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Geth_ ecosystem/kalkin-update-license-software: 1a35430436 | (Bahtiar Gadimov)++ | META.list
Replace Ddt v0.5.8 with v0.5.9
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Text::Utils (2.2.1) by 03TBROWDER 00:27
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Passionate Where should i start?I want to contribute....can anyone please guide me in the right direction? 01:41
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tbrowder Passionate: hi, what are you interested in? coding, docs, debugging, new modules? 01:46
have you any perl experience? 01:47
have you any raku experience?
Passionate @tbrowder i would like to start contributing on coding.....i do not have a wide experience on other programming languages like java,Haskell,Elarng.,Python 01:49
i mean i do have experience on ther programming languages
tbrowder you might check the "modules wanted list if you want some ideas for modules. i have to find the link... 01:50
Passionate tbrowder sure......thanks
tbrowder back in a moment...
Passionate tbrowder sure...take your time 01:53
tbrowder see github.com/Raku/perl6-most-wanted/...modules.md
Passionate The link says not found 01:54
tbrowder pick something there or pick something not there that you are familiar with in another language 01:55
i'll recheck the link 01:56
lucs This appears to work: github.com/Raku/perl6-most-wanted/...modules.md 01:57
tbrowder hm, ok, that's right, but i forget when the blob is required...glad you found it 01:58
lucs 01:59
anyhoo, maybe something there will interest you
lucs Yep. I just went up directories in your original link, till it worked, then back down to the .md -- not sure how 'blob' got involved. 02:00
Passionate lucs yeah it works thanks
tbrowder thanks 02:04
tbrowder Passionate: one more idea for you: check modules.raku.org and look into available modules. speaking for myself, i would love having new features or new tests or new feature requests for my modules. 02:06
also, jmerelo usually has a help-wanted list up his sleeve, as does lizmat 02:07
time for bed...nite all... 02:08
Passionate tbrowder i think helping someone would be great for now.....to familiarize myself with the codebase
have a good night tbrowder.......
How can i set up my dev environment....i dont see that in any of the documents 02:09
tbrowder Passionate, are you fluent in a non-english language? 02:10
are you talking about contributing to the core? 02:11
if core, go to github.com/rakudo/rakudo and browse there 02:12
for other dev env that's more roll-your-own based on an ide or not, etc. 02:14
really got to leave, back tomorrow 02:15
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Sparrow6 (0.0.30) by 03MELEZHIK 03:46
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jmerelo All of a sudden, zef is failing to find NativeLibs here travis-ci.com/github/Raku/Document.../190626569 07:25
tellable6 2020-10-17T06:54:26Z #raku-dev <Xliff> jjmerelo Does docs require the use of documentable? If so, I don't see there being any mention of it in the README.md for the project. Would you like me to creare an issue for this?
jmerelo it works prefectly locally 07:26
.tell Xliff no, it does not. We prefer to keep it apart from each other. You need it in case you want to generate the website, which might not be the case for everyone
tellable6 jmerelo, I'll pass your message to Xliff
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Geth_ doc: Xliff++ created pull request #3665:
Adds Examples for Underutilized Features: Delegation / CArray Subarrays
Xliff jmerelo: OK, well, you will probably want to update the README.md, because the build instructions there assume you have it. 07:50
tellable6 2020-10-17T07:26:49Z #raku <jmerelo> Xliff no, it does not. We prefer to keep it apart from each other. You need it in case you want to generate the website, which might not be the case for everyone
Xliff And they don't mention it is a separate project.
jmerelo Xliff: I probably should, yes.
Waiting for the tests of your PR to clear, meanwhile...
Xliff :) 07:53
OK, and I think I yam done until mid-morning. Have a long day of Obsessively Large Project work to complete 07:54
jmerelo Good evening for you. And thanks! Working with antoniogamiz now to see what's the deal with the Documentable testing 07:55
Xliff Your welcome!
Xliff zzzZ
Geth_ doc: 6b27c99dcf | (Clifton Wood)++ (committed by Juan Julián Merelo Guervós) | doc/Language/nativecall.pod6
- Adds small section on creating subarrays of a given CArray
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/nativecall
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Xliff jmerelo: What about the section on delegation? 08:04
jmerelo Merged it already, see above. 08:06
now go to bed!
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Xliff LOL! ) 08:11
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Geth_ ecosystem: kalkin++ created pull request #555:
Add License::Software v0.3.1
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Geth_ ecosystem: b736923123 | (Bahtiar Gadimov)++ | META.list
Add License::Software v0.3.1
ecosystem: 52c2600093 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Merge pull request #555 from kalkin/add-license-software

Add License::Software v0.3.1
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Geth_ ecosystem/kalkin-update-license-software: c1debbbfea | (Bahtiar Gadimov)++ | META.list
Update DDT to v0.5.9

This fixes github.com/kalkin/Ddt/issues/10
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Zero_Dogg I've got an array to sort by some value, and if an entry is identical to another, it should sort randomly. In perl I could do "return rand cmp 0.5" from my sort function, when $a and $b were the same is there any equivalent shortcut in raku? 12:20
lizmat (Less.More).pick 12:24
(Less,More).pick # with a comma :-)
m: say (Less,More).pick
camelia More
lizmat m: say (Less,More).pick
camelia Less
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lizmat Zero_Dogg ^^ 12:25
Zero_Dogg lizmat: aha, excellent, thanks!
tbrowder fyi, my latest Text::Utils module has a new routine "list2text" added due to conversation between SmokeMachine and lizmat yesterday about creating a string from a list and adding an "and" before the last item (with or without the Oxford Comma). 12:27
and Altreus was interested also 12:28
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lizmat tbrowder++ 12:32
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tbrowder lizmat: thnx for the idea! 12:34
lizmat yw!
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Zero_Dogg Does raku optimize Array.sort in some way? I tried adding a debug 'say' inside my sort function, and it only prints once for an array o 143 elements 12:49
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lizmat it will do a Schwartzian transform under the hood when given a comparator that only takes a single parameter 12:51
but without seeing the code... can't really tell what's going on :-)
Zero_Dogg Here's code: paste.centos.org/view/e31939c0 12:53
moritz that looks like a pretty non-sensical sorter :D 12:56
Zero_Dogg well, the array contains a list of articles with a timestamp, I want them to appear in order if one is newer than the other, but many of them have the same timestamp, in which case I want to randomize the order the ones with the same timestamp appear in 12:58
timotimo i think the block is transparent to return 13:00
so the first time sort calls your sorting function it will return from the function that called sort
moritz $^b<prism>.<publicationDateInt> <=> $^a<prism>.<publicationDateInt> or (Less, More).pick 13:01
a bit more concise :-)
timotimo i would recommend just rewriting the block to be like { .<prism>.<publicationDateInt>, rand }
Zero_Dogg Same is a falsy value? 13:02
moritz but timotimo++ is right about `return`. Removing the returns should fix it
m: say ?Same
camelia False
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moritz it's a heritage from Perl 5's <=> returning -1, 0, 1 13:02
Zero_Dogg nod
timotimo: I've got to admit, I don't quite understand why that block works, .<prism>.<publicationDateInt> gets expanded to "$^b<prism>.<publicationDateInt> <=> $^a<prism>.<publicationDateInt>" and the comma acts as "or"? 13:03
timotimo no expansion 13:04
when you give sort a one-argument block, it will map all elements with the block and sort on the results
comparing a list like that will first compare the first entries, and if they are the same, compare the next, etc 13:05
justl ike when comparing stfrings you go letter by lettre
Zero_Dogg oh, interesting
lizmat timotimo: I don't think you can get the randomness requested for articles with the same pubDate like that
so the comparator *will* have to take 2 args
timotimo i disagree :) 13:06
moritz lizmat: I too think this would work 13:07
timotimo m: say <a b c d e f g h>.sort: { 1, rand }
camelia (d c f h a b e g)
timotimo m: say <a b c d e f g h>.sort: { 1, rand }
camelia (f a h c e b d g)
moritz you get the randomness for each element, but for those pairs where the first tuple value is different, the comparator never looks at the random value
lizmat ah, I see what you're doing there... 13:10
this works by the side effect of List.Str joining the elements 13:11
good point!
timotimo huh? 13:12
i was convinced sort would work with cmp there 13:13
and not leg
Zero_Dogg timotimo, lizmat, moritz: thanks for the help. There are still some times Raku catches my perl-accustomed-brain off guard. 13:15
lizmat Zero_Dogg: please keep asking these questions :-)
Zero_Dogg no doubt I will :). I'm quite enjoying writing in raku, so it's slowly replacing perl as my default language to write stuff in. 13:18
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El_Che I have no idea of raku devvs use annocpan, but we warned that the domain was hijacked or sold or whatever 15:07
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Skarsnik timotimo, are you around? I am trying to use Moarperf with the appimage, but it does not work x) 16:27
sqlite3 file path is /home/skarsnik/raku/test/gumbo.sqlite3
when trying to set up getting the routine overview:
The spawned command 'sqlite3' exited unsuccessfully (exit code: 1, signal: 0)
timotimo oh dang 16:31
did you make the sqlite3 file yourself?
Skarsnik: ping? 16:36
Skarsnik hm no 16:37
do you want the full ouput?
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Skarsnik pastebin.com/NVMnsixt 16:39
timotimo ah, it doesn't output whatever sqlite3 said about the file 16:40
does the sql flie look sane?
oh, hm, i wonder if the sqlite3 binary is not in the appimage and might need to be on the system? 16:41
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Skarsnik let's try 16:43
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Skarsnik yep, I installed the binary and it work fine 16:45
timotimo could you file an issue for that please? 16:46
Skarsnik ok done 16:49
now let's try to make sense of the output ^^
timotimo good luck!
Skarsnik I am trying to find why transforming C struct to raku take so much time in my gumbo module 16:52
like the C parsing of a 'big' html 5 file take 0.04 sec and the the rest 0.3-0.4 sec, it should be faster probably xD 16:53
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timotimo ah 16:54
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timotimo there's lots of places to look for answers, like does it spend an unreasonable amount of time GCing? does it allocate a lot of stuff that gets dropped very soon after? 16:55
Skarsnik I am really not sure what to search for actually, want me to stream this ? xD 16:59
timotimo ha, sure, why not
Skarsnik twitch.tv/skarsnikus 17:00
timotimo that doesn't look like world of warcraft 17:02
"why is a domain", indeed 17:03
no speaking? 17:05
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timotimo show the allocations tab? 17:07
that's entries per entry
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timotimo is whispering ok for chat? 17:17
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Geth_ ¦ problem-solving: JJ assigned to AlexDaniel Issue Taking care of repos in the "perl6" organization github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/239 17:33
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timotimo Skarsnik: i guess looking at the code that moar is executing could be helpful, like with the spesh log 17:42
and see if there's some obviously bad overhead there
Skarsnik I could run the code on a smaller html file also 17:43
but I not sure it show enought ^^
timotimo dunno, bigger could mean more precise measurements just by way of having more measurement
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Geth_ doc: ed4a49533f | Coke++ | doc/Language/nativecall.pod6
fix typo.

lowercase pointer as it's not obvious C<Pointer> was intended here.
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/nativecall
doc: f8e17acbd0 | Coke++ | doc/Language/nativecall.pod6
fix example compilation
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