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[Coke] wonders if there are any raku-ers in Florida. 02:47
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Geth doc: a9ab6793cd | (Luis F. Uceta)++ | doc/Type/Attribute.pod6
Partially document the 'is built' trait
doc: 205c12e14c | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Type/Attribute.pod6
Merge pull request #3250 from uzluisf/master

Partially document the 'is built' trait
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Attribute
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Geth doc/master: 4 commits pushed by (JJ Merelo)++ 06:28
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Geth doc: 262eb515ba | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Type/Mu.pod6
Fix link
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Mu
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sena_kun .tell El_Che was there any success with the flag? If it doesn't go at all, there is a fix ready, so we can go the long route of cherry-picking and doing a point. 10:29
tellable6 sena_kun, I'll pass your message to El_Che
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Altreus lizmat: Is there a value I can give to a slack to "unset" it so the slack runs again? Or would I have to provide a method on the object to set a new slack? 10:59
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Altreus separately: Does raku have an index of common emoji names, to translate them to unicode? e.g. :thinking: 11:16
m: say "🤔".uniname 11:17
Altreus as opposed to this ^
skaji_ docs.raku.org/routine/uniparse 11:18
Altreus yeah but no but 11:21
I'm on about this convention that seems to exist for putting :thinking: and having it Work, in various apps
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Altreus of course :thinking: is not a uniname 11:21
But surely it is part of some list somewhere?
dakkar Altreus: this seems to be a good approximation raw.githubusercontent.com/iamcal/e...emoji.json (from stackoverflow.com/questions/394908...hrough-api ) 11:29
Altreus ayayay 11:30
hmm, yes maybe discord has a similar resource
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Geth doc: tbrowder++ created pull request #3251:
change p6 to raku, chg .perl to .raku
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Altreus is it necessary to =end pod on the last line of a file? 12:00
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tbrowder it shouldn't be, but not good practice for public docs 12:05
i meant to say it's not necessary to end on the last line. 12:12
i first read your question as whether you need an "=end pod" line. the answer is no since the end of file acts as the end of pod after a "=begin pod" 12:15
in fact, a "=finish" line is a very rakuish way to stop file processing immediately--and very handy during development 12:17
when porting perl code to raku
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Geth raku.org: 24351e3fec | (Naoum Hankache)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | source/downloads/index.html
Update links
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discord6 <Highlander> [Coke]: not in Florida, but I'm one state over in Georgia 13:13
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Altreus =finish has a similar effect to p5's __END__ ? 13:30
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lizmat Altreus: conceivably would could create a special method name that could do that 13:44
Altreus: re =finish, yes except that the <DATA> handle is not set :-) 13:45
Altreus Is the slack a sort of magical transparent object so the actual property of my object never gets changed, but simply populated? 13:46
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Altreus I'm guessing split no longer has the knowledge it did in P5, as to how many items it was being split into? 13:54
based on the assignment 13:55
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lizmat Altreus: there is no context in Raku 14:07
the only thing you can anticipate on, is the sinking of an object (when it is used in "void" context) 14:08
m: class A { method sink() { say "sunk" } }; my $a = A.new; # nothing happens
lizmat m: class A { method sink() { say "sunk" } }; A.new; # the object is sunk, by having its 'sink' method called 14:09
evalable6 sunk
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Altreus I like perl5's contexts but I also like raku's not contexts 14:09
lizmat Altreus: wrt to slack, yeah, that's pretty magical 14:10
basically, *all* method calls on that object will *always* be a specific piece of code
*handled by
Altreus I was suddenly confused because I was talking about emoji and someone showed me slack's list in JSON format 14:11
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Altreus but, hmm 14:12
Could there be a metamethod that resets it?
is that a naughty use of meta?
lizmat you could argue that: this is where each method call is handled: github.com/lizmat/Object-Trampolin...ne.pm6#L12 14:14
that magic is only possible with github.com/lizmat/Object-Trampolin...ine.pm6#L3 14:15
which consists of: github.com/lizmat/InterceptAllMeth...ethods.pm6 14:16
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Altreus that looks arcane to me 14:22
lizmat yeah, jnthn helped me with that one :-) 14:25
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Altreus All of a sudden my raku rules for vim are making the thing slow to a crawl 15:10
It's the same perl6 stuff I got from ages ago
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abraxxa same here 15:26
x[LGWs4x4i]uG2N0 rakudo.org/post/announce-rakudo-st...se-2020.01 says "I'm pleased to announce the March 2019" 15:27
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lizmat oops... :-) 15:36
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masak .oO( it's just a jump to the left ) 15:38
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cfa o/ 15:57
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tobs I did a bit of research on Rational.base-repeating. The docs mention that it will stop looking for repeating digits after 1_000. Old design docs say 100_000 and since March 2015 Rakudo actually doesn't enforce any limit anymore. 16:11
I think the reason for that limit in the old specs was that you can conceivably use base-repeats to make Rakudo generate around $n bytes of data when fed a number close to $n, so only log($n) bits. A DoS kind of scenario. 16:12
Does anyone have a feeling if this is a documentation or a Rakudo bug? 16:13
Maybe there should not be a limit and the docs should state that but warn the user to sanitize their inputs? 16:14
Altreus I wish I understood that because it looks interesting 16:15
tobs Can't hurt to file it for Rakudo, I think... 16:25
cfa tobs: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/418c1f33a1 16:27
namely, github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/41...6e9d15L137 16:28
the only limit i can see is in the old, replaced algorithm
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cfa which is what i think you're referring to 16:28
tobs cfa: yes, there was a limit before and now there's no limit, right? 16:30
cfa afaict
tobs R#3515 16:41
linkable6 R#3515 [open]: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/3515 Missing limit on Rational.base-repeating
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rypervenche Why might my EXPORT sub not be working? gist.github.com/rypervenche/af5137...777257af80 18:10
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rypervenche My grammar and actions rakumod files are here if needed: gist.github.com/rypervenche/ad0b24...886d91a40d and gist.github.com/rypervenche/d60568...2f509b6d97 18:11
Altreus cos desktop-dir and documents-dir are not videos-dir?
rypervenche Oh, bad output. I changed the variable I was using.
Altreus damn, I thought I was clever 18:12
rypervenche Haha. I have more variables in the hash, but that's essentially what it looks like. raku-debug said Circular module loading detected trying to precompile /home/rypervenche/.raku/sources/3E687CA5BFB386524F923BAC2F986CC3C66BD24F so I'm wondering if I did all of the "use" things incorrectly.
Altreus nothing here suggests circular, but it doesn't show User::Dirs::Grammar or User::Dirs::Actions so who knows! 18:14
rypervenche Altreus: My User::Dirs::Grammar and User::Dirs::Actions are in the two gists just above. 18:19
Altreus oops, missed that
doesn't look circular, no
it's usually pretty clear where
Also I'm surprised it isn't reporting the real name of the source it's complaining about 18:20
rypervenche Could it be anything with my not zef installing the module? I'm just running it from the directory.
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Altreus not usually an issue 18:21
This might be a more subtle thing than I'm able to help with 18:23
rypervenche Thanks for taking a look.
Altreus It might be a compile time vs runtime thing
hey what if you put all of that inside sub EXPORT?
rypervenche I tried manually putting a hash inside of the EXPORT sub and same thing. Said it is not declared. 18:24
Altreus good test! No idea though
rypervenche I've been following this: docs.raku.org/language/modules#EXPORT
Altreus yeah :z
was gonna suggest taht
eh i should go home 18:25
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rypervenche If anyone else has any ideas what I may have done wrong, I'd appreciate it. The information is here: gist.github.com/rypervenche/af5137...777257af80 and I threw the module up on gitlab here: gitlab.com/rypervenche/user-dirs . 18:50
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guifa rypervenche: can you dd the %vars hash? 19:05
rypervenche Ahhh, that might be the problem: Hash %vars = {("\$desktop-dir") => "/home/rypervenche/桌面", ("\$documents-dir") => "/home/rypervenche/文件"} 19:07
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rypervenche Not sure if those parentheses are the problem? dd %var<$desktop-dir> gives Str %vars = "/home/rypervenche/桌面" 19:11
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guifa what does %var<$desktop-dir>.WHAT give you? If it’s not a Str it’s probably going to cause problems 19:27
rypervenche It shows (Str) 19:29
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guifa Hmm. Okay, try just sub EXPORT { %( ‘$foo’ => ‘bar’ ) } and see if you can access $foo. 19:37
rypervenche Variable '$foo' is not declared 19:40
guifa Hmm, now that’s just odd 19:42
lizmat in what scope is sub EXPORT ? 19:44
it should be in the outer scope, and not within the class
rypervenche It's in the module's main file: gitlab.com/rypervenche/user-dirs/-...rs.rakumod 19:45
cfa hmm, is there a (potentially ecosystem) variant of 'is default' that will take a block? 19:46
so that defaults can be calculated
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jnthn cfa: No, and it'd have to work very differently from `is default` in core, which is actually quite a low-level mechanism. 20:02
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rypervenche lizmat: Ahh, I just read up on "unit". I understand now. Thanks. 20:04
cfa jnthn: noted, thanks 20:05
Geth doc: tbrowder++ created pull request #3252:
proposed table of Raku vs. Perl 6 deprecations
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cfa (this is a moosism that i forget isn't directly translatable) 20:06
i often* forget
lizmat cfa: but if it is about attributes, has $.a takes thunks! 20:07
m: class A { has $.a is required; has $.b = 2 * $!a }; dd A.new(:42a)
evalable6 A.new(a => 42, b => 84)
jnthn Indeed, for there it's no problem :) 20:09
And for Scalars you just assign the value
cfa nice
jnthn For arrays and hashes you can mix in an AT-POS / AT-KEY that vivifies it
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cfa m: { .say for .new, .new, .new } given class { my Int $id; has $.a = ++$id } 20:10
evalable6 <anon|1>.new(a => 1)
<anon|1>.new(a => 2)
<anon|1>.new(a => 3)
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cfa m: { .say for .new, .new(:42a), .new } given class { my Int $id; has $.a = ++$id } 20:12
evalable6 <anon|1>.new(a => 1)
<anon|1>.new(a => 42)
<anon|1>.new(a => 2)
cfa which feels defaulty :)
jnthn An `is default` trait also wouldn't give you access to other attributes 20:13
Whereas this syntax does
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cfa nods 20:16
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MasterDuke [Coke]: i think vrurg is in Florida 20:16
vrurg MasterDuke: what are you replying to? 20:18
cfa lizmat: hmm, this seems underdocumented to me 20:19
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cfa lizmat: unless i'm just missing something obvious 20:19
lizmat cfa: what seems, the thunking ? or "is default" ?
cfa has taking thunks, yeah
lizmat please submit a doc issue if you cannot find something :-)
MasterDuke vrurg: colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...02-26#l143 20:20
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vrurg [Coke]: confirming. Do you need something? 20:21
MasterDuke: thanks!
lizmat cfa: has $.destination = self.origin eq 'Orlando' ?? 'Kampala' !! 'Orlando';
m: class A { has $.a is required; has $.b = 2 * self.a }; dd A.new(:42a) 20:22
evalable6 A.new(a => 42, b => 84)
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cfa lizmat: yeah, i saw that example while searching 20:35
the explanatory text is about 'is required', not the thunk, though
lizmat please file a doc issue :) 20:37
or even better, provide a PR :-)
cfa i would if i could but i can't 20:41
can't currently log into github
i'm also not sure whether i've been migrated over to the new raku contributors org or not 20:42
with push access etc.
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Eva45 yip.su/22N4A5.jpeg 21:09
tadzik that's spam 21:11
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Eva45 2no.co/22N4A5.jpeg 21:15
skyl4rk I bet that's spam as well then 21:20
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tadzik not sure who's op here 21:21
Eva45 2no.co/22N4A5.jpeg 21:22
lizmat moritz and jnthn are afaik 21:23
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moritz 23:01 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- You are not authorized to (de)op moritz on #raku. 22:02
seems I'm not :(
Grinnz chanserv says juerd, AlexDaniel`, mst, jnthn 22:03
probably there were more in the old channel that havent been set up
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[Coke] waves at discord6 from Tampa 22:39
vrurg: nope, just in state for business for a bit 22:40
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vrurg [Coke]: I'm on the east coast, ~4hrs driving to Tampa. 22:55
tellable6 2020-02-26T22:14:32Z #raku-dev <lizmat> vrurg sorry, but the big rewrite broke Text::CSV, so I've reverted them :-(
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vrurg [Coke]: if you plans include West Palm Beach area or south of it, ping me! :) 23:19
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: ToddAndMargo assigned to jnthn Issue qqx not picking up quotes in Windows 7 github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/166 23:36
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