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AlexDaniel` tadzik: tellable6 actually worked correctly. It doesn't send the message if you reply on the same channel immediately 00:10
so it knew that you saw the message :) 00:12
xinming m: package A { class B { }; class B::C { } }; B.raku.say 00:37
camelia A::B
tellable6 2020-11-18T23:57:05Z #raku <SmokeMachine> xinming any suggestions about this? github.com/FCO/Red/issues/454
xinming lizmat: package A { class B { }; class B::C { } }; B.raku.say # How is this example be parsed? Here, the B::C is registered globally. while the B class worked as expected. 00:40
guifa xinming: that ….. looks like it shouldn’t work actually 00:46
m: package A { class B { }; class B::C { } }; ::.keys.say
camelia ($=pod ::?PACKAGE GLOBALish $_ !UNIT_MARKER $! A $¢ $?PACKAGE $/ EXPORT $=finish)
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Geth advent: 2faf7874e0 | (Konstantin Narkhov)++ | raku-advent-2020/authors.md
Add pheix as an author

Annotation: The web developer is faced with the need to use templating engines. The Raku ecosystem provides several modules for this task. We will try to compare these modules according to their main characteristic — performance. Also we will iterpret the results and finally answer: is it possible to create a fast interactive Raku-driven web application.
Workspace: gitlab.com/pheix-pool/core-perl6/-/issues/105
advent: a9e1c8ddcd | Altai-man++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2020/authors.md
Merge pull request #66 from pheix/master

Add pheix as an author
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Geth ecosystem: 7987fee134 | (Ben Little)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Add Stache to ecosystem

See github.com/littlebenlittle/stache
ecosystem: 9f97b02d32 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Merge pull request #563 from littlebenlittle/patch-1

Add Stache to ecosystem
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jmerelo releasable6: status 07:43
tellable6 2020-11-18T23:26:50Z #raku <Kaiepi> jmerelo, i can be reached most reliably with a ping on irc
releasable6 jmerelo, Next release in ≈2 days and ≈11 hours. 2 blockers. 0 out of 126 commits logged
jmerelo, Details: gist.github.com/3783e7cbb003ded71d...e22287f4cb
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tadzik computer, messages 09:02
AlexDaniel`: ah, makes sense. I guess this is soon enough too :)
AlexDaniel` yeah :) I have not yet seen tellable not deliver any message, in fact it seems to be more reliable because it autocorrects nicknames and complains when it can't 09:08
compared to the previous bot that is
well, accidentally not deliver, it does not deliver intentionally in that special case when you reply really quick :)
although I can totally see how the functionality is not explicit enough when trying to overthink it :( 09:10
maybe it should send a /notice instead, that'd be lovely
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AlexDaniel` tadzik: OK, here's a ticket: github.com/Raku/whateverable/issues/380 09:13
lizmat: please slap a `tellable` label on it. Thanks 09:14
jmerelo AlexDaniel`: done
AlexDaniel` thanks
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Xliff attempts to poke timotimo 11:21
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Xliff I am having a weird nativecall issue. Anyone around who can help? 11:23
Unfortunately, the issue is, once again, tied to a GtkPlus example that I have not yet golfed down.
AlexDaniel: You around? 11:24
AlexDaniel` yes :) 11:25
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Xliff Would you be kind enough to be my igor? 11:27
Geth advent: thibaultduponchelle++ created pull request #67:
My 10 commandments for Raku performances improvements
advent: 8bc8377583 | (Thibault DUPONCHELLE)++ | 2 files
My 10 commandments for Raku performances improvements
advent: 7d69e30bb8 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #67 from thibaultduponchelle/master

My 10 commandments for Raku performances improvements
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xinming SmokeMachine: The many-to-many thing, to an old DBIC user, I feel `has @.blis is relationship( *.bli-id, :many-to-many{ .bles }, :model<Bli> );` more natural 13:06
SmokeMachine: BTW, is it possible to fetch specified columns from a "ResultSeq"? I thought that we don't need to build a full Object, But we can specify columns, and let ResultSeq returns Hash for each object when user specifies columns to the search. 13:08
SmokeMachine xinming: would you mind to comment that on github.com/FCO/Red/issues/454?
xinming: a .map would do that 13:09
xinming Maybe something like, Model.^all.grep({ .name = ... }).columns(<col1 col2 col3>, :hash);
SmokeMachine but it doesn't accept returning a hash yet...
xinming SmokeMachine: Ok, so when we try to fetch columns from the ResultSeq, We'll get the sql correctly generated? 13:10
Let's say, when we fetch 2 columns, the sql emitted to server will also be SELECT col1, col2 FROM xxxx; right?
SmokeMachine: Will comment on 454 later. 13:11
SmokeMachine for now, it's possible to do `Model.^all.grep({ .name = ... }).map({ .col1, .col2, .col3 });`, but in the future it's planed to support: `Model.^all.grep({ .name = ... }).map({ %( col1 => .col1, col2 => .col2, col3 => .col3 ) });`
xinming Ok, Thanks. 13:12
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xinming guifa`: So, you think that is a bug in raku, right? 13:13
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SmokeMachine xinming: it not only accepts more than one column, it also accepts complex returns: www.irccloud.com/pastebin/WCqxVZj2/ 13:16
xinming: and it makes the DB handle that 13:17
tyil [Coke]: what email address should I sent the CLA to? you were knowledgable on this topic, if I'm not mistaken 13:18
xinming SmokeMachine: Thanks, Red design is quite interesting, I never thought these complex things can be done in Red 13:20
SmokeMachine xinming: another example: www.irccloud.com/pastebin/Y5lG7iWt/
xinming: one more: www.irccloud.com/pastebin/oxepgW1d/ 13:22
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SmokeMachine xinming: and much more is planned to be possible... and it will grow even more with RakuAST and custom compiler passes (I hope) 13:27
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SmokeMachine xinming: and I really need help on doc to make this kind of stuff visible to every user... 13:29
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SmokeMachine xinming: the last example, I promise (now with json): www.irccloud.com/pastebin/7x4dUW9u/ 13:33
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[Coke] (CLA) [email@hidden.address] 14:12
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tyil [Coke]: ty 14:33
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holyghost OK, I am off, have a nice weekend everyone 17:32
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pkmnx hiya, I running through all the various texts w/ learning raku & just "discovered" the 'X' infix operator & I'm so happy to find it. 19:40
because its feed me from writing a certain class of nested for loops, which I've always hated. 19:41
but, while I can go look for it, I thought, I'd just ask here:
is there any such operator that let's me loop over indices of arrays of arrays or hashes of hashes, and so on ? 19:42
w/out using the unsightly nests of nests ? 19:43
I just realized how much I hate writing them.
jmerelo hi, pkmnx
There's deepmap and duckmap. Did you check them out? Not operators, but will probably get you there. stackoverflow.com/questions/502019...-really-do 19:44
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! CRDT (0.0.1) by 03FCO 19:51
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pkmnx thanks merelo, let me see ... 20:01
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pkmnx I think i understand these routines, say, deep map, but I wasn't sure how to emit indices as I descended. 20:27
in essence - imagine you have:
my $k = { '0' => { 'a' => 'b' }, '1' => { 'd' => 'e' }, 'g' => { 'k' => 'g' }, 'm' => { 'l' => 's' } };
and you run: 20:28
<pre>for ( $k.keys ) -&gt; $ky { for ( $ky.kv ) -&gt; $kky, $v { &quot;$ky $kky $v&quot;.say;}}</pre>
which would give:
g 0 g0 0 01 0 1m 0 m
or, something like that, formatted better ...
actually: see: 20:31
for ( $k.keys ) -> $ky { for ( $k{$ky}.kv) -> $kky, $v {
and so, $ky & $kky are the branches, so to speak and $v is the leaf, so to speak ... 20:32
MasterDuke maybe a recursive gather/take? 20:34
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melezhik I've described an idea of RakuPlay and question about it's future. So I'd appreciate feedback ... sparrowdo.wordpress.com/2020/11/19...roduction/ 20:40
Altai-man melezhik, does it have API? :) 20:43
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melezhik so far it's a web, but nobody would prevent you from curling it )) - github.com/melezhik/RakuPlay/blob/...p.raku#L63 20:45
again, right now it's just a draft if I see an interest I could eventually add more features ... 20:46
here is the a route - github.com/melezhik/RakuPlay/blob/...p.raku#L25
Altai-man melezhik, if I won't die writing docs, I see it could fit nice after some changes to be used to execute raku docs examples. Right now I have glot.io integration, but given glot.io probably does not want us to spam potential lots of queries to a poor single API token, there is a sense to self-host something secure and robust enough for examples execution. 20:48
tyil melezhik: in sparrowdo.wordpress.com/2020/08/28...proposal/, note that `s6` already exists as software packaged in a number of GNU+Linux distributions (www.skarnet.org/software/s6/) 20:49
melezhik I wish I could share the post via reddit, but lately reddit bots treated all my posts as spam =L , so sometimes Liz post some of my posts, thanks
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melezhik Altai-man " there is a sense to self-host something secure and robust enough for examples execution." - fair enough ! 20:50
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melezhik tyil oh, no ))) it was in the moment when I rewrote Sparrow from Perl to Perl6 , here is why the name is 20:51
Altai-man I understand the actual field suggested is much wider: more suitable for e.g. bisecting between releases or comparing result between OS images.
tyil I expected as much, I'm just warning you in case it confuses readers
I don't think s6 is pre-installed in any distro, though
melezhik tyil sure, thanks, maybe one day I'll rename it, not a big deal, I don't have a huge community to ruin , ha-ha ))) 20:52
tyil hehe
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melezhik Altai-man not sure if RP is competitive with bisectable, at least RP is quite slow I am afraid, but yeah you are right, RP is just wider, but I don't know what people might want to, so here is the post 20:54
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Altai-man Argh, I am too dumb to write docker files. 20:55
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melezhik Posted to reddit - www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...y_project/ hopefully this post will come through this time 21:08
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MasterDuke are you building rakudo yourself for each commit? or using builds from shareable6? 21:14
melezhik MasterDuke I use whateverable builds, github.com/melezhik/sparrow6-rakud...l.pm6#L120 21:16
so looks like the same?
so, I don't build for sure 21:17
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MasterDuke nice, glad to see the reuse 21:19
melezhik yeah, build from source would be crazy slow ... 21:20
Altai-man Can anyone please help me with writing a dockerfile for cro? gist.github.com/Altai-man/89e8181b...d6ac1ad01e <- this is what I have. 21:27
I get "Installed: rakudo-pkg-2020.10-02.x86_64", fine
But then
Step 8/15 : RUN /opt/rakudo-pkg/bin/install-zef-as-user .... /usr/bin/env: 'perl6': No such file or directory 21:28
No, I cannot use Cro docker images, they are too old. No, I cannot use rakudo-star, its OpenSSL module is broken.
[Coke] where does "install-zef-as-user" come from? 21:29
Altai-man That's a script in /opt that comes from rakudo-pkg package I believe.
[Coke] rakudo-pkg?
Altai-man github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg#zef-mo...gular-user
[Coke] github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg/blob/m...ef-as-user 21:30
Altai-man I am too tired and something this simple should just work but here I am spending three hours on nothing and probably too irritated to see what I missed. :\ 21:31
[Coke] sorry, meant to followup - might need to update your path 21:33
would explain the "can't find perl6"
Altai-man Move ENV one line above? 21:34
Altai-man tries
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[Coke] <nod> 21:35
oh, didn't even see it below, aye. :)
melezhik Altai-man `ENV PATH=~/.raku/bin:/ opt/rakudo-pkg/:$PATH` ?
`ENV PATH=~/.raku/bin:/opt/rakudo-pkg/:$PATH` ? 21:36
`ENV PATH=~/.raku/bin:/opt/rakudo-pkg/bin/:$PATH` ? 21:38
Altai-man same 21:39
same with just moving above, same with `Step 8/13 : ENV PATH=~/.raku/bin:/opt/rakudo-pkg/:$PATH` 21:40
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[Coke] are you sure you need the =? 21:44
ah. optional but ok, maybe 21:45
Altai-man Yes, two other variables I have are with =
[Coke] trying to do a build with your file locally... 21:47
boy, lsb is bringing in a LOT of stuff. 21:51
are you getting it only for rakudo-pkg? can't use the builtin installer?
Altai-man You mean `redhat-lsb-core`? 21:52
[Coke] yes
I ditched the other stuff to speed up testing.
Altai-man It's needed to execute `lsb_release -is`, yes. 21:53
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Altai-man Can hardcode `Fedora/32` I guess. 21:53
[Coke] trying a potential fix, will let you know in 5m. :| 21:57
Altai-man [Coke], it builds quite fast for me, so you can post a gist not to stress your hardware... 21:58
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[Coke] change "~" to "/root" 21:58
I don't think ~ or $HOME is going to work in that context. 21:59
and I think "/root" is root's homedir on that box
Altai-man tries
[Coke] bah. nope
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Altai-man No. :S 22:01
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[Coke] trying to do it from inside the docker container so I can see what's going on 22:02
there is nothing in /root/.raku/bin 22:06
/root/.raku doesn't exist.
you want /opt/rakudo-pkg/bin 22:07
from the instructions for rakudo-pkg: PATH=~/.raku/bin:/opt/rakudo-pkg/bin:/opt/rakudo-pkg/share/perl6/site/bin:$PATH
raku/bin is for your own stuff if you get that far, but it's not where perl6 is installed.
try that, let me know if it works. 22:08
Altai-man tries 22:10
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Altai-man Yay. Something installs. 22:14
melezhik cool
Altai-man I hope it won't stumble upon `Pod::From::Cache:ver<0.2+> not found`...
[Coke]++ melezhik++
melezhik found a bug in red doc? - rakudist.raku.org/sparky/report/RakuPlay-2/1367 22:23
or at least bug in an example code ? ))))
doc's code might not works ... ? ))) or it should ? 22:24
let's run something from github.com/FCO/Red/tree/master/examples .... 22:25
oh, they require some libs ... 22:26
oh, I was wrong, I should have used a `Red` in the beginning probably 22:28
still failed- rakudist.raku.org/sparky/report/RakuPlay-2/1371 22:30
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[Coke] Altai-man++ 22:43
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