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timotimo BagHash(0(781) 1(109065) 2(44) 3(99) 6(11)) - this is how often which length of array we get from combing CIGAR by \d+ )> <-[I]> 01:34
BagHash(1(781) 11(11) 16(11) 3(109065) 7(66) 8(66)) - these are the lengths of CIGAR strings after they had stuff s///'d out; sadly, there's only a tiny amount of one-letter strings, so skipping the comb if the string is too short to have both a digit and a letter doesn't do anything for us 01:38
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timotimo it occurs to me that any two digit number even if followed by an I will be picked up, but only the first digit (since the second digit satisfies the "is not an I" condition in the regex 01:39
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[Coke] can I declare that an array is multi-dim without being specific about how big? 03:12
(I know it's 2-D. I want to be able to decide at runtime if it's a 6x6 or a 9x9, e.g.)
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samebchase- timotimo: thanks for the tip suggesting Data::Dump::Tree looks great! 04:06
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Doc_Holliwood As usual I'm looking at my challenge code and am not sure wether i like it or not 04:54
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Geth doc/master: 5 commits pushed by (Aaron Sherman)++, (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ 05:51
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Geth doc/update-rakudo-history: ae345eb82f | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Programs/03-environment-variables.pod6
Update RAKUDO_HIST's default value
doc: stoned++ created pull request #3364:
Update RAKUDO_HIST's default value
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Geth doc: bc021b042d | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/bug-report-or-feature-request.md
Update the issue template

This closes #2904, since the PR template does not have any problem.
linkable6 DOC#2904 [closed]: github.com/Raku/doc/issues/2904 [meta] New GitHub issue and PR template
Geth doc: 2cf814867e | (JJ Merelo)++ | .github/issue_template.md
Deletes old issue template, deprecated, refs #2904
doc: ae345eb82f | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Programs/03-environment-variables.pod6
Update RAKUDO_HIST's default value
doc: 585c04c7f0 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Programs/03-environment-variables.pod6
Merge pull request #3364 from Raku/update-rakudo-history

Update RAKUDO_HIST's default value
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kalkin hi 07:03
tellable6 2019-12-26T18:52:29Z #raku <jmerelo> kalkin- we all need more magic :-)
kalkin I just wanted to say that the current rakudo/nqp/moarvm version (2020.05) gave my git implementation in raku a speed-up of around 29% 07:04
My educated guess is: it's mostly because of speed ups in push/append/unshift 07:05
jjmerelo kalkin cool! 07:12
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MasterDuke kalkin: cool. is it a published module? 07:37
kalkin not yet. I only have read-only handling of git plumbing 07:39
reading packfiles was tricky, because the process of parsing them, is blatantly underdocumented 07:40
I'm not even sure how useful it is, because of it's performance. I mostly use it as reference implementation of the git packformat, because I added extensive documentation in POD format to it
MasterDuke ha. oh well, sounds like a fun project regardless 07:41
kalkin yes, this was my christmas project :) 07:44
MasterDuke i once implemented DES in pure Perl (5, this was before 6/Raku existed) for fun and then added a PerlQT gui on top. it was...not fast. but an interesting learning experience 07:52
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: JJ assigned to jnthn Issue Should we make short-id2class accessible? github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/189 08:34
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AlexDaniel jjmerelo: maybe take a break? I'm no longer able to follow x) 08:56
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jjmerelo AlexDaniel well... I was gonna start with the old issue tracker now... 08:57
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AlexDaniel jjmerelo: do it, give us a break with PRs… 08:57
jjmerelo: sometimes there's a better answer than just “conflicts! Closing!!” github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/543#...-624526701 09:00
jjmerelo And that one is, indeed, AlexDaniel. However, even if that was not the case, it's not just conflicts, closing. It's very old conflicts (before renaming) that have not been addressed by the OP 09:01
AlexDaniel jjmerelo: and also, in almost all cases the conflicts can be resolved, so I don't understand what's the big deal about it 09:05
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AlexDaniel in some cases it's just a matter of using a different merge strategy 09:05
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AlexDaniel so literally one command away from being merged 09:06
jjmerelo AlexDaniel if it can be fixed, I try to fix it. In other cases, and even more so if there's additional problem (like needed consensus), I close and open a problem-solving issue.
AlexDaniel I haven't really stumbled upon an old PR with conflicts that cannot be solved 09:07
jjmerelo AlexDaniel conflicts are anyway an indicator it needs additional attention before it can be considered for approval, anyway. You need to give someone a chance to do that. 09:08
AlexDaniel it's other way around
jjmerelo AlexDaniel well, I have...
AlexDaniel there's no point fixing the conflicts every month when nobody is even trying to decide whether it will be merged in the end 09:09
jjmerelo AlexDaniel exactly. 09:10
AlexDaniel listen, if I see another comment saying “conflicts” I'll really flip out 09:11
jjmerelo AlexDaniel ack
AlexDaniel thank you
I think the progress so far is great, 100→69 is insanely great 09:12
jjmerelo AlexDaniel but we need to take it easier now. Ack.
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AlexDaniel jjmerelo: another thing is that we might be reaching our limits now, we should take it slow and encourage others to take a look 09:15
jjmerelo: but that's hard to do when there's notification spam
slow and steady is probably better from now on
robertle I am having trouble with p6doc, perhaps anyone has seen this? so I do a "zef install p6doc", which seems to work. "p6doc build" comes back after a few seconds ok, yet "p6doc Str" does not show anything, neither does "p6doc list"... 09:16
jjmerelo robertle it simply does not work.
robertle also this jjmerelo/perl6-doc docker container, which registry should it be on? hub.docker.com? I can't find it at all... 09:17
jjmerelo robertle it's pending the merging of the work done in GSoC
robertle darn, well ok
jjmerelo robertle it should be there...
robertle I don't know if it's updated, though... 09:18
robertle sorry about that...
robertle I'll use the online version for now, it's just that I have really shitty internet here
no worries
jjmerelo robertle it should be relatively easy to build your own.
robertle I tried, but getting node10 with all the deps over edge is no fun :P 09:19
jjmerelo right... That's only needed for syntax highlighting...
But I seem to remember there was an option to avoid that. Let me see. 09:20
robertle ah, so it builds without node?
jjmerelo by default, if you don't use highlight for code, it shouldn't need it... I'm not sure that the code path will actually need it somewhere. 09:21
robertle I'll play around with it a bit
jjmerelo Can you please check to build it without highlight? Simply don't do --highlight
And if it gets stuck, please raise an issue...
robertle will do 09:22
jjmerelo Maybe we should also automatically create a tarball of every new build and make it available. Would that help?
robertle dunno, the whole thing seems basically fine apart from the current breakage 09:24
jjmerelo Sorry about that...
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robertle not at all! 09:36
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robertle totally different question: has anyone got ideas or experiences with reporting errors from deep witin a cro application? I am thinking I would throw typed exceptions, catch them in the router and then depending on the type do not-found(), bad-rerquest or so with a suitable body. does that make sense? 09:46
hm, is it usual that "zef install documentable" takes a really long time? some rakudo is doing something quite heavily and with lots of ram, but it has been doing that for 10min now... 09:50
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jjmerelo Which version? It should not... 09:52
robertle first of all Pod::To:Caches 0.3.5 fails it's tests, I overrode that with --force-test 09:54
Documentable is 1.2.5
jjmerelo I think we'll need to take care of Pod::To::Cached 09:55
robertle towards the end it says "(warning) html and/or assets and/or templates directories cannot be found. You can get the defaults by executing: documentable setup"
and then just hangs there. top shows a very busy rakudo, not sure what it does
jjmerelo Can you please raise the issue? github.com/perl6/Pod-To-Cached/iss...is%3Aissue 09:58
Current version, however, is 0.4.0 09:59
(But I just merged a PR)
It apparently installs without a problem with 2020.05 10:00
... but then Documentable does not... 10:01
and it hangs... 10:02
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jjmerelo So it's a documentable issue. I'll create an issue. Thanks for reporting. 10:02
robertle haha, now it has successfully overheated my shitty notebook :)
I'll play with the docs some more another day, and report issues. but not now, need to get back on track of what I was trying to do *with* the docs :) 10:03
laters! 10:04
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jjmerelo Thanks anyway for checking this... 10:04
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Geth doc/type-set-perl-to-raku: 63c6ee79d3 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Type/Set.pod6
Change .perl to .raku, ref #3309
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Geth doc: stoned++ created pull request #3365:
Change .perl to .raku, ref #3309
linkable6 DOC#3309 [open]: github.com/Raku/doc/issues/3309 [docs][update] Change .perl to .raku in examples
Geth doc: 63c6ee79d3 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Type/Set.pod6
Change .perl to .raku, ref #3309
doc: 7915bd5b22 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Type/Set.pod6
Merge pull request #3365 from Raku/type-set-perl-to-raku

Change .perl to .raku, ref #3309
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Set 10:32
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El_Che jjmerelo: you're on a roll :) 10:34
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patrickb .tell lembark I think I know where that strange "/root/project/rakudo-2020.02.1" path you observed during the build process came from. That's the path the precompiled rakudo releases are built in. So somehow one of those ended up being used in the build process. 11:45
tellable6 patrickb, I'll pass your message to lembark
rypervenche The default <ws> in a grammar is set to "<!ww> \s*", right? 12:09
Or more specifically, according to the docs: regex ws { <!ww> \s* }. I ask because I'm seeing behavior that makes me think that's not the case. 12:11
Altai-man_ rypervenche, yes, it is. Can you provide the case?
rypervenche Yep, let me write out the gist. 12:12
Altai-man_ rypervenche, see github.com/Raku/nqp/blob/master/sr...qp#L59-L68 12:13
rypervenche Ahh, so the \h+ would grab tabs, which is what I'm seeing. 12:14
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jnthn \s is "all whitespace", including tab 12:16
rypervenche Ahhh ok. I wasn't sure about that. I was trying to find that answer as well in the docs. 12:17
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jnthn You can redfine ws to whatever you wish :) 12:18
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Geth doc/master: 4 commits pushed by Coke++ 12:22
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Doc_Holliwood how do i umix a role 13:27
or alternatively smrtly create a new instance of it? 13:29
basically I a have a LinkeList::Node role which i mixed into (here) Ints. Now I want to write a .perl method for the node object 13:30
when i just call .perl on what I have I get the Int + MyMixin stringified, but all I want is the original value
makes sense? 13:31
I mean it's correctly roundtripping, but I'd like it to appear as it does in the source code 13:32
this question will automatically post itself to SO if nobody answers in 60 ... 13:33
*just kidding* =)
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MasterDuke i think if you assign a new variable it.clone it loses the mixin 13:34
hm, nope that's not it...pretty sure there is a way 13:36
Doc_Holliwood hah! 13:38
i can just call nextsame
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Doc_Holliwood multi method perl() { nextsame } on my Node class and it stringifies as it should 13:39
thanks obama
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: vrurg assigned to jnthn Issue .? behavior on signature mismatch github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/190 14:56
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rypervenche If I've got a grammar that has several tokens and I want to do a search and replace in one of the tokens that's several levels down, is there a good way to be able to do that and then be able to automatically recreate the entire TOP with those changes? Or will I have to manually recreate the TOP in my Actions with the made token? 15:20
I'm essentially trying to clean up some bad json. It's one big { } with each line having a key and value pair. I'm just changing "\n" into '\n', so that newlines don't actually expand over multiple lines. Trying to find the best way to do it. I've written a grammar to parse it, just trying to figure out the best way to reconstruct it now that I've got the s// in there. 15:21
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samebchase- rypervenche: from what I understand parsing with grammars happens top-down, and you'll need to use actions bottom-up from the lower-levels to the upper levels and build up the data structure you want. I am doing something similar at the moment. Regulars, please correct me if I have said something incorrect 15:45
if your heirarchy is something like `a -> b -> c`, then `c` should "make" something that `b` can use to "make" something that `a` can use and this goes all the way up to `TOP`. 15:47
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timotimo yeah, that's accurate 15:47
samebchase- what I am doing right now, is that I am using `make` at the lowest level to create a simple payload which higher levels can use to `make` even more complicated payloads 15:48
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timotimo that's a common way to do it, i understand 15:48
samebchase- timotimo: What's the ideal way to do it./ 15:49
timotimo you don't have to do it at the absolute lowest level
but the more different ways a thing can be parsed, the more likely you want to give it its own action method
samebchase- timotimo: at a low enough level so that dealing with nested $match objects is easy enough
timotimo yeah, you may otherwise just end up replicating the shape of the grammar a second time 15:50
samebchase- say you have `token a { <b> | <c> | <d> }` for the action method corresponding to `a`, we need to explicitly check whether `b`, `c`, or `d` matched and then use those results. say your action method code checks only for `b` or `c`, and then you pass that payload to a higher level, you could get a Nil or whatever which breaks things. 15:52
perhaps the structure of the grammar should be designed in such a way that action methods don't get too painful to write 15:53
n00b question: Why does `['one.'] X~ {test-vec => ['two', 'three']}<test-vec>` return `(one.two three)`, but when I bind a container to the value corresponding to 'test-vec', I get the expected result `(one.two one.three)`. 15:55
what should I read/understand to not get tripped up with 👆 15:56
timotimo did you use { } instead of <test-vec> to put the variable there? 16:02
oh i probably misread 16:03
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timotimo i'd expect that it's a containerization thing you're getting 16:03
m: say ['one.'] X~ {test-vec => ['two', 'three']}<test-vec>; say ['one.'] X~ {test-vec => ['two', 'three']}<test-vec><> 16:04
camelia (one.two three)
(one.two one.three)
timotimo the <> does a decont, i.e. strips the containerization off
samebchase- timotimo: ahhhh
Geth doc: sztanyi++ created pull request #3366:
Update temporal.pod6
timotimo m: say ['one.'] <<~>> {test-vec => ['two', 'three']}<test-vec>; say ['one.'] <<~>> {test-vec => ['two', 'three']}<test-vec><> 16:05
camelia [one.two one.three]
[one.two one.three]
timotimo m: say ['one.'] <<~>> {test-vec => ['two', 'three']}
camelia Array <<~>> Hash can never work reliably: order of keys in Hash is indeterminate
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
timotimo m: say 'one.' <<~>> {test-vec => ['two', 'three']} 16:06
camelia {test-vec => [one.two one.three]}
timotimo ^- hyperops are super fun magic btw
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samebchase- timotimo: is there a way of doing it without decontainerisation/ 16:09
timotimo m: my %thehash; %thehash<test-vec> := ["two", "three"]; say ['one.'] X~ %thehash<test-vec> 16:10
camelia (one.two one.three)
timotimo m: my %thehash; %thehash<test-vec> = ["two", "three"]; say ['one.'] X~ %thehash<test-vec>
camelia (one.two three)
timotimo ^- when you bind to the slot in the hash, there is no scalar container around it 16:11
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SmokeMachine does it make sense to use help.github.com/en/github/building...iscussions on problem solving? 16:18
AlexDaniel SmokeMachine: maybe? But what's wrong with tickets? 16:20
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SmokeMachine AlexDaniel: nothing that I know. I just think the threads would make it easier to follow the discussion... 16:27
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SmokeMachine is anyone watching GitHub talk now? 16:41
this code scanning seems very cool!
I’d hope to have that to raku...
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Geth doc: 0a65185183 | sztanyi++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/temporal.pod6
Update temporal.pod6
doc: 7b81b79637 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/temporal.pod6
Merge pull request #3366 from sztanyi/patch-3

Update temporal.pod6
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/temporal
timotimo yeah, would be cool if RakuAST and/or Comma could offer an CodeQL API to your code 17:12
intellij already has a "structure search" thing 17:13
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timotimo www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/struct...lace.html# - it's possibly much too narrow to do something like taint tracking 17:15
dzone.com/articles/going-beyond-re...ructural-c - might also be an avenue to look at for structural search in raku 17:18
AlexDaniel SmokeMachine: what github talk? 17:21
SmokeMachine AlexDaniel: githubsatellite.com
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mahafyi doing various small practice programs. The error messages are good, as they give correct description and also suggest the fix usefully. 18:28
timotimo \o/
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timotimo perl6advent.wordpress.com/2016/12/...xing-flow/ - this is probably a bit bit-rotted, but is probably something cool to look at :) 18:34
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mahafyi timotimo : nice :] 18:41
timotimo being able to tell rakudo to emit compile errors and other exceptions as json blobs is pretty cool 18:42
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andreoss hi, what is the current status of the jvm port? It seems that there was no major changes during this year. I want to take an advantage of that and improve some portions of java code, staring with s/perl6/raku/ and may be putting some more code style in place (i see a lot of wrongly ordered modifiers, missing annotations (@Override and so on)) 18:43
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andreoss I also want to try to get rid of Unsafe, but I believe some clean up chores might be usefull prior to that 18:46
[Coke] bartolin is the person to talk to about major stuff. If you're gung ho, if you file PRs, he'll review them, I'm sure.
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timotimo hm, could it be the exceptions handler doesn't work right any more? 18:47
[Coke] I know Unsafe has been looming for a bit. 18:48
MasterDuke andreoss: pmurias thinks that truffle could/should become the primary jvm backend/environment/base for implementation
timotimo m( i spelled it RAKUDO_ instead of RAKU_
MasterDuke there is a branch in nqp where he has done a bunch of work
the branch was started a while ago, so it needs a rebasing (which won't be completely trivial) 18:49
but that's another place that could use some work if you know java well (i've done some minor contributions without knowing much about truffle/graalvm) 18:51
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timotimo do rakuuns have suggestions for in-terminal "graphical" file managers? like midnight commander for example, but doesn't necessarily have to look like that 18:57
softmoth Is there a current description of the correct usage of META6.json fields "source-url", "repo-url", "support" : "source", and any others I may have missed? I'm moving Template::Mustache to CPAN, and can't tell what is best practice. 19:01
jjmerelo There's something in the documentation, and synopsis also describes it. S26 if I'm not wrong
softmoth timotimo, you might check out [ded](invisible-island.net/ded/) 19:02
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andreoss MasterDuke: truffle branch is quite different indeed, for some reason some classes are duplicated, it appears that it replaces jvm port, rather than adds a new one 19:07
MasterDuke yeah, it's incomplete 19:08
andreoss I doubt that graalvm will replace jdk anytime soon though
MasterDuke it's currently using the existing jvm port to bootstrap itself
if you're interested, i'd suggest searching the logs for truffle, pmurias has explained a lot (mostly over in #raku-dev (then #perl6-dev) 19:09
andreoss MasterDuke: what do you think about puting some static anylyzer or unit testing framework in place
MasterDuke i'd be +1 to static analyzer (though our code may not be the best use-case for them). we already have tests, i'm not as sure of the value of a unit testing framework 19:11
but yeah, it could also be that the truffle and non-truffle version continue to co-exist as two separate jvm backends 19:12
andreoss MasterDuke: i mean java-on-java unit tests 19:13
the code really says that it was written by C person 19:14
MasterDuke i don't really have the experience to judge, but my personal opinion is there is more bang-for-the-buck elsewhere. not going to turn down contributions though if that's what you're interested in 19:16
not trying to discourage anybody
andreoss I feel very anxious when I'm about to touch something without unit tests, probably a pavlovian thing 19:17
stoned75 commit: release say 2.5.^lookup("sqrt") 19:18
committable6 stoned75, ¦release: «Cannot find this revision (did you mean “release”?)»
stoned75 commit: releases say 2.5.^lookup("sqrt")
committable6 stoned75, ¦releases (43 commits): «sqrt␤»
stoned75 commit: releases say 2.5.^lookup("sqrt").perl
committable6 stoned75, gist.github.com/e22d569e48a688a71a...0dd66d354a 19:19
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softmoth jjmerelo, thanks. I'll read through S22, modules.raku.org sources & others and file a bug report for the docs. 19:20
MasterDuke andreoss: we were just discussing that same thing yesterday. i very much appreciate the large test suite we have. if you're not aware, there are a very small number of tests in nqp, a slightly larger number in rakudo, and then roast has the extensive tests that actually spec the language 19:22
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andreoss this is a legit approach 19:33
though tests are hard to find this way
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melezhik AlexDaniel: here is beta version web UI for rakudist - repo.westus.cloudapp.azure.com/rakudist2/ 19:53
now people can run test for their modules using convenient html form
it's written on cro BTW ))) 19:56
cro + bulma to be specific
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melezhik Text::Diff::Sift4 looks like is not fetcheble 20:03
broken META?
Failed to resolve any candidates. No reason to proceed
MasterDuke i forgot a :
i had 'Text::Diff:Sift4' (note only one : between Diff and Sift4) 20:04
melezhik ahh, ok
i'd try debian as it a has as much native deps installed as possible, thought if your module does need one, alpine is ok two 20:06
two -> too
I also try to add custom "patches" whenever it's possible and I am not too lazy, so just a few modules are covered - github.com/melezhik/RakuDist/tree/...es/patches 20:07
Text::Diff::Sift4 succeed )) 20:08
MasterDuke nice 20:09
melezhik after some testing I will replace old rakudist interface by this one 20:10
need to sort out some minor things though
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robertle lizmat: you around? I have a first sketch of the content store we talked about: github.com/robertlemmen/svc-shelve6 20:33
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melezhik is new CPAN module releases feed is broken? colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...xt=checked 20:59
I don't see recent releases here ...
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rypervenche I've got a grammar set up and am using Grammar::Tracer to make sure my grammar works. It looks to match TOP in the end, however it still errors out saying "Use of Nil in string context". Why would that be? I'm running the grammar on two files and one works correctly, but the other doesn't. The grammar traces look similar and TOP matches in the end on both. 21:09
Doc_Holliwood the new version of Comma as an interactive graphical grammar debugger built in 21:12
maybe give that a shot, rypervenche?
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andreoss how do I rebootstrap nqp-jvm? 21:13
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andreoss hm, it seems that I just have to replace jar file 21:17
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MasterDuke andreoss: there is an m-bootstrap-files make target, i don't remember if there's also a corresponding j-bootstrap-files though 21:24
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andreoss there is, thanks 21:48
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asdfhdf HI! How to use loops with "no @-ted" arrays? This does not work: 22:11
my $arr = "one", "two", "three";
for $arr -> $item { say $item }
MasterDuke m: my $arr = ("one", "two", "three"); .say for $arr<>; .say for $arr[]; .say for $arr.list; .say for @$arr; # asdfhdf 22:13
camelia one
asdfhdf Thanks! 22:14
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MasterDuke np 22:26
jdv79 what does "MoarVM panic: Internal error: Unwound entire stack and missed handler" mean? 22:28
i can't even print ll-exception 22:29
i have no idea how to debug that
MasterDuke i think usually some sort of memory corruption. can you run it in gdb and break on MVM_panic? 22:30
timotimo isn't it usually when you throw an exception in a nested interpreter? 22:35
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jdv79 paste.arn-fai.net/?3060280 22:37
doesn't seem terribly useful
MasterDuke can you `call MVM_dump_backtrace(tc)` in gdb? 22:38
jdv79 my raku is a few weeks old i think - should i try head?
MasterDuke oh, and it would be better if you complied moarvm with --debug=3
timotimo you could try calling MVM_dump_bytecode(tc) as well, to see if it looks like anything sensible 22:40
though i think the bytecode dumper doesn't output handlers
MasterDuke there were a whole lot of obscure garbage collection related fixes in moarvm in the past couple weeks 22:41
jdv79 i think call MVM_dump_backtrace(tc SEGV'd:(
paste.arn-fai.net/?3060281 22:42
MasterDuke hm, could always risk MVM_dump_backtrace_try_harder_maybe_set_users_computer_on_fire 22:44
jdv79 how do i recompile moarvm again? i haven't done that in years.
MasterDuke how are you getting/building rakudo?
jdv79 just the bare bones src way
MasterDuke with --gen-nqp?
jdv79 ...--gen-moar...
no explicitly at least
git clone rakudo; perl Configure.pl --gen-moar; make install; 22:45
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MasterDuke add --moar-option='--debug=3' to your Configure.pl call 22:45
jdv79 ah, neat 22:46
tbrowder .tell jmerelo chk yr email when you get a chance 22:52
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to jjmerelo
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jdv79 ok, i think i got debugged up - now what can i do that i couldn't before? 22:59
MasterDuke not really a whole lot. but your backtraces will have line numbers
do you have a newer rakudo/moarvm? 23:00
jdv79 its maybe a few weeks old
MasterDuke yeah, i'd try updating 23:01
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MasterDuke i'm off to sleep, good luck 23:06
jdv79 welp. compiling current but i think dinner is ready. maybe tomorrow.
thanks, later
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