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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Font::FreeType (0.3.1) by 03WARRINGD 00:22
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samebchase- If I have a list of hashes, what's the best way to destructure each hashes keys in a pointy loop? Say this is my hash: `%foo = %{a => 1, b => 2}` how do I introduce variables `$a` and `$b` which destructure those respective keys? 05:40
I know how to do it in a function signature and in a variable binding. I'm getting tripped up trying to do the same in a pointy loop. 05:42
I am trying something like `for %foo, %foo -> (% (:a(:$a), :b(:$b)) { say $a, $b }` also is there any shortcut where the keys are not expected to be renamed? 05:45
cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Template::Mustache (1.2.1) by 03SOFTMOTH 05:46
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JJMerelo Current list of unanswered (or answered with answers with score <= 0) in StackOverflow stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/raku Take a look, score up answers if they fit, edit question, and try to help in whatever way you can 06:50
3% unanswered rate is nothing to write home about, but still keeping a high answer record helps newcomers and oldcomers alike 06:51
SmokeMachine m: @a = {:1a, :2b}, {:3a, :4b}; for @a -> % (:$a, :b($another-name)) { dd $a; did $another-name }
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '@a' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> 3<BOL>7⏏5@a = {:1a, :2b}, {:3a, :4b}; for @a -> %
SmokeMachine m: my @a = {:1a, :2b}, {:3a, :4b}; for @a -> % (:$a, :b($another-name)) { dd $a; did $another-name } 06:52
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared routine:
did used at line 1. Did you mean 'dir', 'die', 'dd'?
SmokeMachine m: my @a = {:1a, :2b}, {:3a, :4b}; for @a -> % (:$a, :b($another-name)) { dd $a; dd $another-name }
camelia 1
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holyghost weekend time ! 07:06
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samebchase- That is perfect SmokeMachine! Will try it out. Thank you! 07:36
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JJMerelo releasable6: status 07:43
releasable6 JJMerelo, Next release in ≈1 day and ≈11 hours. There are no known blockers. Changelog for this release was not started yet
JJMerelo, Details: gist.github.com/91edeec18cb08fa85f...e897851880
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patrickb How can I mark a test to not be run automatically during install and similar? 08:42
is this what xt/ is for?
MasterDuke i believe the testing tools usually don't run xt/ test automatically 09:04
patrickb I just read about the Lancester consensus github.com/Perl-Toolchain-Gang/too...g-contexts 09:05
Seems Perl has quite a sophisticated system for this
I suspect we don't.
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timotimo .seen lembark 10:47
tellable6 timotimo, I saw lembark 2020-07-03T03:59:19Z in #moarvm: <lembark> Found it: cloned from githup.
timotimo .seen lembark_
tellable6 timotimo, I saw lembark_ 2020-07-03T03:59:19Z in #moarvm: <lembark> Found it: cloned from githup.
timotimo .tell lembark just wanted to check if you got my mails re: the workload that grew too much in memory usage 10:48
tellable6 timotimo, I'll pass your message to lembark
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Gnome::Gtk3 (0.29.1) by 03MARTIMM 12:33
New module released to CPAN! Gnome::Gdk3 (0.17.1) by 03MARTIMM
rypervenche Is there a way to have zef use /root/.raku when running as root and install modules there instead of anywhere outside of its home directory? 12:36
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timotimo i believe zef has a --into flag or something like that, but you'll of cours also need to tell rakudo to look in there using RAKUDOLIB or RAKULIB not sure which; it'll be an inst#/root/.raku/something most probably 13:18
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rypervenche I'll give it a shot, thanks. 13:58
cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Terminal::Getpass (0.0.7) by 03TITSUKI 14:00
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[Coke] who "owns" rakudo.org? looking at github.com/perl6/rakudo.org/issues/7 - need to decide if we really do want to be pushing only star vs. compiler, the notes there need to be considered in the scope of the rename, and zoffix noted that at one point rakudo.org was just going to redirect to raku.org 14:44
I don't know if anyone is planning for that last thing to still happen. 14:45
vrurg [Coke]: the redirect thing doesn't look right to me. 14:51
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vrurg But the ownership of the repository is better be transferred to rakudo org 14:52
patrickb Coke: I did the last larger rework of rakudo.org. I think there is no real owner of the website. 15:01
I think there currently isn't much of a long term plan wrt the website.
An important bit that changed since that ticket is the relocatable precompiled releases. 15:02
I personally prefer those to the Star bundles. The current website reflects that a little bit. 15:03
[Coke] the problem with putting it into the rakudo org is that then it gets tied up with CLAs.
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[Coke] I did the two low hanging items left in #7 - going to close out that ticket, folks can re-open tickets for any items not covered, I think. 15:04
patrickb I don't think merging rakudo.org back into raku.org is going to happen. I mean, we can do that, but in the past the strong counter argument has always been to not discourage alternative implementations.
[Coke] there's a ticket to move it to the Raku org so at least it's out of perl6/
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[Coke] is this done? github.com/perl6/rakudo.org/issues/18 15:07
Altreus Apparently this doesn't work like it did in Perl5 ... how do I call this without exporting it? gist.github.com/Altreus/2c5b59f3bb...d6406ef568 15:08
El_Che There is certainly merit to the different implementation argument, but for most of the world it's very confusing
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[Coke] Altreus: "our sub" 15:09
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Altreus oh! 15:09
thanks :)
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patrickb I'm not entirely sure what the files page referred to at that time, but I know of no place on rakudo.org, where a hard version is still in use. So I think it's done. 15:10
[Coke] patrickb: can you close out the ticket with that note? Thanks! 15:11
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guifa2 jnthn: question I had the other day is whether augment by design is supposed to be lexically scoped or if the current functionality (acting globally) is the intended functionality? 16:32
I can see great reasons for both, but one will make my life a lot easier :-) 16:33
jnthn It's global 16:35
In general, OO things and lexical things are orthogonal 16:36
guifa2 jnthn: okay, sweet. I'm finishing up a UserTimezone module that gets me an Olson ID. Since I need the latter for proper date formatting, I think I'm going to have Intl::* augment with an tz-identifier method and wrap the new to set it on creation 16:41
augment DateTime, I mean
[Coke] if you want limited impact from an OO change, you can subclass and use just the subclass in your local scope
guifa2 [Coke] I don't :-) 16:42
[Coke] ok. :)
tbrowder anybody running raku on openbsd? if so, any way to install other than source or rakubrew for up-to-date releases? what do you recommend? thanks. 16:46
jnthn guifa2: Just be aware that augment and preocmpilation do not play well together. 16:47
guifa2 jnthn: makes sense. DateTime stuff will be in beta for a while so I can play around with different strategies for approaching it and see the impacts they have 16:51
Actually 16:53
jnthn: wrapping probably wouldn't have the same precompilation issues would it? so if I wrapped .new and did a mix in? 16:54
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[Coke] tbrowder: rakudo.org/downloads - other platforms - BSD 16:59
Pkgsrc.se provides rakudo packages for NetBSD and other BSD flavors.
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tbrowder [Coke]: thnx, i missed that in my haste. 17:04
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SmokeMachine hi jnthn, is there a easy way of extending META6? 17:47
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SmokeMachine jnthn: sorry, wrong person... 18:09
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Red (0.1.18) by 03FCO 19:32
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rypervenche I'm curious how you all do your modules. Up until now I've only been installing modules via zef for my user, however I've recently had the need to run a script as root. Do you all just let zef install into /usr/share/perl6? I normally avoid anything not from my package manager putting things into root-owned directories like that. But forcing zef to use /root/.raku feels kind of hacky. 19:43
And also isn't completely perfect, since p6doc still installed into /usr/share/perl6.
rbt I use rakubrew for development and Docker images to push to other systems. 20:03
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SmokeMachine rypervenche: maybe you’d like to take a look at 6pm... 20:04
guifa2 new module! 20:08
.weekly: github.com/alabamenhu/UserTimezone 20:09
lizmat guifa2++
weekly: github.com/alabamenhu/UserTimezone
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
lizmat guifa2: don't start with . :-) 20:10
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guifa2 lizmat: I couldn't remember if it was .weekly or weekly: so I hedged my bets and used both. And failed 20:10
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oddp Is design.raku.org/S09.html#User-defi...y_indexing already in raku with an alternative syntax or not yet implemented? 20:33
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moritz I don't think that's implemented 20:36
lizmat but you *could* implement it, with your own AT-POS / AT-KEY implementation?
oddp Right, good to know. Thanks! 20:37
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lizmat oddp: source of inspiration: modules.raku.org/dist/Hash::Agnost...:ELIZABETH 20:42
also: modules.raku.org/dist/Array::Agnos...:ELIZABETH
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oddp Will take a look. Thanks again! 20:47
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raku-bridge <theangryepicbanana> Are there any nativecall gods who can help me with this? I would like to be able to inline a forward-declared c-struct in a c-union like this: pastebin.com/FpnHGzXi, but I am getting this unhelpful error message: ===SORRY!=== P6opaque: no such attribute '$!inlined' on type Attribute+{<anon|2>} in a Attribute+{<anon|2>} when trying to bind a value 21:09
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timotimo yeah, forward declared won't fly when you try to insert, since at the point the } of the union is parsed it will try to compose, at which point inlined types will need to be finished, too 21:13
can possibly make this work with the MOP? no clue 21:14
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timotimo (or i'm wrong about this completely) 21:14
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timotimo a full traceback could be helpfuler 21:14
this is happening at the exact spot the attribute that "is inlined" (aka HAS) is declared? 21:15
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timotimo pastebin is down? 21:15
oddp yeah, and a lot of other major sites as well. 21:31
lizmat seems cloudflare is down / dropped out of DNS 21:32
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timotimo looking forward to the incident report 21:35
kawaii cat escaped into the server room
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Kaiepi cloudflaaaare 21:37
timotimo started catting all the logs, that caused a severe load spike they were not ready for
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theangryepicbana timotimo: Re "a full traceback could be helpfuler", that is the full traceback 21:45
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theangryepicbana timotimo: Re "this is happening at the exact spot the attribute that "is inlined" (aka HAS) is declared?", yes it is (discord is down btw, which is why I'm here) 21:46
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raku-bridge <theangryepicbanana> (ah nice, it's back up0 21:48
timotimo hey banana 21:51
can you try running with --ll-exception?
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raku-bridge <theangryepicbanana> yeah sure 21:52
<theangryepicbanana> timotimo: pastebin.com/YJf3thia 21:54
timotimo mhh need to enhance the linkify script to also handle pastebins 21:57
raku-bridge <theangryepicbanana> timotimo: is it not viewable or somethign? 21:59
timotimo oh sorr 22:01
it's viewable
i got nerdsniped 22:02
raku-bridge <theangryepicbanana> ah ok
timotimo nqp::bindattr_i($attr, $attr.WHAT, '$!inlined', 1); 22:03
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raku-bridge <theangryepicbanana> ? 22:09
timotimo ok, the linkify script won't do much with these lines anyway, because stuff in stage2 would need a kind of source map or something 22:17
anyway, i'm a bit too scatterbrained to look up what role may have been mixed into that attribute 22:19
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raku-bridge <theangryepicbanana> ok. I can probably just turn the classes into opaque pointers for now, but it'd be nice if there could be a solution at some point 22:20
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rir On docs.raku.org the search widget is ineffective when the result set exceeds the browser's height. 22:44
timotimo oh dang 22:46
can you give an example or two for that situation?
like searching for "a" or "n" or so?
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oddp Is there a way to pass a reduction operator similar to .map(&[*])? 23:20
jnthn No special syntax for it, but {[+] @_} is quite short 23:24
m: sub foo(&x) { x(1,2,3) }; say foo {[+] @_} 23:25
camelia 6
jnthn m: sub foo(&x) { x([1,2,3]) }; say foo {[+] @_} # or by single arg rule, this
camelia 6
oddp Alright, that should do. Thanks a lot! 23:27
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