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ben_m Anyone found Emacs's raku-mode to struggle with syntax highlighting some regex syntax? Particularly <( and <?{ 02:23
codesections yeah. It sometimes also struggles with some of the more obscure quoting forms 02:26
ben_m Do you know of a workaround? Trying to put balancing constructs in a comment hasn't worked for me
Ah, found a workaround github.com/Raku/raku-mode/issues/43 02:30
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El_Che hallo 09:40
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Xliff \o 10:47
Can you subdivide a range?
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lizmat Range.batch ? 10:47
you won't get Ranges though 10:48
El_Che hi Xliff
hi lizmat
Xliff \o El_Che
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Xliff lizmat++ 10:50
Ah. I was hoping for a proper subdivide, though. Maybe I can just write my own.
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Xliff So... 10:55
m: sub subdivide(Range $a) { my $p = ($a.max - $a.min) div 2; ( ($a.min .. $p), ($p+1 .. $a.max) ) }; (0..63).&subdivide[1].&subdivide.gist.say 10:56
camelia (32..15 16..63)
Xliff D'oh
sub subdivide(Range $a) { my $p = ($a.max - $a.min) div 2 + $a.min; ( ($a.min .. $p), ($p+1 .. $a.max) ) }; (0 .. 63).&subdivide[1].&subdivide.gist.say 10:57
evalable6 (32..47 48..63)
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lizmat Xliff: the problem with a generic solution, is that Ranges are *not* just about integer values 11:12
Xliff lizmat: ??
lizmat m: dd "a" .. "z"
camelia "a".."z"
Xliff Oh. True.
lizmat m: dd 1.5 .. 10.5 11:13
camelia 1.5..10.5
Xliff lizmat: True. I am working on a limited problem space, though.
I will have to think about those other cases and see if I can come up with something. 11:14
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v_m_v is there any performance difference between for 2..Inf and while loop with iterator and flag? 11:17
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coldpress I'm at learnxinyminutes.com/docs/raku/, reading about roles: `class Item does PrintableVal`. Could someone please tell me what the author meant by: "However, this: method print {} is ONLY valid when `print` isn't a `multi` with the same dispatch. This means a parent class can shadow a child class's `multi print() {}`, but it's an error if a role does)"? 11:19
how does one define a `multi` method in a class/role?
pr1 Hello, image a file called data.txt containing three lines: "1,2,3","4,5,6","7,8,9". When I run the following code on the CL on Windows: 11:21
raku -ne 'my $a = 0; $a += $_.split(/\,/)[0]; END { $a.say }' .\data.txt
I get "9".
lizmat role foo { multi method bar { } } # coldpress
AlexDaniel` uh, is rakubrew down?
pr1 In perl5, you could declare lexical variables in the BEGIN Phaser, but apparently not in Raku.
raku -ne 'my $a = 0; $a += $_.split(/\,/)[0]; END { $a.say }' .\data.txt 11:22
lizmat github.com/Raku/rakubrew.org/issues/12 # AlexDaniel`
AlexDaniel` ah
thank you, lizmat
pr1 ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling -eVariable '$a' is not declaredat -e:1===SORRY!=== Error while compiling -eVariable '$a' is not declaredat -e:1
lizmat pr1: remove the curlies at the END phaser, so: END $a.say 11:23
pr1 Same problem. 11:24
raku -ne 'my $a = 0; $a += $_.split(/\,/)[0]; END $a.say' .\data.txt7
The output is 7.
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MasterDuke don't you need `BEGIN my $a = 0;`? 11:25
pr1 MasterDuke, you're right.
raku -ne 'BEGIN my $a = 0; $a += $_.split(/\,/)[0]; END $a.say' .\data.txt12 11:26
but then how do you put several statements in the BEGIN Phaser? 11:27
MasterDuke i think you can/have to use multiple single statements. e.g., `BEGIN my $a; BEGIN my $b` 11:28
lizmat maybe another approach would work better: lines>>.comb(/\d+/)>>.[0].sum 11:29
afk for a bit& 11:30
pr1 @lizmat Cool 11:31
Whatever happed to the "-F" switch?
Example : $ perl -F'\W' -ane 'END {print $x} $x += @F' file.txt 11:32
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MasterDuke a bunch of the perl switches aren't yet implemented (and i think some are definitely planned never to be implemented) 11:34
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MasterDuke e.g., -i is planned to be implemented eventually 11:35
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Kaiepi arghhhhh 11:37
i almost have two advent articles on raku's type system done, but there's a bizarre bug with a multidimensional array i depend on that breaks one of the example types i use throughout
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Kaiepi it's in the Chess::Board type i think hastebin.com/tovawidazo.cpp 11:38
when i run this along with the rest of the types, i wind up with a bunch of bugged knight pieces 11:39
but if i remove the four knights from the board, they turn into queens
s/queens/\0 and kings/
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Kaiepi ...the whole script might help hastebin.com/ewovabadop.rb 11:44
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Xliff Is there a multiplication reduction method for List? A [*] analog for .sum? 12:00
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lizmat Xliff: no, there isn't, afaik 12:11
Xliff lizmat: Ah. Thanks. 12:12
lizmat Kaiepi: with a golf, I could help 12:15
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pr1 Hi, further to lizmat's suggestion, here's my one-liner so far: 12:18
raku -ne 'BEGIN my $s = lines>>.comb(/\d+/)>>.[0].sum; END $s.say' .\data.txt
If you don't add a BEGIN phaser, you get an error message. 12:19
raku -ne 'lines>>.comb(/\d+/)>>.[0].sum.say' .\data.txt11Cannot do 'get' on a handle in binary mode in block <unit> at -e line 1
lizmat pr1: drop the "n" in -ne, s/BEGIN my $s =/say/ and drop the END
pr1 @lizmat Very nice. 12:21
raku -e 'say lines>>.comb(/\d+/)>>.[0].sum' .\data.txt12
If you replace commas by tabs in the data file, and tye 12:25
raku -e 'say lines>>.comb(/\t/)>>.[0].sum' .\data.txt
you get
Use of uninitialized value of type Any in numeric context in block <unit> at -e line 1Use of Nil in numeric context in block <unit> at -e line 1Use of Nil in numeric context in block <unit> at -e line 1
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pr1 My bad 12:26
lizmat pr1: .comb is the *opposite* of split: you specify what you want 12:27
not want you want to split on
JJAtria[m] I ran into a bit of a weird issue with Proc::Async and its kill method. Any thoughts? gitlab.com/-/snippets/2047309
tellable6 2020-12-05T08:08:17Z #raku <jmerelo> jjatria[m] checked it out, it's fine. I'll schedule it.
pr1 @lizmat Right.
lizmat pr1: so the .comb solution will also work if the numbers are separated by whitespace
such as tabs
pr1 Kudos to the Raku developers. It's an amazing language. A lot more fun than Java, Rust, Go, ... 12:31
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El_Che \o/ 12:45
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tbrowder hi, all 12:55
i'm fooling with json and noticed at json.org there is no mention of raku (perl is there, c, etc.). i see no obvious way to get the attention of a person to rectify that 12:57
maybe lizmat knows someone...
lizmat sadly, no 12:58
tbrowder :-(
coldpress lizmat: thanks, their tutorial isn't very well-written. What do they mean by "valid", as in "method print {} is ONLY valid"? The following works: 13:05
m: role P{has $!counter=0; multi method print {say $.val}}; class Item does P {has $.val; method access {say $!counter++}; multi method print {say 'Item'}}; Item.new.print
camelia Item
lizmat coldpress: a better tutorial is only a PR away :-) 13:06
coldpress gladly, but I don't understand it enough to PR 13:07
what is it even trying to say?
lizmat coldpress: my mind is in the middle of 3 other things atm, so maybe someone else could take a look now?
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lizmat afk for a bit& 13:08
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ben_m Is there no way to pass an initial value to the .reduce method? Especially when the initial value has a different type than the list being reduced. 13:25
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ben_m e.g. @numbers.reduce(-> [$str, $sum], $n { [$str ~ $n, $sum + $n] }) # needs initial value 13:28
It would work like this I believe: reduce(-> ..., ["", 0], |@numbers) but then you can't chain it with other methods as nicely 13:31
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codesections ben_m: I've usually done that basically the way you described, just with method call syntax: (["", 0], |@numbers).reduce(-> ...) 13:53
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ben_m I guess in a map/grep/reduce chain I could do @numbers.map().grep().&{["", 0}, |@_}.reduce() 14:26
codesections Oh, yeah, that reads pretty well. I think I did something like (["", 0], |(@numbers.map().grep())).reduce() the last time I ran into that 14:31
but I like your suggestion better here 14:32
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codesections ben_m: would @numbers.map().grep().unshift(["", 0]).reduce work? 14:37
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ben_m Cannot resolve caller unshift(Seq:D: Array:D); none of these signatures match: (Any:U \SELF: |values) 14:40
Unfortunately not. I tried with .prepend() and it's the same thing
codesections Interesting 14:41
JJAtria[m] Ah, I guess my issue is the same as this one: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/1701 14:46
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ben_m codesections: Just realize I'm looking at your solution for AoC day 5. Learning lots from it, the EVAL is definitely a bold choice though :P 15:02
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codesections Thanks. I had fun with the EVAL, especially because I hadn't had a chance to play with the fn composition much. But I also totally missed the "it's just binary" aspect to the question :D 15:05
bazzaar Hi, just wondering if the fleshed out "watch" sub in Moritz's Advent post (6th Dec) should read :action(Sync::Action::Watch), instead of :action(Sync::Action::Sync) ? 15:06
ben_m codesections: I was halfway through doing something weird with reduce (see above...) and then I realized I'm just reinventing binary 15:10
moritz bazzaar: good catch, updating now 15:11
bazzaar :)
hythm_ Kaiepi: ( In case you haven't identified the issue yet ) you are missing the parens around `Chess::Square[Black].new X Chess::Square[White].new` 15:13
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hythm_ .tell Kaiepi ( In case you haven't identified the issue yet ) you are missing the parens around `Chess::Square[Black].new X Chess::Square[White].new` gist.github.com/hythm7/a88b9a0b9c6...dccc0ae47c 15:25
tellable6 hythm_, I'll pass your message to Kaiepi
[Coke] regarding the advent calendar - can we get a widget on the front page that shows just headlines? There's no easy way to get to day 1's article, e.g. 15:26
"view all posts" is showing the full posts, and the front page has only the "this year", day 7, and day 6
(I am subbed to the RSS feed, so I personally can find the new articles I haven't read yet, but I think we need something for the web-only visitors) 15:28
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bazzaar moritz: there's possibly a few "more grammatical" typos, should I mention them on here? 15:31
lizmat [Coke] : you mean raku-advent.blog/category/2020/ ? 15:33
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[Coke] lizmat: that's much better. 15:34
can we get that linked to from the home page?
v_m_v Hmm, I know that Raku is not the fastest but it it taking him over 16 hours(and still is going) to calculate Euler 12 task (can I make it faster: pastebin.com/xcsGkZxC)? I have asked about it yesterday but it is still to slow. 15:35
[Coke] (I have to click through to an article and then click on 2020 on that article to get there.)
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coldpress [Coke]: doesn't address your concern, but going to the URL containing only the date works, somewhat: raku-advent.blog/2020/12/07/ 15:38
ah, the /category/ page is much better 15:39
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moritz v_m_v: for 2 .. ($number div 2) -> $candidate looks pretty wasteful -- it's enough if you go up to $number.sqrt 15:39
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moritz also, the code might benefit from some `int` type annotations 15:40
MasterDuke v_m_v: it's a micro-optimization, but implicitly returning is faster than explicitly returning. so your `return $divisors + 1;` can just be `$divisors + 1;`
v_m_v Oh. Thank you! :) 15:41
codesections also ` my $candigate = 0;` is never used 15:42
v_m_v hmm true. I am using emacs. The raku-mode is still not perfect. So those kind of mistakes are quite common for me. 15:43
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codesections MasterDuke: I didn't know that about implicit vs explicit returns. Do you happen to know why? 15:44
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MasterDuke moritz, v_m_v: of course if you only go up to sqrt you have to `$divisors = $divisors + 2` instead of 1. another micro-optimization would be to remove the scope of the if and do `$divisors = $divisors + 1 if $number %% $candidate` 15:45
lizmat [Coke]: added a link to the home page 15:46
tbrowder hi, i'm still having <docs.raku.org> access problems, anyone else?
moritz v_m_v: perlpunks.de/paste/show/5fce4e61.240a.2b2 some micro optimizations applied. I changed the limit from 500 to 100 to have quicker comparison 15:47
MasterDuke codesections: i couldn't say for sure. i think explicit return is done via a control exception, and the implicit one isn't? or just does less setup?
moritz it reduced the run time from 0.7s to about 0.27s for me
MasterDuke: that sounds about right
v_m_v Wow 26.49s vs over 16 hours.
MasterDuke moritz: i think you have to do ($number.sqrt.Int + 1) 15:48
moritz yes, might be necessary 15:49
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moritz with 500, it runs on my (pretty fast) laptop in 5s 15:49
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moritz v_m_v: which rakudo version are you using? 15:51
v_m_v moritz: moar-2020.11 15:52
moritz ah, so a pretty recent one, good to know
v_m_v Thank you for your help :) BTW you are the Moritz which is responsible for a couple of Raku books? 15:53
lizmat v_m_v: and you're not running on an ARM processor?
v_m_v: yeah, that would be that moritz :-)
moritz v_m_v: two of them, yes :D
v_m_v lizmat: nope. It is quite old i5.
moritz: They are great! I really like the structure and the way of flow. 15:54
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v_m_v lizmat: Would it be a way slower on arm? I know that there is no JIT on ARM 15:54
moritz v_m_v: thanks, that's always lovely to hear
if you want to share the joy, a rating on amazon helps a lot
lizmat v_m_v: yeah, the absence of JIT on ARM may have an adverse effect on performance on some workloads 15:55
bazzaar moritz: I put the suggested edits in a gist gist.github.com/bazzaar/ed84ddc39e...dd87d13c61 15:59
[Coke] lizmat++ #that was quick! Thanks 16:05
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ben_m What's the syntax rules for » operators and new lines? .a.b».c()».d() works, but .a␤.b␤».c()␤».d() gives me 'Missing « or »' 16:32
lizmat ben_m: feels like an oversight worthy of an issue 16:33
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lizmat allowing whitespace before a .method call was something that got added really late in Raku's development process 16:33
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[Coke] what about .a\␤.b\␤».c()\␤».d() ? 16:34
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codesections at the least, it seems like it should mention the linebreak the way .a␤.&b does 16:35
ben_m [Coke]: That works, but you have to put \ on every single line end. Decent workaround for now I suppose 16:37
timotimo i think you can optionally write it .».c() 16:39
does that work?
ben_m Malformed postfix call (only basic method calls that exclusively use a dot can be detached) 16:40
[Coke] ben_m: if you search for "unspace" in the docs that might lead somewhere. 16:43
ah, yes, though it doesn't show the newline in the example 16:44
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jmerelo I just wanted to let you know... 17:09
... wait for it ...
... there are still some slots open for the Advent Calendar.
Also, Perl&Raku devroom in Fosdem 17:10
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tbrowder jmerelo: can you schedule my advent later without angst? i think it's ok, but it's missing some emoji and i'm running into honey-do conflicts :-D 17:25
Geth advent/typed-raku: 965625d4e9 | (Ben Davies)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2020/drafts
Add drafts for Typed Raku parts 1 and 2
advent: Kaiepi++ created pull request #79:
Add drafts for Typed Raku parts 1 and 2
Kaiepi hythm_ that X was the issue, yeah. should've mentioned when i figured it out here... 17:27
tellable6 2020-12-07T15:25:10Z #raku <hythm_> Kaiepi ( In case you haven't identified the issue yet ) you are missing the parens around `Chess::Square[Black].new X Chess::Square[White].new` gist.github.com/hythm7/a88b9a0b9c6...dccc0ae47c
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Geth advent: 965625d4e9 | (Ben Davies)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2020/drafts
Add drafts for Typed Raku parts 1 and 2
advent: c63dca85ef | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2020/drafts
Merge pull request #79 from Raku/typed-raku

Add drafts for Typed Raku parts 1 and 2
jmerelo tbrowder: let me check. In principle, I would need to re-edit titles and reschedule is all. 17:33
morayj What are the arguments for using camelia? raku: doesn't seem to be one of them, which is in raku.org/community/irc/ m: does seem to be one, which isn't 17:35
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jmerelo morayj do you mean camelia the mascot, camelia the logo, camelia the bot? 17:37
morayj Ah, camelia the bot
jmerelo Ah, you mean the docs are not complete.
morayj :-) 17:38
jmerelo You can check the source... It's "evalable" if I'm not wrong.
morayj Ok, thanks. Will have a look...
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guifa2 jmerelo: editing my article now, should be done within the hour (sorry, we're in the midst of final exams so things are crazy =/ ) 17:39
Geth doc: 193e329c66 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Language/exceptions.pod6
Relocate CATCH index for a better experience
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/exceptions
jmerelo guifa2: ack. Thanks! 17:54
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jmerelo tbrowder: can change it to 11th. Will that be OK? 17:59
ggoebel_ raku: my @a = (1, 2, ()); @a.join(",").say; 18:04
evalable6 1,2,
ggoebel_ perl5: my @a = (1, 2, ()); print(join(",", @a), "\n"); 18:05
perl: my @a = (1, 2, ()); print(join(",", @a), "\n");
$ perl -e 'my @a = (1, 2, ()); print(join(",", @a), "\n");'
how does one get the same perl5 behavior in raku? 18:07
is there a way to make flatten remove empty lists? 18:09
raku: (1,2,()).flat
ggoebel_ raku: [1,2,()].flat
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ggoebel_ raku: (1, 2, ()).flat.join(",").say; 18:10
evalable6 1,2
jmerelo tbrowder: switched to 11th 18:11
lizmat ggoebel_: would it be possible to make that list contain an Empty instead of ()
then you wouldn't have to do anything else
m: my @a = (1, 2, ()); print(join(",", @a.map: *.Slip), "\n") # otherwise
camelia 1,2
ggoebel_ I'm still struggling with the nooks and crannies of raku with which I am unfamiliar
lizmat ggoebel_: if you have one your own subs return () 18:12
Geth doc: a1d2236f89 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Language/phasers.pod6
Use code formatting for phaser names
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/phasers
ggoebel_ Thanks. I'll hit docs.raku.org to read up on what you are suggesting
codesections m: say (1, 2, ()).grep(|*.Slip).join(',')
camelia 1,2
codesections ggoebel_: another option ^^^ 18:14
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codesections er, with *one* of `|` or `.Slip` -- no need for both 18:17
m: say (1, 2, ()).grep(|*).join(',')
camelia 1,2
ggoebel_ the multitude of syntactical options is both a blessing and a curse :-)
raku: (1, 2, ()).flat.Slip.join(",").say 18:18
evalable6 1,2
tbrowder jmerelo: great! thnx, jj
ggoebel_ thank you lizmat++, codesections++
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tbrowder ggoebel_: were you able to see that page§! 18:20
i'm getting blocked for tls errors
guifa2 WHo was it that was working on upgrading POD declarator blocks? was it tbrowder or p6steve? I forgot 18:21
Geth doc: 9531b90e58 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Language/phasers.pod6
Xref catching exceptions
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/phasers
tbrowder i have some work stalled on a branch on my local host 18:22
just needs some time, probably not till after the new year 18:23
a year late!
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ggoebel_ tbrowder: I'm able to see docs.raku.org 18:40
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2020/12/07/2020-...haping-up/ 19:11
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ab5tract lizmat++ 19:12
thank you for this essential public service! :D
lizmat you're very much welcome :-) 19:13
perryprog \o/
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codesections lizmat++ (minor correction: you list me as "Daniel Sections", which is an interesting combo of my name (Daniel Sockwell) and my username/nick (codesections)) 19:15
lizmat argh :-) 19:16
jmerelo codesections: it's an inter-section 19:17
codesections no problem, just wanted to mention it
jmerelo ducks and cover
codesections jmerelo: :D
lizmat at least I was consistent :-) 19:18
fixed now, codesections++ keeping up the good work!
jmerelo makes an ob-reminder that the CFP for the Perl&Raku devroom is open. And I want you, and you, and yes, also you, to submit talks of any length (from 10 minutes to 1 hour)
codesections thanks 19:19
jmerelo Even the retrocomputing devroom has more talks than our devroom. Which is not difficult, as long as there are any of them.
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guifa2 gah, I missed this weekly again 19:24
guifa2 needs to stop being a perfectionist and release stuff
lizmat++ as always
.oO( Release Early, Release Often )
perryprog lizmat++ for 1..(a lot)
guifa2 lizmat: this is gonna be breaking release, though, so no release is sadly a bit better than a partial release 19:27
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hythm lizmat: This is a typo I guess "Raku & Pakku by Haitham Alrayes", thats is probably a name of a random account on wordpress. The correct wordpress account associated with the article is "hythm7" and name is "Haytham Elganiny" 19:31
^regarding the weekly 19:32
lizmat argh again :-(
guifa2 hythm: does Pakku have an upgrade command? 19:33
lizmat hythm: my apologies, fixed now
guifa2 Putting the finishing touches on my article and would like to get a command sample for both zef and pakku if possible
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hythm guipha2: it does not. 19:34
thank you lizmat
guifa2 hythm, thanks, just wanted to check. Really enjoying seeing the work you've done on Pakku btw. 19:35
hythm guifa2, Thanks 19:36
guifa2 jmerelo: new draft github.com/alabamenhu/DateTimeTime...cs/blog.md 19:39
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Geth doc: 07c6231d12 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Language/exceptions.pod6
Even better CATCH index spot
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/exceptions
guifa2 gets to the bottle of the weekly and realizes he totally forgot about releasing Transput haha 19:50
all codesections' fault
jmerelo guifa2: this the one? Ping me when it's ready for uploading. Or just do it yourself, you've got the privs... 19:55
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guifa jmerelo: yeah, unless there’s anything else you see that needs work 19:58
tellable6 guifa, I'll pass your message to jmerelo
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codesections There is a pleasingly strong correlation between how confused I am by my code and how often I type WHAT 20:02
tbrowder ggoebel_: in what country or state are you located? 20:03
codesections When we say that Raku is an expressive language, I guess that includes expressing frustration by screaming at/in our code
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[Coke] m: say .WHAT, now 20:05
camelia (Any)Instant:1607371555.41664
tbrowder ggoebel_ : and what browser? 20:06
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codesections [Coke]: Shame that neither ! nor ? have a postfix form 20:07
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melezhik lizmat thanks for mentioning RICH in RW. Hopefully people find it useful ... And yeah REACH does sound more positive then RIP, he-he :] 20:11
tellable6 2020-12-05T08:07:17Z #raku <jmerelo> melezhik why did you take your article back to draft? It's scheduled to be published in 36 hours.
melezhik REACH -> RICH 20:12
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guifa codesections: I mean…. sub postfix:<!>(\foo) { not foo } 20:47
codesections guifa: well, yeah, but *of course* you can say silly-but-fitting things in the language if you define new terms! That's no fair :D 20:49
guifa still votes for sub circumfix:<¡ !>
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moon-child guifa: lol 20:55
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codesections or sub prefix:<‽>(\j) { j ~~ Junction } 20:56
just to round out our punctuation 20:57
guifa But what would ‽ mean?
any(True,False) ? 20:58
moon-child would return True for alls and anys
codesections I was imagining it as testing for junction-ness 20:59
guifa Hmm 21:00
so something like
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guifa my $foo = ‘hi’; my $bar = any <hi hola>; 21:01
‽ $foo ——> False
‽ $bar ——> True does role { method type { ‘any’ } 21:02
codesections Yeah (I hadn't thought as far as the role business, but that general idea) 21:05
guifa or I guess a string versus false since strings are truthy
guifa really wants to be able to subclass strings since subclassings is speedier than roles but he’s not figured out how yet 21:06
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guifa .tell jmerelo I’ve uploaded it on WP. Not sure which day you wanted it for 21:54
tellable6 guifa, I'll pass your message to jmerelo
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morayj star: use JSON::Fast 22:29
camelia ( no output )
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