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Xliff \o 00:53
Here's a weird one!
"MoarVM panic: Internal error: invalid thread ID 181469784 in GC work pass" 00:54
Suddenly started showing up in a compunit after a (supposedly) unrelated code change.
Minor change in another piece of code and now it is showing up in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT compunit! 00:57
"MoarVM panic: Internal error: invalid thread ID -1586283160 in GC work pas"
Hopefully that has been fixed in github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/ff...51f3dc8972 01:08
I'll recompile, later.
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softmoth .tell JJMerelo, I figured out the Travis CI display problem; I needed to use travis-ci.com instead of .org. Sorry for the noise. travis-ci.com/github/Raku/rakudoc 03:55
tellable6 softmoth, I'll pass your message to JJMerelo
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suman commit: 4d1ef59 say $*RAKU.compiler.version 05:22
committable6 suman, ¦4d1ef59: «v2020.05.1.266.g.4.d.1.ef.59.e.8␤»
suman commit: 902401 say $*RAKU.compiler.version 05:26
committable6 suman, ¦902401: «v2020.05.1.265.g.902401.b.79␤»
suman commit: 902401b say $*RAKU.compiler.version
committable6 suman, ¦902401b: «v2020.05.1.265.g.902401.b.79␤»
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patrickb o/ 07:21
tellable6 2020-06-09T16:26:10Z #raku-dev <rba> patrickb: Just stumbled over Dave Rolskys azure pipeline helpers for perl: github.com/houseabsolute/ci-perl-helpers Might be helpful by some means or others...
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patrickb :ls 07:22
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Geth doc: gfldex++ created pull request #3471:
$_ defaults to OUTER::<$_>
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[Coke] for @map-of-hash.sort: {$_<attribute>} { ... } 13:11
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[Coke] is there a "nicer" way to get the attribute here? (I find myself often using .attribute here, which does not produce the desired output, oops. :) 13:12
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jnthn [Coke]: *<attribute> is a bit prettier 13:13
Though you can use .<attribute> instead of writing out the $_
[Coke] jnthn++ 13:16
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grondilu m: say 7.Rat.nude[0] 14:06
camelia 7
grondilu ^this fails if I insert a newline after Rat
can the evalbot read multiline commands so that I show you the error ? 14:08
MasterDuke i think it interprets ␤ as newline. or you could try putting it in a gist and using evalable6 14:10
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jnthn When you have whitespace there you're using the `.` infix operator, not the `.` postfix operator, and the entire term that follows is the method call name, not a general termish, so stacking further postfixes won't work. 14:11
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grondilu you're right. I added parenthesis and it works. 14:13
Roamer` even though jnthn explained, let me just say that it doesn't even need to be a newline, you can do it with any whitespace:
m: say 7.Rat .nude[0]
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Missing infix inside []
at <tmp>:1
------> 3say 7.Rat .nude[7⏏050]
expecting any of:
bracketed infix
infix stopper
Roamer` it's the same issue 14:14
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grondilu realizes that there is a 'numerator' method anyway 14:17
check out my one-liner for problem 65 of Project Euler : github.com/Raku/examples/blob/mast...rondilu.pl 14:24
jnthn cute 14:25
MasterDuke nice
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rypervenche Out of curiosity, why are the file extensions .pl? 14:58
Altai-man_ rypervenche, this is an _old_ repo and overhaul is not finished yet. 14:59
rypervenche Gotcha.
Altai-man_ I still want to find some energy to finish with web part and maybe we can even merge. 15:00
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grondilu m: say (-1, -.99 ... 1).max(:by(*²)) 15:11
camelia 1
grondilu m: say (-1, -.99 ... 1).min(:by(*²))
camelia -1
grondilu was expecting 0 15:12
m: say (-2, 1).max(:by(*²)) 15:13
camelia 1
grondilu m: say max(-2, 1, :by(*²)) 15:14
camelia -2
grondilu What am I missing ? 15:17
[Coke] m: dd (-1, -.99 ... 1)
camelia (-1, -0.99, -0.98, -0.97, -0.96, -0.95, -0.94, -0.93, -0.92, -0.91, -0.9, -0.89, -0.88, -0.87, -0.86, -0.85, -0.84, -0.83, -0.82, -0.81, -0.8, -0.79, -0.78, -0.77, -0.76, -0.75, -0.74, -0.73, -0.72, -0.71, -0.7, -0.69, -0.68, -0.67, -0.66, -0.65, -0.6…
grondilu m: say [-2, 1].max(:by(*²)) 15:18
camelia 1
MasterDuke m: say (-1, -.99 ... 1).map(* ** 2).min
camelia 0
grondilu 0² = 0 though 15:19
it's not the same zero
it was a bad example in the first place, (-2, 1) is better
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MasterDuke m: say min(1,7,3,:by( { 1/$_ } )); say (1,7,3).min(:by( { 1/$_ } )) 15:23
camelia 7
dakkar grondilu: I fear the problem is that `.max` (the mbethod) does not take a named argument
it takes a callable as positional
m: say (-2,1).max(*²)
camelia -2
dakkar the :by you were passing got completely ignored 15:24
MasterDuke m: say (1,7,3).min( { 1/$_ } )
camelia 7
grondilu oh, you're right. I misread the doc 15:25
dakkar it is a bit confusing that the sub takes the named argument, the method takes the positional…
oddp Yeah, have a hard time with that as well. 15:26
zip(..., :&with)
reduce(..., &with)
classify(..., :as)
grondilu it makes sense, though. Naming the argument is not useful in the method form.
[Coke] Should we unify that?
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[Coke] ah 15:26
dakkar naming the argument is not *necessary* in the method form 15:27
grondilu true
MasterDuke we might be able to add aliases for with/as
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grondilu A warning would be useful, though. 15:27
Also I'm surprised a method can just ignore an argument without warning 15:28
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dakkar I think most of them have *%_ in their signature 15:28
grondilu m: class { method foo() {} }.new.foo(this => that)
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared routine:
that used at line 1. Did you mean 'WHAT'?
grondilu m: class { method foo() {} }.new.foo(this => "that") 15:29
camelia ( no output )
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oddp "<dakkar> naming the argument is not *necessary* in the method form" - but it is necessary in zip, for example, isn't it? 15:32
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dakkar oddp: sorry, I mostly meant "not necessary, but would still be nice for consisntency" 15:34
I forgot to actually write down the second half…
but yes, `zip` needs the `with` to be named because it already takes an arbitrary number of positional arguments (the other things to zip) 15:35
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hoelzro I asked this in #moarvm, but this would be a more appropriate forum - is there a good way to put up modules for adoption? 16:18
[Coke] there is a github group for community adoption. 16:20
hoelzro ok, thanks [Coke] ! 16:28
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hoelzro is it ok for me to just hand the repo over, should I open an issue somewhere, etc? 16:33
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[Coke] In general, open an issue. for something that's included in rakudo star that you are definitely interested in dumping, just do it. 16:47
my 2¢ 16:48
hoelzro sounds good! which repo would be the best to open an issue on? 16:53
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[Coke] no clue. :) 17:04
lizmat hoelzro: forked it to github.com/raku-community-modules/...-linenoise for now 17:10
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Geth ecosystem: 60b7fc266f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Move linenoise to community modules
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lizmat hoelzro: ecosystem should now use the community modules one 17:18
I'm not sure how we could import the issues :-( 17:19
perhaps AlexDaniel knows
AlexDaniel` just transfer the repo? 17:20
why fork it?
lizmat is a noob
AlexDaniel` remove the fork, then transfer it :)
lizmat how do I import it ?
AlexDaniel` this will move all issues and stuff, and the original repo will redirect automatically for most queries 17:21
hoelzro needs to do it
lizmat aha...
well, he can, as the name p6-linenoise is free atm
AlexDaniel` and hoelzro needs to be added to the community-modules org, otherwise they won't be able to transfer
lizmat so maybe I should create a Team with the access right for importing ? 17:23
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AlexDaniel` I think all members can create repos (and if you can create repos then you can transfer too) 17:23
but feel free to play with privileges 17:24
same goes for the Raku org, it's even more complicated there
e.g. see github.com/Raku/please-turn-off-th...ch-feature
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AlexDaniel` I have some scripts that can sync members between orgs and teams 17:24
lizmat I've added hoelzro as a member 17:25
AlexDaniel` let me know if you need them
lizmat put perhaps we're doing this the wrong way
AlexDaniel` maybe!
lizmat perhaps hoelzro should just give me maintain access to the linenoise repo, and then I can import it into community modules 17:26
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AlexDaniel` I'm going out to enjoy the weather now, .tell me if there's anything I need to do 17:26
lizmat AlexDaniel enjoy!
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hoelzro lizmat: thanks! I can transfer that whenever - I'll need to delete the fork first, though 18:18
lizmat ok, let me first undo the change to the ecosystem, then I'll delete the fork, and then I'll re-apply again
Geth ecosystem: 4ec46ddf47 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Revert "Move linenoise to community modules"

This reverts commit 60b7fc266f61e53048ef25abdbd8fe0df42386c0.
hoelzro ok
tadzik oh hai hoelzro o/ 18:20
hoelzro o/ tadzik
lizmat hoelzro: deleted
hoelzro thanks! transferring
lizmat so go ahead :-)
hoelzro transferred and renamed 18:22
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lizmat hoelzro++ # and thanks for all the good work! 18:23
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Geth ecosystem: 98a1bf75b3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Revert "Revert "Move linenoise to community modules""

This reverts commit 4ec46ddf47679f07c288c173c57722970bc1fb5b.
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[Coke] lizmat++ 18:39
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jdv79 a colleague just said "raku is probably the most user unfriendly lang I've seen so far":) 21:03
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cj hey team 21:13
oscon2006-2006.07.27_12-37-48.dv <- larry and damian giving a presentation about perl6
I'm going to transcode to mp4 and publish it shortly.
web.c9h.org/~cjac/perl/videos/ 21:14
so far all I've got is the State of the Onion
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lizmat cj++ 22:21
cj hey liz. I think you're great. 22:23
ln -sf perl raku 22:24
lizmat :)
cj I must have follow symlinks on already or maybe it's not needed within the same virtualhost entry 22:25
in any case, web.c9h.org/~cjac/raku/videos/
okay, copying some new content now.
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cj ingy: web.c9h.org/~cjac/raku/videos/oscon...-37-44.mp4 22:40
the one after that that is your presentation. 22:41
lizmat weekly: web.c9h.org/~cjac/raku/videos/ 22:42
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
lizmat sleep& 22:43
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