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tbrowder timotimo: yr definitely saturday night live talent waiting to be discovered :-D 01:56
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jmerelo Hey, Altai-man 06:31
Do you think we cound do a Blin run "hacktoberfest edition" to give a little love to failing distributions?
Altai-man jmerelo, how so? The modules failing are more are less stable and most of them are either beyond broken and need to be rewritten or have PRs, but authors have abandoned. 06:36
jmerelo Altai-man: all 308 of the Always Fail? It's true that I've made a few PRs for "MissingDependency" with little success... 06:37
Altai-man: some of them are even community-maintained modules... 06:40
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Altai-man jmerelo, not sure about all of them. I have to do number of things now, so after some hours will be available. 06:46
jmerelo Altai-man: thanks! 06:49
Also, hacktoberfest is now opt-in only hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/hac...est-update You need to add the "hacktoberfest" topic to the repository if you want PRs done to it to count. 06:53
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Altai-man releasable6, satatus 08:43
releasable6 Altai-man, I cannot recognize this command. See wiki for some examples: github.com/Raku/whateverable/wiki/Releasable
Altai-man releasable6, status
releasable6 Altai-man, Next release in ≈21 days and ≈10 hours. There are no known blockers. 0 out of 8 commits logged
Altai-man, Details: gist.github.com/89dd07e1b9f22bb040...e6c58f7975
jmerelo yay! 08:45
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Geth ecosystem/JJ-patch-1: f389b39674 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Adds Dist::META to ecosystem

A distribution that offers an unified API to dependencies (for the time being)
ecosystem: JJ++ created pull request #552:
Adds Dist::META to ecosystem
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tbrowder .ask codesections are you using the netlify free account? 11:58
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to codesections
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tbrowder .ask moritz does yr new printed book price include the ebook? 12:51
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to moritz
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ggoebel .tell pamplemousse I wrote a blog a couple weeks back about installing raku for contributors. I.e. forking your own repo's, etc. Could be useful for the raku users group meeting. ergoletterbag.blogspot.com/2020/09...ng-up.html 13:59
tellable6 ggoebel, I'll pass your message to pamplemousse
ggoebel it could probably use a review and recommendations for improvements... 14:00
kind of sad in that I haven't contributed much... but figured it might help others get over the initial hump 14:01
codesections tbrowder: I used to, but I switched to just running it as a static site via nginx. I blogged about that a bit here www.codesections.com/blog/leaving-netlify/ 14:05
tellable6 2020-10-03T11:58:02Z #raku <tbrowder> codesections are you using the netlify free account?
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tbrowder thnx, are your load times ok in africa? 14:18
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codesections they're… ok, I guess. Not great -- certainly not as good as if I used a CDN. For my homepage: ~2.3s for a first view; < 0.1 for repeat views. (But my server is on the west cost of the US, so I could improve that a lot just by moving it east or to Europe) 14:36
(The equivalent numbers for google.com are ~2.4s and ~2.3s for first & repeat views. Given that they're presumably using the best CDN money can buy, I feel reasonably OK with my load times. www.webpagetest.org/result/201003_...fe7ec0bd/) 14:42
(On the other hand, they're loading so much JavaScript that they're transmitting literally 100× as many bytes as I am, so they do start with a bit of a disadvantage. On the third hand, though, they have < 20 visible words and I'm not at all confident that much of that JS is for the user's benefit. So I'm not really inclined to cut them much slack for that self-imposed page weight) 14:46
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moritz tbrowder: no idea, sorry 14:54
tellable6 2020-10-03T12:51:29Z #raku <tbrowder> moritz does yr new printed book price include the ebook?
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Geth ecosystem: f389b39674 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Adds Dist::META to ecosystem

A distribution that offers an unified API to dependencies (for the time being)
ecosystem: 180db515a7 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Merge pull request #552 from Raku/JJ-patch-1

Adds Dist::META to ecosystem So here you go. It's one of the only modules, META6, that's already stored in the docker container, and whose version was older, so the new version needs to be specified. Here's a lesson for you. For me, in this case.
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tbrowder codesections: i just chopped 8 sec load time off my main web-site by commenting out some old crufty internal junk. load time now about 2.5 sec 16:53
seems like a race car compared to a cement mixer 16:55
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colomon_ Hey gang — what’s the current state of the art for a Raku GUI interface? 17:13
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moritz dunno if we have something better than GTK::Simple? 17:21
also, long time no see colomon_ (except on twitter :D )
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colomon_ hello moritz++! 17:28
hythm hi, is it possible to dispatch a multi method based on an attribute value of the class?
something like: class C { has $.name = 'a'; multi method m ( ::?CLASS:D.name ~~ 'a' ) { say 'a' } }
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moritz hythm: do you want to dispatch on the attribute of an argument, or based on the attribute of self? 17:33
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hythm moritz, the attribute of self 17:33
colomon_ wanders off to look at installing GTK on OS X…. 17:36
moritz hythm: sounds like a very wonky way to do polymorphism :D
m: class A { has $.name; multi method bark(self where {.name eq 'fido'}:) { say "worf" }; multi method bark() { say "woof } }; A.new(name => 'fido').bark 17:38
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Invalid typename 'self' in parameter declaration.
at <tmp>:1
------> 3s A { has $.name; multi method bark(self7⏏5 where {.name eq 'fido'}:) { say "worf"
moritz m: class A { has $.name; multi method bark(\self where {.name eq 'fido'}:) { say "worf" }; multi method bark() { say "woof } }; A.new(name => 'fido').bark
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Unable to parse expression in double quotes; couldn't find final '"' (corresponding starter was at line 1)
at <tmp>:1
------> 3ay "woof } }; A.new(name => 'fido').bark7⏏5<EOL>
expecting …
moritz m: class A { has $.name; multi method bark($self: where {.name eq 'fido'}) { say "worf" }; multi method bark() { say "woof } }; A.new(name => 'fido').bark 17:40
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Cannot do non-typename cases of type_constraint yet
at <tmp>:1
------> 3thod bark($self: where {.name eq 'fido'}7⏏5) { say "worf" }; multi method bark() {
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hythm "sounds like a very wonky way to do polymorphism :D" I agree. just wondering if its possible and if so, how. 17:44
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jdv79 m: $_ = DateTime.now; .say; $_+=Duration.new(0.000001); .say 17:53
camelia 2020-10-03T19:53:55.010089+02:00
jdv79 there seems to be some sort of rounding/precision type issue there 17:54
also happens with Duration.new()
m: $_ = DateTime.now; .say; .Instant.say; 17:57
camelia 2020-10-03T19:57:17.278887+02:00
jdv79 m: $_ = DateTime.now; .say; .Instant.say;
camelia 2020-10-03T19:57:21.706035+02:00
moritz I believe it's stored as a floating point value
jdv79 i would think that's a bug, no? 17:58
i don't see a ticket about it on a quick skim 18:02
that actually might explain some bizarre conditions i've been seeing lately based on intants and datetimes.
*instants 18:03
bbl though &
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[Coke] uses Raku to solve one of "Matt Parker's Maths Puzzles", whee 18:57
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patrickb o/ 19:40
ping rba
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melezhik .tell jemerelo: "to give a little love to a failing distributions" you can use RakuDist for that 20:07
tellable6 melezhik, I haven't seen jemerelo around, did you mean jmerelo?
melezhik .tell jmerelo: "to give a little love to a failing distributions" you can use RakuDist for that 20:09
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to jmerelo
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rypervenche How does one write to $*OUT? I tried writing a string to it with spurt, but no go. 20:18
moon-child m: $*OUT.say: 'hi' 20:19
camelia hi
rypervenche Oh, derp. Right, it's a handle.
moon-child m: $*OUT.write: 'hi'.encode
camelia hi
moon-child can also ^^ for Blob 20:20
rypervenche Thank you much. :) 20:21
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colomon_ Anyone have a notion how to deal with Cannot locate native library '(null)': dlopen(libgtk-3.dylib, 10): image not found from trying to run GTK:SImple? I have DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH as /usr/local/lib:/usr/lib/:/opt/local/lib and libgtk-3.dylib in /opt/local/lib 23:02
Rakudo is 2019.11
MasterDuke colomon_: i don't know anything about NativeCall, but maybe run under strace to see what file isn't being found? 23:09
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colomon_ MasterDuke: excellent idea, but I’m on MacOS, and apparently Apple borked dtrace in the name of greater security. :\ 23:20
timotimo at least on linux, ld has its own debug env vars 23:31
LD_DEBUG=files or libs could be interesting 23:33
hm, if we even go through ld to do the thing with dynload or whatever it is we use
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colomon_ oh, I think maybe MacOS also borked DYLD_* environent variables? scratching my head now… 23:38
timotimo does ltrace exist?
colomon_ don’t think so? 23:41
I’ve gotten beyond the last error by copying (sigh) libgtk-3.dylib to /usr/local/lib
now I get a new set of errors...
still getting a warning message: dbus[80687]: Dynamic session lookup supported but failed: launchd did not provide a socket path, verify that org.freedesktop.dbus-session.plist is loaded! 23:42
but after copying libgobject-2.0.dylib to /usr/local/lib as well, the first GTK::Simple example does run 23:43
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colomon_ Well, I guess I do have GTK::Simple working at this point. Can try to figure out how to use it later. 23:47
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colomon_ (Also broke TextMate in the process of trying to fix GTK::Simple, but I quickly sorted that one, I think.) 23:53