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discord6 <theangryepicbanana> wait my module wasn't in the weekly newsletter 00:24
<theangryepicbanana> I added it a few days ago
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discord6 <theangryepicbanana> ? 00:41
<theangryepicbanana> or are a limited amount of modules that are listed in the newsletter each week? 00:42
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ToddAndMargo is there a way to get `my uint8 $u = 0x4F; printf "\$u = <%#b>\n", $u;` to print$u = <0b0100_1111>? I am trying to put an underscore every four bits 01:27
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guifa theangryepicbanana: it needs to be in CPAN, if you just add it to the ecosystem it won’t get a notice. That’s why none of mine have been mentioned in a long time haha. I need to start posting to CPAN 03:14
Grinnz hope you all can learn from the slow wrecking train that was the cpan registered modulelist :) 03:16
www.cpan.org/modules/00modlist.long.html - abandoned as volunteer curation at scale is a fool's errand 03:17
Grinnz notes taht should be updated to not reference cpan search engines that don't exist anymore! 03:23
once i remember what github repo that's sourced from... 03:24
guifa The idea of a curated module list isn’t bad in and of itself. But it really requires upkeep 03:28
Grinnz it works better as a project in itself, rather than an official construct of the repository, IME 03:30
in the end, you're getting *someone's* opinion
guifa Absolutely agree. And it helps to explain to a random person why JSON::Tiny and JSON::Fast both exist and which one they should use 03:31
Grinnz and that someone has to be invested in their opinion over a lot of things :)
guifa (those two, for instance, share an API so it can be pointed out they’re a drop in replacement for each other)
Maybe I’ll take it up as a post-dissertation post-CLDR project lol 03:37
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Term::Choose (1.6.2) by 03KUERBIS 08:05
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Hash::Merge (1.0.1) by 03TYIL 08:21
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e1z0 why this all thing named Raku, why not simply perl6? 09:20
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lizmat e1z0: because it is better that way 09:39
lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2020/02/03/2020-...eleasalot/ 09:41
tyil e1z0: things are generally given names so its easy to refer to them 09:51
e1z0 for me it's difficult to understand all these raku things, i've just tried to reach information about perl6 and now i'm totally confused 09:56
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tyil e1z0: one reason for the rename was to avoid confusion between perl 5 and 6, but search engine may take some time to learn of this new raku thing 10:00
El_Che e1z0: it's a sad side effect if you already had "perl 6" in your mind and have trouble with the renaming. The point is that *everyone else* outside the Perl cosystem was confused about the name, very often with negative consequences (like people moving of Perl 5 to an other language, because Perl 6 is already out but it's different) 10:01
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e1z0 understand 10:04
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El_Che e1z0: so in short, in my eyes, it's a move in good faith by the perl 6 community to fix this for the perl (5) community while trying to be evaluated by it self and not by prenotions about Perl (5). It was a neverneding discussion that tooks years and lots of energy, so I don't think someone here want to reopen it :) 10:28
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tyil rypervenche: did you find any more issues with r* 2020.01-rc1? 11:13
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tyil bartolin: you told me JVM received a fix in github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/a08f043953, which was after the 2020.01 tag, were there any plans to make a 2020.01.1 tag to include the JVM fixes? 11:14
bad time to start a discussion it seems
I'll try again later :'D 11:15
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lizmat weekly: github.com/ALANVF/Raku-LLVM 11:25
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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lizmat going to Amsterdam.PM& 11:52
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rypervenche tyil: Yes. zef would not install. I can get you the actual error later today. For now...work stuff :/ 13:25
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scovit Is the author of the new GSL modules here to chat? 14:11
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rypervenche scovit: Not sure if he's here, but his email address is available on the module's page. You may also find your answer here. Did you have a question? 14:56
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scovit rypervenche: thank you for your reply 15:28
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tyil damn, lizmat is going to be early 15:40
.tell lizmat I plan to leave at 5pm for amsterdam.pm 15:41
tellable6 tyil, I'll pass your message to lizmat
TreyHarris How can I make a grammar that expresses this: first line lists possible word tokens (delimited however) in any order; every line following is an ordered list (delimited however) of one or more of the first-line tokens? (You can assume <space> as the delimiter since that's probably easiest.)
Anything in lines 2..* that do not match either a first-line token or a delimiter invalidates the entire parse 15:42
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TreyHarris I see how I can write a non-validating grammar and then check for invalid input post-parse very easily; just make lists of words, and any-compare the first to all-each the remaining 15:44
But I'd like to write a validating grammar
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jnthn m: grammar G { token TOP { <word-head>+ % " " \n {} <word-line($<word-head>)>+ }; token word-head { \w+ }; token word-line(@ok) { \w+ )> \n <?{ $/ eq any(@ok) }> } }; say G.parse("foo bar baz\nfoo\nbar\nwat\n") 15:50
camelia Nil
jnthn m: grammar G { token TOP { <word-head>+ % " " \n {} <word-line($<word-head>)>+ }; token word-head { \w+ }; token word-line(@ok) { \w+ )> \n <?{ $/ eq any(@ok) }> } }; say G.parse("foo bar baz\nfoo\nbar\nfoo\n")
camelia 「foo bar baz

word-head => 「foo」
word-head => 「bar」
word-head => 「baz」
word-line => 「foo」
word-line => 「bar」
word-line => 「foo」
jnthn TreyHarris: ^^
TreyHarris jnthn++ thank you, that's the first time I've really understood regex parameters, too! :-) 15:54
jnthn: I'm a bit confused by `\w+ )>`... is `)>` an operator i haven't seen before? It seems to be a dangling capture closing 16:04
oh, that just implies a `<(` at the beginning of the enclosing scope? 16:05
moritz TreyHarris: )> cuts off what goes into the match object
m: say 'ab' ~~ /a )> b/
camelia 「a」
moritz m: say 'abc' ~~ /a <( b )> c/
camelia 「b」
TreyHarris m: say 'ab' ~~ /(<a )> b/
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Unable to parse expression in metachar:sym<assert>; couldn't find final '>' (corresponding starter was at line 1)
at <tmp>:1
------> 3say 'ab' ~~ /(<a )> b7⏏5/
expecting any of:
TreyHarris m: say 'ab' ~~ /<(a )> b/ 16:06
camelia 「a」
TreyHarris so (once I got the order of the two characters right) it is equivalent?
moritz yes
<( sets $/.from and )> sets $/.to 16:07
and both default the start and end of the regex
m: say 'abc' ~~ /a )> b <( c/
camelia 「c」
moritz how to confuse everybody :-)
toothedsword How about the prospect of Raku? :) 16:08
TreyHarris phew; I was about to have a meltdown thinking about how we could ever get the Emacs mode to properly deal with that. If we can just say "don't use that form, used the form that balances brackets" it's still at least possible without Emacs having to actually communicate constantly with Raku to parse anything ;-)
moritz just don't consider <( or )> to be brakets 16:09
"just" :-)
TreyHarris Unfortunately, Emacs' (non-)greediness isn't as wieldy as PCRE; I don't think it would be at all easy to consider '<('..')>' as different from '<'{}'('..')'{}'>' 16:10
The hard part would be for it to not interpret `{ a ⎀)>` as a failure to close the opening curly at ⎀ 16:12
So any code past that point Emacs would just give up on
guifa Has anyone put together a lstlistings definition for Raku for LaTeX? 16:13
TreyHarris But so long as you do `{ <( a )> ...`, Emacs is already perfectly content with the parse
toothedsword vim is more reliable than emacs 16:15
TreyHarris toothedsword: no editor wars here, please
guifa TreyHarris: but but … Comma! 16:16
TreyHarris dealing with things like `$a < ( %b<f> > $c ?? $d !! $e )` is already something of a triumph 16:17
(does vim?)
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TreyHarris Hm, I probably should follow Raku/vim-raku just to try to ensure that we maintain enough feature parity that it doesn't appear the language prefers users of one editor over another. 16:19
I switched from ex to emacs, so whenever I use vi[m] and need to do anything besides movement, 'i', 'a', 'j', 'd', 'r' and 'x', I just hit colon and pretend I'm using ex :-) 16:22
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[Coke] is reminded to get the latest Comma update! 16:39
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Email::SendGrid (0.1) by 03JNTHN 17:14
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jmerelo GSoC application about to be submitted 17:30
You can still pitch new projects, but admin is pretty much done.
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patrickb jmerelo: Is now the time to change the layout of the ideas page back to the one of last year? 17:56
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jmerelo patrickb: maybe? It's not been awarded yet. Results will be out on Feb 20 17:58
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patrickb jmerelo: True, but I'd guess appeal to students of the ideas page is a criterion in the selection process. 17:59
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jmerelo patrickb: please feel free to change what you think is necessary 18:01
patrickb: do you have the privs?
patrickb The missing encoding idea and the unsigned int idea have no mentor. Without a mentor the ideas will have to go before the student application period starts. So call for mentors!
jmerelo lizmat: somebody is calling your name here ^^^
patrickb: also yours 18:02
patrickb: please add yourself. And I mean PLEEEEEEASE.
Also lizmat
lizmat jmerelo: put me then as mentor for both 18:03
tellable6 2020-02-04T15:41:12Z #raku <tyil> lizmat I plan to leave at 5pm for amsterdam.pm
jmerelo lizmat: yay!
patrickb jmerelo: I think I don't have permissions
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jmerelo patrickb: what's your nick? 18:04
patrickb patrickbkr
jmerelo Now you do
patrickb Thanks! 18:05
wildtrees is rakudobrew a good way to get an up to date raku with zef? 18:08
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jmerelo wildtrees: it's what I use 18:10
wildtrees ok :)
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wildtrees wow the ngp repo seems kinda big, 138megs? 18:43
lizmat 432M on mine :-) 18:44
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moritz wildtrees: the nqp repo contains binaries for bootstrapping, which makes it way bigger than actual code 19:07
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TreyHarris where are the SoC idea proposals published if anywhere? 19:20
sena_kun TreyHarris: github.com/perl-foundation-outreac...2020-ideas ? 19:23
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foo333 p6: say 42 19:24
evalable6 42
TreyHarris sena_kun: thanks
foo333 Hi all. When I try /msg camelia p6: ... I get no such nick/channel 19:25
jmerelo foo333: what about simply /msg evalable? 19:26
foo333: right, msg evalable6 does the trick
Although it says it's not answering private 19:27
You can join #whateverable and ask stuff there
foo333 doesn't work for me (neither evalable nor camelia) and they *did* work an hour ago
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TreyHarris lol, I didn't realize these were a mix of Perl and Raku issues initially and I was _very_ confused reading some of them. (The proposal text doesn't always mention Raku or Perl either) 19:28
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TreyHarris I dropped an issue in the repo github.com/perl-foundation-outreac...eas/issues asking someone to rectify this 19:29
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TreyHarris (I'd just submit a PR but I don't know whether tagging each bullet item or making two separate lists would be preferable.) 19:30
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TreyHarris What does a signature of (|) effectively mean? I understand it syntactically, but I'm trying to understand its use in core conceptually 19:31
this may be a raku-dev question
foo222 accept any arguments 19:32
TreyHarris: ^^ 19:34
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tobs foo222: camelia is a bot. She timed out 50 minutes ago and hasn't come back aparently. 19:35
foo222 tobs: thx
TreyHarris: often used in combination with {*} which is shorthand for nextsame I think 19:36
TreyHarris foo222: yes, but how does it differ from (*@a, *%h)? 19:37
or rather, (*@, *%), since the a and h make the args directly reachable 19:38
foo222 TreyHarris: it's shorter. it's anonymous. it's faster. it just accepts the args as a raw capture. (*@ for example causes prestructuring of any args, and creates an `Array` to stick them in). 19:40
er, raw `Capture` 19:41
TreyHarris foo222: okay, the restructuring of the Capture was the part I didn't realize. I thought it was just shorthand. Thanks! 19:42
foo222 TreyHarris: yw. I'd say it was *p*restructuring because I'm pretty sure any and all restructuring work it does happens before any elements arrive in the `Capture` 19:44
hmm. maybe that doesn't make sense
TreyHarris no, I follow 19:45
I think it restructures arguments and prestructures parameters
or the other way around depending on how you look at it
foo222 and, separately, destructures too
hmm. first there's a call. which must create a `Capture`. Then a parameter might be,say, `+foo`, which (p)restructures (into a new `Capture`?) and then, say, `+foo ($bar etc.)` will then destructure the result of the (p)restructure 19:48
TreyHarris: or something like that. ^^
TreyHarris sure. 19:49
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leont Trick of the day: sub alarm(int64 $time) is native { * } 20:05
Because if my code busy-hangs, control-C isn't necessarily as responsive as I'd like 20:06
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TreyHarris leont: oh, is signal handling working well in rakudo now? Last time I tried it, it was still pretty hairy 20:10
leont Last time I checked it was also hairy
But in this case I want my program to die instead of taking 100% CPU
TreyHarris nods 20:25
leont If I do given/when across a pointy block barrier, is there a way to catch the succeed control exception? 20:27
Because what I observe looks more like it does the equivalent of a leave, but I can't detect it :-/
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discord6 <theangryepicbanana> guifa: thanks for the reply. I actually tried uploading to cpan but I couldn't figure out how/where to upload it ._. 21:02
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Grinnz do you have a pause account? 21:02
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> no 21:03
<theangryepicbanana> although that names sounds familiar
Grinnz you need that first: pause.perl.org/pause/query?ACTION=request_id
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> ah ok
<theangryepicbanana> is there a way that I could just use my github account?
Grinnz then, i think someone has a tool that will upload raku modules to the right place
discord6 <theangryepicbanana> ok 21:04
<theangryepicbanana> thanks
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SmokeMachine I'm trying to write something like a "grammar to events" kinda based on raku grammars... does anyone have any advice to me? my first thoughts on that it seems something like this: gist.github.com/FCO/82b48d1eb3e212...78752281a4 21:31
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foo222 SmokeMachine: hi. why are you writing the grammar? who would read it and when? why/when would someone write code using the grammar and who would they be? same for reading the code? do u see any parallels in cro's use of signatures to map to URL and request fields? and cro's templates? 21:45
SmokeMachine: does `* % ..5min` mean to get a fresh session id every 5 minutes? 21:49
SmokeMachine foo222: I'm planning on creating event stream consumers that would use those "grammars" to generate new events based on that and on the events and also could execute actions...
foo222: it accepts any number of requests with the max interval between them of max 5 min 21:50
foo222 SmokeMachine: can u give me a code or pseudocode example of an object that a consumer consumes from an event stream that would map to something in your "grammar" 21:54
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SmokeMachine foo222: an example could be, for example: `Event.new: :type<request>, :params{ :path</login>, :method<GET> }` 21:58
foo222 SmokeMachine: r u familiar w/ cro's use of sigs in similar circumstances? 22:00
SmokeMachine foo222: but the intent of this is not only for web events... I'm using it only as example... 22:04
foo222 SmokeMachine: cro isn't a web thing, nor its use of sigs, that's just something it's used for 22:05
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SmokeMachine foo222: yes, I know... but how could it help on that case? 22:06
foo222: sorry... I didn't get it... 22:08
foo222 SmokeMachine: put that aside for now; i'll return to it later; what precisely is `<request method=“GET” path=“/login”>` 22:11
SmokeMachine foo222: an event of a GET request to path /login 22:12
foo222 and there's presumably a connection between the example u gave earlier, to the `event req-get-login`, to the "event" u just mentioned, to the `<request method=“GET” path=“/login”>`, and u presumably think it's obvious; what are those connections, how do they get computed? 22:14
what drives what? 22:15
SmokeMachine foo222: what do you mean? 22:18
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SmokeMachine foo222: I was thinking on something like this: 22:22
m: grammar Test { rule TOP { <req-get-login>* }; rule request($path) { "GET" $path }; rule req-get-login { <request("/login")> } }; say Test.parse: "GET /login"
evalable6 「GET /login」
req-get-login => 「GET /login」
request => 「GET /login」
wildtrees how do I load a file into the repl? and reload it after loading it as well? 22:23
SmokeMachine m: grammar Test { rule TOP { <req-get-login>* }; rule request(:$path, :$method = /[GET|POST]/) { $method $path }; rule req-get-login { <request(:method<GET>, :path</login>)> } }; say Test.parse: "GET /login" 22:24
evalable6 「GET /login」
req-get-login => 「GET /login」
request => 「GET /login」
SmokeMachine foo222: but instead of a string, it should be "parsing" a remote stream... 22:25
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foo222 SmokeMachine: thx. because i know raku grammars, that's instantly all very obvious, which is extremely helpful. 22:29
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thundergnat m: say ?<is Camelia back online?> 22:32
evalable6 True
thundergnat :-)
m: say <0x10.11>.base(2); #`( Cool ) say :2<0x10.11> #`{ Wait, WAT? } 22:33
evalable6 10000.00010001
thundergnat TBH, I expected :2<0x10.11> to be a syntax error. I was somewhat surprised to get an answer at all. 22:34
Especially one that apparently just ignores the :2 part of it.
foo222 so `event` is analogous to `rule`, `request` and `response` are built in rules, you're considering creation of a new DSL that's a cross between normal raku rules, normal raku code, and some of ur own ideas (`header.form-id=`), and somehow `Event.new: :type<request>, :params{ :path</login>, :method<GET> }` results in the `req-get-login` "rule" 22:35
(event) matching?
thx to whoever got camelia back up :) 22:36
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wildtrees after a print with no newline, how do I flush stdout so I can see what I printed? 22:37
foo222 SmokeMachine: ^^ ??
jnthn wildtrees: $*OUT.flush
wildtrees tried that and tried $*OUT.flush() , neither seems to be working :( 22:38
foo222 what sort of handle is $*OUT bound to?
wildtrees i am doing it in a for lines() { ... } block
should just be terminal stdout atm
foo222 in the repl? 22:39
wildtrees doing perl6 echo.pm6 from bash in a terminal 22:40
foo222 well if it's just a line or three, what's the whole thing? 22:41
wildtrees got it working had to reorder the prompt being printed
foo222 k
wildtrees read somewhere lines() is lazy 22:42
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SmokeMachine foo222: yes, something like that 22:45
foo222 SmokeMachine: Let me focus on `method=“GET”`. That is presumably some new syntax u r introducing. Is it just the string `'method=“GET”'`? Or is it some meaningful syntax u r inventing where `method` is some particular thing (another rule? a variable?), and the `=` means something? 22:49
SmokeMachine foo222: this will be the equivalente of `:method<GET>` on my grammar example... 22:50
foo222: but just to be clear: I'm not adding new syntax on grammar... I'm just using the idea of grammar was base to create a "rule parser" to my events... 22:51
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foo222 SmokeMachine: "equivalent"? I get that `method=“GET”` is somehow an *output* given `:method<GET>` as input. Is that what u mean? 22:58
SmokeMachine foo222: I mean, when you do `<request method="GET">` will match a GET request... 22:59
foo222 So it's the other way around? 23:00
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SmokeMachine foo222: yes... 23:03
foo222 so `event req-get-login` is a "rule" that matches a GET request and generates an `Event.new: :type<request>, :params{ :path</login>, :method<GET> }` that's added to an event stream? 23:05
(or perhaps you're saying there's an actions class that's doing the generation bit) 23:07
SmokeMachine foo222: no, it consumes the `Event.new: :type<request>, :params{ :path</login>, :method<GET> }` and generates an `Event.new: :type<req-get-login>` that will be sent back to the stream... 23:09
foo222: I mean: `<request method="GET">` matches `Event.new: :type<request>, :params{ :path</login>, :method<GET> }` 23:10
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foo222 p6: sub foo (:@type ('request'), :@params (:$path ('/login'), :$method ('GET') ) ) { say @params }foo :type['request'], :params[ :path['/login'], :method['GET'] ] 23:23
evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Er…
foo222, Full output: gist.github.com/ca3def756fcf88ffa4...2c762c6f33
foo222 p6: sub foo (:@type ('request'), :@params (:$path ('/login'), :$method ('GET') ) ) { say @params }foo :type['request'], :params[ :path['/login'], :method['GET'] ]
evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Er…
foo222, Full output: gist.github.com/bdfd50bc9d21075c83...11f07bb8fc
foo222 grr
p6: sub foo (:@type ('request'), :@params (:$path ('/login'), :$method ('GET') ) ) { say @params }foo :type['request'], :params[ :path['/login'], :method['GET'] ] 23:24
evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Er…
foo222, Full output: gist.github.com/97ee9a57a5acd132d1...0457bf48fe
foo222 p6: sub foo (:@type ('request'), :@params (:$path ('/login'), :$method ('GET') ) ) { say @params };foo :type['request'], :params[ :path['/login'], :method['GET'] ] 23:25
evalable6 [path => [/login] method => [GET]]
foo222 SmokeMachine: that's the sort of thing I meant about using signatures ^^ 23:26
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