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zostay Xliff: thx 00:05
tellable6 2019-12-01T22:47:31Z #raku <Xliff> zostay zostay.com/category/posts/index.html --> Shouldn't sub foo be "put $val.value" ??
2019-12-01T22:48:19Z #raku <Xliff> zostay Also... great first article for your Advent! :D
zostay Xliff: put performs .Str automatically, so put $val is equivalent to put $val.value in this case since $val.Str ~$.value 00:06
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Xliff zostay: oops! Forgot that method in my quick conversion here. 00:16
zostay: Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! :) 00:17
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zostay It was good. Eating left overs at the moment. Hope yours was great too! 00:17
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Xliff Yep! LOL. Eating leftovers here, too. 00:17
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guifa really wants to make a fancy advent-calendar design for the page but he just doesn’t have the time :( 00:31
tobs still has so many round tuits from lizmat++ and a week of vacation ahead.... 00:36
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guifa vrurg: you around? 02:28
vrurg guifa: somewhat
guifa just read your comment on github coercions
I admit ignorance on the effects but … would it be possible to have classes “register” coercion methods with each other? I’m having to do that right now with LanguageTag extensions and it seems to work okay. 02:29
What I was thinking is
class B { method any-name-works (A $source) is coercion-from(A) } 02:30
And then in A keep a list of pairs Type => method to use as the fallback, e.g, 02:31
Source.^can("Dest") ?? Source.Dest !! Source.^coercers{“Dest”) 02:32
vrurg guifa: I guess it was your's issue a while ago which I can't find now.
guifa Yeah I was just redfactoring my code and even had mentioned you in the comments ha 02:33
guifa is alabamenhu on github
vrurg It'd be nice if you link the issues to each other. 02:34
Xliff vrurg: Ooh! You're alive.
I haz a question.
m: role NewRoleHOW { method incorporate_multi_candidates ($obj) { callsame; say 'HIII!'; }; }; role B { multi method a (Str $a) { say 'Str'; }; multi method a (Int $i) { say 'Int'; }; }; class A does B { }; BEGIN { A.HOW does NewRoleHOW; B.HOW does NewRoleHOW; };
camelia ( no output )
Xliff vrurg: ^^ Why doesn't that work?
guifa vrurg: is there a way I can link it as a non-admin? In one of my comments I put in a link (and it shows up on the other issue) 02:35
vrurg Xliff: kinda alive. Last few days is crazingly overloaded. 02:37
guifa vrurg: github.com/perl6/problem-solving/issues/22 is the original issue 02:38
vrurg Xliff: I'd need to trace it in the core. I didn't dig into MOP handling of multicandidates. 02:39
guifa: Then I missed the link. 02:40
m: role NewRoleHOW { method incorporate_multi_candidates ($obj) { callsame; say 'HIII!'; }; }; role B { multi method a (Str $a) { say 'Str'; }; multi method a (Int $i) { say 'Int'; }; }; BEGIN { A.HOW does NewRoleHOW; B.HOW does NewRoleHOW; }; class A does B { }; 02:41
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared name:
A used at line 1
Xliff vrurg: jnthn++ said something about doing that in ClassHOW?
I don't know why I'd need to do it there.... 02:42
vrurg Xliff: Basically, the first problem I spot there is the you apply role to the class BEFORE applying NewRoleHOW. So, incorporate_multi_candidates is already executed by the time your BEGIN gets ran. 02:43
Xliff vrurg: You sure? The BEGIN block should run before "class A does B {}" 02:44
m: role NewRoleHOW { method incorporate_multi_candidates ($obj) { callsame; say 'HIII!'; }; }; role B { multi method a (Str $a) { say 'Str'; }; multi method a (Int $i) { say 'Int'; }; }; BEGIN { A.HOW does NewRoleHOW; B.HOW does NewRoleHOW; class A does B { }; };
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Illegally post-declared type:
A used at line 1
Xliff m: role NewRoleHOW { method incorporate_multi_candidates ($obj) { callsame; say 'HIII!'; }; }; multi method a (Int $i) { say 'Int'; }; }; BEGIN { A.HOW does NewRoleHOW; B.HOW does NewRoleHOW; role B { multi method a (Str $a) { say 'Str'; }; class A does B { }; }; 02:45
camelia 5===SORRY!5===
Unexpected closing bracket
at <tmp>:1
------> 3multi method a (Int $i) { say 'Int'; }; 7⏏5}; BEGIN { A.HOW does NewRoleHOW; B.HOW
Other potential difficulties:
Useless declaration of a has-scoped multi-method in…
vrurg Xliff: this is definitely the case because incorporate_multi_candidates is being called by ClassHOW compose. That's why you better apply NewRoleHOW in a trait which is ran after the class is created but before it is composed.
Xliff Ahh! Yes. That is how it is being done in my external. My example did not cover that.
Will try.
vrurg Xliff: class A does B { } doesn't actually run. It's a declaration which is being compiled.
Event the body block of the class is being ran at compile time. In this manner it's like a BEGIN block. 02:46
guifa: Back to the coercions. Registering them in a hash was a thing I thought about. But it'd be rather slow. What could actually be done is a cache provided by MoarVM, similarly to method and typecheck caches we already have. 02:47
guifa: But we'd need to convince jnthn that this has to be done. 02:48
Xliff m: role NewRoleHOW { method incorporate_multi_candidates ($obj) { callsame; say 'HIII!'; }; }; multi sub trait_mod:<is> (Mu \o, :$mine) { o.HOW does NewRoleHOW; }; role B { multi method a (Str $a) { say 'Str'; }; multi method a (Int $i) { say 'Int'; }; }; class A is mine does B { };
camelia HIII!
Xliff \o/
Now need this to work for Roles instead of Classes 02:49
vrurg Xliff: 👍🏻
Xliff: it won't.
Xliff So better this is done to a class?!?
guifa Indeed. I’m glad the discussion is being had — coercion in both directions is an important thing for the Foo() autocoercion, but I get that it has to be done very delicately
Xliff vrurg++: It's a place to start. 02:50
vrurg Xliff: eventually, you do need it on a class. No matter if it's a puned role.
Xliff OK.
vrurg: Do you know how to get the ParametricRoleHOW objects from a ParametricRoleGroupHOW? 02:51
Or even from an object that puns the ParametricRoleHOW?
vrurg Xliff: incorporate_multi_candidates really seems to be a good place to plug yourself into. This is the point where all methods are already fixed in place.
Xliff: Not sure you really need this, but R.^candidates gives you a list of ParametricRoles. 02:53
.^roles on a pun returns the group it's being created from. But .^concretizations gives you ConcreteRoleHOW. 02:55
guifa just pushed a massive update to LanguageTag 02:57
Xliff vrurg++: .^candidates it is!!!
guifa github.com/alabamenhu/BCP47 02:58
vrurg Xliff: on a pun?
Xliff vrurg: No. On a ParametricRoleGroupHOW. 02:59
vrurg Hm, and appveyour is still playing bad... :(
Xliff vrurg: Main problem... when defining a role, $*PACKAGE.HOW is a ParametricRoleHOW 03:00
When accessing role.HOW it is a ParametricRoleGroupHOW
guifa mentions vrurg here: github.com/alabamenhu/BCP47/blob/3...g.pm6#L256 :-)
Xliff When I am punning roles in Method::Also, I need access to the ParametricRoleHOW, not the ParametricRoleGroupHOW. 03:01
vrurg Xliff: sure. When a role is being defined we're in it's namespace. This is what $*PACKAGE reflects.
Xliff I don't know why this worked until recently.
vrurg: Ah. Yes. I didn't know that until now. :/
vrurg Xliff: I think `Method::Also` must postpone installation of a method until a role is being applied to a class. This is same about the punning which is creation of an empty class an applying the role to it. 03:02
guifa: thanks! :) 03:03
Xliff vrurg: Which is exactly what I am trying to do. I may be overthinking the mechanism, tho. 03:04
vrurg Xliff: there is one problem: a ClassHOW doesn't report back to a role when it gets applied. But prior to applying a role is specialized with method `specialize`. 03:06
Xliff vrurg: Yes. I was using an override to do that work, initially. 03:07
vrurg Xliff: you could use it because specialize knows both the role and the type object it's being applied to.
Xliff Somehow now, the ParametricRoleHOW.specialize was never getting called.
Which is why I need to override incorporate_multi_candidates 03:08
Again... my understanding of all this could be incredibly faulty and there's a better way to do all this.
vrurg Xliff: then most likely you did something wrong. Perhaps applied your HOW after the role was composed.
Xliff But right now, Method::Also is broken... meaning my GTK projects are all broken.
vrurg: I wouldn't be surprised. 03:09
vrurg Though I'm wrong here too. It could only happen if the class has been composed. It's ok to apply your HOW after the role composition because specialize isn't been called anywhere else. 03:13
Xliff k 03:15
vrurg: You going to be around for a bit?
I need to switch gears and go back to Method::Also. Get my changes committed so you can take a look.
vrurg Perhaps for another 40-45mins
Xliff Better hurry, then! 03:16
vrurg But can promise you nothing because I'd like to focus on a new project.
.oO( Back, GIMP PDB bindings... back! )
vrurg: Just a quick look then. Don't want to take you away from that.
vrurg BTW, I'm trying to implement a simplistic UI based on Terminal::Print. 03:17
Xliff Oh, neat!
guifa If I rename a repository on github, will that destroy zef?
vrurg guifa: I think it would work for a while. github redirects to new repos. 03:18
The questions is for how long it'd happen.
guifa vrurg++ I was reading that it redirects but didn’t know for how long. I can’t imagine too many people using LanguageTag yet though 03:19
With all the refactoring I did I even went ahead and upped the api in the META6, just as a precaution
Xliff vrurg: This is the current implementation -- github.com/Xliff/Method-Also/blob/...d/Also.pm6
AliasableRoleHOW.specialize is never getting called. 03:20
vrurg Xliff: I'm off helping my wife in her business. Will be back in a while.
Xliff vrurg: OK. No worries. Oh! Still trying to work on MWS too...
I may end up getting that resource through $dayJob so...
If you could write up what you need from it when you get the chance..... 03:21
cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! HTTP::Headers (0.5.0) by 03HANENKAMP 03:31
vrurg Xliff: I had to postpone the project. Yet, I'm still looking forward to see you in person. That'd be perhaps the best time to discuss it. :) 03:34
Xliff: BTW, I'd recommend you instead of using $*PACKAGE.HOW all over around do `my \PHOW := $*PACKAGE.HOW` and use PHOW. This would positively affect the compilation times. 03:36
Xliff vrurg: OK. Cool! 03:40
Mutherf(*&*&! 03:41
Simple fix... punning the role to a CLASS.
Was working because of a bug that I recently "fixed" LOL! 03:42
vrurg So, you found the cause? 03:45
Xliff Yeah.
github.com/Xliff/Method-Also/blob/...so.pm6#L61 <- That was the "bug" ... and the fix.
Note that my version already has $*PACKAGE.HOW aliased... that's not been committed, yet. 03:46
vrurg Xliff: there is a problem in the code, as it seems to me. First, you register aliases on a class. Then you pass it up to the parent and this is when `specialize` gets called. 03:47
Xliff Everything might need to be reorganized, in light of this discussion.
vrurg Xliff: I didn't analyze any further, but if you rely on the order this might be a problem. 03:48
Xliff First.. MUST be able to do this in a class, since "is also" needs to work on method both in a class and in a role.
If the trait is applied in a class, then it can all be done via .compose
If it is done via a role, then more work is required.
vrurg I'm trying to think of a best path. What was the problem with multi-candidates? 03:51
Xliff If a proto was defined in a role with an alias, it only got applied to the proto
Nothing else got it since the role had no idea what its candidates were going to be.
Hence the need for late application. 03:52
vrurg Aha... Right, of course.
Xliff So in actuality, there is no need for AliasableRoleHOW. It can all go in to AliasableClassHOW 03:53
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vrurg (I'd be now thinking aloud) Since there is one instance of HOW per a role, one could keep the hash of aliases in an HOW's attribute. 03:54
Xliff Hmmm... that's a better idea! 03:55
vrurg Then, when specialize is being called, you'd have to walk the recorded aliases and install them on the second argument of `specialize`. 03:56
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vrurg What could happen at this point is that if the class doesn't have a proto for the multi from the role you'd have nothing to anchor your alias to. On the other hand, RoleToClass applier will install Role's proto on the class. 03:57
Xliff I would consitute that as a bug. 03:58
Role would need a proto to install an alias, or the alias would be on the methods.
vrurg So, basically, having the proto in the role is enough to get it in the class if it's not there. Otherwise handwork would be required to add the alias. The good point: 'specialize' is the place for the work because RoleToClass applier is not done yet.
Xliff: as soon as you declare a multi you get a proto for it if it's not explicitly declared. 03:59
Xliff Ah.
vrurg So, you should not worry about that. For your purpose the proto will always be there.
I think, the particular implementation is likely to reveal other problems, but that's where I'd start with. 04:00
Xliff OK 04:01
vrurg Xliff: don't forget another thing as this might sting back unexpectedly: the actual thing which is applied to class is ConcreteRoleHOW. This is what you get back from `specialize`. I don't think it would matter in your case, but it'd rather confusing if it would. 04:02
Xliff Um. OK. 04:03
vrurg is terrified with how roles are designed but understands that there is no other way.
Xliff Ah. 04:04
Good to know.
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vrurg jmerelo asked if I can write an article. Perhaps, I should try writing something about MOP, but how many people would be interested in it?? In an advent calendar.. 04:06
Xliff raises hand.
wtwt5237 hello, guys. May I get your advice on how to best do web programming in raku? Should I learn Cro or Bailador? I don't know too much about web programming in general 04:07
Xliff wtwt5237: As I understand it, Bailador is dead.
You may still be able to use it, but any bugs you find you'd have to fix yourself. The person to ask about that is ufobat
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Xliff You'd be safer off with Cro, as that is actively maintained. 04:08
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wtwt523746 is there any good cro tutorial? 04:09
vrurg I see that ufobat done a few commits over the 2019. So, it's not that dead after all, perhaps. But not very much alive.
Xliff Morphine maintenance drip, then.
vrurg wtwt523746: cro.services/
wtwt523746 thanks! is there something that is more detailed than this? I myself don't know too much about web programming, so I guess I need to have a book that is somewhat more friendly to new people? 04:10
Xliff Not really. Most of the lessons you find about web programming in one language can be readily converted to Raku, though. 04:11
Do read up on the section about Cro's routes. That's the big thing.
wtwt523746 ok. i see. thanks!
Xliff yw!
Seriously... if someone would tell me what makes a decent web framework, I'd write the thing myself. :/ 04:12
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vrurg failed to achieve today's goals. Perfect... :D 04:14
cu guys!
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Xliff Shit... was not the fix. Misread the load of output. 04:27
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! HTTP::Supply (0.5.0) by 03HANENKAMP 05:14
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jmerelo Check out today's tutorial by sena_kun rakuadventcalendar.wordpress.com/2...-tutorial/ 06:16
As seen in Slashdot slashdot.org/story/19/12/01/236222...-calendars 06:17
Xliff LOL! 06:19
Xliff used to post for Slashdot.
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guifa jmerelo++ 06:34
I’m still going to do a bit more reorganizing on the draft, but have to finish writing a final and a conference presentation (si estás en Aveiro o LIsboa este fin de te invito a una copa) 06:35
jmerelo guifa: thanks for the offer, I'm in the same peninsula, but a bit far :-) 06:37
I'll check it out anyway
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Geth problem-solving/CoC: f811de269c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | solutions/meta/CoC.md
Missed "sexual orientation"
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sarna .tell lizmat we're still missing "technical knowledge/background" 09:46
tellable6 sarna, I'll pass your message to lizmat
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sarna anyone doing advent of code this year? 10:02
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scimon Ooops.... Sorry I got confused and published my advent article early. Reverted it and managed to schedule it for Thursday but the RSS feed got picked up :( Doh. Sorry. 10:15
tadzik :D 10:19
a preview!
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Geth problem-solving/CoC: 7004eccec9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | solutions/meta/CoC.md
Add "technical background"
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tbrowder sena_kun: excellent article! (but i was confused by the name on it, thnx jmerelo) 12:15
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to sena_kun
tbrowder um, what determines the author's name that shows up on the article? 12:17
jmerelo: ?? ^^
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to jmerelo
lizmat it's the login name they have on Wordpress, afaik 12:18
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pmurias [Coke]: hi 13:43
tbrowder thnx for hint lizmat, it's the "display name" in one's profile 13:48
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[Coke] pmurias: I've been reaching out to some core people to get feedback on the JS port, but have gotten no response. Can you recommend any community members who can give feedback? 13:51
tellable6 2019-11-30T14:41:10Z #raku-dev <lizmat> [Coke] looks like www.perlfoundation.org/contributor...ement.html is dead
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ManDeJan Hi everyone :) 13:52
Is anyone else doing advent of code in raku?
lizmat there's Sterling Hanenkamp doing one as well
[Coke] .tell lizmat - it's up here.
tellable6 [Coke], I'll pass your message to lizmat
lizmat ManDeJan: zostay.com/archive/2019/11/24/ster...endar.html 13:53
ManDeJan Nice blog :) 13:57
lizmat ja, goed he ?
[Coke] lizmat: I didn't do anything to the site, just clicked the link when I saw the message here. 13:58
lizmat raku.guide/nl/ # dutch intro into Raku 13:59
AlexDaniel [Coke]: It does work, yeah. However: colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...11-30#l349 14:05
eiro o/ everyone
AlexDaniel [Coke]: that is, there's no easy way to get a PDF 14:06
eiro: o/
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lucasb ManDeJan: I'm doing AoC in Perl 5 :) 14:08
eiro lucasb: s/Perl 5/Perl :) 14:09
i did the 3 first challenges with raku but have no time
ManDeJan lucasb: Do you post your solutions anywhere? I'm interested in comparing :) 14:10
Mine are here github.com/ManDeJan/advent-of-code-2019
I'm new to Raku so comments/feedback would be appreciated 14:11
[Coke] AlexDaniel: added a ticket for the TPF site to add the PDF back 14:13
lizmat ManDeJan: you don't need the \ anymore
m: say "42" .Int # works fine
camelia 42
AlexDaniel m: say "42" . Int 14:14
camelia 42
lucasb ManDeJan: I don't usually post them, but here there are, day 1 & 2: gist.github.com/lucasbuchala/528ae...f79e89f473 14:15
ManDeJan: thanks for sharing yours! keep going. :)
ManDeJan I'll try! :)
lucasb: thanks for sharing 14:16
lucasb ManDeJan: if you wanna join my leaderboard, code is 169430-b1c331b2 14:17
ManDeJan lucasb: sure! 14:19
pmurias [Coke]: jnthn seems like the obvious person to ask, but I guess you already did that 14:20
[Coke]: timotimo has used 6pad in his advent posts 14:21
eiro ManDeJan: those are my raku solutions github.com/eiro/p6-scripts/tree/master/aoc19
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eiro the 1st day for a total of 4 lines of code :) 14:22
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eiro i realized that the given block is in sink context so you can't write something like my $output = do given $input { ... 14:24
sarna ManDeJan: how do you run your solutions? 14:29
ManDeJan sarha: perl6 2.p6 < input.txt
sarna: * 14:30
sarna ManDeJan: oh, thanks :)
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pmurias [Coke]: what sort of feeback are you looking in for particular? on the details of how it's integrated into rakudo or will anything from community members help? 14:36
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sarna what's the equivalent of the map function in raku? 14:46
oh, there is map.. I just had to scroll down 14:48
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[Coke] at this point, any feedback would be helpful, either technical or as a user. 14:57
Doc_Holliwood m: say sprintf "%04.2f", 1.222
camelia 1.22
Doc_Holliwood how the heck to i pad a float with zeroes? 14:58
m: say sprintf "%04d", 12
camelia 0012
Doc_Holliwood i mean, this works. why doesn't my first attempt? 14:59
Geth problem-solving/CoC: 76c6378df8 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | solutions/meta/CoC.md
Remove some leftover pod thingies
sarna m: say sprintf "%05.2f", 1.222 15:06
camelia 01.22
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Doc_Holliwood aaaah kay 15:12
pmurias lizmat: would it be possible that I'm looking for rakudo.js feedback for the grant in the weekly? 15:24
lizmat sure, how would people give the feedback ? 15:25
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pmurias lizmat: maybe I should write a short blog post asking for feedback and have it in the comments? 15:29
[Coke] maybe on comments on the last blog post?
or a special one, +1
lizmat pmurias: if it's a blog post on blogs.perl.org to comment on, I would deem than to not be a good idea 15:30
you need a login on blogs.perl.org to be able to comment, and even if you have that, it is not trivial to be able to make a comment 15:31
[Coke] We could post something on news.perlfoundation.org looking for feedback.
lizmat personally, I have given up on trying to comment on blogs.perl.org :-(
[Coke]: doesn't that suffer from the same issue? 15:32
or does the new site use a different authentication scheme?
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[Coke] the new site is its own thing, it's not tied to blogs.perl.org 15:32
lizmat perhaps /r/rakulang on reddit ?
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pmurias lizmat: www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...feedback/? - something like that 15:43
lizmat yup 15:44
that'll work!
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guest42 Is there a way to do a http post with the standard library or do I need to use a module? 16:05
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lizmat If you want to figure out all of the HTTP header stuff yourself, then you don't need a library 16:10
if you don't, then you do
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lizmat modules.raku.org/search/?q=HTTP # options 16:10
guest42 was looking at WWW, but there are a lot of options. I don't really know a lot about http, but I have a piece of hardware that can be controlled through a rest api and just need something really simple. I did some proof on concepts using curl and need just need to send some really simple json. 16:13
lizmat then probably Cro::HTTP::Client is what you want
guest42 ok. I will look that one up. thanks so much! 16:14
Geth problem-solving/CoC: dfc986480a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | solutions/meta/CoC.md
Added missed space
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[Coke] pmurias++ 16:29
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samebchase stackoverflow.com/questions/184271...in-haskell Is there a standard library built-in to do this in Raku? 16:56
Also, given a list X, how do we get n elements from it. Something like Haskell's "take" i.e. `take 4 list` should give me a list of 4 elements. 16:58
I am looking through the documentation, but it seems to me that I will need to write my own. Just wondering if there is a better way. 16:59
lizmat m: dd "foobar".comb(2) 17:01
camelia ("fo", "ob", "ar").Seq
lizmat m: dd (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).batch(3) 17:02
camelia ((1, 2, 3), (4, 5, 6), (7, 8, 9)).Seq
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lizmat samebchase: could you please give us an idea how to improve the documentation, so that others like you won't have to get to the same conclusion? 17:02
please make that an issue in the doc repository: 17:03
github.com/Raku/doc/issues/new # to make a new issue
samebchase Oh nice! I am coming from Clojure which has many of Haskell's sequence manipulating functions like take, partition etc. Perhaps, we could update the Haskell -> Raku page to show the names of the Raku counterparts. 17:05
I'll see if I can find a good place for this information... 17:06
lizmat doesn't know enough Haskell for that
a PR is also welcome :-)
samebchase :-)
Summertime would be nice to have a short 1 line example next to each item in the table of contents for a given class 17:08
(in blue) routine elems (in grey like a comment) (1,2,3,4).elems == 4
would probably be a lot of re-working for the docs site though 17:09
samebchase Also discoverd a routine called "rotor". Raku certainly has cool sounding names. 17:10
El_Che roto takes your code ans shreds it to pieces 17:12
samebchase And while using perl6-mode (Emacs), is there any way in which I can incrementally redefine functions and test them in a running REPL? For now, I am running "perl6 <file>.p6" repeatedly. 17:13
lizmat rotor is a little more versatile 17:14
m: dd (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).rotot( 2 => -1 )
camelia No such method 'rotot' for invocant of type 'List'. Did you mean any of these?

in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
lizmat m: dd (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).rotor( 2 => -1 )
camelia ((1, 2), (2, 3), (3, 4), (4, 5), (5, 6), (6, 7)).Seq
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Smack (0.5.1) by 03HANENKAMP 17:48
lizmat And another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2019/12/02/2019-...ed-advent/ 17:49
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AlexDaniel squashable6: next 17:51
squashable6 AlexDaniel, The date for the next SQUASHathon is not set
AlexDaniel squashable6: next 17:52
squashable6 AlexDaniel, The date for the next SQUASHathon is not set
AlexDaniel come on squashable6 you can do it 17:54
squashable6 is refusing to cooperate! 17:57
uzl[m] .tell tbrowder Great RAC article! I enjoyed reading it. Minor typos: "with any of the with the following", "affect the using Raku programs" 17:59
tellable6 uzl[m], I'll pass your message to tbrowder
AlexDaniel squashable6: next
squashable6 AlexDaniel, ⚠🍕 Next SQUASHathon in 3 days and ≈10 hours (2019-12-07 UTC-12⌁UTC+20). See github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Mont...Squash-Day
AlexDaniel squashable6: thank you, could've said that right away… 18:00
squashable6 AlexDaniel, Anytime!
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discord6 <tmtvl> Shall I share the latest Weekly on the Facebook? 18:04
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lil good evening 18:27
sena_kun hi
lil how i can build rakudo without zef? 18:28
sena_kun lil: there are various helper scripts for that, for example, github.com/skaji/p6env or github.com/tadzik/rakudobrew or github.com/rakudup/rakudup.github.io 18:30
also you can use it from the sources if you want some digging in, but it is not necessary
each one of those does not contain zef by default
[Coke] the compiler doesn't need zef - the star distro comes with it as the way to install modules. 18:31
lil sena_kun: yay! thanks 18:41
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mspo rename is a good opportunity tto clean up some of the confusing parts of the distro :) 19:08
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jmerelo Visits to the Advent Calendar are really going through the roof 19:11
tellable6 2019-12-02T12:17:26Z #raku <tbrowder> jmerelo: ?? ^^
2019-12-02T15:07:28Z #raku-dev <vrurg> jmerelo Could you contact me when online?
jmerelo Much higher than last year, and last year we had some fractional number of visits through search engines and links to other years... 19:12
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jmerelo We're getting a few through this Spanish site. My advocacy in open source events seems to be paying off www.genbeta.com/web/chocolate-codi...ores-geeks 19:13
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jmerelo BTW, I've changed the frame-in-a-store picture in the header to one of Camelia in my kitchen sink 19:13
tbrowder uzl[m]: thanks! and fixing 'minor' (not!) typo now.... 19:14
tellable6 2019-12-02T17:59:42Z #raku <uzl[m]> tbrowder Great RAC article! I enjoyed reading it. Minor typos: "with any of the with the following", "affect the using Raku programs"
jmerelo Also, trying to find the way to change fonts an stuff as requested by tbroder. No luck, so far. Free Wordpress blog don't give you a lot of customization options...
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tbrowder uzl[m]: i think "affect the using Raku programs is correct" albeit a bit stilted 19:45
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tbrowder but good point, attempting to clarify... 19:50
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tbrowder uzl[m]: is this a bit better: gist.github.com/tbrowder/27c20c78d...f482b83043 20:05
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tbrowder let me tweak it a bit more: ok, check it now 20:10
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tbrowder uzl[m]: post has been updated. please let me know if the wording is satisfactory. 20:59
xkr47 I get a 404 for that :) 21:01
tbrowder, is it the advent thingy? 21:02
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tbrowder yes, but i deleted the gist. but i used it to update my day 1 post on rakuadvent 21:03
xkr47 where's the official place?
also, great topic in the draft! 21:05
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AlexDaniel squashable6: status 21:32
squashable6 AlexDaniel, ⚠🍕 Next SQUASHathon in 3 days and ≈6 hours (2019-12-07 UTC-12⌁UTC+20). See github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Mont...Squash-Day
tbrowder xkr47: see rakuadventcalendar.wordpress.com/ 21:37
xkr47 thx! 21:38
tbrowder you're welcome. nice home page, looks busy 21:39
xkr47 mine? :D
or the calendar? 21:41
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xkr47 is the "2016-01-011" timestamp in the day 1 post a perl5 joke? :) 21:42
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hythm lizmat, thank you for doing the weekly. i think there is a typo in the link of the new module "Kind" , it is pointing to a different module 22:07
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Xliff m: class A { method 2d { say' OHAI!' }; }; A.new.2d; 22:24
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Missing block
at <tmp>:1
------> 3class A { method7⏏5 2d { say' OHAI!' }; }; A.new.2d;
tellable6 2019-12-02T21:48:10Z #raku-dev <jnthn> Xliff maybe override something in the role meta-object, such as in spcialize, so that when it sees the target of the composition, it checks if its meta-object does some role, and if not, mixes it in?
Xliff m: class A { method twod { say' OHAI!' }; }; A.new.twod;
camelia 5===SORRY!5===
Argument to "say" seems to be malformed
at <tmp>:1
------> 3class A { method twod { say7⏏5' OHAI!' }; }; A.new.twod;
Two terms in a row
at <tmp>:1
------> 3class A { method twod { say7⏏5' OHAI!' }; }; A.new.tw…»
Xliff m: class A { method two-d { say 'OHAI!' }; }; A.new.twod;
camelia No such method 'twod' for invocant of type 'A'. Did you mean 'two-d'?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Xliff m: class A { method two-d { say 'OHAI!' }; }; A.new.two-d;