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jnthn Neatest way is probably `my &multi = do { proto foo(|) { * }; multi foo($a) { }; multi foo($a, $b) { }; &foo }` 00:08
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AlexDaniel El_Che: oh, sounds familiar 01:50
El_Che: github.com/Raku/Blin/blob/7d81839a...lin.p6#L30
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AlexDaniel El_Che: it is supposed to be fixed, could it be that your rakudo is too old? 01:53
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guifa2 jnthn that's pretty neat 02:32
But let's say the multis were being passed in by a method, no simple way to pull that off: everything more or less needs to be available at compile time yeah? 02:33
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Geth doc: 7abd2c864c | lukasvalle++ | doc/Type/Supply.pod6
Explicit mention behavior with negative values for interval. Closes 'Promise.in/.at and Supply.interval work with zero and negative values' in #2632
doc: 2633b79e9c | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Type/Supply.pod6
Merge pull request #3358 from lukasvalle/master

Explicit mention behavior with negative values for interval.
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Supply
DOC#2632 [open]: github.com/Raku/doc/issues/2632 [Hacktoberfest][RFE][big][docs][good first issue][help wanted][new][⚠ Top Priority ⚠] Checklist for 6.d
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mahafyi i am not able to do : zef install Inline::Perl5 08:10
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AlexDaniel nine: ↑ 08:16
mahafyi: do you have perl-dev package installed?
mahafyi AlexDanel ;checking
AlexDaniel : checking 08:18
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mahafyi different errors, trying --force-build ... now 08:22
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nine mahafyi: what Perl version is that? 08:25
mahafyi pastebin.com/HPdmgpg7
nine : (v5.24.1) 08:26
AlexDaniel also, which rakudo version? :)
ahh, rakudo star 2020.01
mahafyi AlexDaniel : yes This is Rakudo version 2020.01 built on MoarVM version 2020.01.1implementing Perl 6.d. 08:27
nine Ah, wrap_keyword_plugin is only available since 5.28
mahafyi nine : ah ok
nine mahafyi: you can install Inline::Perl5 0.47 till I fix this issue
mahafyi thanks, will upgrade and posy
nine or upgrade :)
mahafyi nine : thanks! 08:28
AlexDaniel nine++ 08:31
mahafyi syntax error : zef install Inline::Perl5:ver<0.47> 08:34
decided not to upgrade perl on this machine, but will do so on anither and post back. in the meanwhile not sure how to install the older verion 0.47 08:36
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mahafyi it is ok: i will do again on a latest perl verion and let you know. Thanks. 08:40
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Geth ecosystem: robertlemmen++ created pull request #489:
Add ReadWriteLock to ecosystem
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Geth ecosystem: f412191da3 | (Robert Lemmen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Add ReadWriteLock to ecosystem

See github.com/robertlemmen/raku-readwritelock
ecosystem: eb9a572ad8 | (Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Merge pull request #489 from robertlemmen/patch-1
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luk mahafyi: zef install "Inline::Perl5:ver<0.47>" 09:27
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Geth doc: 48bfce1316 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Type/Signature.pod6
Adds example and text about numeric literals in signatures #2632
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Signature
DOC#2632 [open]: github.com/Raku/doc/issues/2632 [Hacktoberfest][RFE][big][docs][good first issue][help wanted][new][⚠ Top Priority ⚠] Checklist for 6.d
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robertle AlexDaniel: how do cpan modules get into modules.raku.org? The same way? through the META.list in ecosystem? 10:08
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AlexDaniel robertle: no, you don't need to tweak META.list if you're releasing on CPAN 10:15
tellable6 AlexDaniel, I'll pass your message to robertle
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mahafyi Note: It is discouraged to change the system Perl interpreter and libraries.Lot of Debian and GNU tools, use Perl. Lot of system core components, packaging internals and other critical points, rely on Perl versions. 10:43
So I guess I have to go to debian 10 now. stayed on 9 due to some other issues in buster ... 10:44
thats wrt to my earlier on upgrading perl to install Inline::Perl5
lizmat you can install your own Perl on a system and use that, no ? 10:49
no need to upgrade any system perl?
AlexDaniel it's easier to install an older version of Inline::Perl5 10:52
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mahafyi AlexDaniel : Can you help with the syntax to do that? 10:53
do you mean i should use an older Rakudo star? 10:54
AlexDaniel mahafyi: `zef install "Inline::Perl5:ver<0.47>"` as suggested above
mahafyi i get a syntax error with that 10:55
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mahafyi ah ok, i omitted the double quotes, sorry 10:56
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mahafyi and yay, lol. 10:59
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El_Che AlexDaniel: no, I run the latest released rakudo 11:13
AlexDaniel El_Che: then… I don't know?? 11:16
El_Che: please reopen that bug report then
El_Che: you can work around it by using $foo instead of @foo
El_Che AlexDaniel: I did that
AlexDaniel El_Che: just like I did in Blin, but then you'd have other problems
El_Che but it's hairy 11:17
idea was: --env="FOO=bar" --env="BAR=baz""
that will have less cornercases than --env=""FOO=bar,BAR=baz" 11:18
but good enough
I'll reopen the issue
I can't reopen it (no rights), can someone reopen it? i'll add a comment 11:20
lizmat El_Che: which one? 11:21
AlexDaniel how come you don't have rights 11:22
AlexDaniel fixes
El_Che: invitation sent
lizmat: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/2797 11:23
El_Che AlexDaniel, lizmat: thanks. Added a note just stating it's still there with the latest release. 11:32
lizmat committable6: 2020.02.1 BEGIN @*ARGS="--foo=42"; sub MAIN(:@foo) { say @foo } 11:42
committable6 lizmat, ¦2020.02.1: «[42]␤»
lizmat El_Che: I cannot reproduce
timotimo committable6: 2020.02.1 BEGIN @*ARGS="--foo=42"; multi MAIN(:@foo) { say @foo }
committable6 timotimo, ¦2020.02.1: «[42]␤»
El_Che mm 11:46
let me get the gist
I can reproduce it, let me strip it to the minimum 11:48
committable6: 2020.02.1 BEGIN @*ARGS="--name=n --foo=42"; sub MAIN(Str :$name!, :@foo) { say @foo } 11:52
committable6 El_Che, ¦2020.02.1: «[]␤»
El_Che committable6: 2020.02.1 BEGIN @*ARGS="--name=n --foo=42 --foo=43"; sub MAIN(Str :$name!, :@foo) { say @foo }
committable6 El_Che, ¦2020.02.1: «[]␤»
El_Che mm
lizmat please note that the fix of allowing a single --foo to arrive in :@foo, is a failed dispatch 11:53
since the dispatch did not fail in the --name case, you won't see the @foo seeing populated 11:54
the only way to (currently, at least) get around that, is you add a candidate that takes a :$foo as well
technically a :$foo! probably 11:55
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El_Che go a test 11:57
and it's the typecheck
$ echo 'sub MAIN(Str :$name!, :@foo) { say @foo }' > test.raku; chmod +x test.raku ; raku test.raku -name=n --foo=1 --foo=2; raku test.raku --name=n --foo=1
that works as expected
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El_Che that's the one that breaks 11:57
without the Str typecheck it passes
robertle AlexDaniel: so should I remove my modules from META.list if they are also on CPAN? Will they get discovered automatically? 11:58
tellable6 2020-05-03T10:15:05Z #raku <AlexDaniel> robertle: no, you don't need to tweak META.list if you're releasing on CPAN
lizmat robertle: if you upload to PAUSE, it will get discovered 11:59
AlexDaniel robertle: yeah, what lizmat said, it takes some time though
like, is it twice per day or so? 12:00
lizmat well, I thought max 4 hours or so, but could also be 2x a day
in any case, that's only needed for the initial discovery
robertle ok, understood. currently they are uploaded to PAUSE *and* the github links are in the META.list, should I remove the latter? for cleanlyness?
AlexDaniel yeah 12:01
robertle ok
El_Che lizmat: updated the issue with an expanded example on when it breaks
(I need to reread your remark above to see if it's related) 12:02
lizmat was doing the same :-)
El_Che (that the trigger is the type of another parameters would suggest it's not)
-s 12:03
lizmat noted, but am a bit reluctant to fix this just before the release 12:04
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El_Che it's not a regression, do it afterwards 12:05
lizmat m: BEGIN @*ARGS = <--name=n --foo-1>; multi MAIN(Str :$name!) { } # further golf, you don't need the named in the signature
camelia Usage:
<tmp> --name=<Str>
AlexDaniel uhhh is master locked or something? I just pushed a change…
lizmat ah, that's correct
AlexDaniel I thought we had a branch for the release…
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El_Che lizmat: just heard your voide! 12:46
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lizmat my voide? 12:46
El_Che (I was listening to the Command Line Heroes podcast and here you were)
lizmat ah, that one...
I guess you survived :-)
El_Che I was all like "I know famous people now" :) 12:47
lizmat :-)
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: JJ assigned to jnthn Issue Should we allow directories as destinations for IO::Path.copy/move? github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/181 16:24
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mahafyi i am parsing a security log file in order to ban offending IP addresses. I feel very awkward to paste here, but i'd like to learn how to write better. I am re-starting to learn programming with perl6 after long months ..pastebin.com/QfSK57sc 16:37
so my problem is : i am essentially creating a List with split several times, in order to get the string I want. There should be an elegant way to put in a hash? 16:39
guifa2 Depending on what you're splitting on, perhaps using a regex/grammar (particularly if each split's elements are being split, and so forth) 16:41
mahafyi there is bunch of KV in there, i could not get it into a hash , was getting various errors. i have to get each pair individually like this. It is ok for now, as all i want to do really is shell "iptables ban the IP" 16:43
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MasterDuke mahafyi: fwiw, you can split with just a string, which is faster (i don't know exactly how much so). e.g., "a,csv,row".split(",") 16:44
mahafyi i am doing that only , it bocmes a Seq (not a Str anymore), then I split the particular element (i manually counted it lol) to get the IP address 16:46
as i said, its working ok... just felt its somehow wrongly done..not sure.
MasterDuke i mean .split("str") instead of .split(/"str"/)
mahafyi MasterDuke , oh.. ok i will see what the difference is 16:47
guifa2 .split(",")[3] is fairly idiomatic if not super self-documenting 16:48
MasterDuke in a trivial benchmark splitting with a str instead of a regex takes 1/4 the time 16:49
mahafyi ah ok
MasterDuke m: my $a = (^10).join(","); my @b; @b = $a.split(",") for ^100_000; say now - INIT now; say @b
camelia 0.7723313
[0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9]
MasterDuke m: my $a = (^10).join(","); my @b; @b = $a.split(/","/) for ^100_000; say now - INIT now; say @b
camelia 4.021146
[0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9]
MasterDuke benchable6: compare HEAD my $a = (^10).join(","); my @b; @b = $a.split(",") for ^50_000 ||| my $a = (^10).join(","); my @b; @b = $a.split(/","/) for ^50_000 16:51
benchable6 MasterDuke, starting to benchmark the 1 given commit
MasterDuke, gist.github.com/ad6878d7e84c453db9...5c3afe12c4
MasterDuke AlexDaniel`: ^^^ `Could not find Bench in: file#/home/bisectable/git/whateverable/sandbox/lib <...>`
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guifa2 cheers 17:51
Named captures now functional and all captures correctly choose scalar/array based on surrounding context 17:52
now I just have to figure out the pesky & and :ex 17:53
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AlexDaniel` MasterDuke: just use committable? :) 19:15
ahhh you're doing the compare thingie
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AlexDaniel` benchable6: compare HEAD my $a = (^10).join(","); my @b; @b = $a.split(",") for ^50_000 ||| my $a = (^10).join(","); my @b; @b = $a.split(/","/) for ^50_000 19:17
benchable6 AlexDaniel`, starting to benchmark the 1 given commit
AlexDaniel`, gist.github.com/3a0512be7daa6935f7...abb77e3da8
AlexDaniel` benchable6: compare HEAD my $a = (^10).join(","); my @b; @b = $a.split(",") for ^50_000 ||| my $a = (^10).join(","); my @b; @b = $a.split(/","/) for ^50_000 19:20
benchable6 AlexDaniel`, starting to benchmark the 1 given commit
AlexDaniel`, gist.github.com/c3f8e7fc00b1de0c61...d3ba4342e8
AlexDaniel` benchable6: compare HEAD my $a = (^10).join(","); my @b; @b = $a.split(",") for ^50_000 ||| my $a = (^10).join(","); my @b; @b = $a.split(/","/) for ^50_000 19:23
benchable6 AlexDaniel`, starting to benchmark the 1 given commit
AlexDaniel` MasterDuke: ↑ now it's better
benchable6 AlexDaniel`, ¦HEAD: «Benchmark: ␤«timed out after 10 seconds»»
MasterDuke benchable6: compare HEAD my $a = (^10).join(","); my @b; @b = $a.split(",") for ^10_000 ||| my $a = (^10).join(","); my @b; @b = $a.split(/","/) for ^10_000 19:26
benchable6 MasterDuke, starting to benchmark the 1 given commit
MasterDuke, gist.github.com/675b9d5078f1906941...02dfd87bf6
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