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guifa rypervenche: there are a couple of ways to do it. In this case you could say 00:08
my Hash @words; for $data.lines{ wordlist.parse($_); @words.push: %( number => +$<number>, chinese => ~$<chinese>, english => ~$<english>)} 00:10
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guifa You might also try attaching an actions class to it 00:11
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guifa rypervenche: bit.ly/36LsK5X (this is a link to TIO so you can see it in action) 00:17
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rypervenche Oooh, thank you. A friend mentioned I should make a class, and this integrates nicely with the grammar. Awesome. 00:25
guifa I’d also recommend handling the entire file parsing in a single grammar 00:34
Basically the way I approach this is very iteratively. First the grammar to make sure it parses, then just get an array of hashes at the end. But then yo ucould eventually create class Entry { has $.id; has $.chinese; has $.english }, and after that a WordIndex { has @.database} and then start attaching on fun actions 00:37
rypervenche So at that point I'd have an array of objects? 00:39
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guifa yeah. So this does will show you how to parse everything in one step: 00:46
bit.ly/2vI3YqF (TIO link)
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rypervenche Oh, thank you so much. 01:08
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rypervenche guifa: Everything works perfectly, except for one thing I'm not sure about. When I change to a slurp of my file, my $data has an extra 0a at the end of it. It looks like the match is returning Nil and then overwriting the entire contents of the array and I'm left with [(Any)] as my @list; 02:10
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rypervenche I can chomp it for now, but I'm not sure why it's doing that. 02:29
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guifa rypervenche: change from % to %%: token TOP { <entry>+ %% \n } 03:37
Your data file probably had a trailing newline. (a % b matches ababa, but not abab, whereas a %% b matches both) 03:38
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Geth doc: 530a6e39fe | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/modules.pod6
Sticking the note to the text
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/modules
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phi Hi, let say I have a unit class called Butterfly.pm6, which contains the following code : unit class Butterfly;\n method who-am-i { put "I am " ~ $.ˆname }. Why does the P6 compiler say "no such method ^name" when I call the method in another file? 16:24
For instance, use Butterfly; my $b = Butterfly.new; $b.who-am-i; 16:25
The issue doesn't occur when the Butterfly class is declared in the latter file. 16:26
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uzl[m] m: class Butterfly { method who-am-i { put "I am " ~ $.ˆname }; }; say Butterfly.new.who-am-i; 16:37
camelia No such method 'ˆname' for invocant of type 'Butterfly'
in method who-am-i at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
tellable6 2020-01-31T17:08:50Z #raku <jmerelo> uzl[m] great, thanks!
uzl[m] m: class Butterfly { method who-am-i { put "I am " ~ self.^name }; }; say Butterfly.new.who-am-i;
camelia I am Butterfly
uzl[m] class Butterfly { method who-am-i { put "I am " ~ self.^name }; }; Butterfly.new.who-am-i; 16:38
evalable6 I am Butterfly
uzl[m] phi: ^ You might want to use self, instead of `$.` 16:40
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phi uzl[m]. Same issue with self.ˆname. 16:41
I am using Rakudo Star 2019.03.1 16:42
uzl[m], the above examples work because Butterfly is declared in the same file as the the code that uses it. 16:44
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uzl[m] uploaded an image: butterfly.png (68KB) < matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/downlo...pWIxJGgumL > 16:46
phi: ^
It works fine on my end. Can you share code snippet files? 16:47
phi Sure. 16:48
Where shall I upload the files? 16:50
uzl[m] You can use a pastebin service (e.g., pastebin.run/) 16:51
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phi Here's use-butterfly.p6 in text form: use Butterfly; my $b = Butterfly.new; $b.who-am-i; 16:54
Here's Butterfly.pm6: unit class Butterfly; method who-am-i { put self.ˆname } 16:55
Here's how I run use-butterfly.p6: perl6 -I . use-butterfly.p6.
uzl[m] phi: How are you running it? perl6 -I. use-butterfly.p6?
Ok, got it. 16:56
phi Yes.
No such method 'ˆname' for invocant of type 'Butterfly' in method who-am-i at /Users/xxx/Desktop/p6/Butterfly.pm6 (Butterfly) line 1 in block <unit> at use-butterfly.p6 line 6
uzl[m] I'm using the raku extension but I don't think it should make any difference.
phi: For instance, matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/downlo...pWIxJGgumL 16:57
phi No available formula with the name "raku", say Homebrew on Macosx 16:58
In other words, only p6 is available from Homebrew (the Macosx package manager). 16:59
uzl[m] No, that's fine. You're probably using Rakudo prior to 2019.11. However, what I have in the picture works fine using the perl6 executable.
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phi Thank you for your help, uzl[m]. I need to install a more recent version of p6/raku. 17:02
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uzl[m] phi: What version are you using? 17:03
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phi 2019.03.1 17:04
uzl[m] BTW, this is what I ran: glot.io/snippets/fkaqjjdfom
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phi I believe you. I got rakudo-star from here: formulae.brew.sh/formula/rakudo-star 17:06
uzl[m] We have the same source files and we're executing the same commands so I wonder if it's relatable with the Rakudo version. 17:07
*related 17:09
You can get the binaries from rakudo.org/downloads. You could try getting the compiler's latest release and report back.
phi distro::auth=Apple Computer, 17:10
Inc.distro::desc=2020-02-02T18:09:56.562639+01:00distro::is-win=Falsedistro::name=macosxdistro::path-sep=:distro::release=18G2022distro::signature=distro::version=10.14.6kernel::arch=i386kernel::archname=x86_64-darwinkernel::auth=unknownkernel::bits=64kernel::desc=kernel::hardware=x86_64kernel::name=darwinkernel::release=Darwin Kernel Version
18.7.0: Sun Dec 1 18:59:03 PST 2019; root:xnu-4903.278.19~1/RELEASE_X86_64kernel::signature=kernel::version=18.7.0moar::ar=armoar::arflags=rcsmoar::arout=moar::as=asmoar::asm=.smoar::asmout=-o
-fcoverage-mappingmoar::ccdebugflags=-g3moar::ccdef=-Dmoar::ccdefflags=-D_DARWIN_USE_64_BIT_INODE=1moar::ccinc=-Imoar::ccinstflags=-fsanitize=addressmoar::ccjitflags=moar::ccmiscflags=-fno-omit-frame-pointer -fno-optimize-sibling-callsmoar::ccoptiflags=-O3 -DNDEBUGmoar::ccout=-o
moar::ccshared=moar::ccswitch=-cmoar::ccwarnflags=-Wno-logical-op-parenthesesmoar::cflags=-fno-omit-frame-pointer -fno-optimize-sibling-calls -O3 -DNDEBUG -Wno-logical-op-parentheses -D_DARWIN_USE_64_BIT_INODE=1 -I/usr/local/opt/libffi/lib/libffi-3.2.1/includemoar::cincludes= -I3rdparty/libuv/include -I3rdparty/libuv/src
-I3rdparty/libatomicops/src -I3rdparty/libtommath -I3rdparty/dyncall/dynload -I3rdparty/dyncall/dyncall -I3rdparty/dyncall/dyncallbackmoar::cmpclean=cd 3rdparty/cmp && $(RM) libcmp.a && $(MAKE) cleanmoar::cmplib=3rdparty/cmp/libcmp.amoar::cmpobjects=3rdparty/cmp/cmp.omoar::cmprule=$(AR) $(ARFLAGS) $@ 3rdparty/cmp/*.omoar::config=--optimize
--prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2019.03 --make-installmoar::cppout=> moar::cppswitch=-Emoar::crossconf=moar::dasm_flags=-D POSIX=1moar::dcbclean=$(RM) 3rdparty/dyncall/dyncallback/libdyncallback_s.amoar::dcblib=3rdparty/dyncall/dyncallback/libdyncallback_s.amoar::dcbobjects=moar::dcbrule=@:moar::dcclean=cd 3rdparty/dyncall && $(MAKE) -f
Makefile cleanmoar::dclib=3rdparty/dyncall/dyncall/libdyncall_s.amoar::dcobjects=moar::dcrule=cd 3rdparty/dyncall && ./configure && CC='$(CC)' CFLAGS='-fPIC' $(MAKE) -f Makefile moar::defs[0]=_DARWIN_USE_64_BIT_INODE=1moar::dlclean=$(RM) 3rdparty/dyncall/dynload/libdynload_s.amoar::dll=lib%s.dylibmoar::dllexport=__attribute__ ((visibility
("default")))moar::dllib=3rdparty/dyncall/dynload/libdynload_s.amoar::dllimport=__attribute__ ((visibility ("default")))moar::dlllocal=__attribute__ ((visibility ("hidden")))moar::dlobjects=moar::dlrule=@:moar::exe=moar::expect_condition=__builtin_expect((condition), (expection))moar::expect_likely=__builtin_expect(!!(condition),
1)moar::expect_unlikely=__builtin_expect(!!(condition), 0)moar::formatattribute=__attribute__((format(X, Y, Z)))moar::has_pthread_yield=0moar::havebooltype=1moar::impinst=libmoar.dylibmoar::install=$(MKPATH) $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libuv$(MKPATH) $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libuv/uv$(CP) 3rdparty/libuv/include/*.h
$(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libuv$(CP) 3rdparty/libuv/include/uv/*.h $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libuv/uv$(MKPATH) $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/armcc$(MKPATH) $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/gcc$(MKPATH) $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/hpc$(MKPATH)
$(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/ibmc$(MKPATH) $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/icc$(MKPATH) $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/loadstore$(MKPATH) $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/msftc$(MKPATH)
$(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/sunc$(CP) 3rdparty/libatomicops/src/*.h $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops$(CP) 3rdparty/libatomicops/src/atomic_ops/*.h $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops$(CP) 3rdparty/libatomicops/src/atomic_ops/sysdeps/*.h
$(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps$(CP) 3rdparty/libatomicops/src/atomic_ops/sysdeps/armcc/*.h $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/armcc$(CP) 3rdparty/libatomicops/src/atomic_ops/sysdeps/gcc/*.h $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/gcc$(CP)
3rdparty/libatomicops/src/atomic_ops/sysdeps/hpc/*.h $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/hpc$(CP) 3rdparty/libatomicops/src/atomic_ops/sysdeps/ibmc/*.h $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/ibmc$(CP) 3rdparty/libatomicops/src/atomic_ops/sysdeps/icc/*.h
$(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/icc$(CP) 3rdparty/libatomicops/src/atomic_ops/sysdeps/loadstore/*.h $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/loadstore$(CP) 3rdparty/libatomicops/src/atomic_ops/sysdeps/msftc/*.h $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/msftc$(CP)
3rdparty/libatomicops/src/atomic_ops/sysdeps/sunc/*.h $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libatomic_ops/atomic_ops/sysdeps/sunc$(MKPATH) $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libtommath$(CP) 3rdparty/libtommath/*.h $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/libtommath$(MKPATH) $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/dyncall$(CP) 3rdparty/dyncall/dynload/*.h
3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_sqrtmod_prime.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_sub.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_sub_d.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_submod.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_to_signed_bin.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_to_signed_bin_n.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_to_unsigned_bin.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_to_unsigned_bin_n.o
3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_toom_mul.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_toom_sqr.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_toradix.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_toradix_n.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_unsigned_bin_size.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_xor.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_mp_zero.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_prime_tab.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_reverse.o
3rdparty/libtommath/bn_s_mp_add.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_s_mp_exptmod.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_s_mp_mul_digs.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_s_mp_mul_high_digs.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_s_mp_sqr.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bn_s_mp_sub.o 3rdparty/libtommath/bncore.omoar::tomrule=$(AR) $(ARFLAGS) $@
3rdparty/libtommath/*.omoar::translate_newline_output=0moar::usrlibs[0]=pthreadmoar::uvclean=$(RM) 3rdparty/libuv/libuv.a $(UV_DARWIN)moar::uvlib=3rdparty/libuv/libuv.amoar::uvobjects=$(UV_DARWIN)moar::uvrule=$(AR) $(ARFLAGS) $@ $(UV_DARWIN)moar::vectorizerspecifier=_Pragma ("clang loop
vectorize(enable)")moar::version=2019.03moar::versionmajor=2019moar::versionminor=03moar::versionpatch=0perl6::build-date=2019-04-01T13:05:17Zperl6::can-language-versions=6.c 6.d 6.d.PREVIEWperl6::codename=perl6::implementation=Rakudo
Starperl6::language-version=6.dperl6::libdir=/usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2019.03/shareperl6::prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2019.03perl6::release-number=perl6::source-digest=6f6586978743151a83b7dccf9d2dff4b6d32e024perl6::version=2019.03.1repo::chain=inst#/Users/philippe/.perl6 inst#/usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2019.03/share/perl6/site
inst#/usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2019.03/share/perl6/vendor inst#/usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2019.03/share/perl6 ap# nqp# perl5#
OK. I'll get the latest version, and report back. 17:11
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Geth doc: 2a0afba129 | (Brian Duggan)++ | bin/p6doc
Add search command for p6doc
doc: a6da455e0d | (Brian Duggan)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | bin/p6doc
Merge pull request #3196 from Raku/search

Add search command for p6doc
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New module released to CPAN! App::GTD (0.2.0) by 03TYIL
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discord6 <theangryepicbanana> can someone help add this to the list of modules (or whatever the docs called it) github.com/ALANVF/Raku-LLVM 19:21
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discord6 <theangryepicbanana> it took a long time to figure it out the last time I tried to 19:22
AlexDaniel you mean github.com/Raku/ecosystem ? 19:24
can you send a PR? :)
phi Howdy. A few hours ago I reported and issue with a class declared in an unit, in p6 2019.03.1.
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> AlexDaniel: sure 19:25
phi I have just installed moar-2020.01 using rakudobrew on OSX 10.14.6; yet the issue is the same.
Here's my Butterfly.pm6 file: 19:26
unit class Butterfly; method who-am-i { put self.ˆname };
And here's the content of my use-butterfly.p6 file: 19:27
use Butterfly; my $b = Butterfly.new; $b.who-am-i;
When I run perl6 -I . use-butterfly.p6, the following message gets displayed: 19:28
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phi No such method 'ˆname' for invocant of type 'Butterfly' in method who-am-i at /Users/phi/Desktop/p6/Butterfly.pm 19:29
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MasterDuke m: class Butterfly { method who-am-i { put self.^name }; }; Butterfly.who-am-i; 19:31
camelia Butterfly
Geth ecosystem: ALANVF++ created pull request #482:
Add Raku-LLVM
MasterDuke m: class Butterfly { method who-am-i { put self.HOW.name($) }; }; my $b = Butterfly.new; $b.who-am-i;
camelia Butterfly
MasterDuke m: class Butterfly { }; my $b = Butterfly.new; put $b.^name; 19:35
camelia Butterfly
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discord6 <theangryepicbanana> AlexDaniel: I opened a PR, however the build seems to have failed since I don't include the llvm7 native lib 19:47
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phi Hi MasterDuke, try putting the Butterfly class in a separate file. 19:48
... In a unit class Butterfly class. 19:49
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MasterDuke even your original example (not my alternatives) work if i do that 19:51
phi ... which OS are you running on? 19:52
MasterDuke arch linux
phi I'm on OSX.
MasterDuke i know lizmat is on OSX, not sure who else is to confirm 19:53
phi I can provide a screenshot, if necessary. 19:54
MasterDuke did you create an issue in the rakudo repo already? 19:55
phi I certainly plan to, now that I have managed to reproduce the issue using the latest version of Raku. 19:57
MasterDuke good 20:00
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> anyone? 20:01
phi Cheers, MasterDuke. Signing out. 20:04
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Tirifto Hello! Is there any way I can pass a variable to ‘use lib’? I would like to import modules at runtime with ‘require’, from a directory that only gets specified at runtime, but it looks like ‘use lib’ needs its directory specified at compile time. 20:10
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> would require lib work?
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Tirifto theangryepicbanana: …it didn’t complain, so I guess it would! Thanks, I didn’t know that was valid syntax. :-) 20:17
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discord6 <theangryepicbanana> oh nice 20:31
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Geth ecosystem: dd41814a70 | alan.invents++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Add Raku-LLVM
ecosystem: 08b587649f | (Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Add Raku-LLVM (#482)

Add Raku-LLVM
AlexDaniel theangryepicbanana: does debian have required dependencies in its repos? If so, please submit a PR with your deps here github.com/Raku/Blin/blob/master/d...pendencies 20:38
theangryepicbanana: this way we'll be testing your module before every release :) 20:39
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> ok thanks 20:41
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AlexDaniel I wonder if travis will keep reporting failures for the ecosystem repo 20:46
it failed to test something because there's no gcc, well, so what
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Voldenet I've seen that problem by phi and 20:50
m: class Butterfly { method who-am-i { put self.ˆname }}; Butterfly.new.who-am-i
camelia No such method 'ˆname' for invocant of type 'Butterfly'
in method who-am-i at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> all it needs is the LLVM-7 native lib provided by clang
Voldenet no idea what uses ˆ instead of ^ 20:51
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MasterDuke ha! 20:52
unicodable6: ˆ
unicodable6 MasterDuke, U+02C6 MODIFIER LETTER CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT [Lm] (ˆ)
Voldenet I try to avoid utf-8 in the source, because fonts are not making it easy to tell all the glyphs apart 20:53
AlexDaniel yeah, I actually see that it's different 20:54
MasterDuke i do now that i'm looking
AlexDaniel but where did they take that example?
Voldenet if you use utf-8 in the source, I will find you and replace all your variables with emojis
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> AlexDaniel: done
AlexDaniel Voldenet: I use it. All the time. “” ‘’ ∞ × ÷ 「」
Voldenet: «» 〈〉 :) 20:55
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Voldenet I think “” and ‘’ from these can be hard to tell apart from "" and '' depending on font, everything else is at least visibly different 20:56
AlexDaniel Voldenet: syntax highlighting 20:57
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> nice so my module was added 20:58
Voldenet if everyone used syntax highlighting and tools for code editing, it could be possible to use STX (0x02) and ETX (0x03) for strings…
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> hopefully this means that raku is an even better option for making languages than other languages are 20:59
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AlexDaniel Voldenet: being able to tell '' and ‘’ apart is a non-issue 21:00
how often do you look at the code with syntax errors through something that doesn't have syntax highlighting 21:01
Voldenet i.imgur.com/V8RjZEQ.png :) 21:02
I know that nobody uses displays with low resolutions except me
AlexDaniel that's a very nice font 21:03
what is it?
Voldenet ibm plex
AlexDaniel well, I'm not sure I can tell other characters apart with that font 21:04
but I like the idea of tiny fonts
Voldenet it takes a bit of practice, but there's not much you can do with a sad 800x600 display 21:05
AlexDaniel I'd use it on any other display :D
guifa Tiny fonts have their place, but lately I’ve been enjoying coding with fairly large fonts.
guifa mumbles something about getting old even though he’s not even half way to his life expectancy
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Voldenet Ascii is more constrained, so it's more predictable and easier to tell characters apart, so I don't have to wonder whether 「」or 「 」 is used 21:10
AlexDaniel i.imgur.com/ZSww5Y9.png 21:14
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Voldenet …with this I could put over 100 lines of code on the 800x600 screen :) 21:18
AlexDaniel it should be almost 200 21:20
Tirifto theangryepicbanana: Okay, no, ‘require lib’ just requires a module called ‘lib’. Bummer. :P
AlexDaniel it is probably meant to be used with no pixels between lines
only a few characters go beyond 2 pixels in height, so it should be fine 21:21
don't know why the example doesn't do that :)
but to be honest I can't read it anyway, so that wouldn't've helped for sure 21:22
Voldenet leadings are necessary, because otherwise it'd be hard to read even one line 21:23
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AlexDaniel Voldenet: not exactly. Some tiny fonts violate that. See robey.lag.net/2010/01/23/tiny-mono...-font.html 21:24
Voldenet There's a pixel between lines, but probably 1px is enough 21:25
AlexDaniel Voldenet: it uses that pixel to draw g j p q y 21:26
Voldenet: btw there's a trick for non-ascii characters 21:28
Voldenet: just let them fall back to truetype fonts
this way ascii characters will render crisp and everything else will be smudgy but distinct
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Voldenet Okay, it makes sense to have descenders in that spacing, otherwise it looks more awkward 21:29
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Voldenet Using truetype fonts works in some environments, but sometimes I only have bitmap font + nano/vi 21:35
and it's non-trivial to install xorg everywhere :) 21:36
TreyHarris In a case like guifa's bit.ly/2vI3YqF example above, which spits out a 1000-element list with all but 4 undefined, how best to filter those out? `@list.grep(so *)` works, but is there a more idiomatic way? 21:41
AlexDaniel TreyHarris: I'd write it as *.so but otherwise that's exactly how you do it 21:47
Voldenet TreyHarris: I'd use a hash unless there's a reason not to
AlexDaniel TreyHarris: *.defined if you're picky :)
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> maybe @list.grep(&so)? 21:49
AlexDaniel TreyHarris: or just don't put undefined values into your list 21:50
Voldenet Using array there will actually allocate a lot of memory for no reason 21:51
AlexDaniel pretty much what Voldenet said :)
Voldenet You may also consider this: ix.io/292Y 21:52
AlexDaniel e: ix.io/292Y 21:53
evalable6 AlexDaniel, Successfully fetched the code from the provided URL
[{chinese => 狗, english => Dog, number => 1} {chinese => 貓, english => Cat, number => 2} {chinese => 詷, english => Word, number => 998} {chinese => 人, english => Person, number => 999}]
AlexDaniel right
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atweiden-air who is signing the nqp and rakudo source tarballs with pgp fingerprint FE750D152426F3E50953176ADE8F8F5E97A8FCDE? how do i obtain their public key? 21:56
AlexDaniel atweiden-air: it is this: pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?search=kiry...p;op=index 21:59
atweiden-air: I'm not sure why the search function doesn't bring it up… do you have any idea?
atweiden-air: also github.com/Altai-man.gpg 22:00
atweiden-air is anyone else unable to obtain that key with gpg --recv-keys DE8F8F5E97A8FCDE ?
AlexDaniel atweiden-air: yeah that doesn't work
atweiden-air any idea as to why?
AlexDaniel I don't know 22:01
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atweiden-air just added it to sks manually 22:04
TreyHarris AlexDaniel, Voldenet I was referring to guifa's solution to rypervenche's question--if it's in scrollback you'll see I suggested not allocating so much space. But apparently in the actual data file, it it monotonically increasing, the sample just had data from the beginning and end of the real data set 22:06
So there wouldn't be any undefined items in the real list. I was just thinking about how to best filter them out in other cases where they might crop up 22:07
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rypervenche Well, I had an issue with those (Any) being in there, so instead of inserting the hashes into a specific element, I just did a push into the array. 22:11
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Voldenet TreyHarris: Ah, in that case .grep(?*) exists, but it's hardly idiomatic 22:19
more idiomatic would be .grep(all *.defined) 22:20
it's even english
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TreyHarris rypervenche: I don't follow... do you mean you kept <number> in the structure and pushed it? 22:25
rypervenche TreyHarris: Yes.
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rypervenche I'm still working on the script, but this is what I have so far: gist.github.com/rypervenche/e42a89...e55a89cae4 22:29
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TreyHarris rypervenche: ah, gotcha. A `my Str %numbered-hash{Int}` can stand in as a sparse array in a pinch 22:32
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TreyHarris Doesn't one of the built-in associative types do as Python3's OrderedDict does? 22:47
I notice that dd and .perl both sort the keys of a regular hash, and that made me wonder about preserving insert ordering 22:49
rypervenche I'm not sure I'm at the level where I understand what sparse arrays are/do. :P 22:51
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TreyHarris rypervenche: they just don't pre-allocate space when you skip indices. there are lots of ways of storing them in memory, from hash-like methods to linked-list-like 22:54
rypervenche Ahhh
TreyHarris And usually if you print out the entire structure, unassigned slots are skipped, so you wouldn't get the 996 (Any)'s in output
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> maybe you're looking for Maps? 22:55
MasterDuke TreyHarris: nope, the sort is purely an artifact of printing 22:59
TreyHarris theangryepicbanana: I don't think so; Maps are immutable, and a quick test doesn't seem to show them as maintaining order
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TreyHarris MasterDuke: yes, I asked my question badly, I'm aware of the arbitrariness of ordering and the randomization between runtime invocations... I meant to ask, "is there an OrderedDictionary-like mutable container in core? I thought I remembered such a thing." 23:00
MasterDuke heh, i wasn't clear in my answer. i mean to say, "no ordered dictionaries in the core that i'm aware of. .perl and dd do explicitly sort their printed output though" 23:02
TreyHarris I learned Python after I'd mastered Perl and after the apocalypses had all been written (and after Pugs even, I believe), so I sometimes confuse features that were added to Python after I first learned it for Raku features. 23:04
Since OrderedDict was added to Python after I first learned it and after Pugs, I can see where I might fuzzy-mind that into thinking it was a Perl 6 thing 23:09
guifa rypervenche: Ah, I see, you’re not needing the order to be preserved per se, so .push does indeed work just fine. I normally use @array-with-gaps.grep(*.defined) when I want to loop over those. 23:37
TreyHarris Not totally sure why, but I was very surprised this works: 23:55
m: (^20).pick(20).sort: * cmp *.Str 23:56
camelia ( no output )
TreyHarris m: say((^20).pick(20).sort: * cmp *.Str)
camelia (0 1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)
TreyHarris the bit after the colon, I mean, the part before is clear enough 23:57
m: say((^20).pick(20).sort: * cmp *) 23:58
camelia (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19) 23:59
TreyHarris I guess it does make perfect sense, it just seems like when used to other languages you're leaving essential stuff out and the language is just figuring it out anyway