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jmerelo Last chance to request a slot for the Advent Calendar github.com/Raku/advent/! 08:14
tellable6 2020-11-25T00:10:57Z #raku <JJAtria[m]> jmerelo: I should have some version of my advent post ready for some reviews tomorrow or the day after, although I'm thinking about changing the topic to make it more accessible for beginners
jmerelo Also: write it.
.tell jjatria thanks!
tellable6 jmerelo, I'll pass your message to JJAtria[m] 08:15
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! HTTP::Tiny (0.1.4) by 03JJATRIA 11:16
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jmerelo We're going to have a Perl and Raku devroom this year in the online version of Fosdem fosdem.org/2021/schedule/track/per...ogramming/ 11:37
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lizmat jmerelo++ 11:49
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samebchase- Please review my Advent post on Raku Grammars: gist.github.com/samebchase/8d37f7d...5d36763dd5 12:21
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Gnome::N (0.18.0) by 03MARTIMM 14:25
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tbrowder .tell jmerelo check out my first code block 15:43
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to jmerelo
tbrowder samebchase-: i don't see ';' handled 15:47
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guifa2 o/ 16:06
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guifa2 m: sub(int $foo is raw) { $foo++}; my int $bar = 1; foo $bar; say $bar; 16:14
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Unable to parse expression in argument list; couldn't find final ')' (corresponding starter was at line 1)
at <tmp>:1
------> 3sub(int7⏏5 $foo is raw) { $foo++}; my int $bar = 1
guifa2 m: sub foo(int $foo is raw) { $foo++}; my int $bar = 1; foo $bar; say $bar;
camelia Cannot resolve caller postfix:<++>(BOOTInt); the following candidates
match the type but require mutable arguments:
(Mu:D $a is rw)
(Int:D $a is rw --> Int:D)

The following do not match for other reasons:
(Bool:D $a is rw)
guifa2 What's the correct way to pass a mutable native?
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samebchase- tbrowder: you mean comments in Clojure? ";" 16:53
I have handled that in the full grammar I've linked to, but not in the article
tbrowder: gist.github.com/samebchase/f6fbb81...e-raku-L18 16:54
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MasterDuke m: sub foo(int $foo is rw) { $foo++}; my int $bar = 1; foo $bar; say $bar; 16:59
camelia 2
MasterDuke guifa2: ^^^
guifa2 MasterDuke: weird, I swear that had given me an error when I tried it
jmerelo We're going to have a devroom (v as in virtual) this year in FOSDEM 17:00
tellable6 2020-11-28T15:43:41Z #raku <tbrowder> jmerelo check out my first code block
guifa2 is trying to speed up loading by avoiding unboxing since blob's read method takes natives
hungrydonkey m: run "date" 17:01
camelia Sat Nov 28 18:01:27 CET 2020
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guifa2 MasterDuke: I'm getting the following error. Any ideas? 17:18
Bytecode validation error at offset 1300, instruction 196: 17:19
operand type 160 does not match register type 152 for op decont_u in frame bind-init
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tbrowder ah, ok, but you might mention that and be consistent with your comment style, ;; vs # 17:28
guifa2 MasterDuke: tio.run/##K0gtyjH7/z85J7G4WMFRoZpL...iZUg@v9/AA I think this golfs it for what's triggering it. Clearly has something to do with it being passed along to another 17:29
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guifa2 WHOA 17:33
all I had to do was change to a different native type and it worked
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samebchase- tbrowder: In the Clojure snippets I'm commenting using ";;" and in the Raku snippets I'm commenting with "#" unless I messed up somewhere, let me check 17:45
tbrowder ok, i'll be quiet, you are probably right. love the article 17:48
i never looked into clojure before and didn't realize its lisp roots 17:49
i've always wanted to dabble with scheme for emacs purposes but never understood why so many variants of the same language 17:53
um, gnucash uses scheme...
sorry, emacs lisp is the variant 17:55
MasterDuke i've always been attracted to the theoretical purity/simplicity of scheme. but then the only two that i've actually had any interest in and used are racket and clojure, both very much batteries-included, raku-like-in-their-size languages 17:58
guifa2: yeah, the non-64bit types have some problems 17:59
guifa2 MasterDuke: ah noted. I posted an issue on Rakudo, but couldn't quite tell if it's Rakudo or MoarVM
I only have ... *counts* 40 class files to change haha
cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Gnome::N (0.18.1) by 03MARTIMM 18:06
samebchase- tbrowder: thanks! 18:08
guifa2 MasterDuke: well dang, switching everything to natives didn't get me any speed up =\ I wonder if there's still an unboxing somewhere that I'm missing 18:12
or rather, a boxing
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Geth doc: 039a4fdf26 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Type/Test.pod6
Untangle ok() and nok() descriptions

While here sync parameters' name between signatures and descriptions.
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Test
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MasterDuke guifa2: i assume you've profiled? 19:29
guifa2 Not yet: had had some trouble on my desktop but....seemsl ike the laptop is okay with profiling so yay. trying that now 19:34
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tyil vrurg: . 20:07
nine: .
guifa2 MasterDuke: it's spending almost all the time in the infix:<but> 20:08
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guifa2 I probably need to readjust my test, because the decoding is < 5% of the time, and I'm sure the but is from the XML stuff 20:13
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guifa2 MasterDuke: hmm, looks like potentially the worst of the time is in my BUILD substitute. Not sure how I can make that any faster sadly =\ (I bind all of the attributes to equivalently named keys, in addition to keys that match the camelCase that CLDR uses. Commenting out the worst of them (with ~ 200 binds) plummeted the runtime 20:42
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guifa2 I guess I can just remove that feature and and have the hashy access just do $."$key"(), and maybe caching it? 20:43
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Gnome::N ( by 03MARTIMM 20:45
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MasterDuke huh. can you use the `is built(:bind)` thing lizmat recently introduced? 20:59
guifa2 MasterDuke: I missed that trait, I'll take a look at it 21:05
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guifa2 . o O ( lizmat releases so many, being the resident trait-master haha) 21:06
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Geth doc: 147562760d | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Type/Test.pod6
Use parameters' names in description
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Test
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Geth advent: pheix++ created pull request #73:
Add my draft to the repo
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