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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Sparrowdo (0.1.10) by 03MELEZHIK 02:35
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Geth advent: 5afcb8d8cc | (Vadim Belman)++ | 20th/articles/rfc137.md
Add an article on RFC 137
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Geth advent: 5ed6918442 | (Vadim Belman)++ | 20th/articles/rfc137.md
Fix an errata
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SmokeMachine Is the operator wrong at the beginning of the today’s article? 06:55
=< instead of <=? 06:56
moritz yes, fixing... 07:04
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SmokeMachine it seems the html has eaten the list of method names on `has Inner $.i handles ;` 07:44
on the today's post
JJMerelo .tell tbrowder I would say a totally new page, but it's probably better if you open an issue anyway and ask for opinions. 07:45
tellable6 JJMerelo, I'll pass your message to tbrowder
JJMerelo SmokeMachine let me check 07:46
tellable6 2020-08-02T18:58:23Z #raku <tbrowder> JJmerelo ^^^
SmokeMachine usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/.../image.png
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JJMerelo Not only that one. A host of others, too. Fixed. Thanks, SmokeMachine! 07:51
SmokeMachine you won't happen to want to write an article, right? We need a few still... 07:52
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SmokeMachine JJMerelo: I'd love, but I'm not having much time this days (and my English wouldn't help)... :( what RFCs are still without an author? 07:54
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JJMerelo SmokeMachine most. I can help with English, and if you upload it to the repo, it can be checked by anyone 08:04
SmokeMachine JJMerelo: Sorry, I'm staying at home with my kids, they are bored without anything to do, I need to use the non working time to play with them. I could not say I'd do a article and not have time to do it. 08:07
JJMerelo SmokeMachine please do that and stay safe :-) 08:08
JJMerelo clickbaits today's 20th anniversary calendar entry raku-advent.blog/2020/08/03/worthy-picks/ 08:32
... and we still need articles. Please pick one (or a few) RFCs and add yourself here github.com/Raku/advent/tree/master/20th 08:33
.seen ab5tract 08:34
tellable6 JJMerelo, I saw ab5tract 2020-07-28T11:06:36Z in #raku: <ab5tract> [ptc]: thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it! :D
JJMerelo .tell ab5tract how are you doing with your article? 08:35
tellable6 JJMerelo, I'll pass your message to ab5tract
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leont is still working on his rfc blogpost -_- (also, someone should put him on that list for rfc22) 09:58
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demostanis Hello everyone! A little question, how do I make a variable to a package? I have a simple package containing a subroutine, calling My::Package::subroutine works, but when I make a $variable = My::Package; $variable::subroutine is of type (Any) 10:06
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Geth advent: 48136967af | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 20th/README.md
Set up leont for RFC 22
lizmat leont ^^
JJMerelo leont thanks! 10:14
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dakkar demostanis: docs.raku.org/language/packages#In...into_names 10:23
JJMerelo demostanis: have you tried something like ::($variable)::subroutine?
dakkar m: package Foo { our sub bar { say 'it worked' } };my $p='Foo'; &::($p)::bar()
camelia it worked
demostanis Thanks for the solutions, I've had forgotten the & and to put My::Package inside quotes 10:25
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2020/08/03/2020-...ntytwenty/ 13:20
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moritz lizmat++ 13:42
guifa2 lizmat++ 13:50
am I weird for feeling dirty using "is rw" in signatures? I feel like given normal Raku style it's exceedingly rare (as an attribute trait, different story of course) 13:55
moritz not weird, I hear ya 13:56
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guifa2 I don't think I'd ever used it until porting this C code 13:57
I can probably get rid of it, but I'm wary of making my Raku code stray too far from standard code 13:58
I've actually thought about literally included chunks of the C code as comments, just to help spot changes in the standard library and implement them 13:59
Geth advent: 963199e563 | (Vadim Belman)++ | 20th/articles/rfc137.md
Fix an errata and add a link to synopses

Also reformatted the text for ease of reading as raw.
guifa2 Ah, and since it's the time that most European users are online :-) 14:00
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guifa2 moritz lizmat jnthn timotimo: since y'all use "summer time" as opposed to "daylight (savings) time" on this side of the pond, any thoughts on naming the method to check if a time is in standard vs summer/daylight time? The standard C library uses "isdst" but I'm not 100% liking $time.is-dst for Raku 14:02
moritz guifa2: I always thought of "summer time" as a bad translation of DST :D 14:04
could be $time.is-dst or even $time.is-dailight-savings 14:05
Geth advent: b5973d484a | (Vadim Belman)++ | 20th/articles/rfc137.md
Revert wrapping long lines to comply with CONTRIBUTING

Sorry for that, should've read the instructions more carefully.
guifa2 moritz: heh. I'd be happy if we just got rid of it but alas, 'tis not the case 14:08
dakkar nitpick: "saving", not "savings" 14:10
guifa2 I think tonight I'll be able to release this sucker, just have to finish the localtime->gmt conversion code. I think the technique for hacking DateTime will be worthy of an interesting blog post (one of the many I've promised lizmat and still not finished lol).
dakkar it's a change to save (i.e. use more of) day time
and of course I mangle my own explanation…
it's a change to the local time, to save (i.e. use more of) daylight
guifa2: I always forget to ask… in Intl, is the current locale only stored in a process global? 14:12
(I may have misunderstood completely, though)
guifa2 dakkar: for UserLanguage yes. It's set once upon first use to avoid repeated shell calls. 14:13
dakkar so I can't use `Intl::UserLanguage` in (for example) web applications
guifa2 For all other modules, you can always specify a language, it just defaults to UserLanguage if you don't
dakkar now that I've actually looked at the code, yes, UserLanguage is only useful for command-line things 14:14
guifa2 For a webapp, I'd load UserLanguage but specify a fallback language (English, probably, in most use cases) 14:15
dakkar for HTTP, I should construct a `LanguageTag` from `Accept-language` or equivalent
guifa2 Exactly. And Intl::LanguageTag has tag selection functions
dakkar thank you! 14:16
guifa2 dakkar: no problem. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with any of them. I haven't approached performance tuning though outside of trying to lazy load yet — for your web example, it will only load English until you get a Spanish user, then it'll have EN and ES loaded, until you get a German user, then EN ES DE, etc. 14:20
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dakkar sounds sensible! 14:20
I'm not sure if I'll actually get around to using it, but since I've seen other projects make serious mistakes, I'm happy to notice that you haven't made any that I recognise 14:21
guifa2 i'm sure in Timezone there will be one or two, but dealing with time, you basically tend to either load one of the hyper accurate Java libraries or you accept that there may be some minor issues without lots of boilerplate 14:23
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demostanis I'm just curious: what operating systems do you guys work on? 14:35
guifa2 I think most of us are either Mac or Linux 14:40
rindolf demostanis: i use mageia linux and fedora linux primarily
MasterDuke arch linux and kubuntu at home. centos at work 14:42
[Coke] for raku? mac. have a windows box for $dayjob where I do use raku. 14:45
(so I occasionally do a windows build using VS) 14:48
rypervenche Gentoo Linux here.
codesections Linux here as well (Void, Pop!_OS, Arch, & Debian) 14:49
guifa2 <[Coke]> you may soon become my new best friend as I start making more User[Attribute] modules ;-) 14:50
[Coke] I'm happy to do tests as time permits. 14:51
[Coke] is reminded to kick off a build.
holyghost As [Coke], windows, mac and BSDs 15:06
demostanis Which BSDs?
holyghost the 3 mains, Net, Open and Free 15:07
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holyghost I work on NetBSD mostly for scheme and mono, I do have an android phone (samsung) and an iphone for music 15:09
Then C++ on windows and macs, evrything XCode on the command line can bear 15:10
I work in windowmaker mostly with several xterms, vi and xemacs
and seamonkey as a browser 15:11
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holyghost I use these to be productive and calm down FWIW 15:16
Xliff's server where I work on in raku, is an ubuntu system 15:18
rockxloose I use Mac, BSDs, Raspbian. 15:21
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Net::BGP (0.7.2) by 03JMASLAK 15:32
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tbrowder i'm very interested in that book lizmat mentioned, but i've not been real happy with the 2 i have already (at a lot more the present subject). 15:58
i would love to see at least toc and other front matter if availabe. i couldn't find that at the link. 16:00
*at a lot higher prices than the subject ebook 16:01
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demostanis Is there any way to download a remote file while showing a progress bar, using LWP::Simple or HTTP::UserAgent? 16:41
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lizmat tbrowder: TOC of book: gist.github.com/lizmat/99751c0864d...04499b369f 16:55
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tbrowder lizmat: thanks, i think i’ll give it a shot 16:59
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lizmat afk again& 17:03
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Geth advent: b0031f1618 | (Vadim Belman)++ | 20th/README.md
Update my URL

Better link to the blog.
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vrurg .ask JJMerelo I scheduled for today as there seemed nothing scheduled yet. Tell me please if the plan is different. 17:39
tellable6 vrurg, I'll pass your message to JJMerelo
guifa2 "Missing serialize REPR function for REPR MVMContext (BOOTContext)" any idea what causes this compile error? It doesn't give a linenum 17:51
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codesections Is there a good/idiomatic way to print the elements from a lazy list as they're computed (rather than waiting for the whole list (or a subset of it) to be computed and printing that whole range)? 18:31
(I'm currently using something like `my $i = 0; while $lazy-list[$i] { say $lazy-list[$i++] }` – and that *works* but feels a bit unidiomatic 18:39
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rypervenche m: my $list = ^15; .say for $list[]; 19:17
camelia 0
rypervenche codesections: There may be a better way, but maybe something like that?
It worked for me with ^Inf as well.
codesections rypervenche: Thanks! I had tried something along those lines, but I was thinking that $list[] would realize the whole list before printing anything – but, trying it out, it looks like it doesn't. Which is exactly what I wanted :) 19:20
rypervenche codesections: docs.raku.org/language/subscripts#...Zen_slices 19:21
codesections well, there you go. > Zen slicing does not reify or cache (not even Seqs) 19:22
Today I Learned 19:23
rypervenche As did I :) 19:26
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SmokeMachine I had forgot fanlang till I've seen this: doc.openresty.com/en/fanlang/ 19:56
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codesections Does anyone have a font they really like for Raku's unicode symbols? In my font × and x are a bit too close, and ∖ and \ are just indistinguishable 20:24
tony-o monaco makes them distinguishable, the exes fairly quickly, the slashes only very slightly 20:25
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Geth advent: 48dbd0c138 | (Vadim Belman)++ | 20th/README.md
Claim RFC 265
guifa2 I feel like ∖ and ÷ are pretty clearly different ;-) 20:43
duh obviously it's \ and ∖ not / and ∖
guifa2 returns to figure out this REPR bug
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guifa2 got it 20:48
my int16 @foo[2,2] = (1,2),(3,4); doesn't like being 'used'
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demostanis Aren't there any way to show a progress bar while downloading a file using LWP::Simple or HTTP::UserAgent? 22:38
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guifa2 demostanis: I don't see anything in HTTP::UserAgent that would give a hook for that 23:10
tellable6 guifa2, I'll pass your message to demostanis
guifa2 arg, finally got the ported gmt-from-local sub to work but it's giving me wrong results =\ 23:16
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rypervenche I wonder if Terminal::Spinners could somehow be used to do that. 23:32
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guifa2 You'd still need to pass it data via a promise 23:50
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