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rypervenche Ahhh, that's what I was wanting to know. Great! Thanks. 00:36
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AlexDaniel` m: my uint8 $x = 255; say $x++ 08:19
camelia -1
AlexDaniel` -_-
bisect: my uint8 $x = 255; say $x++
bisectable6 AlexDaniel`, Will bisect the whole range automagically because no endpoints were provided, hang tight
AlexDaniel`, ¦6c (44 commits): «-1␤»
AlexDaniel`, Nothing to bisect!
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AlexDaniel` m: my uint8 $a = 200; my uint8 $b = -50; .say for $a..$b 08:21
camelia 200
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! HelloWorld (1.0.2) by 03PMQS 08:53
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antoniogamiz m: my $string = '<a href="?!^a">b</a>'; my $content; say $string ~~ /href\=\"{$content=$¢}\"/; 09:41
camelia Nil
antoniogamiz m: my $string = '<a href="?!^a">b</a>'; my $content; $string ~~ /href\=\"{$content=$¢}\"/; say $content;
camelia #<failed match>
antoniogamiz someone knows why it's failing? 09:42
timotimo m: my $string = '<a href="?!^a">b</a>'; my $content; say $string ~~ /href\=\"$<cm>=<-["]>+{$content=$<cm>.Str}\"/; dd $content;
camelia 「href="?!^a"」
cm => 「?!^a」
Str $content = "?!^a"
antoniogamiz $<cm> mmmm
timotimo you're not matching anything, your regex is looking for "" which isn't in the source, so the match fails
stands for "content match"
because i'm too lazy to type 09:43
antoniogamiz makes sense, thanks a lot :) 09:44
timotimo YW 09:51
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timotimo m: my $string = '<a href="?!^a">b</a>'; $string ~~ /href\=\"$<cm>=<-["]>+\"/; dd $<cm>.Str; 09:52
camelia "?!^a"
timotimo if you don't actually need your $content variable to immediately contain the stuff, you can just use $<cm> after the match and drop the code block inside the regex 09:53
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antoniogamiz done :) 09:54
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! HelloWorld (1.0.3) by 03PMQS 11:00
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Raku-GitHub-Workflows (1.0.4) by 03PMQS 11:32
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rypervenche How long does modules.raku.org take to update once a new module is added to it? 12:54
lizmat rba ^^ ?? 12:58
rba modules.raku.org gets updated every 30 minutes. 13:02
tellable6 2020-06-24T12:09:10Z #raku <patrickb> rba There is a new rakubrew release: Version 12. Can you upload versions 10, 11 and 12 to the website? (rooster.uber.space/patcloud/index....JLQDZcjbf) 13:03
2020-07-09T08:48:38Z #raku-dev <patrickb> rba: Can you teach me how to deploy changes to rakubrew.org myself and upload releases? I'd really like to be able to do them myself...
patrickb rba: o/
rba patrickb: argh. I will do this ASAP and let you know...
patrickb v13 is bound to happen soon-ish. I'm still willing to learn how to do this myself. ;-) I have access to the webserver for the other sites, but rakubrew.org doesn't seem to live there... 13:05
Also the website itself has changes as well.
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tatata HeyI am trying to include a file 13:41
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tatata HeyI am trying to include a file following stackoverflow.com/questions/132626...-in-perl-6 . But it seems to be outdated, can someone help ? 13:41
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guifa2 tatata: what is the error you are getting by using moritz's solution? 13:45
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tatata guifa2 13:50
$ cat main.raku use v6;use lib '.'; # to search for Hello.pm6 in the current diruse Hello;hello;$ cat hello.raku module Hello;sub hello() is export { say 'hello';}$ perl6 main.raku ===SORRY!===Could not find Hello at line 3 in: /home/lesenr1/Work/ligo/src/stages/adt_generator /home/lesenr1/.perl6 /usr/lib/perl6/site
/usr/lib/perl6/vendor /usr/lib/perl6 CompUnit::Repository::AbsolutePath<93867113852400> CompUnit::Repository::NQP<93867090629376> CompUnit::Repository::Perl5<93867090629416>
moritz tatata: if you name the module Hello, you must name the file `Hello.pm` or `Hello.rakumod` 13:51
tatata alright
Thanks a lot
moritz (case matters as well)
you're welcome 13:52
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Set::Equality (0.0.2) by 03ELIZABETH 13:54
[Coke] rba: hi!
tatata Still does not find my module.. also, I had to write `unit module Foo;` instead of just `module Foo;` 13:59
Xliff \o 14:01
tatata moritz it seems like .pm works but not rakumod 14:04
codesections I have discovered an invalid regex that reproducibly causes Rakundo v2020.06 to hang in an infinite loop. As an example: 'any input' ~~ /[a*]*/ 14:05
moritz tatata: what version of rakudo are you using?
codesections: yes, that's well known
codesections ok, thanks, that's what I wanted to know
Saves me the time of opening an issue :) 14:06
lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2020/07/13/2020-28-bridges-7/ 14:09
[Coke] was trying to duplicate the LibCurl issue reported on the mailing list. getting this error on zef:
moritz lizmat++
[Coke] $ zef uninstall LibCurl
Failed to get the directory contents of '/Volumes/BUKKIT/Users/coke/p6/share/perl6/site/short/D7B2661931C58BC571BED0D9CF7277DAAB35132A': Failed to open dir: Too many open files
will upddddddate everydaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy 14:12
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[Coke] ... 14:12
kb issues
lizmat MBP ?
[Coke] Yes. 14:13
lizmat been there, done that :-(
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lizmat Apple is doing their utmost to ensure my next notebook will not be an Apple :-( 14:13
[Coke] mac mini 14:14
every few days the bt keyboard goes batshit crazy
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! App::Mi6 (1.0.0) by 03SKAJI 14:19
rba hi [Coke] 14:22
timotimo oh hey rba :)
rba hi timotimo
[Coke] rba: had some tickets on rakudo.org that I think you're the person for? 14:23
site not getting updated, missing updated info on infrastructure.
timotimo what if i threw my ssh public key your way, rba? :3
rba is feeling to get "attacked" from multiple sides ... :-) 14:24
[Coke] sorry!
rba was to long not showing up in irc...
timotimo i kind of don't know how things are currently set up, and i think i don't have access to anything, or if i do i have already forgotten 14:25
rba [Coke]: You mean github.com/perl6/rakudo.org/issues...3534057860 ? 14:26
cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! WriteOnceHash (0.0.4) by 03ELIZABETH 14:27
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rba timotimo: you like to get access to lavm-perl6infra-1? 14:27
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rba timotimo: What do you need? 14:28
[Coke] rba - yup, those. 14:29
(there are other tickets, but those are the two I tagged you on) if timo has access to poke at things, that will also be great. 14:31
I am happy to volunteer a key, but I won't be able to be a regular admin or anything.
timotimo 0i'm currently on my laptop and can't reach my desktop, but i can offer my laptop's key and use that to add my desktop's key later 14:33
cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! EERPG (0.0.1) by 03ELIZABETH 14:34
tadzik so, metacpan doesn't show these, modules.perl6.org doesn't show these, how I look them up except for github? :) 14:35
timotimo tadzik: m.r.o will show them, it just takes a moment or two to regenerate
tadzik heh 14:36
rba timotimo: I have copied the keys from the backup of p6c.org at installation. In case the key "timo@schmetterling" is still in your hands you can try to login using: ssh -p2222 akudo.org@lavm-perl6infra-1.atikon.io
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tadzik I read that as "a month or two" 14:36
timotimo cool
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timotimo ah, yes, i am logged in 14:36
rba timotimo: Is this what you needed? 14:37
timotimo is that where all our websites are hosted now?
rba [Coke]: A small push updated the rakudo.org again: github.com/perl6/rakudo.org/issues/45 14:38
timotimo: Yes.
timotimo i see /home has folders for many perl6.org as well as raku.org folders
[Coke] rba++
rba timotimo: Most if the services I've duplicated at the rename. While the housekeeping didn't happen yet...
timotimo i wonder if i should get a "timo" unix user from which i could sudo to do server changes 14:39
rba timotimo: When you see through the home, which of those you like to get access to? 14:40
timotimo i guess everything that ends in .org 14:41
rba So far there is commands in the sudo for rakudo.org and docs.raku.org
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timotimo you mean stuff in the sudoers file? stuff those users can do without being asked for a password? 14:42
rba timotimo: Exactly. Mainly become the website user and restart nginx. 14:43
timotimo: And edit the nginx config file for the domain. 14:44
timotimo: Or do you like to get involved in admin completely? 14:45
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timotimo i think i could try at least :) 14:45
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rba timotimo: Username "timo"? 14:46
14:46 xinming joined
timotimo yes please 14:47
guifa2 lizmat++ 14:48
patrickb25 rba++ timotimo++
rba: rakubrew.org isn't hosted on lavm-perl6infra-1.atikon.io is it? 14:49
rba patrickb25: rakubrew.org is separted (and redundant :-))
patrickb25 That's what I remembered :-) 14:50
rba patrickb25: My open task is to give access from a "jumphost" to the rangeros runhosts. As soon this is done and documents you will get access to ti. 14:54
patrickb25 rba++ :-D
rba timotimo: please try to login with user timo. 14:55
timotimo i'm logged in, can i change my password? :)
rba timotimo: handle with care you got root rights using sudo...
timotimo only after i've obtained or changed my password :D
rba sure the timo user is yours.
timotimo well, passwd asks for the current password, which i don't think i haev 14:56
rba Will set and send you pvt
timotimo OK
i mean, putting it in a 600-modded file in my home directory is better than sending it over irc 14:57
rba timotimo: Sure. Yet you have to change it anyway... 14:58
timotimo well, yeah, but if someone knows my username and just reads a few lines up for the hostname, they could quickly jump in and steal the account 14:59
assuming they can get our privmsg
rba last + logs doen's show something unexpected. an attacker must have been very quick to hide his trace though. Yet you're right anyway... 15:01
timotimo: Be careful with changing nginx config and restart as nginx is serving all the sites... 15:02
timotimo: Whenever I have a time I like to continue my work to get websites ecapsulated in docker containers and run them on two hosts. Yet I will let you know before something is production ready... 15:04
rypervenche "nginx -t" first to make sure the config is safe to reload, and then a reload would probably be better than a restart. 15:05
rba rypervenche: agreed
timotimo good 15:13
are any of the dockered websites on this server? can it be used to put sites up for testing after they work locally?
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rypervenche If I want to have a Class attribute be created from other attributes when I great the instance, what tool would I use for that? BUILD? Or not even? E.g., I have Str $.date and Str $.time attributes and would like to automatically combine them into a DateTime $.datetime . 16:13
I know I could do that combining outside of the Class, but I'm curious how to do it inside of it. 16:14
jnthn class Foo { has DateTime $.datetime; submethod TWEAK(Str :$date!, Str :$time!) { $!datetime = ...whatever logic here... } } 16:15
rypervenche Ahhhh, TWEAK, that's what it was. Thank you. I knew I had seen the solution before. 16:16
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xinming termbin.com/1hov <--- Is there roadmap for this bug to be fixed? :-) 18:21
I found it last year, then I got busy with other things, When I try to reread the doc, and find code snippets, and find this bug still exists. :-) 18:22
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[Coke] xinming: that snippet doesn't show the results or the expected results 18:29
Do you know if a ticket was opened?
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[Coke] what's the bug? the missing , in the first @a definition means there are two elements there. 18:32
(is it that the two item list in the resulting @a has x and y, not y and z? 18:33
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! LibXML (0.5.6) by 03WARRINGD 18:35
vrurg weekly: vrurg.github.io/arfb-publication/0...ning-raku/ 18:36
notable6 vrurg, Noted! (weekly)
xinming [Coke]: It just needs to be clarified, that for @a, the second pair doesn't have comma, then, it'll parsed as 2 elements, 18:37
[Coke]: where the @b parsed correctly
[Coke]: IIRC, I asked to add an warning in this case. as when we are in a large array with structure like this, We'll have subtle bug which is a bit hard to track 18:38
guifa2 xinming: remember that any line that terminates in } "counts" as a bracket followed by a semi colon 18:47
m: @a = (1,2,3;4,5,6;7,8,9); @a.say
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '@a' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> 3<BOL>7⏏5@a = (1,2,3;4,5,6;7,8,9); @a.say
guifa2 m: my @a = (1,2,3;4,5,6;7,8,9); @a.say
camelia [(1 2 3) (4 5 6) (7 8 9)]
guifa2 ah, you were talking not about a subtle bug in Raku, but in the program that leaves off the comma 18:48
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xinming guifa2: Yes, No matter wether we consider it as a "bug", I think we need to give warnings about people for this. 19:17
abraxxa vrurg: great article! thanks! 19:20
I wonder if types like Int are also different in 6.c and 6.d scope and a comparison would return false? 19:26
like in the Grammar example
lizmat they are the same
Grammar is really one of the few that are currently different between versions 19:27
abraxxa but it could happen and introduce quite bad breakages?
lizmat PseudoStash is another one
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abraxxa lizmat: just reading the weekly, such things as the fix for order of files loading, do these fixes include added tests to Roast? 19:31
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lizmat abraxxa: note the "tests needed" tag in github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/3783 19:32
abraxxa I didn't mean this specific fix but more generally if the Roast test suite for 6.c and 6.d is extended in the -errata branches with tests for things found where obviously no test existed? 19:34
and as Raku can't parse and execute Perl 5 code, why are .pm files searched at all? 19:35
lizmat historically, .pm files were allowed and a "use v6" inside them, would make them Perl 6 modules 19:36
that's all leftover from the time where Perl 6 was to be the successor of Perl 5 19:37
abraxxa I would have broken with that when the rename happened 19:38
even pm6
lizmat we need pm6 as there are still quite a few modules out there with the .pm6 extension
abraxxa renaming files shouldn't be that hard 19:39
lizmat I guess, with a "use v6.e.PREVIEW" active, we could remove .pm as an option
abraxxa yeah
lizmat but we currently have no way to implement that, we need the newdisp branch to have landed for that
abraxxa is the loading code not in a setting? 19:40
lizmat yes, it is
well, most of it
it's called from World.nqp
abraxxa which should be renamed to World.nqr :)
ShimmerFairy The extensions from the era of "We're gonna replace Perl 5, right guys?!" I feel can be dropped by this point (using them instead of .pm6 etc. was uncool for years before the Raku rename), but the Perl 6-esque extensions are gonna have to be supported for a long time yet. 19:43
raydiak wonders if App::Pray should be renamed...to...Rray? 19:47
lizmat abraxxa: we've been over this: there will be no rename of NQP or the .nqp extension 19:48
we'll just de-emphasize it being an acronym
ShimmerFairy NQP, after all, is still not quite Perl :)
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abraxxa twitter.com/cpan_author/status/128...2437941248 19:53
can someone with a twitter account give him a better answer please?
I've asked the same thing in the past an remember that there is a way to say: set it to its default value 19:54
using a Type requires to know the type of the variable or attribute and if it changes replace it everywhere
Geth_ ¦ problem-solving: lizmat assigned to rba Issue pl6anet.org is a name that does not reflect Raku github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/212 19:55
lizmat abraxxa : doesn't jnthn's answer cover it ? 19:59
ShimmerFairy: indeed :-)
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abraxxa lizmat: why can it be used with the automatically generated accessor method but not the manuelly written by him? Because of the method type definition? 20:00
lizmat yup, if the method had been written as: method x() is raw { $!x }, it would have worked 20:02
because that's what the autp-generated accessor really is
abraxxa i see, thanks!
so Nil was the thing you need to assign to reset the var to its default value?
lizmat if the attribute does not have "is rw", then the accessor is defined without the "is raw" 20:03
m: my $a is default(42) = 666; say $a; $a = Nil; say $a
camelia 666
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defaultxr hello. dumb noob question: i'm used to late-binding languages that allow me to do stuff like $*SCHEDULER.cue({ &thing(); }, every => 1); and then redefine &thing and have the new definition called the next time the schedule runs that cancellation. however, simply redefining &thing doesn't seem to work in Raku; the scheduler just continues calling the function as it was defined when i cued the 20:09
cancellation. what would be the best way of doing this in Raku?
20:09 molaf joined
lizmat when you pass &thing, it is pass by value 20:10
so changing &thing afterwards, won't help 20:11
however, what you *could* do is make &thing a wrapper that looks at an atomicint lexical variable
and decides which actual code to actually call 20:12
or if you want to get fully flexible, have &thing look at a outer lexical which you can change with cas() to be some other code to execute
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lizmat defaultxr: hope that made sense? 20:13
defaultxr i'm still extremely new to Raku so i'm not familiar with the things you mentioned, but i think they will point me in the right direction :) i'll check the docs for them and see what i come up with, thanks! 20:14
Xliff defaultxr: Do you know the things that &thing can be set to at compile time? 20:15
rypervenche Where would I look in the docs to see what "::CLASS:U:" means? (I understand the U/D bit, but not sure about the :: syntax around it) 20:16
defaultxr Xliff, nope. i want to be able to change &thing to anything at any time
Xliff m: my $f; sub a { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; my $f = &a; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ $f() }, every => 1); Promise.in(5).then({ exit }); Promise.in(2).then({ $f = &b }) 20:20
camelia Potential difficulties:
Redeclaration of symbol '$f'.
at <tmp>:1
------> 3 { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; my $f7⏏5 = &a; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ $f() }, every =
Xliff m: my $f; sub a { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; $f = &a; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ $f() }, every => 1); Promise.in(5).then({ exit }); Promise.in(2).then({ $f = &b })
camelia a
Xliff m: my $f; sub a { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; $f = &a; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ $f() }, every => 1); Promise.in(5).then({ exit }); Promise.in(2).then({ $f = &b }); sleep 6;
camelia a
Xliff ^^^
defaultxr rad, that is indeed what i'm looking for! 😎 thanks Xliff! 20:22
Xliff yw
lizmat Xliff: of course, that is not threadsafe 20:24
that's why I mentioned either using cas() or an atomicint to indicate what you really want to execute
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defaultxr lizmat, do you mean even just evaluating $f = &a; while the cancellation is running is not safe? or do you mean like if i were to do anything more crazy with threads, i.e. changing $f from multiple different threads? 20:29
for now i'm just doing the former
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defaultxr i.e. i'm just doing $f = &a by entering it in the repl, not from any code running elsewhere 20:30
lizmat the chance is minimal, but yeah: if the cued code would read the scalar half-way the assignment, there's no telling what could happen
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lizmat now, in practice, for testing and such, it's ok to do it like that 20:31
and possibly for production in *that* particular case (assigning to a scalar) safe enough to give you an outdated value
but anything more complex like that, e.g. pushing or popping from an array, would not be advisable 20:32
defaultxr ah, ok, gotcha. yeah i'm just playing around right now, but i'll keep that in mind when start to do anything more serious :) thanks again to both of you 20:33
lizmat defaultxr: what decides to change the code to be executed?
maybe you're better off with a react { whenever { } } structure
the whenever will guarantee you there will only be *one* thread running that code at any time
defaultxr the user decides (i.e. just me right now). i'm basically just playing around with the idea of doing some live coding music type stuff in raku, and i want to have a function that is constantly running, i.e. to generate a rhythm, but can be modified without needing to manually stop and restart the cancellation 20:35
if that makes sense
i'll look into react and whatever too 20:36
Xliff lizmat: Hence my first answer. Since he said he didn't know what he wanted to run, I figured I'd give him an answer.
lizmat Xliff++ 20:39
Xliff defaultxr: If you know all of the potential subroutines for $f at compile time, then you could do something like this:
m: my atomicint $f = 0; sub a { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; $f = &a; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ given $f { when 0 { a(); }; when 1 { b(); default { c(); }; }; }, every => 1); 20:40
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Strange text after block (missing semicolon or comma?)
at <tmp>:1
------> 3}; when 1 { b(); default { c(); }; }; }7⏏5, every => 1);
Xliff m: my atomicint $f = 0; sub a { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; $f = &a; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ given $f { when 0 { a(); }; when 1 { b(); default { c(); }; }; }, every => 1);
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Strange text after block (missing semicolon or comma?)
at <tmp>:1
------> 3 }; when 1 { b(); default { c(); }; }; }7⏏5, every => 1);
Xliff m: my atomicint $f = 0; sub a { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; $f = &a; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ given $f { when 0 { a(); }; when 1 { b(); default { c(); }; }; }; }, every => 1); 20:41
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared routine:
c used at line 1
Xliff m: my atomicint $f = 0; sub a { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; sub c { say 'wtf?'; }; $f = &a; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ given $f { when 0 { a(); }; when 1 { b(); default { c(); }; }; }; }, every => 1);
camelia This type cannot unbox to a native integer: P6opaque, Sub
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
[Coke] you can't set an atomic int to a sub. 20:42
Xliff m: my atomicint $f = 0; sub a { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; sub c { say 'wtf?'; }; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ given $f { when 0 { a(); }; when 1 { b(); default { c(); }; }; }; }, every => 1);
camelia ( no output )
[Coke] ... there you go
Xliff m: my atomicint $f = 0; sub a { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; sub c { say 'wtf?'; }; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ given $f { when 0 { a(); }; when 1 { b(); default { c(); }; }; }; }, every => 1); sleep 2; $f = 1; sleep 2; $f = 'a'; sleep 2
camelia a
This type cannot unbox to a native integer: P6opaque, Str
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1

Xliff m: my atomicint $f = 0; sub a { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; sub c { say 'wtf?'; }; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ given $f { when 0 { a(); }; when 1 { b(); default { c(); }; }; }; }, every => 1); sleep 2; $f = 1; sleep 2; $f = 42; sleep 2 20:43
camelia a
Xliff ^^ threadsafe
But you have to be able to at least know all the potential outcomes for f. Although with that setup, you can keep adding on until you are satisfied. 20:44
[Coke] Xliff++
Xliff m: my atomicint $f = 0; sub a { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; sub c { say 'wtf?'; }; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ given $f { when 0 { a(); }; when 1 { b(); }; default { c(); }; }; }, every => 1); sleep 2; $f = 1; sleep 2; $f = 42; sleep 2 20:45
camelia a
Xliff m: my atomicint $f = 0; sub a { say 'a'; }; sub b { say 'b'; }; sub c { say 'wtf?'; }; $*SCHEDULER.cue({ given $f { when 0 { a(); }; when 1 { b(); }; default { c(); }; }; }, every => 1); sleep 2; $f = 1; sleep 3; $f = 42; sleep 2 20:46
guifa2 defaultxr: It looks like no one answered your ::?CLASS question. That's a compile-time variable, see: docs.raku.org/language/variables#i...::%3FCLASS
camelia a
defaultxr guifa2, i think you mean rypervenche 20:47
guifa2 err yup
rypervenche: ^^
rypervenche Hmm. Why is it ::CLASS:U: in this case instead of ::?CLASS:U: and why the extra : at the end? 20:48
20:48 cpage_ joined
defaultxr and thanks Xliff, though i won't know all of the potential outcomes in advance since what i'm trying to do involves improvisation/trial and error in real time 20:48
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[Coke] in a signature, trailing : indicates the "self" 20:49
in a *method* signature, I mean
rypervenche For example, FCO has it in his code here: github.com/FCO/Red/blob/master/doc...lationship
20:52 cpage left, cpage_ is now known as cpage
[Coke] so, the method as defined must be called on an undefined object 20:54
(in java, that'd be a static method, e.g.)
and the ::CLASS:D: is an instsance method. 20:55
guifa2 oh 20:56
yuplushi is there a currated list of "best perl6/raku" youtube talks?
guifa2 rypervenche: ::CLASS is actually a type capture
It's just the most common is ::T
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lizmat yuplushi: no, there isn't to my knowledge 20:57
but a few months ago, someone made quite a few ones
[Coke] guifa2: ah, good call, yes. 20:58
rypervenche guifa2: Hmm, ok thanks. I'll have to do some reading to wrap my mind around type captures.
yuplushi maybe i should make a list, even filtering out the p5 talks would make it easier to browse them 20:59
guifa2 rypervenche: basically, type capture says "I don't know what type I'm going to get, but whatever I get, I need to use it again elsewhere"
yuplushi: tbh, if .author eqv $jnthn | $lizmat, it'll be awesome, but those don't tend to be intro video types (if that's what you're looking for). A curated list in a wiki or doc page would actually be pretty cool esp with a quick summary
[Coke] (given that it's in a method definition, when invoked it'll have to be something of that type or a subtype) 21:00
guifa2 rypervenche: so imagine I want a function to do something to two variables, but I want to make sure they're the same type (eg Int and Int, or Str and Str)
you could do a giant list of multis, but those aren't very extendable.
[Coke] er, -in the definition *and* it's the self: parameter)
guifa2 You could do sub foo ($a, $b where $b.WHAT == $a.WHAT) { … } 21:01
but the cleanest way is sub foo (::TYPE $a, TYPE $b) { … }
TYPE gets set to whatever $a's type is, and then becomes a constraint on $b
rypervenche Ahhhh. 21:02
lizmat yuplushi : maybe www.youtube.com/channel/UCDkz-__gl...LexukpG0DA is a good start
guifa2 in the method then, you could also say my TYPE $c := $a, for instance
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lostmywindows not sure if ontopic but will raku/perl6 be available in zeal or other convenient format? 21:03
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guifa2 rypervenche: my guess though is that MasterDuke actually meant to say ::?CLASS in that case though :-) 21:04
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lizmat lostmywindows: I suggest you make an issue in the doc repo 21:05
rypervenche SmokeMachine rather. :P
guifa2 is still waking up :-) 21:07
yuplushi lizmat, thanks haven't seen those before
lostmywindows thanx lizmat 21:10
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leont_ rypervenche: your ticket on YAMLish wasn't quite clear to me 21:28
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SmokeMachine I’ve done that wrong!!! I’ll fix that... it should be ::?CLASS:U: 21:31
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rypervenche leont_: Take a look at yaml.readthedocs.io/en/latest/example.html and search for "If a block sequence or block mapping is the element of a sequence" 21:39
I'd never even seen the non-compact version until I used YAMLish. Then I read the spec and learned about the compact and non-compact versions. 21:40
SmokeMachine Fixed 21:42
leont_ It's YAML, there are several ways to do everything 21:45
I mean, there are like 5 syntaxes for strings
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raku-bridge <勉人> how do i assign a unicode compatibility character in raku? > $a = 0xF97E.chr 量 > $a.ord.base(16) 91CF 😕🤔⁉️ 22:03
ShimmerFairy Looks like you want to pipe it through NFKD or NFKC normalization 22:07
m: say 0xF97E.chr.NFKC.Str.ord.base(16)
camelia 91CF
jnthn Str means NFG which implies NFC
raku-bridge <勉人> m: say 0xF97E.chr.NFKD.Str.ord.base(16) 22:08
evalable6 91CF
ShimmerFairy yeah, the .NFKC (or NFKD) converts the string to a new type of object, which is why the .Str is there to immediately turn it back into a regular everyday Str. 22:09
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raku-bridge <勉人> it still doesnt work 22:09
jnthn Yes, but Uni => Str coercion means "normalize me"
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jnthn You'd have to leave it as a Uni (which of course has a bunch of limitations at the moment) 22:11
ShimmerFairy Yeah, dropping the .Str lets you keep the string in its newly-normalized form.
raku-bridge <勉人> > 0xF97E.chr.NFKD NFKD:0x<91cf> > 0xF97E.chr.NFKC NFKC:0x<91cf> 22:12
<勉人> doesnt seem to work
jnthn You can't go via .chr because .chr makes a Str which is normalized 22:14
m: say Uni.new(0xF97E).NFKD
camelia NFKD:0x<91cf>
jnthn huh, what's that doing... 22:15
raku-bridge <勉人> m:say Uni.new(0xF97E)
evalable6 Uni:0x<f97e>
raku-bridge <勉人> how do i compare this to a string? 22:16
jnthn It's been years since I read the spec of what NFKD and NFKC are meant to do, though
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jnthn Well, eq, but again, if you have a Str on the other side then it will have been normalized too 22:19
raku-bridge <勉人> womp
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jnthn (Before you even get to doing the comparison) 22:19
guifa2 . o O ( Str does what's best and logicla 99.9% of the time. That other .1% though… ) 22:20
jnthn Well yes, that's why there's Uni too, for the .1%, though it turns out so few people need this that it's received little implementation attention.
raku-bridge <勉人> it makes sense. most of the time ud want 量 to match with 量 22:21
guifa2 jnthn: not sure if you saw it, but we finally solved an XML parse bug this week that I reported a year+ ago and it revolved around that .1% 22:23
raku-bridge <勉人> i started learning raku 2 weeks ago 🙃 22:24
<勉人> the grammars convinced me to change ships
guifa2 XML content that begin with a combining mark bomb it, because the grammar looking for > won't match in, e.g, >́ . 22:25
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guifa2 勉人: the grammars are so much fun to work with 22:25