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raku-bridge <sampersandโ€”2B +| +^2B = FF> test 00:17
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Xliff timotimo: I know it's getting late for you. 00:48
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vielreich made your area like quebec and speak german, in the frontier mรฉxico with texas,the flag is in the frontier, in horizont orange almost dark like brick in up, in half gray aluminum, and in down blue sky day, with letter L red shinning thick, no very thick just 1 cm and 4 mm with red fire in the right side in line like shadow the same red shinnig 9 mm right, at the left side 1 mm of shadow, 01:53
and in down 3 mm of shadow red shinnig all the shadows stiked at the L the L no with waves in line 9 mm of fire 1 left and 3 in down , the L in the center of the new german flag occupying the entire gray strip with the shadow, the name is Deutcsh, coin deutsches. let the giants play baskectball with the browns.learn german app.memrise.com/course/920/5000-ge...-top-87/1/ copy
the adress of the page, and paste somewhere, for read it later, go at the bookseller and ask for the diccionary english german and read it verbatim,
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xinming SmokeMachine: What is the right way to inflate an object into a hash? 02:18
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xinming docs.raku.org/routine/sort <--- In sort, How does sort function knows wether the function accepts one argument or 2 when we provide a block? If we provide a block, does that mean, it's always 2 arguments? 02:41
moon-child m: sub foo($x) {}; say &foo.arity 02:42
camelia 1
xinming Got it, thanks. 03:06
m: my @t = (1, 2, 3 ... Inf); my @y = eager @t; 03:10
Is there other way to inflate the laz list instead of eager statement prefix?
camelia (timeout)
xinming I just now tried something like my @y = |@t;
Xliff m: my @t = (1, 2, 3 ... ^100); my @q = @t.Array; @.is-lazy.say 03:11
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable @.is-lazy used where no 'self' is available
at <tmp>:1
------> 033 ... ^100); my @q = @t.Array; @.is-lazy7โ5.say
expecting any of:
Xliff m: my @t = (1, 2, 3 ... ^100); my @q = @t.Array; @q.is-lazy.say
camelia False
Xliff m: my @t = (1, 2, 3 ... ^100); my @q = @t.Array; @t.is-lazy.say; @q.is-lazy.say 03:12
camelia False
Xliff m: my @t = (1, 2, 3 ... ^100); @t.is-lazy.say; my @q = @t.Array; @q.is-lazy.say
camelia False
Xliff Huh! Odd.
m: my @t = (1, 2, 3 .. ^100); my @q = @t.Array; @t.is-lazy.say; @q.is-lazy.say
camelia Range objects are not valid endpoints for Ranges
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Xliff m: my @t = ^100; my @q = @t.Array; @t.is-lazy.say; @q.is-lazy.say
camelia False
Xliff m: my @t = ^100; @t.is-lazy.say; my @q = @t.Array; @q.is-lazy.say
camelia False
Xliff m: my @t = lazy ^100; @t.is-lazy.say; my @q = @t.Array; @q.is-lazy.say 03:13
camelia True
Xliff m: my @t = lazy ^100; @t.is-lazy.say; my @q = eager @t; @q.is-lazy.say
camelia True
Xliff Odd
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[Coke] waves hello from "took a nap too late in the afternoon and now I guess I'm staying up all night" 06:43
MitarashiDango[m ^ I'm in this status and I don't like it 06:48
SmokeMachine xinming_: you mean on Red? Could you exemplify what you want, please? 06:49
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[Coke] tries to make sleep happen 07:25
patrickb releasable6: status 07:27
releasable6 patrickb, Next release in โ‰ˆ1 day and โ‰ˆ11 hours. 1 blocker. 0 out of 83 commits logged
patrickb, Details: gist.github.com/c08a063990c9462ad3...5dba0d13ef
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patrickb I'm looking at docs.raku.org/routine/bless And try to understand the `Point-with-ID` example. I don't get it. The docs state one needs the convoluted way of initializing `$.ID`. 08:45
It seems the only reason the example doesn't work with a simple `$!ID = "*..."` is because the type of `$.ID` is `Int` instead of `Str`, which the `$attr.set_value()` seems to be able to violate. 08:46
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patrickb Can someone clarify? 08:49
rindolf just for the record - i submitted this pull req which appears to have fixed the install: github.com/CurtTilmes/raku-primesieve/pull/8 08:53
s/to have fix/to fix/
Xliff Are there build instructions for windows? 09:02
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rindolf Xliff: for what? 09:16
Xliff: what do you wish to build? 09:17
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jmerelo After finding this in Twitter, I though it was going to be a breeze in Raku twitter.com/Jimena_y_yo/status/131...2232239104 Alas, it's not 11:28
tellable6 2020-10-22T19:57:52Z #raku <Xliff> jmerelo: Oh wow! Thank you!
jmerelo m: my %i = :2a,:3b; my @j = [ $(:2a,3b) ]; say %i โˆˆ @j 11:29
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my %i = :2a,:3b; my @j = [ $(:2a,37โ5b) ]; say %i โˆˆ @j
expecting any of:
jmerelo m: my %i = :2a,:3b; my @j = [ $(:2a,:3b) ]; say %i โˆˆ @j
camelia False
jmerelo m: my %i = :2a,:3b; my @j = [ %(:2a,:3b) ]; say %i โˆˆ @j
camelia False
jmerelo m: my %i = :2a,:3b; my @j = [ $(%(:2a,:3b)) ]; say %i โˆˆ @j
camelia False
jmerelo m: my %i = :2a; my @j = [ :2a ]; say %i โˆˆ @j
camelia False
jmerelo m: my %i = :2a; my @j = [ :2a ]; say :2a โˆˆ @j 11:30
camelia True
jmerelo m: my %i = :2a,:3b; my @j = [ $(%(:2a,:3b)) ]; say %(:2a,3b) โˆˆ @j
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
at <tmp>:1
------> 3; my @j = [ $(%(:2a,:3b)) ]; say %(:2a,37โ5b) โˆˆ @j
expecting any of:
jmerelo m: my %i = :2a,:3b; my @j = [ $(%(:2a,:3b)) ]; say %(:2a,:3b) โˆˆ @j
camelia False
jmerelo m: my %i = :2a,:3b; my @j = [ %(:2a,:3b) ]; say %(:2a,:3b) โˆˆ @j 11:31
camelia False
jmerelo m: my %i = :2a,:3b; my @j = [ %(:2a,:3b) ]; say :2a,:3b โˆˆ @j
camelia Unexpected named argument 'a' passed
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
jmerelo m: my %i = :2a,:3b; my @j = [ %(:2a,:3b) ]; say %(:2a,:3b) โˆˆ @j
camelia False
jmerelo m: say %(:2a,:3b) โˆˆ [ %(:2a,:3b) ]
camelia False
jmerelo m: say %(:2a,:3b) === %(:2a,:3b) 11:32
camelia False
lizmat m: dd [ %(:2a,:3b) ] 11:34
camelia Array element = [:a(2), :b(3)]
lizmat that evaluates to a list of Pairs...
and a hash is not an element of that
m: say %(:2a,:3b) โˆˆ [ (%(:2a,:3b)) ]
camelia False
lizmat m: dd [ (%(:2a,:3b)) ]
camelia Array element = [:a(2), :b(3)]
lizmat hmmm...
m: dd [ (%(:2a,:3b),) ]
camelia Array element = [{:a(2), :b(3)},]
lizmat m: dd [ (%(:2a,:3b),) ] 11:35
camelia Array element = [{:a(2), :b(3)},]
lizmat m: say %(:2a,:3b) โˆˆ [ (%(:2a,:3b),) ]
camelia False
jmerelo lizmat: the problem is that WHICH is not going to return the same anyway
m: my \i = <a b c>,:3b; my \j = [ <a b c> ]; say i โˆˆ j 11:36
camelia False
jmerelo m: my \i = <a b c>,:3b; my \j = [ <a b c>, ]; say i โˆˆ j
camelia False
jmerelo m: say <a b c> === <a b c>
camelia False
jmerelo m: say <a b c>.WHICH
camelia List|84393712
jmerelo m: say <a b c>.WHICH
camelia List|60960576
jmerelo m: say <a b c><> === <a b c><> 11:37
camelia False
lizmat jmerelo: good point, yeah, %() is not a value type
jmerelo m: my \i = <a b c>,:3b; my \j = [ <a b c>, ]; say i.gist โˆˆ j.map: .gist
camelia Cannot map a Array using '"(Any)"'
Did a * (Whatever) get absorbed by a list?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
jmerelo m: my \i = <a b c>,:3b; my \j = [ <a b c>, ]; say i.gist โˆˆ j.map: {.gist}
camelia False
jmerelo m: my \i = <a b c>,:3b; my \j = [ <a b c>, ]; say i.gist; say j.map: *.gist 11:38
camelia ((a b c) b => 3)
((a b c))
jmerelo m: my \i = <a b c>; my \j = [ <a b c>, ]; say i.gist; say j.map: *.gist
camelia (a b c)
((a b c))
jmerelo m: my \i = <a b c>; my \j = [ <a b c>, ]; say i.gist โˆˆ j.map: *.gist
camelia True
jmerelo m: my \i = %(:2a,:3b); my \j = [ %(:2a,:3b), ]; say i.gist โˆˆ j.map: *.gist 11:39
camelia True
jmerelo m: my \i = %(:2a,:3b); my \j = [ %(:2a,:3b), ]; say i.gist โˆˆ j.map: *.gist
camelia True
jmerelo m: my \i = %(:2a,:3b); my \j = [ %(:2a,:3b), ]; say i.gist โˆˆ j.map: *.gist
camelia True
jmerelo I thought that was going to fail, at least part of the time... But apparently keys are sorted when gisted
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timotimo yes gist will sort keys 12:06
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Altreus Does the raku module system define a strategy for what P5 calls sharefiles? 13:31
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lizmat what are sharefiles ? 13:36
Altreus e.g. templates in a web app 13:39
CSS, JS, such things
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lizmat maybe this is what you're looking for? docs.raku.org/syntax/$PERCENT_SIGN%3FRESOURCES 13:41
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tyil brass: . 14:01
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Altreus Yes! Thanks :D 14:39
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Altreus I'm pleased that raku has formalised this because I've got blog posts waiting to be written about this in P5 14:39
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lizmat Altreus: it's still a little rough around the edges, but yes, I think it's a step in the right direction :-) 14:52
daxim tadzik: the evil spiteful reddit downvoter strikes again, he got you too this time 14:54
tadzik daxim: oh no /o\
lizmat wonders what this is about
tadzik www.reddit.com/r/perl/comments/jgg...to_python/ 14:55
daxim nuance is not allowed
tadzik it's a weird thread. Someone comes in with their hardcore opinion and mostly expects yes-me-too responses apparently
daxim the groupthink pressure is strong in this subreddit. I've often experienced it, I know about the anonymous coward who follows me around and downvotes the critical posts I make 14:57
Altreus how come the URL contains $PERCENT_SIGN instead of %25 14:59
lizmat Altreus: no idea, jmerelo might know 15:00
moritz might be because it's a file name 15:04
and then apache doesn't like it, or something
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Altreus I cringe whenever some software's crappy handling of standards leaks out into the public view 15:07
not saying that's what it is but
well, I'm prepared to believe it :P
kawaii lizmat: I'm getting `Type check failed in binding to parameter '$location'; expected IO::Path but got Slip (Empty)` when trying to use that like `template-location %?RESOURCES<templates>;`, not sure if the problem lies in the cro routine there or not. 15:09
lizmat then %?RESOURCES<templates> returns Empty ? 15:11
perhaps a condition is missing somewhere in the template handler logic?
kawaii but I know it's not empty :( www.irccloud.com/pastebin/klwpgKRy/
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Altreus perhaps a directory is not considered a resource? 15:36
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El_Che releasable6: status 15:43
releasable6 El_Che, Next release in โ‰ˆ1 day and โ‰ˆ3 hours. 1 blocker. 17 out of 85 commits logged
El_Che, Details: gist.github.com/b59244e626368d95ff...51905e2b1b
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El_Che I am releaseing packages today, mainly because of ububtu 20.10 release, but this allows me to bump the zef release for all distros 15:54
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Xliff Can someone tell me why raku supports POD annotations for classes and not roles? 15:59
See: repl.it/@Xliff/NormalAwesomeOpenlook#main.raku 16:00
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El_Che travis is slow with starting jobs today 17:17
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Geth doc: patrickbkr++ created pull request #3671:
Rework object construction documentation
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El_Che Running for 1 hr 56 min 42 sec and run omly a tird of the jobs so far 18:53
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JJAtria[m] As far as I understand, in Go sending messages to a Channel and never reading them is a source of memory leaks. Is it the same in Raku? 21:04
El_Che JJAtria[m]: Not really in go 21:07
a normal channel will block until read 21:08
and you can create a channel with a buffer, e.g 10, but once it's full it will block
that's not what I would call a memory leak 21:09
or maybe a smallish-one-by-design :)
JJAtria[m] Hm, yeah, I remember reading this in the context of channels that get stuff sent to them in deferred functions, so it's possible that I didn't read it properly, or that I filed it in the wrong drawer :P 21:10
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El_Che the behaviour is pretty annoying in the beginning, but it made sense after a while for me 21:10
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El_Che "why is my stuff blocking???" 21:11
JJAtria[m]: I think you are maybe thing on goroutines?
off 21:12
damn :)
JJAtria[m] But how about in Raku? Since they are non-blocking, I can push as much garbage as I want and if the reader doesn't read it (or dies or whatever...) is it my responsibility to flush it?
Oh, yeah, I mean, I think this was being called from a defer in a goroutine, I think. It was pretty funky code
El_Che honestly, I don't know, I suspect it will die when you're OOM'ed 21:13
good question
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El_Che JJAtria[m]: when starting writing go, everyone goes craxy with go routines 21:13
after a while, you use them a lot less :)
JJAtria[m] I enjoy realising that a lot of the core concepts are similar between Raku and Go 21:14
(until they're not, and then the fun starts)
El_Che well, Raku is so huge that it overlaps with pretty much everything
JJAtria[m] lol 21:15
El_Che many Raku there ways to in concurrency do are
JJAtria[m] As long as there's more than one, that's on brand 21:16
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El_Che defer is actually a pretty nice feature 21:17
just a little more powerful than autoclosing, but a little more cumbersome
JJAtria[m] It's inspired some pretty magic uses of LEAVE in some recent code I've written 21:18
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JJAtria[m] No ragrets 21:18
El_Che If you say "inspired" it usually means you have a Perl background :) 21:19
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JJAtria[m] Busted :) 21:20
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moon-child I think the docs for 'mkdir' (docs.raku.org/routine/mkdir) are wrong (or it has a bug; either way, there's an inconsistency). It says the default mode is 0o777, but when I ls -l a dir made by 'mkdir' the result is drwxr-xr-x, which should be 0o755 23:20
am I missing anything?
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vrurg moon-child: unless you're gone already, you miss `man umask`. 23:53