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Kil93ac Does anyone know who came up with the whole "LTA" concept? 01:15
If someone finds out, would be nice to include in Glossary: github.com/Raku/doc/blob/master/do....pod6#L533 We're implementing the same concept at work and everyone loves it. Would be nice to know who came up with the idea (feels like Audrey's or Larry's doing, but don't know) 01:30
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perryprog Huh, that's kinda funny: "LTA" in the context of Wikipedia stands for Long Term Abuse(r). I might have to steal Less Than Awesome as a less-aggressive expansion. 01:36
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lizmat pretty sure that it was Audrey who came up with LTA 09:30
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[Coke] That matches my hazy recollection as well 13:29
We could ask her if she'd admit to it. :)
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xinming_ m: sub t (Int|Str $t) { $t.raku.say; }; t(1); 14:50
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Malformed parameter
at <tmp>:1
------> 3sub t (Int|Str7⏏5 $t) { $t.raku.say; }; t(1);
expecting any of:
xinming_ Is it possible to declare the type like this in signature?
timotimo no, it needs a sepaate "subset" declaration 14:52
or an explicit where clause
xinming_ m: sub t ($t where .WHAT ~~ Int|Str) { $t.raku.say; }; t(1); 14:54
camelia 1
xinming_ m: sub t ($t where Int|Str) { $t.raku.say; }; t(1);
camelia 1
xinming_ raku++
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pkmnx perhaps silly question: where did p6doc install to ? zef it said it installed, but, I couldn't find it ... 15:22
[Coke] I wouldn't bother installing p6doc. 15:27
the bin utility is gone, and the docs are mis-installed for years.
assuming you mean github.com/Raku/doc
pkmnx yeah, I read all about it & just wanted to be able to search functions via cli ... 15:28
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[Coke] I think github.com/Raku/rakudoc is the next iteration of that. 15:50
looks like there's a hack described in the readme that lets you do what you need. 15:51
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jmerelo warning everyone who's committed to an Advent article to have it ready soonish 17:19
I need some time to edit them, and also want to schedule them in advance. As well as knowing how many are going to be there.
timotimo jmerelo: it sounds a little strange to say that gitlab "conceded" resources to us
that kind of sounds like we had to sue them first or something 17:20
jmerelo timotimo: granted?
timotimo provided?
offered, maybe?
jmerelo not really, I had to request it
[Coke] all 3 of the alts seem fine
so granted/provided 17:21
jmerelo Clarified in Twitter. 17:23
English is still not my mother tongue. And there's been too much talk about concession lately, which kind of means a different thing in Spanish. Sorry.
[Coke] no worries on this end.
timotimo the smother tongue 17:24
jmerelo Back to the advent thing. Submit your articles, please.
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jmerelo I know we will have write last-minute articles eventually, but I'd like to reduce that possibility to as small as possible. 17:25
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jmerelo And still 10 slots to fill. [Coke]? timotimo? Anyone? 17:29
jmerelo hears a lot of silence 17:33
[Coke] I'm not volunteering, no. :)
jmerelo [Coke]: can you be shanghaied? Enticed? Seduced?
[Coke] paid? 17:35
any RSC members that aren't already volunteering? 17:39
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[Coke] if I to use lizmat's is test-assertion, how do I specify the rakudo requirement in META6.json? 17:52
lizmat [Coke]: you don't have to if you use my new Test::Assertion module 17:53
[Coke] if I *want*..
lizmat if your rakudo is too old, it won't report the optimized error location, but it won't complain about the trait not being known 17:54
[Coke] oh, if I use the module. gotcha. 17:55
lizmat the module will know when to be a noop 17:56
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jmerelo [Coke]: will need to help them... 18:00
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Hash::LRU (0.0.3) by 03ELIZABETH 18:08
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Geth_ doc: e424ef96af | Coke++ | xt/check-signatures.t
Avoid uninit value warning
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patrickb jmerelo: Just an idea: Could we spread the advent articles evenly across the days of advent and if more voluneers show up fill in more gaps? That would prevent missing articles at the end in the worst case and reduce stress a little. (With the disadvantage of having fewer articles because we don't need to push people as hard.) 18:35
tellable6 2020-11-19T11:21:05Z #raku-dev <Xliff> patrickb: Unfortunately, I haven't seen much improvement. Using zef 0.9.4
jmerelo patrickb: there're no allotted days now, actually. I've done it that way precisely to prevent the constant reshuffling I had to do previously 18:36
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jmerelo at the end of the day, it's just better to set firm deadlines. And we still have 10 slots to fill. 18:37
patrickb jmerelo: Ah! So you already do it that way! (And still push people so we don't end up with very few articles.) jmerelo++ 18:38
jmerelo So it's going to be first come, first served. And I'll have a few days of margin to know if more articles are needed. Previously, sometimes in the evening I didn't know if I had an article, and there were no article left to fill
patrickb: basic idea is that previously the deadline was thought to be roughly the day it was assigned. I'm trying to be very clear now that the deadline is Dec 1st for _all_ articles. 18:39
patrickb jmerelo: I like that.
jmerelo patrickb: as in "I like it so I'll write an article"? :-) 18:45
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patrickb jmerelo: I'm thinking about it. But I can't make any promises yet. 18:47
jmerelo patrickb: fair enough :-) 18:55
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