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Xliff Noticing a HUGE slowdown when using the -I switch. 01:02
raku -e 'use DBIish; use JSON::Fast' # Starts instantly
raku -I. -e 'use DBIish; use JSON::Fast' # Takes ~44 seconds 01:03
Can anyone confirm this? Using HEAD as of Sunday
v2020.11-53-g1b2698319 in particular
^^lizmat vrurg timotimo AlexDaniel 01:04
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xinming_ m: sub t () { do for 1 .. 8 -> $page { if $page > 4 { last: "a-$page"; }; $page } }; my @t = t; @t.raku.say; 01:43
camelia WARNINGS for <tmp>:
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]
Useless use of "a-$page" in expression "a-$page" in sink context (line 1)
xinming_ What is the right way to let `last`, `next` these kind of statement to set the value of for loop? 01:44
timotimo not yet implemented ;( 01:51
you're supposed to be able to, for example, use "leave" with a value 01:52
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Xliff timotimo: ? 03:49
timotimo Xliff: -I has implications on precompilation loading 03:55
so run it with rakudo module debug 03:57
Xliff OK 04:03
There's a big ole hang at RMD: Parsing specs: . 04:04
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Xliff Spends like 20 seconds there and after that it moves pretty quick. 04:05
timotimo OK, strace it 04:06
Xliff Spends like 20 seconds there and after that it moves pretty quick.
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timotimo i've got an idea what it's doing 04:07
Xliff WTF?
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Xliff It's why is it going through subdirs? 04:07
timotimo it calculates the hashsum to make the identity of the CUR you passed via -I
Xliff OK. After moving it to its own subdir, it's fine. 04:08
timotimo if you have a meta6.json it'll only consider the files listed in there 04:09
Xliff Yeah. No META6.json
timotimo otherwise it has to read every file to react to changes
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Xliff I was at $P6_GLIB_HOME, which has a lot of stuff in it! 04:09
timotimo i can imagine
Xliff timotimo++
timotimo probably also git repos with loads of objects
Xliff Yep. 04:10
rakudobrew, too
timotimo maybe going through all of them and packing them would also have helped a little bit
oh, yikes, yeah
i imagine RMD could do with an output like "scanned 1000000 files in 20 seconds" at that spot
Xliff Yes, it could!
I also understand you are working on --stagestats again. 04:11
I almost have parsing routines that work for current.
timotimo i dropped it again already :)
Xliff Want the grammar when I finish?
timotimo i'm considering only outputting the more machine-readable format when it's being redirected to a file/fifo
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Xliff Well the format that exists, now. Not new one you were considering. 04:12
timotimo of course
Xliff :)
Will do.
I'll pm a gist
timotimo i really want comma to give more detailed feedback for when something is starting and is taking a bit due to compilation/precompilation etc 04:13
Xliff Ah. Improve --stagestats, makes improving Comma easier?
timotimo i imagine
Xliff Good Luck!
timotimo haha
Xliff And do feel free to play around with GTK more. 04:14
If only to laugh at my code.
I need more minions!
timotimo sorry, i've not been dilligent at all in that respect
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Xliff No worries. I've been a bit scatterbrained. 04:14
timotimo i've also made a shoddy prototype for "output how far the parse has progressed" 04:15
Xliff 460,000 lines and I've been stuck in that range since Oct
Adding libatk bindings, tho
timotimo what was atk again?
Xliff Accessibility Toolkit
timotimo ooh
i've fiddled with at-spi2 recently-ish
Xliff Oh, cool! 04:16
timotimo there's some things about and around it that are shiiiiiiiit
Xliff :(
Performance wise? 04:17
timotimo there's like one app that i haven't hunted down yet that causes enumeration of programs to take >20 seconds because it times out reacting to some query
Xliff Yikes
timotimo another app i was poking into had sufficiently custom widgets that changing the value of a slider via at-spi2 was not causing any changes in the program itself
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timotimo (a qt/kde based app) 04:17
Xliff Yeah. I'll be poking into Qt bindings when Raku gets better C++ support in NativeCall 04:18
timotimo and of course there's programs that don't expose anything whatsoever
Xliff (read: When I learn how to NativeCall C++)
That'll be fun...
(read: I must be insane!) 04:19
timotimo also, it seems like AppImage has a little barrier between programs running inside it and the user session's accessibility bus?
or maybe that was for regular old dbus stuff
it's been a couple of months
Xliff Ah.
I have yet to test any of the GLib DBUS stuff.
timotimo and i think i was unable to poke at the accessibility bus with busctl, like, at all 04:20
Xliff Sometime soon™
timotimo :+1:
giving every program a sensible small set of things exposed via dbus could be neat
Xliff At any rate, I am gonna crash.
Yep! 04:21
timotimo yeah, i also need to afkbbl for some Zs
Xliff That's the goal.
Especially if the API makes DBus less of a hassle to code.
timotimo at least some qt (or kde?) apps make their main menus available via dbus at least
Xliff Well... chat ya tomorrow.
timotimo you can *rename* the menu entries in a running program's menu
it's hella funny
Xliff WHAT?
Oh, now I need to try that. 04:22
timotimo let me see if i can find it again
user-images.githubusercontent.com/...ba00c1.png 04:24
Xliff: check this out
i just put the path of every item in its text field
for p in (busctl --user tree :1.20637 /krita/MainWindow_1/actions | grep krita..ain.indow.1.actions.[a-z] | sed -e 's/........//') 04:25
busctl --user set-property :1.20637 $p org.qtproject.Qt.QAction text s (random 1000 9999)
this turns all the menu entries into random numbers 04:26
leave that running in a loop with a sleep and you'll have Fun
Xliff Hahaha! 04:27
timotimo can also set "visible b 0"
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Xliff Think I need to be running KDE for that. I'm on Gnome, for now. 04:32
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Xliff Might switch back when I start the QT work. 04:32
Thanks for the tips!
Xliff goes afkbblzzz 04:33
timotimo don't need to, but you do need the environment variable that turns qt's accessibility plugin on
Xliff Ah. Will fiddle, later.
:1.20637 not provided by any service files, LOL 04:35
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timotimo well, yeah 04:37
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timotimo that'd have to be an actually connected peer 04:37
:1.21 3373 xfwm4 timo :1.21 session-2.scop>
samebchase- I'm not able to reach modules.raku.org/ 04:54
Does anyone know what's up?
timotimo works for me, maybe it'sa lready solved? 04:55
samebchase- Okay, it opens now
could be my internet connection
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jmerelo clickbaits Why raku is the ideal language for Advent of Code raku-advent.blog/2020/12/01/day-1-...t-of-code/ 06:03
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Geth doc: 586417e9d5 | (Stoned Elipot)++ (committed by Juan Julián Merelo Guervós) | doc/Language/glossary.pod6
Correctly index lvalue
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/glossary
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rba If something doesn't work you might check if it's down here: stats.raku.org/ 07:22
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frost-lab Hello! 08:26
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kawaii good morning o/ 09:09
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MasterDuke AlexDaniel`: i wonder if github.com/mhx/dwarfs would be good for the *ables. might make managing the builds simpler 09:24
AlexDaniel` Wow that's interesting 09:30
Does it know about long-range compression? Does it use zstd? 09:31
MasterDuke it can use a couple different compression algorithms, but i think zstd is the default
AlexDaniel` Niiiiiiiice
MasterDuke the author responds to a bunch of questions here news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25246050 09:32
AlexDaniel` Can you test it? I'm from the phone right now but there's a whateverable ticket that benches different approaches 09:33
github.com/Raku/whateverable/issues/23 09:35
MasterDuke not in the next couple of hours. maybe in the next couple of days
AlexDaniel` The part that says "let's compess everything together" 09:36
MasterDuke there's an aur package for it, hopefully that will make installing it pretty easy 09:39
AlexDaniel` “Sure. I've been the maintainer of a perl portability module (Devel::PPPort) for a long time and every release was tested against basically every possible version (and several build flag permutations) of perl that was potentially out in the wild.” 09:40
very, very cool
heh, somebody asking in that thread “Is Btrfs stable yet?” 09:44
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AlexDaniel` I got tired of it running out of space (because it cannot figure out how much free space it has, go wonder) so I switched back to ext4… 09:44
MasterDuke hm, the folly build failed
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tadzik AlexDaniel`: hah, not much has changed since I used it then, it seems. One of my phones was running it stock, and it would basically brick itself if you filled up the storage because it didn't have enough free space to remove things :D 09:51
AlexDaniel` I think the usual suggestion is to use rebalance command or something like this to get the filesystem into a better state 09:53
I've been running that for days, looking at it trash my ssd, and it did no progress
trying to cancel it segfaulted, but luckily the system was still alive 09:54
interestingly, there's a btrfs-convert utility to convert from ext4 to btrfs, but there is no tool in existence to undo the mistake 09:55
(unless you realize it right away, then I think it's possible)
so, yes, copied to an external drive, reformatted, and now I'm pretty happy with a stable filesystem :) 09:57
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AlexDaniel` I thought I'd use all the cow snapshots and stuff, but in the end I don't even have trashcan enabled in my file manager and I've been doing this for years without any disasters 10:02
but then my important files are syncthing-ed across multiple PCs and some of them save previous versions, so there's that too…
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Xliff \o 10:31
Geth doc/de-perlification: aa76aa89a0 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 41 files
Replace reference to Perl by reference to Raku

In all places where they do not appear to be necessary, or have become obsolete, such as documentation of "method perl" in class documentation.
doc: lizmat++ created pull request #3716:
Replace reference to Perl by reference to Raku
timotimo Xliff: o/
Xliff timotimo: Have you slept? :)
timotimo not noticeably. how about you? 10:38
Xliff Same.
guifa TIL .”$foo”() somehow manages to be faster than hash access 10:47
I wonder what’s working differently internally to allow the speed difference 10:48
Actually….nope. I didn’t do the test long enough, typical warmup issue I guess. They’re about the same 10:49
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Xliff timotimo: Do you think we can emit a warning in the case where a user uses -I. at the tip of a large directory? 11:22
My escapades last night was taking 44 seconds to iterate 347m867 files! %-0 11:23
timotimo possibly
Xliff Want me to create an issue?
timotimo 347 million files?
Xliff Oops! s/m/,/
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timotimo but if we output a warning, and you really do need to have a -I that has a boatload of files in it, how would you suppress the warning? 11:27
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Voldenet m: enum X <A, B>; say A 11:31
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared name:
A used at line 1
Voldenet m: enum X <A B>; say A
camelia A
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Geth doc: bdea4b5d44 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed by Juan Julián Merelo Guervós) | 41 files
Replace reference to Perl by reference to Raku

In all places where they do not appear to be necessary, or have become obsolete, such as documentation of "method perl" in class documentation.
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tib Hello, 12:58
do we have to write Raku (the langage) with a capital letter ? 12:59
Altreus "Have to", no, you're an adult 13:00
But it is a proper noun, so you should :)
tib ok :D
MasterDuke i'd say it's like Perl/perl. Perl is the language, perl is the binary 13:01
Raku is the language, raku is the binary
tib second, I suspect that compiling rakudo with --genmoar will compile with latest release of moarvm and nqp ? Or it is using the latest "master" code ? 13:03
lizmat --gen-moar will put you at blead level 13:04
so, the most recent version of Moar that has been accepted by NQP and Rakudo
tib ok thank you a lot :) 13:05
"accepted" ?
lizmat NQP has a MOAR_REVISION file that indicates the Moar commit it should use 13:06
Rakudo as an NQP_REVISION file that indicates which commit of NQP it should use
that's what I meant with being "accepted"
tib ok that's cristal clear thx 13:07
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tib seems like -gen-moar=master does the trick 13:40
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lucasb Hey Raku problem solvers! Advent of Code started today adventofcode.com . If you are interested and want to join my private leaderboard, the code is 169430-b1c331b2 14:11
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Geth doc: 5eb75ec8ed | Coke++ | doc/Type/Junction.pod6
slight grammar improvement
doc: 11e34d0e27 | Coke++ | 2 files
New words
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Junction
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Geth advent/Scimon-patch-1: b9e5918318 | (Simon Proctor)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2020/authors.md
Update authors.md

Really sorry, just can't get my head into the right space right now.
advent: Scimon++ created pull request #75:
Update authors.md
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Geth advent: b9e5918318 | (Simon Proctor)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2020/authors.md
Update authors.md

Really sorry, just can't get my head into the right space right now.
advent: 85ae145eb6 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2020/authors.md
Merge pull request #75 from Raku/Scimon-patch-1

Update authors.md
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jdv79 is there a NYI type deal or some other future idea that would make more sense than using "DOC CHECK {" as in the advent post? 16:23
lizmat I seem to recall a TEST phaser has been suggested 16:24
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jdv79 cool, thanks 16:31
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hungrydonkey hey, guys 16:33
[Coke] hio 16:37
hungrydonkey I have a question, is there a simple way to determine whether there are consecutive numbers in an integer array? 16:38
[Coke] anywhere or that that's the whole array?
hungrydonkey like finding 0,0,0 in a array
[Coke] er: anywhere in the array, or it must be the whole array
oh, repeated. 16:39
I read consecutive as "1,2,3"
sena_kun m: my @arr = 1, 2, 3; say @arr.unique eq @arr; @arr = 1, 2, 2, 3; say @arr.unique eq @arr;
camelia True
sena_kun something like ^?
[Coke] for very long lists you could probably write something faster, but that is very nice. 16:40
hungrydonkey maybe, it's a subset, to be exact.
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sena_kun yes, this variant goes for small lists. 16:40
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sena_kun for long ones writing something with adding elements to a set goes far better. 16:41
cfa morning folks
hungrydonkey I think i have known. Thanks guys.
sena_kun m: my %seen; for <1 2 3 4 4 5> -> $n { if %seen{$n}:exists { say "False!"; last } else { %seen{$n} = True; } } 16:42
camelia False!
sena_kun m: my %seen; for <1 2 3 4 5> -> $n { if %seen{$n}:exists { say "False!"; last } else { %seen{$n} = True; } }
camelia ( no output )
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MasterDuke hungrydonkey: docs.raku.org/language/independent...ine_squish 16:44
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timotimo m: say <1 2 3 4 5 7 8 10 11 20 30 40 41 42>.squish(:with(* == * - 1)) 17:21
camelia (1 7 10 20 30 40)
guifa jdv79 I wonder if I could find a way to pull that off with my `is test` trait. 17:23
Can a module get access to the command line args too?
Looks like it probably could work. @*ARGS is dynamic. So I could probably add a small subroutine at some point along the way for that module that runs them with a special command line parameter 17:25
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jdv79 guifa: you'd have to ask codesections but i think his overall jive was to have a hunk of test code (though why just test...) that can be selectively ignored in the bytecode. 17:37
unless your trait was on a block or something i doubt that'd fit the bill 17:38
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jdv79 not sure if a phaser fits the bill either cause its not really a phase right? its more of a macro-ish thing?... idk. 17:40
lunch &
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guifa jvd79: mine is on a block of code, but it isn’t removed on compilation, which I know is the purpose of him using DOC CHECK 18:00
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guifa But I’d imagine with RakuAST we’d be able to actual remove stuff during the compile phase, so it might be fairly possible later on to do it sans phaser 18:06
but as a phaser, TEST makes sense. After you compile, but before you execute, you’d want to test that things work 18:07
codesections guifa: jvd79: well, excluding things from compilation was a goal in my earlier blog post. But it doesn't mater in the scripting/AoC context – if all your code is in a single script, it all gets compiled on each run anyway, right?
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guifa arg, why is X::Method::NotFound unresumable? 18:18
lizmat because it is a VM one ? 18:48
guifa hmm 18:51
actually in the end it didn’t matter too much. trying to redirect a bad call on FALLBACK gets you an infinite loop and you won’t get NotFound thrown ^_^ 18:53
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guifa is just playing around with different ways of handling weird fallback-handling techniques 18:54
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brass Hey folks, I'm using raku for the advent of code this year and I have a quick question about signatures 20:12
This doesn't work, but is there a way to do something like it? 0x0.st/i7_4.raku
Where I treat the automatic variable $_ like an array? 20:13
guifa Just get rid of the -> 20:14
MasterDuke try @$_
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brass guifa: thanks, that's it :) 20:15
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guifa -> { … } is basically the equivalent of anon sub ( #`explicitly no args` ) { … } 20:15
brass Ah thank you, that explains it
guifa and $_ and @_ imply positional arguments
No problem. Also, FWIW; the parentheses on [*] @_ aren’t actually needed. the if postfix has very low precedence 20:16
brass Good to know! 20:17
guifa For is a bit lower, so you can often do .say if $condition for @values as a one liner 20:19
brass What do you mean? 20:20
What would that look like?
guifa .say if $_ == 2020 for @inputs.combinations(3).reduce(* * *)
brass This is becoming too enlightened 20:21
guifa This isn’t a case I’d use it in very often
but recently I had a case where I had several for loops like that. By doing them as a white-spaced aligned single liners, it was easy to catch typos 20:22
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brass Anyone else here doing the advent of code? 20:29
tyil brass: I believe codesections was going to take part 20:30
20:30 ben_ left
guifa as is leont iirc 20:31
leont is probably skipping this year 20:32
timotimo man, i could have skipped this year as well
leont I did rather enjoy codesections's Raku manifesto (linked from today's entry) 20:33
guifa Ah oops, wrong l-username
from lucabs: Hey Raku problem solvers! Advent of Code started today adventofcode.com . If you are interested and want to join my private leaderboard, the code is 169430-b1c331b2
leont I am likely to do some blogging in the same period, but it's unlikely to be suitable for an advent calendar
brass A raku blog? 20:34
20:35 ben_ joined
leont A mixed blog 20:35
brass Link? 20:40
I always like to read about raku when people write :) 20:41
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RaycatWhoDat Got a question for y'all. gist.github.com/RayMPerry/0755df10...78fb194285 20:55
(slight AoC spoilers) Why doesn't my multi sub return the multiple values after `callwith`? I thought `nextwith` was the one that never returns? 20:56
leont Actually, I still have to set up a new blog. Recommendations are welcome
timotimo i'm not too displeased with my Ghost 21:02
codesections RaycatWhoDat: I haven't done a ton with re-dispatching, but I'm pretty sure `callwith` only calls a sub with a signature that the _original_ call matched 21:04
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codesections (i.e., one that would have been called to begin with but for a more specific option) 21:05
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RaycatWhoDat Hmm. Interesting. 21:08
So, in this case, I should just call it straight up
codesections since your `multi`s have different signatures, I think you'd just use the name with the new signature
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RaycatWhoDat Got it. Thanks for that. 21:09
So, if you have a return value of (Int, Int), is there an implicit way of destructuring it in a block? I originally thought { $^a * $^b } would do it but it doesn't like it apparently 21:14
{ $_[0] * $_[1] } works ofc but I was hoping for something a bit more spicy 21:16
codesections m: sub f($a, $b = 40) { $a + $b }; say f 2 21:17
camelia 42
codesections (re: earlier question -- default arguments would be another option) 21:18
does `-> ($a, $b) { $a * $b }` do what you want? 21:19
RaycatWhoDat uhh 21:20
Lemme check
codesections or did you want to avoid naming the variables?
RaycatWhoDat I'm not opposed to naming the variables 21:21
I was mostly trying to get the $^a, $^b version to work 21:22
But I can do $_[0], $_[1]
[Coke] ?? a return value of (Int, Int) doesn't correspond to a single expression $^a * $^b ... not following. do you have a code snippet? 21:23
codesections you could also do ` .head * .tail `
(which is longer, I know, but reads well) 21:24
RaycatWhoDat [Coke]: gist.github.com/RayMPerry/0755df10...78fb194285 21:25
cfa .[0] and .[1] work too, i believe?
RaycatWhoDat Basically, I want to destructure the (Int, Int) into their own variables
cfa: Oh? 21:26
Nice. It does.
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RaycatWhoDat I do like codesections's suggestion 21:27
cfa m: (10, 20).&{ .[0] * .[1] }.say
camelia 200
RaycatWhoDat only one more character for a bit more clarity
per instance
cfa though obviously there, just use [*]
RaycatWhoDat What would that look like 21:28
.[*] ?
cfa m: say [*] (10, 20)
camelia 200
RaycatWhoDat ah
sjn What's "documentation mode"? docs.raku.org says almost nothing about it
cfa RaycatWhoDat: so, the question is whether you actually want/need to destructure and name 21:29
codesections RaycatWhoDat: docs.raku.org/language/operators#i...operators)
cfa and of course timt... 21:30
RaycatWhoDat anyone else running into ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on Chrome when you try to access Raku documentation directly?
cfa RaycatWhoDat: just tried; i'm not, sorry 21:31
RaycatWhoDat This is happening consistently on my machine but, if I go to raku.org first, then search the article, it loads
Probably some update turned something on
codesections sjn: Can you provide a bit more context? I'm not sure what that is
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cfa are you referring to DOC? 21:32
sjn cfa: yes it's the DOC phaser I'm talking about
codesections Oh. It's just a phaser that is normally skipped at compile time, but that is run when rakudo is invoked with the `--doc` flag 21:35
sjn ok, that's fine, but what is it for? is something specific available at this step during compile time?
codesections the common use case is for generating docs from pod comments 21:36
sjn ok, so you can somehow affect how this is done by adding a DOC phaser? 21:37
codesections yes. And it's what the actual pod comments desuggar to, I'm pretty sure 21:38
sjn would love some details, but my google-fu isn't helping much
this seems to be a rather undocumented feature 21:39
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Xliff Hmm... 6 lines for AoC #1 21:42
Not counting input.
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codesections Yeah, that's fair. But it is a fairly low-level feature that doesn't come up much in end user code (er, aside from hacks like my use of DOC to turn off tests) 21:43
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RaycatWhoDat Xliff: ??? How? 21:45
Both parts, as well? 21:46
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Xliff Yep both., 21:49
Wanna see?
codesections :D mine was about that length too (exactly 6 if we count the shebang)
RaycatWhoDat Yes, please 21:50
because I can't even parse Part 2 in my head, let alone do Part 1 in less that 15 lines
Xliff Well.... actually, mine was 12.
But I space, liberally.
RaycatWhoDat Ah
Either way, it would be nice to see it. I'm not very good at these programming puzzles and I'd like to get better. 21:51
brass My advent is 1 line per part :)
codesections I hope both of y'all will upload your solutions to the repo I set up for the Raku community, by the way :D
brass Not including inputs of course
RaycatWhoDat Surely not mine
Go get the sub-tenners 21:52
Xliff Mine isn't that.
codesections yes, yours too RaycatWhoDat :) the idea is to see a lot of different approaches 21:53
This isn't golf
s/both/all/ 21:54
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Xliff codesection: My PR is in. 22:01
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Xliff codesections: See: github.com/Xliff/advent-of-raku-20...ff/01.raku 22:02
Geth ¦ doc: coke self-assigned Document $*W github.com/Raku/doc/issues/3050