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tbrowder in summary, when each line describes a complete class, is a grammar/actions approach worthwhile? 00:00
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raku-bridge <theangryepicbanana> [Coke]: oh yeah, that's what I meant when I said vscode. I'm basically taking that extension and modernizing/improving/redoing it 01:29
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Texo Hi 01:40
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melezhik .tell rba, I don't mind to upgrade 03:41
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to rba
melezhik .tell @rba, I see that brezleisen is back, thanks 03:42
tellable6 melezhik, I cannot recognize this command. See wiki for some examples: github.com/Raku/whateverable/wiki/Tellable
melezhik .tell rba I see that brezleisen is online, I can connect to ssh, thnaks 03:43
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to rba
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guifa Sometimes you never realize how useful some meta operators can be 04:57
I have a point where I’ve got some complex fallback rules. 04:58
$foo = [//] $optA, $optB, $optC, $optD, … 04:59
Looks really nice when all the options are on their own commented lines and you just see $foo = [//] at the top
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moon-child guifa: wait'll you hear about apl 06:27
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holyghost I added some theorem prover code to racul, I need to enter further logical validities 09:28
then make the parser 09:29
it's on Xliff's server and at github.com/theholyghost2/racul
after that I have to make some sort of scheme compiler from it
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Geth_ ecosystem/kawaii-patch-1: e446de4cfb | (Kane Valentine)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
update repo link for API::Discord
ecosystem: kawaii++ created pull request #565:
update repo link for API::Discord
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Geth_ ecosystem: e446de4cfb | (Kane Valentine)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
update repo link for API::Discord
ecosystem: 2d3ae39b1f | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Merge pull request #565 from Raku/kawaii-patch-1

update repo link for API::Discord
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leont In a sub EXPORT, is there any way for figuring out whom I'm exporting too? 13:29
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leont *to 13:30
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holyghost leont: AFAIK, the X::Y::Z 13:40
leont ? 13:42
Geth_ advent: wimvanderbauwhede++ created pull request #69:
Update authors.md
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holyghost I have a hash function based on Hawking temperature in a Boltzmann distribution, maybe I need to program the attractors 14:04
anyway I have symbol table keys
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Terminal::Getpass (0.0.8) by 03TITSUKI 14:20
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Geth_ advent: a5539f7c59 | (Wim Vanderbauwhede)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2020/authors.md
Update authors.md

I hope this is the way to claim a slot
advent: c9c80a0191 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2020/authors.md
Merge pull request #69 from wimvanderbauwhede/patch-1

Update authors.md
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rindolf zef install App::Mi6 is making my fans spin :( 16:45
Geth_ advent: wimvanderbauwhede++ created pull request #70:
Added link to gist
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guifa leont: no, I don’t believe you can, unless maybe the thing you’re exporting to wants to identify itself, then maybe you can pull it off via a dynamic variable 17:10
Or, I guess you could try to use a backtrace, but IME backtracing can be finicky and more of an imprecise dark art than a science 17:11
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Geth_ advent: 1abde48de2 | (Wim Vanderbauwhede)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2020/authors.md
Added link to gist
advent: 4cfefe8246 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2020/authors.md
Merge pull request #70 from wimvanderbauwhede/patch-1

Added link to gist
leont guifa: yeah, I tried using callframe, but didn't get what I wanted 17:23
guifa leont: what’s the use case for detecting it? (just wnodering if there might be another workaround) 17:33
leont I want to get to the other sides's pod 17:34
guifa Oof
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guifa That’s definitely going to be a tough one. You maybe you can do it by working as a trait instead? 17:37
use POD::Instrospect; whatev Foo is pod-introspectable { … } 17:39
You’d have to have the use statement on the outside, but I think it might work
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guifa jmerelo: I’m putting finishing touches on this, but if you need, I can probably also quickly write another one over the holiday weekend on writing a serializable role, since I’ve been doing a lot of work on that for CLDR 17:55
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Geth_ doc: 2b7b52fc71 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Type/Test.pod6
Fix link to is-deeply()
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Test
m6locks ===> Failed to find dependencies: dot:from<bin> 19:41
Failed to resolve some missing dependencies
how to fix this?
===> Installing: HTTP::Status:ver<0.0.1>
No such method 'dist' for invocant of type 'Str'. Did you mean any of
these: 'cis', 'first', 'gist', 'Int'?
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JJAtria[m] m6locks: dot:from<bin> means it's looking for a "dot" executable in your machine. Maybe whatever you're trying to install says where to get it? 20:06
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[Coke] I believe that's graphviz 20:16
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melezhik . tell lizmat . RakuDist, RakuPlay is online now cc rba 21:22
tellable6 2020-11-23T15:02:44Z #raku <lizmat> melezhik message received
2020-11-23T21:14:18Z #raku <rba> melezhik: brezeleisen should be back online.
2020-11-23T21:20:50Z #raku <rba> melezhik: We like to upgrade brezleisen to 20.04 LTS. Ok for you?
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! App::Lorea (0.0.5) by 03JJATRIA 21:29
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Geth_ advent: 4bd5e59a66 | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2020/authors.md
add link to my draft
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grondilu It's kind of weird that if I change --prefix it starts compiling everything all over again. 22:12
I mean is it not ? 22:13
m6locks JJAtria[m]: ok 22:20
it seems that my zef install is corrupted, is there a nice way to reinstall it?
JJAtria[m] What makes you say it is corrupted? Corrupted how? 22:22
m6locks well I tried to do update+upgrade on it and it started failing on packages like Documentable 22:23
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MasterDuke i think documentable is in a known-not-perfect state, might want to skip that 22:26
but jjmerelo is the person to ask 22:27
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melezhik hi! for those who are interested, RakuPlay is online. And I added 2020.11 Rakudo version to the selection list 23:59