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ggoebel I would like to thank everyone who put themselves forward as nominees to serve on the RSC. Congratulations and condolences to those who were elected. I do not envy you the often thankless task of governance and cat herding. Condolences and congratulations to those who will not be serving. I appreciate that you put yourself out there and were willing to serve. 01:30
tellable6 hey ggoebel, you have a message: gist.github.com/ece2ae9ad7a28c2e78...59fe21a350
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Geth Raku-Steering-Council/main: bfaf089926 | (Nick Logan)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | nominations/2020/acceptance.txt
Update acceptance.txt
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guifa2 rypervenche: big update to the editor. Now it'll save your edits and let you download a new copy of it. Haven't extensively tested the saved files, but they seem to be an accurate copy 02:31
err meant that for /msg but works for everyone too ha. Intl::X now has a localization editor that works in browser and lets your run actual real Raku code to test things 02:32
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Geth Raku-Steering-Council/acceptance-jj: 0ea2b886e7 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | nominations/2020/acceptance.txt
Adds myself
Raku-Steering-Council: JJ++ created pull request #36:
Adds myself
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jmerelo releasable6: status 06:27
releasable6 jmerelo, Next release will happen when it's ready. 3 blockers. Changelog for this release was not started yet
jmerelo, Details: gist.github.com/03a88eb832c8d96dfe...db4bad6a65
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jmerelo zoffix is back: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/3929 07:20
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2020/09/21/2020-...l-results/ 07:42
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El_Che lo 09:02
moritz lizmat++ 09:35
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tbrowder congratulations to the newly elected RSC members! Ilook forward to interesting things coming from the "head shed." 11:35
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Altreus How do I print binary data to a Proc? It's currently in a Blob[uint8] 12:18
.print tries to .Str it and then tells me off 12:19
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sena_kun Altreus, .write? 12:23
Altreus ah! 12:24
how did you do that
You joined after I asked but answered anyway!
sena_kun Altreus, that's magic! 12:25
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Altreus that's numberwang 12:34
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Xliff Um... if Raku bindings could be made for the header files listed at the bottom of this page: docstore.mik.ua/orelly/apache_mod/124.htm 13:40
How difficult would it be to then link Cro into Apache? 13:41
sena_kun Xliff, not sure how anyone can give estimates. "How difficult" depends on so many things.
Xliff I don't care if there are more than one. 13:42
Although a path of least resistence estimate would be nice.
So I would be interested in keeping Cro::Router, and everything associated, but let Apache deal with the heavy lifting of protocol level communication. 13:44
sena_kun Xliff, Cro can do that, yes. Router is just a transform that takes a request and returns a response, so if you can write sink/source using natives - yes. 13:46
The question is more about writing bindings for all that and using them in a working way to transfer data. 13:47
While Cro part is not so hard: having a source and a sink, just slap in there a router, compose, you're done.
codesections Xliff: any particular reason you mention Apache as opposed to other servers? Or did you just use them as an example of a server that could play that role? 13:48
timotimo hm, no bindings to libav, eh? 13:49
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Xliff codesections: There is no reason that Apache be the only one. 14:01
It's just that's the webserver I "grew up" on, so it's always at the front of my mind.
codesections: The only real limitation is this: a public API 14:02
timotimo: Wanna write some? :) 14:03
codesections Xliff: totally fair. I've mostly grown up on nginx, but know that a lot of people really like Apache
Xliff codesections: Plus, I was reading up on writing modules for Apache while musing about things. 14:05
Would totally be neat to take a class to serve as entry-point, break it down. Write an APXS .c around it to compile and use as a module for Apache. 14:06
That was my initial thought any way. Other webservers would be a variation of this.
codesections I just asked this on r/rakulang, but thought I'd ask here too: How would you describe Raku in one sentence? www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments..._sentence/ 14:11
Xliff codesections: "The language where one sentense is not enough to do it justice." 14:15
:)] 14:16
codesections fair (though not super helpful!). Here's my attempt: 14:23
a concise, expressive, multiparadigm language supporting gradual typing, parallelism & concurrency, rich metaprogramming/introspection, and best-in-class string processing and pattern matching.
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codesections revised for punchiness: «Raku is a concise, expressive, aggressively multiparadigm language that supports gradual typing, built-in concurrency, rich metaprogramming, and best-in-class string processing and pattern matching» 14:31
[Coke] finds (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و sitting in a text file in his home dir 14:35
Xliff [Coke]: Next time, lock your doors. :) 14:36
codesections: Much better! I think mine came from a distinct desire to be laszy. Glad to have you around! 14:37
[Coke] Xliff: ha
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Geth doc: 40837a1d98 | (Patrick Böker)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Type/IO/Path.pod6
`IO::Path.x` gives false-positives for scripts

Add a note saying so. May this save some future reader some grief.
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/IO::Path
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guifa2 codesections: I think Raku like legos. You can go simple or complex, but the deeper and bigger you go the more its beauty shows. 15:19
codesections guifa2: I agree. The problem with that, though, is that you can pretty much s/Raku/programming/ and have that still be true. Now, it's _more_ true of Raku, but that sentence doesn't do a lot to convey that/why that's true 15:21
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JJAtria[m] I really liked how lichtkind described Raku at the conference in Glasgow a couple of years back: like an English garden 15:59
At first it looks wild and messy, but as you explore it you find vantage points that cut across the language, and realise that there is a pervasive consistency in its design
I think about it often actually :')
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codesections JJAtria[m]: I _think_ I really like that. I haven't experienced an English garden of the sort it's describing, so the analogy loses a bit of its power – but I can certainly imagine it 16:04
Geth doc: 8a22fcc235 | Coke++ | xt/check-signatures.t
Make test respect TEST_FILES

Closes #3611
linkable6 DOC#3611 [closed]: github.com/Raku/doc/issues/3611 [xt] xt/check-signatures.t doesn't respect TEST_FILES
JJAtria[m] I can't remember what garden he used at the time to illustrate, but I've had that experience in Kew Gardens, so it really clicked with me 16:08
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AlexDaniel codesections: very good question, btw! 17:28
codesections thanks :) 17:30
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[Coke] tries to get work to use the HALFWIDTH CORNER BRACKETS to highlight some stuff in our product. 17:37
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toughy Hello guys ! 19:38
codesections o/
toughy Am I doing something wrong here ? 19:39
Wait ... how do I show some code ?
codesections m: say 'like this'
camelia like this
toughy m: module API::v1 { our sub fad { 11 * 22 } }; module API::v2 { our &s-sub := &API::v1::fad }; API::V2::s-sub 19:40
camelia Could not find symbol '&s-sub' in 'V2'
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
toughy m: module API::v1 { our sub fad { 11 * 22 } }; module API::v2 { our &s-sub := &API::v1::fad }; API::v2::s-sub 19:41
camelia Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Uninstantiable; Callable)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
toughy There !
Is it me or is it camelia ?
Or how do I re-export from M2 the subs imported from M1 ? 19:43
Or how do I re-export from Module2 the subs imported from Module1 ? 19:45
codesections This is a bit of a tangent from what you're asking about, but do you know about the `:ver` trait? It'd let you distiguish between `API:ver<1>` and `API:ver<2>` and give you better introspection/etc. 19:47
toughy I would like to load both API::v1 and API:v2, and then detect the version of an external .dll at runtime, or read some user choice, in order to choose one 19:50
But when I tried it I could not `use` both API:ver<1> and API:ver<2>, they appear mutually exclusive
codesections I see 19:56
I'm not sure I 100% follow what you'd like to do. Is this it? 19:59
m: module API::v1 { our sub fad { 11 * 22 } }; module API::v2 { our sub s-sub {&API::v1::fad()} }; API::v2::s-sub
camelia ( no output )
codesections m: module API::v1 { our sub fad { 11 * 22 } }; module API::v2 { our sub s-sub {&API::v1::fad()} }; say API::v2::s-sub
camelia 242
toughy Yes, I would like that 20:00
So I want to import SQLError from ODCB::API::v1 in my ODBC::API::v2, then also export the same function SQLError
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toughy The `our &f1 := &f2` declaration works as expected if modules are not involved 20:03
Which makes me wonder if I am doing something wrong, or is just the perl implementation that still needs to catch up with this
codesections I have to step away for a minute; I hope someone else can help you in the meantime. If not, I'll be back in a bit 20:04
tobs toughy: binding := happens at compile time. That seems to be what is throwing things off. The &API::v1::fad is apparently not yet available at the time you try to bind to it: 20:16
m: module API::v1 { our sub fad { 11 * 22 } }; module API::v2 { our &s-sub := &API::v1::fad }; say &API::v2::s-sub
camelia (Callable)
tobs m: module API::v1 { our sub fad { 11 * 22 } }; module API::v2 { our &s-sub = &API::v1::fad }; say API::v2::s-sub # with assignment instead 20:17
camelia 242
tobs I don't know if that's to be expected though…
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tobs hmm, the same happens even when I put the two modules into separate files and load v1 from v2. 20:25
toughy I tried with assignment before, it still gave me the error ...
But here it works ... I'm confused 20:27
Thank you anyway ! 20:28
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guifa \o 20:28
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rypervenche Is there a way to slurp all of the files in a directory into a single variable? 22:29
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rypervenche Without specifically hardcoding each filename in my script. 22:30
AlexDaniel rypervenche: how about dir(‘somewhere’/).map(*.slurp).join or something similar? 22:31
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rypervenche Ah ok. I wasn't sure if there was anything builtin with slurp. I'll go with that then. :) Thanks 22:32
AlexDaniel rypervenche: keep in mind that dir doesn't sort the results
so maybe you need .sort.map
rypervenche I'm fine with that.
AlexDaniel rypervenche: fyi unicode stuff on file boundaries may be a problem 22:33
and the performance may not be great depending on how many files you have
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parabolize rypervenche: as for getting the file names without harcoding you can use variables like $*HOME and $*CWD. You can also store the path in a config file with something like Config::TOML 22:54
$*CWD.add('/blah/blah').dir».slurp.join 22:55
rypervenche Thanks for the ideas. I think a dir + map will do nicely for this one. 23:21
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rypervenche Would using hyper to read from a single hash cause a race condition and cause the error "A worker in a parallel iteration (hyper or race) initiated here:" ? 23:36
I know that would happen with writing to a hash, but I no idea with reading from one.
timotimo that just means an exception happened in one of the workers 23:39
reading from hashes should be fine, but nothing is allowed to write to it at the same time
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