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ToddAndMargo Anyone on newbie duty? 01:43
Windows 7; What am I doing wrong. I am trying to call `dir "test 1"` 01:44
C:\NtUtil>perl6 -e "my $proc=run( 'dir', 'test 1', :out ); my @RtnStr = $$proc.out.slurp-rest.lines; for @RtnStr -> $Line { say $Line;}" 01:45
Nothing comes back
rypervenche ToddAndMargo: Have you tried running it in a script? 01:49
I have problems running it from the command line because of the quoting and variables. 01:50
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poga hi! Is there a way to get AST from raku code? I found this docs.raku.org/type/AST but it doesn't show much 01:52
rypervenche poga: I think you want .made, which is used with make and grammars: docs.raku.org/routine/make 01:53
poga rypervenche: thanks! I will look into it 01:57
rypervenche poga: This might be more useful for you: docs.raku.org/language/grammar_tutorial
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tbrowder todd: i see two $$: 02:44
which looks wrong
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ToddAndMargo I somehow got kicked off. Thi sis the specific command I am trying to run: 02:49
C:\NtUtil>fsutil usn readdata "C:/NtUtil/test 1"Major Version : 0x2Minor Version : 0x0FileRef# : 0x0019000000021a81Parent FileRef# : 0x001e000000005b8bUsn : 0x00000000460f7dd8Time Stamp : 0x0000000000000000 00:00:00 1/1/1601Reason : 0x0Source Info : 0x0Security Id : 0x0File Attributes :
0x20File Name Length : 0xcFile Name Offset : 0x3cFileName : test 1
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ToddAndMargo I keep getting kicked off. :'( 03:59
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elcaro does MVM_DISABLE_JIT disable JIT when I run raku, or do I have to compile rakudo with that flag set 05:42
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Voldenet elcaro: my manpage says that MVM_JIT_DISABLE is an environment variable 06:38
elcaro: github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/blob/mast...s/moar.pod relevant docs 06:40
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rba Practical Raku and Perl Meetup in Zurich, 23. March 2020 www.meetup.com/Swiss-Raku-Perl-Com...269029945/ retweet: twitter.com/baumerits/status/12329...1010495488 10:18
Altreus rypervenche: ah, is it because EXPORT was part of the class and not at the top level of the file? 10:22
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Altai-man_ bisectable6, &slurp.candidates.map(*.signature).sort.say 11:27
bisectable6 Altai-man_, Bisecting by output (old=2015.12 new=cbd75f7) because on both starting points the exit code is 0
Altai-man_, bisect log: gist.github.com/29bf7f0aaac96dcdc4...505e254cd4 11:28
Altai-man_, (2016-03-04) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/ea...341e986a91
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Altai-man_ bisectable6, &slurp.candidates.map(*.signature).sort.say 11:28
bisectable6 Altai-man_, Bisecting by output (old=2015.12 new=cbd75f7) because on both starting points the exit code is 0
Altai-man_, bisect log: gist.github.com/79eac7d2f70c84fc6b...b0165520a3
Altai-man_, (2016-03-04) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/ea...341e986a91
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lizmat wow, that's a blast from the past 11:41
tadzik I expected to see something pre-nom :P 11:42
but that was wayy earlier
leont m: sub foo($foo, *@bar) { }; dd $_ for &foo.signature.params.map(*.positional) 11:45
evalable6 Bool::True
leont That false is rather unexpected, is that intentional? 11:46
Also because *%baz is .named (and .slurpy)
lizmat because that's a slurpy ? 11:56
I think it's intentional, because it can slurp many positional arguments ? 11:57
leont I would expect it to be .slurpy and .positional 12:07
Just as a slurpy named argument is .slurpy and .named 12:08
I don't have a strong opinion either way, but this feels inconsistent
lizmat well, I think this boils down to the difference between the number of positionals in a signature, and the arity 12:09
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lizmat m: dd :($a,*@b).arity 12:11
evalable6 1
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Geth rakudo.org: 616bbb43c9 | (Roman Baumer)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | post/announce-rakudo-star-release-2020.01.md
Fix date in text of the 2020.01 announcement
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leont lizmat: then why it *%foo .named? 12:33
I mean .named_names is empty 12:34
lizmat suspects you've found a case where jnthn has cut corner, wrt *@a not being positional
or it is just an oversight 12:35
jnthn Either way, things that process/introspect signatures may well rely on the current inconsistency, so we'd need to be rather careful if we want to change it 12:37
I agree its inconsistent.
leont is filing the issue 12:40
sena_kun El_Che, ping? 12:57
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rypervenche Altreus: I was using "unit module" and didn't realize it reads the entire file as a block. So I changed it to a module block and put the sub EXPORT outside of that. Fixed the issue. :) 13:21
Altreus mildly pesky because I like the structure that 'unit' gives you 13:22
I'm sure there's a way of declaring EXPORT so that it works, even if you have unit
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lizmat Altreus: not atm, afaik 13:28
but if you can get by with just adding "is export" traits, you don't have to worry about that anyway 13:29
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Altreus ah yes, true, most of the time it's not a concern 13:31
What namespace does EXPORT have, then, when it's in a file but not a module or some other namespace? 13:32
lizmat GLOBAL::EXPORT I think ?
Altreus presumably it's got special behaviour associated with it so they don't collide
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jnthn It has to be in UNIT 13:36
And it should be a lexical there
It's not in any package (or not looked for there0
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Altreus Raku seems accidentally quite aggressive at failing to report problems 13:40
eh 13:41
Let me try that again without shifting blame
I seem to find it very easy to write Raku code that doesn't report errors
I have to put CATCH { .say } more often than I'd expect
It's probably to do with concurrency, but still... things go missing
jnthn If you're catching an exception, it's getting reported?
Altreus But if I don't catch it, it goes unreported 13:42
For example, I just learned I was getting "Type check failed in assignment to $!timestamp; expected DateTime but got Str ("2020-02-27T13:39:41....)
jnthn Promises that you don't await anywhere, perhaps?
Altreus I don't know... that's part of the issue I think
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Altreus I mean, I wouldn't expect it to work at all if I weren't awaiting them 13:43
lizmat Altreus: hoping to see a MRE :-)
jnthn If you put the `start` in sink context, it'll attach a handler that will bring the program down if you don't handle it :)
Altreus But it's entirely possible the error is contained in some other promise that I'm not awaiting
Yeah ... I think my issue is somewhere in not caring whether a promise completes or not 13:44
I'm still a bit shaky so my whole system is dubious :D
jnthn If you don't care, just don't store the Promise anywhere
Maybe we should put a DESTROY in Promise so that if it is broken and never awaited, we warn
Altreus indeed
jnthn A bit like unhandled failures
Altreus I am unclear what's happening 13:45
jnthn That'd maybe at least identify some such issues
Altreus I'm also mid-refactor, so I'm finding these problems on the fly
I'll pause my refactor and try hunting this down
See if I can figure out where the error is going, then see how much of a user error it is to do whatever I'm doing :)
Ultimately it would be nice for the language to complain irrespective of how much of a user error it was though 13:46
so let's see
lizmat jnthn: re "a DESTROY in Promise", wouldn't that be noisy with some of the timeout structures if there was a timeout ?
Altreus If I use await in sink context, what happens to a fail? 13:47
jnthn lizmat: Those don't get broken, though?
lizmat they might get broken without you noticing after the timeout, no ?
jnthn Altreus: Propagtes to the uncaught handler on the scheduler, which by default reports the exception and exits the program with non-zero 13:48
Altreus right well
hol up, I'mma try something
jnthn lizmat: Yeah but...if you used it in an anyof then it *did* get awaited as part of the `anyof` implementation, so it'd not trigger this :)
Altreus I'm pretty sure there's no promise here 13:49
I'll commit my code and show it
github.com/shuppet/p6-api-discord/...d.pm6#L177 13:53
This CATCH is necessary, or I never learn that Message.new failed
None of this appears to be a promise, but it /is/ in a tap 13:54
jnthn $!conn.messages.tap( -> $message 13:55
start react whenever $!conn.messages -> $message
Altreus correct 13:57
but why :)
jnthn Because structured programming :P 13:58
Altreus furthermore, who wants .tap to swallow errors silently? :x
I feel like that's a trap
jnthn I don't think it does in general
They're eventaully meant to cause a sheduler thread to die, and bring the thing down
Altreus But I'm a noob doing stuff from the docs and I got to .tap instead of start react whenever 13:59
Especially this idea of putting it in a promise in sink context ... that seems archaic 14:00
jnthn The docs probably should guide people away from .tap and more towards react/supply/whenever 14:01
Altreus What would I lose if I didn't have a promise there? 14:04
jnthn Sorry, I'm confused; what promise? 14:05
Altreus the start in `start react whenever` 14:06
jnthn Ah...sorry, I get confused when pepole call start "a promise" :)
react is blocking
start runs it on the pool 14:07
I note your method name even has the word start in it...so this fits quite well :)
Altreus oh of course 14:08
yes, definitely don't want a blocking react
Chrome has not yet realised that docs.raku.org is a search engine 14:23
jnthn: is start not a promise? :x
jnthn Altreus: start will 1) schedule some work on the thread pool, 2) return a Promise that will be kept/broken based on the outcome of that work 14:24
Altreus: So really `start` is a Promise factory, and the thing that it returns is a Promise
Altreus My instinct is to say that a straight-up Promise doesn't do the work until you ask for it 14:25
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jnthn That isn't really how it is; a Promise is a synchronization mechanism, and the work is arranged by whatever gave you the Promise 14:27
So Promise.in(1) is scheduling a timer and then returning the Promise, and keeping it when the time elapses.
Altreus ... right, it's almost identical to Future in that regard 14:28
The concepts are really orthogonal
jnthn Yeah, in Raku we don't really have a distinct word for "a Promise that is backed by some running code" 14:30
Altreus once you realise the separation it's obvious 14:31
Today's internet is stressing me out 14:33
Try to type and it's cut me off again
I was going to ask, on a separate tangent, the best way of accepting a Str in a constructor to populate a DateTime property
I feel like I don't want to override BUILD, but TWEAK is too late
I could monkey type DateTime 14:35
is that allowed?
jnthn Well, with the usual constraint that if two modules do it, your precomp ends here.
But...feels like overkill 14:36
Why is TWEAK too late?
Altreus cos the object is constructed already, no?
Did I misunderstand?
lizmat you can still modify the object, can't you? 14:37
to make it right?
jnthn Well, TWEAK is the last step in the construction
Altreus But it won't accept a Str in the attribute
so I figure it will already have failed 14:38
lizmat ah, yes, if it is like that, yes
leont Is there a cute trick to invert an array of arrays?
moritz leont: invert? like, transpose?
m: my @a = ['a', 'b', 'c'], [1, 2, 3], ['x', 'y', 'z']; say [Z] @a 14:39
evalable6 ((a 1 x) (b 2 y) (c 3 z))
leont Yeah, that was the word I was looking for, and I figured it had to be easy :-)
Altreus can I override BUILD, edit %args, and then call ... samewith?
leont Is there a way to make that work with lists that aren't all equally long? Or should I just push Any's in there? 14:41
jnthn Altreus: I'd just override `new` and tweak the arg there and then call .bless 14:42
lizmat Altreus: make your own "new" method, then call self.bless
leont (actually, pushing Any is a terrible idea in my case)
lizmat wow, jnthn beat me :-)
Altreus OK - This is stuff I would like to be easier, though :) 14:43
coercion in general bth 14:44
jnthn Well, ultimately `has Date() $.foo`
Altreus I can use DateTime() in a ... oh
leont Ah, roundrobin is what I want
jnthn Though it's NYI
Altreus NYI?
jnthn Not Yet Implemented
Altreus oh!
jnthn At one point it was also really hard to implement
Though my last big refactor of assignment makes it easier to do without totally hosing performance of assignment generally :) 14:45
Altreus So I suppose Str has no method DateTime 14:46
can it?
jnthn Better would be for DateTime to implement CALL-ME accepting Str 14:47
Though...really the way this is meant to work is it should call DateTime.new($str)
Altreus seems good too, although that is not documented in the bit about coercion
lizmat jnthn: what would DateTime.CALL-ME(Str:D $) give ? 14:48
DateTime($str) support ?
Altreus Is there a design reason why we have to specify that coercion should happen, by adding postfix ()? 14:49
as opposed to presumably technical reasons
lizmat postfix () is just short for (Any)
as in, specifying the types you will accept
Altreus I guess I'm asking if there's a language-design reason why that's not the default assumption 14:50
as in, omitting () also means (Any)
lizmat omitting will not coerce
Altreus I know - I'm asking why
lizmat because we don't want it to be like Perl where all sorts of coercions happen without you noticing it ? 14:51
and thereby losing the benefits of gradual typing ?
Altreus Ah, deeper reasons :)
is this the NYI error? :) "Coercion DateTime(Any) is insufficiently type-like to qualify a variable" 14:54
moritz yes, I think so
Altreus cool, I'll code around it 14:55
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leont Given a list of values and a list of subs, is there a way to zip-call them? 15:39
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sena_kun u: E[{" 15:48
unicodable6 sena_kun, U+0045 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E [Lu] (E)
sena_kun, U+005B LEFT SQUARE BRACKET [Ps] ([)
sena_kun, 7 characters in total (E[{"): gist.github.com/ece2fc4c42aeea94f1...3afa1123e4
sena_kun u: E[ 15:49
unicodable6 sena_kun, U+0045 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E [Lu] (E)
sena_kun, U+001B <control-001B> [Cc] (control character)
sena_kun, 6 characters in total: gist.github.com/a20b2bc9196546560e...be1d4c3a12
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leont Ā«Invocant of method 'CALL-ME' must be a type object of type 'List', not an object instance of type 'Array[Code:D]'. Did you forget a 'multi'?Ā» is a very confusing error message 15:57
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leont Best solution I currently have is (@converter Z @list).map: -> [ $converter, $item ] { $converter($item) } 16:11
It's ok, but I usually there's a cuter way to do this in raku
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Altreus Object::Delayed has actually simplified this architecture a lot 17:36
I don't need any promises any more
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Altreus mostly because it lets me sack off the actual communication until later, when it can be synced 17:36
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vrurg Altreus: you could also have a look a my AttrX::Mooish. It does lazy attributes. 17:37
tellable6 2020-02-27T16:27:38Z #raku-dev <lizmat> vrurg how is the precomp going for you ?
Altreus eh, probably works out the same at this point 17:38
Same effect on the architecture anyway
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Geth Ā¦ problem-solving: vrurg assigned to jnthn Issue RAKUDOLIB destiny? github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/167 18:15
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mst raku.org/archive/doc/design/apo/A01.html 20:24
the =encoding seems to've got intended accidentally
no idae who I'm supposed to harass
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MasterDuke mst: no real idea, but i think hankache and rba have been working on raku.org recently 20:27
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rba mst: Looks like this is "broken" already a while age web.archive.org/web/20120712010808...o/A01.html 22:17
s/age/ago/ 22:18
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