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moon-child vrurg: got it, thanks 01:58
cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Font::FreeType (0.3.6) by 03WARRINGD 02:08
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brass tyil: Yeah? 06:39
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tyil brass: have you looked into building R* on Mac any further? 08:10
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El_Che moon-child: you're missing your umask 12:13
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El_Che patrickb: habe you seen this when runnig make for moarvm: travis-ci.org/github/nxadm/rakudo-...4305#L1094 12:35
tellable6 El_Che, I'll pass your message to patrickb
El_Che patrickb: only on he newly released ubuntu 20.10 12:36
tellable6 El_Che, I'll pass your message to patrickb
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El_Che fun, I only have the problem on travis 12:54
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rindolf hi all! timings for raku vs. perl5 vs. cpython3 vs. pypy3 : paste.centos.org/view/c6678045 ; for projecteuler.net/problem=313 13:04
raku takes about a second which is acceptable, but not as good as the others which are south of 100ms 13:06
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lizmat rindolf: where does the code live for the raku solutions ? 13:12
rindolf lizmat: here: paste.debian.net/1168532 13:15
lizmat: i only have one solution for every prog lang
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El_Che (*grumbling* found it, bug between docker and the latest coreutils, downgrading coreutils and the build continues...*grumble*) 13:29
(*grumble2* it's docker only bug because podman (not root docker alternative) had no problems) 13:30
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rindolf El_Che: viva le small difference 14:17
lizmat: any comment?
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lizmat rindolf: not yet, was working on github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/3982 14:36
rindolf lizmat: ah, ok 14:37
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lizmat rindolf: ah, it seems I need a primesieve library for that to test 14:43
rindolf lizmat: yes, what is your OS? 14:44
lizmat MacOS Mojave 14:45
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rindolf lizmat: ah, which package manager are you using ? 14:47
lizmat none
rindolf lizmat: i see: then do the wget + cmake + make install dance. :) 14:48
lizmat the benchmark is not about libprimesieve is it? 14:49
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rindolf lizmat: i use libprimesieve in all the codes; well - its bindings 14:52
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lizmat I've just build an Iterator class on top of nqp::isprime_I 14:55
rindolf: instead of squar($x) do $x * $x 15:02
instead of assigning, you could use binding, so: 15:03
while ( ( my $x := $gen.pull-one ) < $top )
that makes it about 8% faster for me
rindolf lizmat: ah, let me see 15:05
lizmat also: instead of ( ( $maxstart - 1 ) / 6 ).floor()
do: ( ( $maxstart - 1 ) div 6 )
that's another few percent has that doesn't need Rat creation / handling 15:06
dogbert17 can't the return statements be thrown away as well 15:07
lizmat well, yes, but if sub square is not called, then there's only the final return in calc_needed, which wouldn't make a dent :-) 15:10
dogbert17 true :-) 15:11
lizmat ah, and also: $ret = $ret + foo is faster than $ret += foo
dogbert17 the 'int trick then, i.e. declaring all vars in the while loop as int
lizmat that *could* probably work, but then it wouldn't for bigger values 15:12
so that would be changing the semantics, I'd say
dogbert17 there's a risk involved but in this example it does actually work 15:13
lizmat true, but that feels like cheating ?
I mean, it could be written in NQP as well, and be faster :-)
dogbert17 all true :-) 15:14
lizmat: btw, thanks for closing #3378
lizmat yw
dogbert17 lizmat: another thing, while browsing through the cases a noticed a report where jnthn have suggested a solution, but alas it has never been implemented 15:20
lizmat which one? 15:21
dogbert17 G#3027
argh, which lesster should it be
R#3027 15:22
linkable6 R#3027 [open]: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/3027 [regression] Infinite loop when passing a pair with a junction in the key to a sub with destructuring
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rindolf lizmat: dogbert17 : "div" and ":=" do seem to make a difference - about 0.87s now 15:59
lizmat yeah, that prevents having to create Rat intermediate results 16:00
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rindolf lizmat: another small improvement: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDpvzCzwHjk 16:23
lizmat I guess? 16:24
rindolf lizmat: oh, sorry = wrong paste 16:26
lizmat: paste.debian.net/1168547/ 16:27
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[Coke] can you block anonymous users in a particular subreddit? 17:21
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xinming_ !paste 17:38
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xinming_ SmokeMachine: paste.debian.net/1168553/ <-- Here, How do I fix this issue? If module and app are in the same file, the relationship works fine. But when I extract the DB thing into a module, and use that module, Red will try to load the model with the model name. 17:40
if the relation model is DB::B, We must have a file named DB/B.rakumod to fix the issue, as Red will try to require once 17:41
I tracked down, the issue is in `class ReferencesProxy does Callable {` within file Red::Column module, But I don't have much clue on how it should be fixed. 17:42
SmokeMachine You can use `:require<module::to::load>` to fix that 17:43
xinming_: in this case: www.irccloud.com/pastebin/dohTlVy9/ 17:50
`has Int $.a-id is referencing(*.id, :model<DB::A>, :require<DB>);`
El_Che weekly: updated rakudo-pkg and support for Ubuntu 20.10 17:52
notable6 El_Che, Noted! (weekly)
brass tyil: I haven't really, I only use a Mac for work, so I haven't been playing around with R* on it too much 18:02
SmokeMachine xinming_: it seems you are using Red and Cro together (is that the case?) have you seen that? github.com/FCO/Cro-HTTP-Session-Red 18:03
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patrickb .tell El_Che I hadn't noticed. Do you have a lead what's going on? 18:39
tellable6 patrickb, I'll pass your message to El_Che
El_Che patrickb: yes, coreutils bug when using them in Docker 18:40
patrickb :-D
El_Che patrickb: it's using containers iself, as the problem does no occur with podman
one of those crazy bugs that take a long time to find because they make no sense at all :) 18:41
patrickb Did you have a look at the azure configuration? It's a giant collection of workarounds for this kind of problems... I can empathize a lot! 18:42
El_Che no, but that's a good diea for next time
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tyil brass: ah I see 20:14
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Geth doc: patrickbkr++ created pull request #3672:
Document `%*SUB-MAIN-OPTS<bundling>`
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El_Che 2020.10 is out? 21:47
Let see how they build: travis-ci.org/github/nxadm/rakudo-.../738627135 21:52
sena_kun El_Che, is out. 21:53
El_Che sena_kun: yeah, pushed a build on pkg-rakudo in a branch to test it
(but travis has been slow to start jibs lately) 21:54
sena_kun El_Che, how much does it take?
It is pretty late here, but I'd still like to know if I have to cry or not before going to sleep. :S
El_Che normally it starts right away and it build 4 targets in parallel 21:55
eacht take around 11 to 12 minutes
I have 22 targets with distro+version+arch combinations
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El_Che I feel build times are going up, but i don't know if itś because of travis or because of rakudo/moarvm/nqp 22:03
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El_Che no?
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El_Che there seem to be flippers 23:13
faild this on ubuntu 20.04: t/02-rakudo/11-deprecated.t 23:14
and this one on Fedora 31: t/02-rakudo/08-slangs.t
(while ubuntu 20.10 and fedora 32 built fine)
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El_Che Ubuntu passed now, certainly a flipper test 23:25
same with fedora 23:27
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