:52
would an eval in INIT work? 18:53
lizmat depends on what you're trying to achieve
Doc_Holliwood solving the challenge #2 18:54
m: BEGIN eval 'my $s'; $s = 1;
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared routine:
eval used at line 1. Did you mean 'EVAL', 'val'?
Doc_Holliwood m: use MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL; BEGIN EVAL 'my $s'; $s = 1; 18:55
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '$s' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> 3MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL; BEGIN EVAL 'my $s'; 7⏏5$s = 1;
vrurg Doc_Holliwood: BEGIN is a lexical scope.
Doc_Holliwood I'm sure you come up with something that surprises me vrurg 18:59
vrurg Doc_Holliwood: not really. I'm so much into the core stuff that first thing I think about is nqp and that's definitely not that elegant.
Doc_Holliwood inner platform syndrome 19:00
the cure for it involves beaches and drinks
vrurg Doc_Holliwood: if you call developing something in Raku itself – yeah, it would be more like 'beaches and drink' after chasing a bug in areas which I know very little about. :D 19:04
BTW, an alternate solution for dynamic variables would be use of PROCESS:: 19:05
m: my $var = 'foo'; PROCESS::{ "${$var}" } = 42; say $*foo 19:06
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Unsupported use of ${$var}; in Perl 6 please use $($var) for hard ref or $::($var) for symbolic ref
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my $var = 'foo'; PROCESS::{ "${$var}7⏏5" } = 42; say $*foo
vrurg m: my $var = 'foo'; PROCESS::{ q<$> ~ $var } = 42; say $*foo
camelia 42
vrurg But there're some gotchas. 19:08
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Doc_Holliwood documentation is very sparse regarding PROCESS 19:15
what gotchas would that be? 19:16
vrurg m: my $var = 'foo'; PROCESS::{ q<$> ~ $var } = 42; say $*foo; say LEXICAL::{ '$*foo' } 19:21
camelia 42
vrurg m: my $var = 'foo'; PROCESS::{ q<$> ~ $var } = 42; say $*foo; say DYNAMIC::{ '$*foo' }
camelia 42
vrurg I may need to look into this at some point. 19:22
lizmat m: my $var = 'foo'; PROCESS::{ q<$> ~ $var } = 42; say $*foo; say DYNAMIC::{ '$foo' }
camelia 42
vrurg m: use v6.e.PREVIEW; my $var = 'foo'; PROCESS::{ q<$> ~ $var } = 42; say $*foo; say DYNAMIC::{ '$*foo' } 19:24
camelia 42
No such symbol 'DYNAMIC::<$*foo>'
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
vrurg m: use v6.e.PREVIEW; my $var = 'foo'; PROCESS::{ q<$> ~ $var } = 42; say $*foo; say DYNAMIC::{ '$foo' }
camelia 42
No such symbol 'DYNAMIC::<$foo>'
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
vrurg Anyway, neither 6.c, 6.d nor 6.e lookup via DYNAMIC doesn't look in PROCESS:: and that's incorrect. 19:26
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lizmat m: my $*foo = 42; dd DYNAMIC::<$foo> 19:27
camelia Nil
lizmat m: my $*foo = 42; dd DYNAMIC::<$*foo>
camelia Int $*foo = 42
lizmat yeah, I'd say that is a bug
vrurg: have a look at &DYNAMIC as to what it is doing to lookup dynamic variables 19:28
Doc_Holliwood is @ARGV set at PROCESS time?
i mean @*ARGS
old habits ^^
vrurg lizmat: it travesres callers contexts. Nothing else. 19:29
lizmat &DYNAMIC does more 19:31
it looks at GLOBAL, then at PROCESS 19:32
vrurg lizmat: DYNAMIC is a pseudo-package.
lizmat yeah, but it is supposed to mimic dynamic variable lookup, no ?
vrurg Frankly – I didn't know &DYNAMIC exists. I based 6.e PseudoStash solely on 6.c version which is nowhere referencing &DYNAMIC. 19:34
I need to have a closer look at PseudoStash again and see if it could possibly just use &DYNAMIC for the lookups. 19:35
lizmat yeah, that could work :-) 19:36
at least we'd know for sure they\re consistent
Geth whateverable: f18c0216a6 | (Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev)++ | lib/Whateverable/Messages.pm6
Make the error message a bit more trendy
whateverable: 383a371b5d | (Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev)++ | lib/Whateverable/Messages.pm6
Don't judge bot's behavior
vrurg lizmat: do you know why &DYNAMIC is using $*PROMISE for obtaining dynamic context?
lizmat to make sure dynamic variables work correctly across start { } 19:38
so that they have the dynamic context where the start got executed
vrurg So, there is another bug in DYNAMIC::. Well, fine, fine... 19:39
lizmat ??
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lizmat why? what is the bug ? 19:39
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vrurg DYNAMIC:: doesn't use $*PROMISE and thus it would result in different lookup. 19:40
lizmat ah, indeed, so another reason to use &DYNAMIC there as well
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vrurg lizmat: Just checked a little bit deeper, &DYNAMIC can't be used unless modified. The sub is based on the current context whereas pseudo-packages are not. 19:43
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lizmat vrurg: ah yes, hmmm... 19:45
vrurg Besides, &DYNAMIC only cares about dynamic lookups whereas some pseudo-packages are combining lexical and dynamical. And I'm not certain how that's to be handled.
lizmat then I guess a problem-solving issue would be in order
see what jnthn thinks about it ?
vrurg lizmat: A rakudo ticket first. Perhaps there is no tricky points in there. I'm just not familiar with start { } internals and will need more investigation. 19:46
lizmat wfm
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Doc_Holliwood m: $*PROMISE.say 20:37
camelia Dynamic variable $*PROMISE not found
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Geth doc: stoned++ created pull request #3068:
Fix formatting
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Geth doc: 521d41a614 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Language/101-basics.pod6
Fix formatting
doc: 15132f765f | Altai-man++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/101-basics.pod6
Merge pull request #3068 from stoned/101-basics-fix

Fix formatting
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discord6 <Aearnus> hehe, just finished my weekly challenge 21:29
SmokeMachine is there a way to pass arguments to the `use` while using `-M`? 21:33
discord6 <Aearnus> github.com/manwar/perlweeklychalle...b/pull/825 21:34
cj moon.c9h.org/~cjac/for-raku/IMG_201...162728.jpg 21:43
discord6 <noelsken> pretty :o 21:45
cj I thought so too. it reminded me of y'all :-) 21:47
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SmokeMachine red: model Bla { has UInt $.id is serial; has Str $.name is column }; Bla.^create-table; Bla.^create: :name<test>; .say for Bla.^all 22:03
redable Bla.new(id => 1, name => "test")
SmokeMachine \o/
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AlexDaniel interesting :) 22:04
SmokeMachine :)
AlexDaniel: just the first try... but I like this idea... 22:05
AlexDaniel: but maybe have some model saved to make it easy to do some tests... 22:06
Geth doc: d4b0e3f0a5 | (Luis F. Uceta)++ | doc/Language/5to6-nutshell.pod6
Wrap inline code examples with C<>, remove unneeded capitalization, add example, etc.
doc: 6d0adfba95 | (Luis F. Uceta)++ | doc/Language/5to6-nutshell.pod6
instances -> cases
doc: 76771692cd | Altai-man++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/5to6-nutshell.pod6
Merge pull request #3066 from uzluisf/master

Wrap inline code examples with C<>, remove unneeded capitalization, ...
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