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Tirifto AlexDaniel: Good idea! I'll be doing that. 00:00
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Geth_ doc/perl6: 882b3f0b4b | (JJ Merelo)++ | template/header.html
Eliminates edition URL

Follows #3046
doc/perl6: 2bde2f14ef | (JJ Merelo)++ | template/footer.html
Adds temptative new URL marker

see perl6/Documentable#56
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xinming SmokeMachine: When I update the request, Do I recreate the pull request or I update that request by push more patches? 09:09
sena_kun xinming, you push commits to the branch that is a source for PR 09:25
xinming, they will be automagically added to your PR
so no need to close / open again 09:26
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xinming Ok. 09:31
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Geth doc/perl6: d3973d5cd0 | (JJ Merelo)++ | template/footer.html
Changes template

Improves typography and phrasing. Refs #3046
xinming m: my $x = sub ("x", *@cdef) { }; $x.signature.perl.say; my $signature = $x.signature; 10:40
camelia :("x", *@cdef)
xinming my $x = sub ("x", *@cdef) { }; $x.signature.perl.say; my $signature = $x.signature; my $custom = :(:x, *@cdefg);
Why can't we create the signature ourselves?
my $x = sub ("x", *@cdef) { }; $x.signature.perl.say; my $signature = $x.signature; my @cdefg; my $custom = :(:x, *@cdefg); 10:41
m: my $x = sub ("x", *@cdef) { }; $x.signature.perl.say; my $signature = $x.signature; my @cdefg; my $custom = :(:x, *@cdefg); $custom.perl.say;
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Two terms in a row
at <tmp>:1
------> 3gnature; my @cdefg; my $custom = :(:x, *7⏏5@cdefg); $custom.perl.say;
expecting any of:
infix stopper
xinming m: my @cdefg; my $custom = :(:x, *@cdefg); $custom.perl.say; 10:42
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Two terms in a row
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my @cdefg; my $custom = :(:x, *7⏏5@cdefg); $custom.perl.say;
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
Geth doc: 59daa8f951 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Language/variables.pod6
fix example style
xinming Is it possible to create multiple "multi" within block scope? 11:01
m: sub scope ($v) { my multi a ("a") { "a" }; my multi a ("b") { "b" }; a($v).perl.say; }; scope("b"); 11:04
camelia "b"
xinming got it. The reason I ask is, before, I tried to do something like my &x = multi ("a") { }
Geth doc: 2179935325 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Language/variables.pod6
fix xtest run: really skip test as intended
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lizmat weekly: www.metafilter.com/183927/Bring-ou...-BDFL-BONK 11:23
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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maettu probably my bad, but maybe somebody knows the solution top-of-their-head :-) github.com/perl6/Blin/issues/13 14:59
tobs maettu: Blin will fetch cached rakudo builds from a server. It seems like the system on which those were built has a different libc from yours. 15:08
El_Che maettu: just tested using the img we're using to test this release (based on debian-slim stable) and I don't have that problem: github.com/nxadm/raku-blin-docker/ 15:12
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lucs lizmat: Do items added to the weekly also happen to be tweeted? 15:12
El_Che no
lucs El_Che: Um, that was for me? 15:13
El_Che yes
there is no link, as far as a know, between weekly and twitter accounts
lucs I wonder if it was considered and perhaps rejected. 15:14
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El_Che lucs: there is no weekly twitter account 15:16
maettu El_Che: ok, thx 15:17
tobs: thanks for the explanation. 15:19
El_Che maettu: in case you have docker installed, just run the dblin command instead of blin.p6 15:22
(or the commands inside that file)
maettu yes
Of course using docker, alone for the additional isolation / throwaway-ability :-) 15:23
El_Che maettu: then you're set :)
maettu: run it with podman to get even more isolation 15:26
maettu oh yes, have to look into podman :-)
I only wanted to test-test 1 module.. ~/raku-blin-docker$ docker run -ti -v /tmp/blin-output/:/Blin/output rakudo/blin DBIish 15:30
but ⏳ 15 out of 1343 modules processed 15:31
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cfa o/ 15:46
El_Che you need to mount ot /mnt
in the container
-v /tmp/blin)output:/mnt 15:47
cfa .seen jmerelo 15:48
tellable6 cfa, I saw jmerelo 2019-11-03T10:45:12Z in #raku-dev: <jmerelo> releasable6: status
El_Che the Blin dir is copied at runtime to /mnt
because it can not be done at img time: new dirs are created in blin
AlexDaniel: wanted the complete Blin dir, not only output. If you mount a volume over it it will be an overlay 15:50
Geth doc: d685bd32f4 | cfa++ | xt/code.pws
Learn a few more bot names; sort.
maettu ElChe: Oh! But still.. shouldn't this only test the module mentioned? ./dblin DBIish
(it does the whole lot)
Geth doc: cd42c00505 | cfa++ | 2 files
Learn a few more words.
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Geth doc: 0dcaf58cd2 | cfa++ | doc/Type/Cool.pod6
Revise a rewritten "Raku" example that was supposed to illustrate nbsp.
El_Che maettu: I'll look into that. Thx 16:45
maettu: fixed 16:58
maettu: (don't forget to docker pull)
maettu: ping me if you experience problems, but it should be now ok with params 17:10
maettu El_Che: Ah yes, passing the arguments through.. Will ping you. 17:15
Geth doc: 6c97c4531f | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/regexes.pod6
use desired doc output example style
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cfa jmerelo: it looks like docs.raku.org isn't building, picking up updates 17:47
tellable6 cfa, I'll pass your message to jmerelo
rba cfa: As far as I know it's not fully automated. Needs a manual build step in between so far. 17:53
cfa oh, hunh 17:54
is that intentional, or just a hiccup in the transition from perl6.org to raku.org?
rba cfa: No, it just needs more time to get things done... 18:27
uzl[m] I've updated the Learn X in Y Minutes for Raku. The main changes are the document's sections is included in the resulting raku file, the Raku file can now be executed, some examples had minor updates or fixes, mentions of Perl 6 -> Raku, updated links, extensions and commands. I haven't pushed it yet though so it'd be great if somebody could take a look at it. 18:30
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cfa hey jmerelo 18:45
uzl[m] "As a programmer who works mostly in Ruby but has done some stuff in Python and liked it very much, I'm not sure I find Perl that compelling. I'm not sure I find a renamed Perl that compelling either." I try to put myself on people's shoes as much as possible but the more I do the more dumbfounded I become. 😕😕 18:49
cfa each to their own 18:56
lizmat lucs: depends :-) 18:59
mspo how anyone finds python "compelling" for anything other than "finding a job" is beyond me
it's the least fun language around 19:00
bad performance? check, dumb __syntax__? check, impossible versioning and dependencies? check, TONS of industry adoption (new java)? check 19:01
moritz python has its appeal 19:04
mspo I've never managed to like it
not sure why
moritz much easier to get a reference to a method that knows its invocant, for example
timotimo i was very python right before i became perl6
tadzik it's simple and logical within its limits, imho
mspo after leaving .pyc files all over the place I was too angry to continue
lucasb never expected that renaming a product would make it more compelling than it was with the original name
mspo I'm funny about things like that though 19:05
raku attempts to hide its mess in ~/.raku/ iirc
tadzik I find Python compelling every time I have to wonder how do I work with List vs Array vs Seq in Raku %)
mspo tadzik: make a generic wrapper? 19:06
timotimo whereever your --lib and $*REPO points and that's writable
mspo if a lanuage wants to write files I would prefer an explicit compile step 19:07
and if I don't call that step it should just write into memory
cfa i'm not fond of python; i know plenty of people who love it and aren't fond of perl 19:08
and the world turns
mspo someone told me CS people prefer python and hackers prefer perl
and something about pascal 19:09
timotimo python has scapy
cfa there's ointment for that
depending on what you're doing, it's the ecosystem rather than language that's probably most important 19:10
consider: tensorflow, pandas, etc. in the python world
consider also (historical) p5 cpan
i'd venture that plenty of enthusiastic perl users were at least partially enthusiastic because of cpan 19:11
(not exclusively the language design)
mspo yeah for sure
I end up writing python for anything that touches anything external
lambdas, api calls for X, etc 19:12
cfa lambdas as in aws?
mspo I should just suck it up and learn to like it
cfa: yeah
type that shit right in the browser ;)
lamdas are like cgi + complex json 19:13
programming with an execution time limit (like in a video game) 19:14
fun stuff
cfa heh
mspo I'll bet in roku I could easily wrap my program in some kind of time limit promise 19:15
MustCompleteWithin() or something
a single-threaded-only PHASER would also be nice 19:19
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CIAvash Is possible for the people responsible for Cloudflare for *.raku.org to unblock Tor users? 19:28
moritz rba: ^^
CIAvash maybe unblock is not the right word, because it's not blocked but shows CAPTCHAs 19:30
timotimo hmmm. maybe offer it as a hidden service? 19:32
brass Yeah cloudflare is crappy about tor 19:37
timotimo i expect a big part of traffic coming out of tor is malicious 19:38
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maettu huh, 1st blin run completed: real 164m25.818s 19:49
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maettu Woder if that is useful. At least some runs per day would be doable. 19:50
s/Woder/Wonder/ 19:51
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maettu Also, if that is useful, what should kick a new run, and where should the results be posted? 20:11
Geth doc: a8ba900d6a | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/regexes.pod6
Add some qualifications on the info
rba CIAvash: I've changed a setting in Cloudflare. May you try again an let us know if it's working now? 20:20
CIAvash rba: yes it's working, thanks 20:28
rba CIAvash: fine 20:33
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lizmat weekly: donaldh.wtf/2019/11/spelling-bee/ 22:36
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
lizmat weekly: raku-musings.com/instance-bar.html 22:37
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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ToddAndMargo12 I just upgraded Fedora from 30 to 31. I reinstalled rakudo-pkg-Fedora31-2019.07.1-03.x86_64.rpm. Now p6 can not find my modules. 23:07
# perl6 -I/home/linuxutil/p6lib -MPauseLib -e 'my $x; $x=Pause( "Hi\n" );' ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling -e Undeclared name: Pause used at line 1
timotimo ToddAndMargo12: if it wasn't able to find the pause lib, it would have complained that PauseLib can't be found. are you sure PauseLib exports something called "Pause"? 23:16
you can test the difference with this: 23:17
perl6 -I/home/linuxutil/p6lib -MPrauserLiearbs -e 'my $x; $x = Pause("hi");'
ToddAndMargo12 # zef install PrauserLiearbs===> Searching for: PrauserLiearbsNo candidates found matching identity: PrauserLiearbs 23:18
timotimo no no
the point was that it's misspelt
don't try to zef install it
ToddAndMargo12 It does find the module. It just can't find the subs inside:
# perl6 -I/home/linuxutil/p6lib -MPrintColors -e 'PrintGreen( "Hi\n" );' ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling -e Undeclared name: PrintGreen used at line 1
timotimo just compare the error message you get with "Undeclared name: Pause used at line 1"
ToddAndMargo12 these all worked perfectly under Fedora 30 23:19
What do yo mean by compare? 23:20
unit module PrintColors;#`{ There subs give you the ability to print to the stand output and standard error with color. To use these, place the following at the top(ish) of your program use lib "/home/linuxutil/p6lib"; use PrintColors :PrintRed, :PrintGreen, :PrintBlue, :PrintErr, :PrintRedErr, :PrintGreenErr, 23:29
:PrintBlueErr;}use Terminal::ANSIColor; # qx[ color ];sub PrintRed ( **@args ) is export( :PrintRed ) { print color('bold'), color('red'), |@args, color('reset'); } sub PrintGreen ( **@args ) is export( :PrintGreen ) { print color('bold'), color('green'), |@args, color('reset'); }sub PrintBlue ( **@args ) is export( :PrintBlue ) { print
color('bold'), color('blue'), |@args, color('reset'); }sub PrintErr ( **@args ) is export( :PrintErr ) { $*ERR.print: |@args; }sub PrintRedErr ( **@args ) is export( :PrintRedErr ) { $*ERR.print: color('bold'), color('red'), |@args, color('reset'); }sub PrintGreenErr ( **@args ) is export( :PrintGreenErr ) { $*ERR.print: color('bold'),
color('green'), |@args, color('reset'); }sub PrintBlueErr ( **@args ) is export( :PrintBlueErr ) { $*ERR.print: color('bold'), color('blue'), |@args, color('reset'); }# $ perl6 -I. -MPrintColors -e 'PrintRedTest( "abc", 1, "def", "\n" );'sub PrintRedTest( **@args ) is export( :PrintRedTest ) { print color('bold'), color('red'), |@args,
color('reset'); }
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timotimo IRC doesn't work well for pasting lots of text or code 23:33
it looks like you've got export tags for all your subs 23:34
i am slightly surprised that it worked before
since i know of no way to pass export tags for import to the -M commandline flag
ToddAndMargo12 No fooling. Would you like me to put it up on vpaste?
timotimo can you try using a use statement in the code, like 'use PrintColors :PrintGreen; PrintGreen("Hi\n");' 23:35
i've got to go, though
i hope that solves the problem
ToddAndMargo12 That helps the one lines. But my programs that all these libs are still corked 23:37
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ToddAndMargo12 # GetPublicIP.pl6===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /home/linuxutil/./GetPublicIP.pl6Undeclared names: RunNoShell used at lines 19, 23 WriteSecondaryClipboard used at line 24 23:44
Would you like GetPublicIP.pl6 up on vpaste? 23:45
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ToddAndMargo12 Have you guys changed the way you import things? Does this no longer work? 23:55
use lib '/home/linuxutil/p6lib';use RunNoShell; # qw[ RunNoShell RunNoShellCode RunNoShellErr ]use X11Clipboard; # qw[ WritePrimaryClipboard WriteSecondaryClipboard ReadPrimaryClipboard ReadSecondaryClipboard ]use CheckSystemDependancy; # qw [ Which CheckSysDependancy ];
Anyone taking Timo's place? 23:57