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elcaro rypervenche: if your interested, here's RSP game using enums I made a while ago: gist.github.com/0racle/b1b65cc70d6...75ea40dde4 02:10
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elcaro does the repl have a "result of last expression" variable? 06:51
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jmerelo m: my $x = 7; my $y = 10; my @m[$x,$y]= (-1 xx $x) xx $y; say @m 06:54
camelia Index 7 for dimension 1 out of range (must be 0..6)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
jmerelo ^^^ this works in some versions of 2020.08.2, it does not in others 06:55
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jmerelo commit: releases my $x = 7; my $y = 10; my @m[$x,$y]= (-1 xx $x) xx $y; say @m 06:55
committable6 jmerelo, ¦releases (47 commits): «Index 7 for dimension 1 out of range (must be 0..6)␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/dKjcgsWtY2 line 1␤␤ «exit code = 1»» 06:56
jmerelo commit: HEAD my $x = 7; my $y = 10; my @m[$x,$y]= (-1 xx $x) xx $y; say @m
committable6 jmerelo, ¦HEAD(d6c7a07): «Index 7 for dimension 1 out of range (must be 0..6)␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/CslkTnrzyB line 1␤␤ «exit code = 1»»
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jmerelo OK, got the dimensions upside down. Or sideways. Whatever 06:58
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Zero_Dogg I'm trying to learn how grammars work. I've got a parser that takes some user input (via prompt()) and one subcomponent of those is a date. I want to further parse the date into year, mont and day components. I've tried using make, but I'm not sure if it's correct, nor how I'm actually suppose to access it. 08:23
Grammar example: paste.centos.org/view/25b37101, input could be ie. 08/10/2020
the date token matches fine, I'm just unsure about how to refine it into the year, month, day tokens and then access those 08:26
moritz you could do something like token month { [ 0\d | 1<[0..2]> ] { make $/.Int } } 08:29
but it's easier to just convert it to integer in date, as you do right now 08:30
Zero_Dogg: does that answer your question?
Zero_Dogg moritz: not quite, because I'm not sure how to access that made value. Given $reply = pasScoreInput.parse("08/10/2020"); I get a string as $reply.<date>, but there's no .<date>.made, and no .made either. I'm probably missing some essential understanding about make/made 08:33
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Zero_Dogg ah, okay, so, I'm actually making this mess by having an array in TOP 08:45
I get it now. Thanks 08:46
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moritz Zero_Dogg: check out perlpunks.de/paste/show/5f7ed7e8.5cc1.23f 09:12
Zero_Dogg moritz: thanks!
moritz calling the parse method with :rule<date> allows you to debug the logic around date more easily
ufobat can one write libs in raku, compile them into a jar and use it in java/kotlin projects? 09:28
Zero_Dogg moritz: thanks, I'll keep that in mind. This is all very different from the regex monstrosities I used to parse stuff in perl
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moritz Zero_Dogg: if you allow me a bit of self-promotion, let me recommend www.apress.com/us/book/9781484232279 :-) 10:44
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Zero_Dogg moritz: You've literally written the book on the subject, huh. I'll have to pick that one up :). Cheers 10:48
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moritz :-) 10:50
+1 for correct usage of "literally", something quite rare these days :-)
Zero_Dogg hehe :) 10:53
Altreus I went to the Lake District and it was litorally the best thing 10:55
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codesections I literally read "litorally" as "literally" three times before getting the joke on the 4th reading 12:21
Altreus :D 12:25
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daxim do we have a focus/optics/lens library? 12:51
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lizmat daxim is there one in Perl ? then Inline::Perl5 should allow you to use that ? 13:01
Altreus what would such a thing do?
moritz calculate beam shapes based on lenses? 13:02
dunno if anybody has *focused* on that yet /rimshot
rypervenche Geez, you're on a roll today.
daxim Data::Focus, but I don't like the API details, too much emphasis on classes
Altai-man As for Haskell-ish lens - nothing similar. 13:03
Altreus Did Haskell do lenses or was that Fresnel? 13:04
lizmat and there was me thinking it had anything to do with optical lenses 13:05
Altreus I mean the original question was focus/optics/lens
very suggestive language
moritz if you build your metaphor too well, nobody can tell if you're talking in that metaphor anymore :-) 13:06
Altai-man Altreus, there is a js package named "optics" which imitates Haskell lens, Data::Focus imitates the same, so it's likely the question is about those. 13:07
daxim I want my lambdacamels back :(
Altreus crikey 13:08
It would have helped if I had any idea what it meant in this context :D
I didn't even realise there was a way to get it wrong
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lizmat daxim: sorry to hear that, but you can never go home :-( 13:20
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rypervenche Is there a way to bisect this since it requires a SIGINT? (jnthn provided test code at the bottom) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/3547 13:53
It looks like it was fixed at some point.
moritz rypervenche: you could try to write a small raku program that sends SIGINT to itself 13:54
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lizmat drops a pin 20:21
sjn *thud* 20:28
codesections wow, that must have been a big pin 20:45
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