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uzl .seen jmerelo 00:58
tellable6 uzl, I saw jmerelo 2020-01-19T20:05:35Z in #raku: * jmerelo goes AFK to dinner. See ya!
uzl .tell jmerelo Hi, JJ. I've sent you an email related to your Raku Advent article about containerizing Raku modules. 00:59
tellable6 uzl, I'll pass your message to jmerelo
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atroxaper .tell jnthn Hi. About my yesterday issue with Cro on mac. The problem was because of the OpenSSL library. I described it here: stackoverflow.com/questions/598171...s-catalina 05:01
tellable6 atroxaper, I'll pass your message to jnthn
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Geth doc: a65db64a81 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/operators.pod6
Second example from #3177 added
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Doc_Holliwood m: say (10|-10) + (90|-90) ~~ 100 14:06
camelia True
Doc_Holliwood is there a way to find out which values the junctions collapes into? here 10 and 90 14:07
jnthn m: say (10|-10) + (90|-90) 14:10
camelia any(any(100, -80), any(80, -100))
tellable6 hey jnthn, you have a message: gist.github.com/3d65eb97ec49811911...b3a3ea8bc5
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scimon Hi 14:21
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tobs Doc_Holliwood: I did some reading on that question a while ago (because it pops up every now and then). See github.com/taboege/raku-Junction-Guts for how to do it and hopefully the appropriate amount of warnings. I don't know how robust the code is, anyway, and never actually used it so far :P 15:14
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Doc_Holliwood Something like a collapse operator would be useful methinks 15:24
So that my $a = 10|-10; my $b = 90|-90; say $a + $b Ψ 100; ok $a == 10;
lizmat Doc_Holliwood: what would that be ?
Doc_Holliwood ^^
lizmat m: my $a = 10|-10; my $b = 90|-90; say $a + $b 15:25
camelia any(any(100, -80), any(80, -100))
lizmat note that by the time the + is done, there is no sign of + anymore in the junctions 15:26
Doc_Holliwood so?
lizmat so how would it know what $a was ?
if Ψ has a lower precedence than + 15:27
I guess the question is: how would you express Ψ using subs ?
Doc_Holliwood what do mean, no sign of +? 15:28
m: my $a = 10|-10; my $b = 90|-90; say $a + $b; say $a
camelia any(any(100, -80), any(80, -100))
any(10, -10)
Doc_Holliwood $a is unchanged
i mean i can say 15:29
my $a = 10|-10; my $b = 90|-90; say $a + $b ~~ 100
evalable6 True
Doc_Holliwood so, some codepath "knows" that 10 + 90 matches 100 15:30
i want that information
tobs Doc_Holliwood: it's stored in the junction internals. You can get it using nqp, but not otherwise to my knowledge, because junctions are not intended to expose their state. 15:34
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tobs oh, but if you want to combine junctions by +, you create a new junction that is matched with 100. The expression `$a + $b` in `$a + $b Ψ 100` has no ties to $a nor $b anymore. Collapsing junctions according to a function on them would be much harder to achieve than just listing the states of a Junction in Rakudo. 15:38
but I think Damian Conway once wrote a quantum computation-lookalike module which does this.
Doc_Holliwood: the talk he showed this in is very nice if you haven't seen it. The code has also been made public somehow: www.reddit.com/r/perl6/comments/6p...computing/ 15:42
But there the superposition part of Junctions is reimplemented in a way that allows to keep track of the ingredients to various expressions, so that collapsing one value can propagate the observation to the ingredients. 15:45
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AlexDaniel c: releases say (^3).pick 16:48
committable6 AlexDaniel, gist.github.com/5289eb2c3dbd6aff5f...9f9420bbaf
AlexDaniel melezhik: ↑
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Doc_Holliwood tobs: Good info. Tx 16:50
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El_Che AlexDaniel: were monthly releases something policy-wise or just the practice in the past? 17:03
AlexDaniel El_Che: it was just the practice
El_Che if so, did rakudo moved to the "release when ready" mode?
(both are fine with me)
AlexDaniel: is your successor already in place ? 17:04
AlexDaniel yes, very much so
El_Che good to hear
AlexDaniel sena_kun is doing a great job, btw 17:05
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El_Che sena_kun++ 17:08
uzl[m] m: my @a = Array.new(:1shape); @a[$[0]] = $[1] for (0..2 [Z] 'a'..'c'); say @a
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Name must begin with alphabetic character
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my @a = Array.new(:1shape); @a[$7⏏5[0]] = $[1] for (0..2 [Z] 'a'..'c'); s
expecting any of:
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uzl[m] m: my @a = Array.new(:1shape); @a[0] = 'a'; @a[1] = 'b'; say @a 17:09
camelia [a b]
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uzl[m] m: my @a[1]; @a[0] = 'a'; @a[1] = 'b'; say @a 17:09
camelia Index 1 for dimension 1 out of range (must be 0..0)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
uzl[m] Aside from post-circumfix [], is there a similar syntax to Array.new() to create fixed-sized arrays? 17:10
jnthn uzl[m]: Yes, pass the shape named arg 17:12
You got the Array.new(:1shape) bit right, but then threw away the array by copying out of it into @a
Use := instead of = 17:13
That and one other odd char somewhere in the cdoe
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uzl[m] m: my @a := Array.new(:1shape); @a[0] = 'a'; @a[1] = 'b'; say @a 17:17
camelia Index 1 for dimension 1 out of range (must be 0..0)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
uzl[m] Thanks, jnthn ! 17:18
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lizmat and another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2020/01/20/2020-...aittraced/ 19:03
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El_Che thx, lizmat 19:29
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Geth doc: dumarchie++ created pull request #3178:
Use pod formatting
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sjn BTW, we'll bring some new Raku stickers to FOSDEM. Make sure to come and get some! :-D 20:25
(picture of them in lizmat++'s Rakudo Weekly)
lizmat reification-target 20:26
AlexDaniel lizmat: why are we using #rakulang when we can use just #raku? 20:29
python folks don't use #pythonlang, right?
lizmat because you don't have that many snake lovers on Twitter, but you do have a lot of pottery lovers on Twitter 20:30
and since we've been accused of squatting on a name for many years, it seemed wrong to me to start squatting on #raku on Twitter 20:31
AlexDaniel but people will use #raku anyway
so why make it more difficult
there are so few tweets about pottery 20:32
and even those who “accidentally” use #raku already account for like more than half 20:33
or maybe around half
and then we gave up r/raku… which had the last pottery post 1 year 20:34
1 year ago*
lizmat twitter.com/search?q=%23raku&s...amp;f=live
I'd say that's not dead 20:35
AlexDaniel it's not dead
lizmat in any case, I think we've had this discussion a few months ago... 20:36
tadzik twitter.com/martinoneill19/status/...2832269312 hah :) 20:37
AlexDaniel it's just hilarious, we're going through all this trouble to fix the name only to do the wrong thing again and come up with social tags that just won't work 20:38
I guess it would've made sense if we were using rakulang github org and rakulang.org, but we don't 20:39
I mean… I guess it doesn't matter, and everyone will use #raku anyway 20:40
El_Che AlexDaniel: if you think so, why bother reopening the discussion if time will result in what you prefer? 20:41
AlexDaniel still though I don't know why we're making it harder for ourselves so that we have to go and police people to use a different tag
lizmat github.com/Raku/problem-solving/bl...cial-media 20:42
AlexDaniel El_Che: it's just gonna be messy, that's it
lizmat because we decided?
El_Che while raku is shorter, I like that rakulang is specific for the language 20:43
so you don't get mixed content
and no, python is an other case
it was a major language before twitter arrived 20:44
I don't see the document as policing (users will do what they like), but it's good to have a media strategy for the project
if it fails it can be amended, but I think it's way to soon for that 20:45
(I think the #rakulang thing is going as well as it could be expected) 20:46
Grinnz I have three thoughts on the matter: 1) it's good to have and promote an option that will be unambiguous, 2) people can be context aware and "raku" is not ambiguous in other places like it is on twitter, 3) it's not the end of the world when it's used on twitter, since it's not easy to confuse the content of one for the other
lizmat [21:37:06] <tadzik>twitter.com/martinoneill19/status/...2832269312 hah :) 20:47
:-) 20:48
Grinnz with the exception of that one :)
El_Che it looks like genitals to me :)
sjn AlexDaniel: If there's a place (e.g. an issue in the problem-solving repo) where tags are discussed and at the end decided upon, I'd love to hear about it. :) 20:49
El_Che sjn: lizmat linked to it a few paragraphs above
sjn ah, didn't see that 20:50
in that case, I won't return those stickers quite yet :)
El_Che it was a small part of the renaming discussion
sjn mm 20:51
El_Che what's wrong with the stickers?
lizmat they say #rakulang
which was just put into question
sjn El_Che: they're fine. One sticker says #rakulang
El_Che they would be fine either way, but #rakulang is prefered
sjn the others say "Raku"
lizmat goes afk& 20:52
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El_Che sjn: I think your confused. It's only about hthe hastag, not the name itself 21:01
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sjn m: say x⁽1+3⁾ 21:12
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Bogus postfix
at <tmp>:1
------> 3say x7⏏5⁽1+3⁾
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
statement modifier
sjn m: my $x=10; say $x⁽1+3⁾ 21:13
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Bogus postfix
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my $x=10; say $x7⏏5⁽1+3⁾
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
statement mod…
mojca up 21:21
rypervenche So I managed to get my password generator script working the way I wanted. I have no idea of I used any really bad practices. I'm sure there are better ways to do what I did, but yeah. I'd appreciate any feedback on how I can make this better or if there are better syntaxes I could use. Thanks. gist.github.com/rypervenche/a4604e...a6bf273b6d 21:28
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Doc_Holliwood rypervenche: You really, really want a minimum lenght > 4. Make it 8. Or better 12. 21:56
You can't really use gather/take for your loop, because your exit condition is the size of the array. But `gather`ed arrays don't get update until the gather loop is done. 21:57
this doesnt work at all 21:58
m: say my @a = gather until @a.elems > 5 { take 1 }
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Cannot use variable @a in declaration to initialize itself
at <tmp>:1
------> 3say my @a = gather until @7⏏5a.elems > 5 { take 1 }
expecting any of:
Doc_Holliwood m: say my @a = gather loop { take 1; last if @a.elems > 5 }
this is an endless loop 21:59
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camelia (timeout) 21:59
Doc_Holliwood and this is just as ugly, since it requires a counter
m: my $i = 0; say my @a = gather until $i == 5 { take $i++; }
camelia [0 1 2 3 4]
Doc_Holliwood so, for/push is fine here, methinks 22:00
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guifa2 lizmat: Are you using CPAN for module updates on weekly? I've noticed some of my updates / new modules haven't landed on it and wanted to make sure they'd get the shout out if possible (but mine are only listed on ecosystem on github) 22:19
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Geth ecosystem: alabamenhu++ created pull request #479:
Add Carp to the ecosystem
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Geth doc: a422997151 | (Richard Hainsworth)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/compilation.pod6
formatting errors
guifa2 AlexDaniel: sorry! Fixed the URL now. Can I get it to review the check or do I need to submit a new PR? 22:59
AlexDaniel guifa2: I clicked the button, it should update in a few minutes 23:00
guifa2 Alright, awesome. And apologies. 'Tis what I get for not double checking everything 23:01
rypervenche Doc_Holliwould: Thanks. I ran into the infinite loop as well and thought I just might be doing something wrong. 23:03
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Sys::HostAddr (0.0.1) by 03JMASLAK 23:38
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