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AlexDaniel Xliff: “The pieces are there to make some really nice games in Raku.” 00:17
did you mean “some really basic games”? :P
rypervenche Rosettacode has 2048, if you want to play that :D >< 00:18
guifa rypervenche: ha, you actually have an even MORE updated Exceptions file than I do lol. I found one or two more that I didn’t take care in the AST 00:19
rypervenche Yeah, I updated it today. Although it's the same as your es.rakumod, minus the ! to . changes that I made. 00:20
AlexDaniel just because something is technically possible with a lot of effort doesn't make the tool suitable for the task
guifa rypervenche: tbh, what I do is just try to compile and keep fixing the errors as I went ha. That literally dictated the first translations I did in Asturian, and those are the ones that have notes already created for them 00:21
moon-child I made a little thing in raku and c/opengl, using c for most of the graphics bits 00:25
that's probably not what you're talking about, though :)
AlexDaniel I've heard a lot of far-fetched things on this channel but Raku for game development probably takes the cake 00:27
moon-child I mean, there are the SDL&cairo bindings, and github.com/timo/gtk_cairo_shooter 00:29
AlexDaniel and you do what with it?
guifa Define game though. I’ve been working on a port of some classic text adventure games, seems to work well lol 00:30
moon-child AlexDaniel: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I also originally made github.com/moon-chilled/libport to call the other way, and see if I could make a game engine scripted by raku
AlexDaniel I like this comment: www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...e/g6d75ld/ 00:33
it's about using words that others don't understand the same way
guifa rypervenche: use Intl::X ‘zh-TW’; sub ($a) { EVAL $a }; foo ‘say 42’; 00:34
EVAL 是很危險的函式!!! (use the MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL pragma to override this error but only if you're VERY sure your data contains no injection attacks).
timotimo AlexDaniel: i don't actually have the free time to do it, but godot with gdnative could be use to embed a moarvm + rakudo inside godot 00:36
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AlexDaniel timotimo: I mean, come on, everything is technically possible. But we can't be saying things without any honest connection with the reality. No JIT on ARM means mobile games are out, browser games via webassembly are not realistic at this moment. Even using Raku for backend of multiplayer games would be a terrible choice for performance reasons. You're left with open-source native games that don't demand performance. That's an extremely 00:56
small niche, and even there Raku would be a terrible choice because all other goddamn languages exists and work well.
moon-child isn't mvm js backend still a thing? 00:57
AlexDaniel still a thing? Was it a thing? :)
s/exists/exist/ 00:59
timotimo not mvm js 01:00
nqp js
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AlexDaniel there are a lot of things that *can* be done in this world but it doesn't mean they should be done. I use Raku for real time camera motion control. Wow, Raku used for a practical real world application, right. And you know what? I regret every single line of it. Having to deal with performance and memory issues (on a system that needs to do video encoding, you know!) and not being able to increase iteration frequencies because of a 01:16
constant fear that raku itself will ruin my work (sometimes intermittently), when I could've used literally any other programming language and would've been so much happier with that particular use case. Don't tell people to write games in Raku, please.
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frot-lab Hey, I want to know how to use the packages installed by zef if I change raku'version by using the binary releases. 06:05
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jmerelo clickbaits hacktoberfest in the Rakuverse github.com/Raku/hacktoberfest 06:32
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jmerelo frot-lab: I'm afraid you'll have to install them all over again... The process of installation of packages is version-specific, so you need to do that every time. 06:36
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AlexDaniel jmerelo: is it? For example, rakubrew rolls over to newer versions without the need to reinstall packages 07:03
I don't know the specifics of binary releases but shouldn't it also be possible?
moreover, even if it's not possible, you can still use zef to install modules into a specific directory which you can then add to PERL6LIB 07:04
jmerelo AlexDaniel: not too familiar with rakubrew, just started using it. Anyway, frot-lab was asking about binary packages.
AlexDaniel yes, you'll need to just wait for precompilation when you update rakudo, but no need to issue install commands from scratch
but frankly I have never used binary releases so I'm talking out of my ass x) 07:05
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andrzejku I started to think 08:34
timotimo: what's a status of C++ bindings?
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jmerelo andrzejku:you mean, for NativeCall? 08:51
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El_Che lo 09:32
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andrzejku jmerelo: yes 10:35
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jmerelo andrzejku: yep, it would be nice to have that... 11:39
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tbrowder hi, my new blog site is on line at <zola-blogs.us> as a WIP. i will be fleshing it out during the next couple of days. it is not restricted to Raku but any programmer/dev type is welcome. suggestions always welcome. 12:21
it is hosted on github with markdown source so it should be easy use and update. 12:22
it is supposed to be https but cert gen is still incomplete on github side 12:25
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lizmat tbrowder: any idea how long that's gonna take 12:42
because accessing such a site on MacOS is a royal pain :-)
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El_Che not much there yet :) 12:48
[Coke] I have some repos that I prefaced with "p6-" to avoid confusion with their p5 counterparts. best practice going forward? no prefix? switch to raku? 12:57
e.g.: github.com/coke/p6-unicode-mangler (also regretting the name mangler now. :) 12:58
elcaro [Coke]: I use `raku-`. I previously used `p6`, but not just to avoid p5 confusion, but maybe one day I might want to publish a python library of the same name, who knows
lizmat I guess if you still also have Perl repoes, prefix with raku
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[Coke] is it critical to update ecosystem file or is the github redirect fine-ish? 13:10
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lizmat fine-ish for the interim, but I would definitely update the ecosystem 13:13
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tbrowder lizmat: what would it take to ease the pain? 13:22
or are you referring to https? 13:23
lizmat get the certificate working ?
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tbrowder oh, github says 24 hr, so hopefully later today 13:24
lizmat I can wait for that :-)
tbrowder if i don't see any change by late pm i'll check with github support. i don't remember exactly when i went "live" but it was maybe 2300 yr time yesterday 13:26
Geth ecosystem: coke++ created pull request #546:
track rename
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[Coke] wrote github.com/coke/raku-cal 4 years ago and forgot about it, apparently. 13:39
timotimo needs monday as first day of week :) :) 13:41
[Coke] timotimo: EW
but sure, as an option.
open an issue? :)
timotimo no, WE, as in weekend
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[Coke] :) 15:15
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guifa [Coke]: even better, use Intl::CLDR and figure out what the first day of the week is based on the current locale :-) 15:44
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[Coke] guifa: added github.com/coke/raku-cal/issues/2 15:57
guifa: is that data *in the module itself* or is it being pulled in from an external source? 16:03
tadzik was hacktoberfest always this spammy? 16:05
I saw people complaining first thing in the morning today, but only now I see the full onslaught
[Coke] I recall squashathons being very chatty - but the up side is that we get more people involved. 16:10
timotimo where are people complaining? 16:12
tadzik timotimo: take a look at twitter.com/shitoberfest/
jmerelo I'm all for squashathongs
tadzik and 300,000 PRs matching "improved docs": github.com/search?o=desc&q=is%...ype=Issues
jmerelo Er. Tons.
tadzik perl6/book got hit too 16:13
timotimo oh my
jmerelo But let me remind you we have created a place for all your beginner-friendly issues here github.com/Raku/hacktoberfest 16:14
timotimo is perl6/book now too outdated to be useful?
tadzik I doubt it, but you probably have to read it with a grain of salt
timotimo we do have recently written books by now, too :) 16:15
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[Coke] guifa: gist.github.com/coke/6f12b80b10b1f...835a95fe52 - failure installing that module 16:20
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timotimo tadzik: i'm proud that i got my very own spamtoberfest PR 17:03
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tadzik timotimo: nice :) 17:28
is it an "awesome project" PR?
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lizmat weekly: www.codesections.com/blog/raku-manifesto-2/ 17:30
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
tadzik the perl6/book one already got wiped it seems 17:32
lizmat yeah, that's the one that confused me... because the link in your tweet was dead :-)
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tadzik ah rip 17:37
I should have screen-shat it
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tadzik github.com/PerlDancer/advent-calen...l/44/files hurts to read 17:42
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timotimo tadzik: nope, it's a "this project is based on c++ language" PR 17:50
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tadzik heh 17:58
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timotimo it also says in the "about" thingie that is part of the github repo itself that it's c++ 18:03
but the project did not have a readme so far
which isn't great! 18:04
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[Coke] so far every "this PR for hacktoberfest is bad" link I've clicked on is a 404 on github 18:53
which means it was not just rejected but outright deleted, right? 18:54
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tadzik yes 18:59
the spam reports must be working
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AlexDani` squashathons were nice but they were a bit too often 19:22
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AlexDaniel also I wish core devs participated in them more 19:22
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timotimo i'm definitely guilty of being a "core dev who has not participated enough" 19:34
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AlexDaniel it's just hard to kickstart them sometimes. If no one is doing a lot of contributions then others are also unlikely to participate 19:40
El_Che github.blog/2020-09-30-code-scanni...available/ 19:45
sadly not raku yet, but still nice
as far as I can see it's based on codeql and thus C/C++, C#, Go, Java. JS. Python 19:46
[Coke] should we put MoarVM under the scope?
El_Che I am looking how public it is 19:47
for my own repos
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El_Che it's running now 19:50
just looking if it publishes what it found
it didn't find any :) 19:52
but it does nog look public, so thatś good
(I guess it's easier to shoot yourself in the foot with C than Go :) 19:53
MasterDuke i tried enabling it for my moarvm fork. it didn't find anything (assuming i set it up correctly) 19:54
[Coke] MasterDuke++ 19:58
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El_Che MasterDuke: impressive 20:06
rename your fork to moarvm-safe 20:07
timotimo .o( we should run coverity scan again ) 20:09
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Zero_Dogg How would I go about assigning a property of an object, when the name of the property is in a variable? Ie. given object $a with a property foo, and $prop = 'foo', I'd like to do something like $a.$prop = something 20:18
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MasterDuke m: class A { has $.a = 4 }; my $a = A.new; my $prop = "a"; say $a."$prop"() 20:20
camelia 4
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Zero_Dogg MasterDuke: thanks. What should I read to understand why quoting makes it work? 20:22
MasterDuke good question. dunno 20:23
Zero_Dogg hehe :)
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MasterDuke docs.raku.org/language/packages#In...into_names 20:25
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Zero_Dogg MasterDuke: thanks! :) 20:28
MasterDuke np
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guifa [Coke]: both. Data is self-contanied in the module, Although actually look at it now, I the start-of-week is in supplemental, so I need to manually add it and I haven’t done that yet. Ooops 20:40
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[Coke] guifa: any guidance on test failurs? 20:41
guifa [Coke]: Looking at that now.
I’ve been doing some fairly large refactoring and I may have been overzealous somewhere with edits
Aah, META6.json I think. I moved Intl/Numbers/NumberFinder into Intl/Token/Number 20:44
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[Coke] when running 'zef test .' in a module you're working on, is there a way to say "don't use the installed version of anything META6.json says it provides" ? (ugexe) 21:43
Geth doc: mendel++ created pull request #3659:
Documenting the special syntax for initialising the single public attribute of a role in runtime mixin
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