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guifa2 hrm 04:00
guifa2 is having trouble with slangs :-(
I keep getting the error "Cannot find method 'package_at_key' on 'BOOTHash': no method cache and no .^find_method" 04:07
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guifa2 MWE: gist.github.com/alabamenhu/2908fa5...f49f32edb8 04:45
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holyghost I'm going to read 2 books if I can : Statistical Decion Theory and Bayesian Analysis - J.O. Berger and Origins of Order by Kauffman 08:34
The one by Berger is the real thing for making decitions in games 08:35
The second on if complex systems e.g. bioinformatics 08:36
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holyghost Thing is that the first book makes for numerical, probability functionality thereater 08:37
e.g. if you have a Metropolis algorithm you can make decisions based on the probability that you calculate with the algorithm 08:38
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holyghost Then there's Bayes stuff in there where you have multivariate statistics 08:38
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holyghost Fact is you just can do variance calculations hidden in e.g. a Loss function 08:39
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holyghost The first book you have to use for any post-chance calculations 08:42
holyghost is a bit *in the wind*, drunk literally
So I'm going to write several things onto p6-Game-Bayes on github where you can access decition theory 08:43
My prof told me to read Berger's book first so I can still alleveate p6-Game-Bayes
The other book my Master's thesis was based upon
Now, I don't really know i I'm going to do any magic with the decition theory book, but it should be clear when I read it 08:44
It's somewhat of a bible for decision making in games 08:45
ok, that's it or now
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lizmat m: role Foo { say "mainline " ~ $?CLASS.^name }; say "role defined"; Foo.new; say "goodbye"; class A does Foo { } # Xliff in the mainline of a role? 10:04
camelia mainline A
role defined
mainline Foo
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Geth_ ecosystem: 4c1198ffb6 | (Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev)++ | META.list
Add more modules to test for shell injection

If * module breaks your code then your code is very wrong.
AlexDaniel good luck x) 15:00
chloekek Glad I use hashes for archive file names. :) 15:07
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chloekek Although this won’t work with my current Nix derivation generator. 15:10
It will give an error that * is not allowed in the name of a derivation.
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AlexDaniel chloekek: that's the only way to do it, I think, yeah 15:13
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AlexDaniel chloekek: there's also `../Foo` module so even proper shell code won't work 15:13
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chloekek Nie. 15:18
Not even :s are allowed, so I replace them with -s.
E.g. JSON-Fast.
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chloekek brb 15:19
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Geth_ doc/@-interp-regex: 3017b9c9af | Chloé++ | doc/Language/regexes.pod6
fixup! Document @(code) interpolation in regex
doc: 7f23a010fe | Chloé++ | doc/Language/regexes.pod6
Document @(code) interpolation in regex
doc: 3017b9c9af | Chloé++ | doc/Language/regexes.pod6
fixup! Document @(code) interpolation in regex
doc: ae55d38c7d | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/regexes.pod6
Merge pull request #3317 from Raku/@-interp-regex

Document @(code) interpolation in regex
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/regexes
AlexDaniel chloekek: this is probably the funniest one: github.com/AlexDaniel/foo-emptystring/ 16:27
btw all these modules have tests, they do work :)
chloekek Yeah that’ll also break with Nix. 16:29
Good thing there can be at most one module with that name, and I ain’t not gonna fix it since the one is useless. :) 16:30
AlexDaniel chloekek: what do you mean useless! It exports a whole subroutine!
chloekek The if module is also fun. 16:31
if is a keyword in Nix so I had to quote it, so now I just quote all module names.
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chloekek Also apparently depends is a list of module names and not distribution names so that’s Fun™ 16:34
jnthn Hm, I thought it was meant to be distribution names
Though it may be lax enough to work if one puts a module name
chloekek ugexe pointed me to S22 16:35
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chloekek > A list of run-time dependencies, specified as use strings. 16:46
jnthn ah, ok; TIL :) 16:47
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jdv79 is it possible to have a DateTime cmd arg in MAIN's sig? 18:29
rather via 18:30
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lizmat m: @*ARGS = "2020-04-08"; sub MAIN(Date(Str) $a) { dd $a } # jdv79 18:36
camelia Date.new(2020,4,8)
jdv79 ah, thanks! 18:42
then ya get "--from=<Str>" 18:43
hmm, wonder if that could be improved
nitpicky though. it works at least.
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lizmat jdv79: please make a issue for that, that should be fixable 18:59
jdv79 ok 19:01
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Data::Record (0.2.1) by 03KAIEPI 19:11
New module released to CPAN! Gnome::GObject (0.16.3) by 03MARTIMM
El_Che Hi, I retrieve the signature of MAIN by calling callframe() and I get something like this for "say callframe(3).my<&MAIN>.raku;": 19:17
sub MAIN ($positional, Str :n(:$named1), Str :$named2) { #`(Sub|94820062092096) ... }
it does what I need, but when using multi MAIN it does not work any longer:
proto sub MAIN (;; Mu |) {*}
is there I way to retrieve the signatures of the 'multi MAIN()'s? 19:18
jnthn .candidates.map(*.signature) 19:19
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El_Che impressive 19:20
I am preparing a small fun module and was stuck there :) 19:21
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El_Che jnthn: while I have your attention, is there a magic incantation to know which signature was used? 19:26
(or doe I need to match the params myself to find out?) 19:27
jnthn You'd have to match it yourself, though if you can get the capture that the args are processed into that should be relatively straightforward 19:30
El_Che ok, will do, thanks
I have the capture already 19:31
mst hey 19:32
I know DrForr (PBUH) was doing a shitload of porting antlr grammars to raku
is that some sort of formal project that the community has being paying attention to?
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MasterDuke github.com/drforr/perl6-ANTLR4 is listed on modules.raku.org 19:42
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guifa jnthn or lizmat (or anyone else who’s done slangy stuff), any idea what’s going on here? gist.github.com/alabamenhu/2908fa5...f49f32edb8 21:04
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Demos[m] how does Perl6::Metamodel::Versioning get composed into ClassHOW? 21:24
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MasterDuke Demos[m]: looks like ClassHOW does Perl6::Metamodel::LanguageRevision and it does Perl6::Metamodel::Versioning 21:30
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Demos[m] ah! thanks 21:30
I'm trying to understand how "class C:ver<...>" works 21:32
like where the :ver adverb actually comes from
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guifa2 lizmat: just posted the --ll-exception 21:38
lizmat I saw so something is a BOOTHash rather than a Stash 21:39
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lizmat I'm not seeing it :-( 21:44
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guifa2 lizmat: it's not a huge deal ATM, my binex processing code got left on my desktop and didn't get upped to github so last night I tried to tackle the slang side. 21:54
Demos[m] Actually in "class C:ver<...>" is the :ver bit part of the name of the class? 21:58
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matiaslina Demos: docs.raku.org/language/syntax#Exte...dentifiers this explains the :identifier<part> 22:23
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Demos[m] thanks! 22:40
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Demos[m] wait, so how does the metaclass go from the extended identifier to $!ver and friends? 22:59
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