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raku-bridge <theangryepicbanana> drinking game: for every bad practice you see here, take a shot: github.com/kanaka/mal/tree/master/impls/perl6 03:01
<theangryepicbanana> (also, if that pinged someone on irc I'm sorry lol) 03:02
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coldpress anyone knows what "chain-associative" and "list-associative" are in section 17.1 of learnxinyminutes.com/docs/raku/? 03:39
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coldpress I'm guessing chain-associative means ($p § $q) § ($q § $r), but why does the tutorial say list-associative is infix:<>? 03:45
leont Chain associative is a < b < c 03:48
list associative is: a Z b Z c 03:51
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guifa2 coldpress: if something is chain associative, that means it handles two at a time 04:00
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guifa2 most of the math operators are chain associative 04:00
2 + 3 + 4 + 5 is really ((2 + 3) + 4) + 5)
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guifa2 so the signature is ($a, $b), and in the above would be called three times, as (2,3), and then (5,4), and then (9,5) 04:02
errr 04:03
my bad, I need to stop answering when I'm sleepy 04:04
I'm not sure why the list associative says infix:<>, some of the listy ones include | or ^ 04:06
coldpress guifa2: right, (2,3), then (3,4), then (4,5), but how are these three partial results combined together? 04:28
I'd appreciate it if someone points me to a Wiki page that explains this
because googling and searching in docs.raku.org gives me nothing 04:29
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coldpress oh wait, (5,4) and (9,5) both act on the partial results, right? How is chain-associative any different from left-associative, then? 04:31
guifa2 Actually I feel like I remember there being a bug here that got fixed recently 04:34
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guifa2 yup 04:37
'twas 04:38
m: sub infix:<chain> ($a, $b) is assoc('chain') { say "Chain($a vs $b)" }; 5 chain 4 chain 3 chain 2 chain 1; 04:40
camelia Chain(5 vs 4)
Chain(4 vs 3)
Chain(3 vs 2)
Chain(2 vs 1)
guifa2 let me do some more testing
CHain is designed mainly for truthy values only 04:42
the partial results are reduced using and 04:43
coldpress alright, I finished reading that tutorial's section, and I'm pretty sure list-associative means: "associative whenever both arguments are a list"
guifa2 chain(5,4) and chain(4,3) and chain(3,2), etc 04:44
So if you want a result returned at the end, it'll only be the result from the final two that are evaluated
list-associative means all arguments are grouped in a list 04:45
coldpress so list-associative is a special kind of chain-associative? 04:46
guifa2 so using that § operand, if you do 1 § 2 § 3 § 4 § 5 § 6, it will create a list (1,2,3,4,5,6) and then pass that to sub infix:<§> (*@args) { … }
While it wouldn't make a difference for something like + or *, an operator like | or & need to get allt he arguments at once 04:48
otherwise you'd end up with all(all(all(1,2),3),4) instead of all(1,2,3,4) for & 04:49
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notandinus paste.debian.net/hidden/9f58cc10/ 05:58
how can i write ^ wihtout defining %entry?
i want to push directly
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guifa2 notandinus: use %( … ) to define a Hash inline 06:28
push @instructions, %( instructions => .Str, executed => 0) 06:29
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guifa2 waves at jmerelo 06:41
notandinus guifa2: i see, thanks 06:56
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jmerelo hey, guifa 07:13
tellable6 2020-12-07T19:58:45Z #raku <guifa> jmerelo: yeah, unless there’s anything else you see that needs work
2020-12-07T21:54:30Z #raku <guifa> jmerelo I’ve uploaded it on WP. Not sure which day you wanted it for
jmerelo Already scheduled your article.
guifa2 yay
jmerelo We're still a couple of articles short, but that would include mine
so thanks!
BTW. devroom CFP is open :-) 07:14
guifa2 just did wrote a crazy for loop
err, just wrote*
for (@a Z @b) X (@c Z @d) X (@e Z @f) -> ($x, $y, $z) { … }
I'm going to mark this one down for an example to use sometime
jmerelo Those are lots of X and Zs 07:16
guifa2 imgur.com/a/tvnDcI0 07:17
It's surprisingly legible
notandinus say i have a recursive function an di pass a big array to it, should i pass a pointer or somethng instead of the big array?
it does not modify the array. 07:19
guifa2 subs in Raku don't default to copying values, they're what you'd call pass-by-reference in other languages by default 07:20
notandinus i see, makes sense 07:21
guifa2 if you want a copy though, you can do that 07:23
sub foo ( @a is copy )
coldpress guifa2: I see, your explaining list-associativity with `all` was very clear. Thanks! 07:25
guifa2 coldpress: np, sorry for my initial bad description. it's late (and yet I'm still awake for some reason lol) 07:26
jmerelo: if you need another article, let me know and tomorrow afternoon I can try to write up a quick one 07:29
jmerelo guifa2: don't worry, I think we'll do. Anyway if we do it's going to be towards the end of the period 07:35
guifa2 will probably write it up anyways, and if it's not needed, it'll be ready for next year ^_^
notandinus can i specify optional return in function? like sub func ( --> Int, Bool (optional)) 07:40
jmerelo notandinus: not as such. What I would do is to use a role that piggibacks on the Int.
guifa2 ( --> Int | Bool)
Means the function can return either an Int or a Bool 07:41
jmerelo guifa2: Hum. Can you do that? Great. TIL something new...
notandinus i want either int or int + bool
guifa2 I'm fairly certain you can
jmerelo notandinus: then it's the piggybacking
guifa2 notandinus: you're wanting to return an Int or a List that contains an Int and a Bool?
notandinus hmm i see, i'll check what piggybacking is 07:42
guifa2: right
guifa2 I think that might be a bit too complicated to write inline, but you could do a subset
jmerelo Use whatever if you want to return a number, whatever but True if you want to return that.
or whatever but false
m: sub foo( Int $þ --> Int ) { return $þ but $þ == 3 }; say so foo( 5), so foo(3) 07:44
camelia FalseTrue
notandinus ah
what is this 'so' thing? 07:45
jmerelo notandinus: Boolean context. Not really needed...
m: sub foo( Int $þ --> Int ) { return $þ but $þ == 3 }; say foo( 5), foo(3) 07:46
camelia FalseTrue
notandinus actually that number contains useful information so i can't be doing `but $p == x`
jmerelo notandinus: the whole thing is returned.
notandinus m: sub foo( Int $p --> Int ) { return $p but True }; say foo( 5), foo(3) 07:47
camelia 53
jmerelo m: sub foo( Int $þ --> Int ) { return $þ but $þ == 3 }; say foo( 5).raku, foo(3).raku
camelia Bool::FalseBool::True
guifa2 notandinus you get both the number and the boolean
You'd probably feel more comfortable doing this though, as it works more like other languages:
jmerelo notandinus: the value is used depending on the contest.
guifa2 subset Foo where Int | (Int, Bool); sub foo (--> Foo) { … }
That will enforce you returning an Int, or (Int, Bool) 07:48
notandinus actually if i just do Int, Bool in signature and just m: $t = func(), it ignore the Bool 07:49
this piggybacking thing is nice, thanks 07:50
i'll just share the code, a min
are you doing advent of code thing? it's day 08 part 1 07:51
paste.debian.net/hidden/4d767bd1/ - here
jmerelo notandinus: no time... advent calendar is taking a lot of my free time. Good luck with that.
notandinus i see, thanks anyways, i'll just do the Bool thing then 07:54
guifa2 my @instructions = (0); can just be my @instructions = 0; 07:55
Unlike most languages, a parentheses doesn't create a list
notandinus m: sub foo { return 87 but False; } say foo(); say so foo();
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Strange text after block (missing semicolon or comma?)
at <tmp>:1
------> 3sub foo { return 87 but False; }7⏏5 say foo(); say so foo();
expecting any of:
infix …
guifa2 m: sub foo { return 87 but False; }; say foo(); say so foo();
camelia 87
notandinus ah thanks, guifa2 so how do i extract 87, False out of it? 07:56
without running it twice
guifa2 m: sub foo { return 87 but False }; my $bar = foo; say $bar; say so $bar 07:57
camelia 87
guifa2 Just toss the result into a variable
coldpress nice, is that the aforementioned piggybacking?
guifa2 coldpress: yeah. Technical-ish term is a mixin 07:58
notandinus oh i see, wait how is this possible?
ihow is that int storing a bool?
guifa2 It's no longer just an Int 07:59
when you use "but" it literally merges the two together
It will function as an Int ---- until something needs a boolean value, and then it will function as the boolean you passed it
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coldpress notandinus: code review: `"input".IO.lines` can just be `lines` 08:00
guifa2 m: my $a = 'hello' but 10; say $a ~ "!"; say $a + 20;
camelia hello!
Cannot convert string to number: base-10 number must begin with valid digits or '.' in '3⏏5hello' (indicated by ⏏)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
guifa2 err
notandinus coldpress: i see, thanks 08:01
coldpress notandinus: you don't need to capture the entire regex <()>, for tokens `operation` and `argument`
guifa2 m: my $a = 'hello' but 10; say $a ~ "!"; say $a.Int + 20;
camelia hello!
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notandinus oh you men you can also mixin string and int? 08:01
guifa2 you can mix any class onto any other class
notandinus coldpress: i see, i don't know much about regex 08:02
argento whhy does `list-of-strings.map(* ~~ /foo/) doesn't return a list of `Match` ?
notandinus actaully i dont know anything about regex, what should i change it to?
guifa2 argento: it does: 08:03
m: say <aaa bbb ccc abb acc>.map(* ~~ /a/)
camelia (「a」 Nil Nil 「a」 「a」)
coldpress notandinus: you can just remove <()>, no other changes
notandinus i see, still works fine, ah so <> means to look at whole regex? 08:04
argento guifa2: ok, except when it doesn't match
guifa2 map returns the result of * ~~ /a/ which is Nil on failed matches
you can just grep for the defined values
coldpress notandinus: <()> specifies which part of the matched regex is captured
guifa2 m: say <aaa bbb ccc abb acc>.map(* ~~ /a/).grep: *.defined
camelia (「a」 「a」 「a」)
guifa2 is afk& 08:05
notandinus coldpress: i see, makes sense, i'll read up on regexes 08:09
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argento is it possible to chain functional operators like: `foo.map: *.some .map: *.other` or I must use `foo.map({$_.some}).map: *.other` ? 08:31
moritz argento: how about foo.map: *.some.other 08:33
I think you can use ==> to chain maps without using parenthesis, but you'd have to look it up 08:34
argento moritz: Thanks, I'll check that out
moritz docs.raku.org/routine/==%3E
moon-child foo ==> map(*.some) ==> map(*.other) 08:35
but I agree that just foo.map: *.some.other is better for the specific case where you have two maps in a row
argento b.c the first op is * ~~ /foo/ and the second is *.hash 08:36
But thanks for the input
moon-child foo.map((* ~~ /foo/).hash) ?
(funny, I remember some work in the haskell compiler to be able to turn a sequence of two maps into a single map. Though of course that optimization only works when your functions are pure.) 08:37
argento moon-child: makes sense :-), still learning 08:38
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moon-child I am too. Skill ceiling on raku is suuuper high, and I'm only on step 2 or so ;) 08:40
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notandinus how do i interchange stngs? say if its 'test' then change it to 'not-test' and vice versa? 09:18
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coldpress is it normal for .deepcopy(-> $c is copy {$c}) to give this `fd > STDERR_FILENO` error? 0x0.st/iheU.txt 09:20
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MasterDuke coldpress: what are you copying? 09:25
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Xliff Hiyo! 10:13
What's the best way to get $_ of the outside scope?
$OUTER::_ doesn't work. :)
guifa2 OUTER::<$_> should do it 10:17
MasterDuke m: for ^3 { for "a".."c" { say OUTER::<$_>; say $OUTER::_ } } 10:19
camelia 0
lizmat OUTER is lexical, you probably want CALLER:: 10:31
but please note that these come at serious performance issues, and may actually become illegal at some point in the future 10:32
guifa2 lizmat: I noticed that between .c and .d, $_ was made undynamic 10:33
Which was sad days for me and some ideas I had lol
lizmat yeah... for me as well, as it will break a lot of the P5xxx modules of mine 10:34
but such is progress...
guifa2 the only trouble with removing CALLER:: is one situation I came across
dynamic variables in recursives 10:35
Geth ¦ doc: MorayJ self-unassigned The whole explanation for the difference between block and closure is LTA github.com/Raku/doc/issues/3670 10:38
lizmat guifa2: but if a variable is marked as dynamic, it *will* be visible with CALLER:: 10:44
guifa2 Ah I thought you were saying that CALLER:: might be removed 10:45
guifa2 did a pikachu face at that idea
lizmat sorry if I wasn't clear... being able to do a lookup of $_ from caller scope, will probably become impossible 10:53
guifa2 one nice thing I found out earlier today 11:00
if you have descriptive (aka long) class names, using trust is really annoying
self!MyReallyDescriptiveClassName::it-also-has-a-long-method-name( … ) 11:01
You can do constant Friend = MyReallyDescriptiveClassName and then use self!Friend::foo-bar-xyz(…) 11:02
err not self, but $object-that-trusts-me.Friend::foo 11:03
guifa2 has been up for 24hrs, sleep time& 11:04
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gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2020/12/08/sp...on-return/ 11:45
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Geth doc/ISSUE-3709: 13 commits pushed by (Jan Krňávek)++, (Stoned Elipot)++, (Moray Jones)++
review: github.com/Raku/doc/compare/e5be44...a48ba787cb
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coldpress MasterDuke: sorry for the late reply, I'm copying an array with many elements, each element is a hash with only one Str key and one Int value. If I replace line 47 at git.zhengqunkoo.com/zhengqunkoo/ad.../8.raku#47 with instructions.deepcopy(-> $c is copy {$c}), I get the error 0x0.st/iheU.txt 12:46
the array has 641 elements
s/deepcopy/deepmap/ 12:47
MasterDuke interesting, i can repro. something to do with lines() reading from stdin. doesn't happen if i change it to take a filename as an argument and read lines from it 13:01
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tbrowder hi, questions for advent authors: (1) what format do you use to write the article, (2) how do you convert that to the html for wordpress, and (3) if you choose non-default styling, how do you apply it into the recipe? thnx 13:10
my current recipe (new for me this year): write in raku pod, convert to html with Pod::To::Html, default styling so far. 13:12
MasterDuke coldpress: i'm not quite sure what's going on, some error in libuv when moarmv is running a garbage collection and trying to calculate rss
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sena_kun tbrowder, I usually wrote in markdown directly, then using the advent script to get an article with highlighting and pasting into raw wordpress editor. 13:14
tbrowder thnx
my problem with that is non-ascii unicode (emojis in particular). do you insert the chars directly or use hex or decimal char notation? 13:17
by insert chars directly for me that would be copy/paste 13:18
sena_kun tbrowder, simple - I don't use non-ascii symbols. :) 13:23
Might not suit for everyone, though.
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MasterDuke coldpress: for now i'd suggest working around it by taking the filename as a parameter and reading lines from that, but i created a moarvm issue github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/issues/1400 13:28
tbrowder for my calendar-making program i use DateTime heavily and need to convert integer values to month and weekday names and abbreviations. i would like to integrate module Date::Names to enable easy multilingual use, and that's pretty easy to do. HOWEVER: 13:33
it would be easier if i could define the Date::Names class as a DateTime child class. 13:35
is that as easy as defining it as "class Date::Names is DateTime"? 13:37
seems too easy, but i'll try it. 13:39
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stanrifkin can someone make a chm file of the raku documentation. I don't know how to do that. 14:09
yosik Hi, everyone, can I ask you a question? I want to make a subroutine that takes an array as its argument, but I get an error "Type check failed in binding to parameter '@arr'; expected Positional[Array] but got Array ([ array here ])". Here is a sample code that causes an error: paste.debian.net/1176073/. Can you help me? 14:19
MasterDuke yosik: `Array @array` is an array or arrays 14:21
e.g., `Int @array` is an array of Ints 14:22
the `@` sigil already means it's an array
jdv79 i had forgotten about the "curl:from<bin>" type dep - from memory there was a bunch of design chatter about it. is that "solid" now? 14:34
notandinus i'm taking $A and $B in MAIN sub, how do i make them mutable? it says cannot assign to immutable value 14:43
do i just use := instead?
dakkar `is rw`?
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dakkar no, `is copy`, sorry 14:45
apparently declaring a MAIN parameter `is rw` confuses the parser
notandinus ah i see, makes sense 14:46
dakkar the program `sub MAIN($a is rw) { ... }` keeps complaining it doesn't get a positional, even when @*ARGS contains it
dakkar submits bug 14:47
oh, it's already there github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/3929
dakkar updates rakudo
notandinus so i have this hash and want to sort it by keys being Int, .sort sorts them by Str 14:56
how do i do that?
MasterDuke .sort(+*) 14:57
notandinus hmm that returns: paste.debian.net/hidden/29fa1e1b/ 14:59
m: my %t = (14 => "hi", 3 => "bye"); say %t.sort.raku; 15:00
camelia ("14" => "hi", "3" => "bye").Seq
notandinus m: my %t = (14 => "hi", 3 => "bye"); say %t.sort(+*).raku;
camelia Cannot resolve caller Numeric(Pair:D: ); none of these signatures match:
(Mu:U \v: *%_)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
notandinus yeah ^
MasterDuke there are 'by' or 'with or 'as' arguments you want to use for sort then 15:01
notandinus i see, i'll check it out, thanks 15:02
MasterDuke m: my %t = (14 => "hi", 3 => "bye"); say %t.sort(+*.key).raku; 15:03
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camelia ("3" => "bye", "14" => "hi").Seq 15:03
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notandinus oh thanks, yeah i checked that page & looks like you can just do { .Int } 15:06
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notandinus but that doesn't seem to work on hashes, i'll just use (+*.key) 15:08
MasterDuke m: my %t = (14 => "hi", 3 => "bye"); say %t.sort(*.key.Int).raku;
camelia ("3" => "bye", "14" => "hi").Seq
MasterDuke m: my %t = (14 => "hi", 3 => "bye"); say %t.sort({.key.Int}).raku; 15:09
camelia ("3" => "bye", "14" => "hi").Seq
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MasterDuke you just need the .key 15:09
notandinus ah, i was doing .Int.key 15:10
MasterDuke m: my %t = (14 => "hi", 3 => "bye"); say %t.sort(*.value.chars).raku;
camelia ("14" => "hi", "3" => "bye").Seq
notandinus makes sense 15:11
MasterDuke it's because .sort on a hash gives a list of Pairs
m: my %t = (14 => "hi", 3 => "bye"); say %t.keys.sort(+*).raku; 15:12
camelia ("3", "14").Seq
notandinus is {.key} the same thing as *.key ?
lizmat semantically yes
notandinus hmm i see, makes senes 15:14
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RaycatWhoDat Howdy. Any web developers in here? Wondering why you chose to use this language and if it fits your workflow nicely. 16:20
codesections I think of myself as primarily a web developer and have *plans* to use Raku for web projects, but haven't done so yet 16:22
(not counting processing Raku code/docs into formatted HTML for personal blog posts) 16:24
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morayj I've not gone very far with it - but it's familiar from Dancer which I was using before in perl (which is what brought me to Raku), but this is worth a look cro.services/ 16:33
codesections yeah, cro is definitely the central component of the Raku web ecosystem 16:35
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tbrowder whew, still having trouble accessing docs. i can get to raku.org, then docs from there. 16:48
then i can get to types ok
from types i cannot get to date, but i can get to datetime or dateish 16:49
codesections tbrowder: that is very odd and troubling that it's lasted this long. I wish I could help -- but I'm not running into that issue and don't have any access to the docs site backend 16:51
[Coke] what's the issue? 16:52
tbrowder its funny because datetime and dateish are the only types so far that i can get to (i've checked many randomly, but not all)
[Coke] you could start at docs.raku.org or docs.raku.org/type.html search for Date or... 16:53
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[Coke] tbrowder: what issue are you having with the doc site? 16:54
tbrowder i can't start on docs directly, but i'll try the search...
codesections [Coke]: the issue is about some pages (accessed in some ways) returning ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR for tbrowder and RaycatWhoDat 16:55
tbrowder when i go directly, my browser shows unsafe (chrome, safari)
codesections RaycatWhoDat: were you able to resolve that issue, or are you still running into it 16:56
tbrowder i can get to the types page by starting at raku.org, then click on documentation, then click on types 16:57
codesections [Coke]: see colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...12-01#l546 for initial discussion
Geth doc/ISSUE-3709: 42936584d4 | (Moray Jones)++ | doc/Type/Slip.pod6
Fix slip example error
doc/ISSUE-3709: 10c30eb641 | (Moray Jones)++ | doc/Type/Slip.pod6
Inserts example that doesn't break up

Adds a non-breaking up example of slip in a subroutine
Adds a method call that acts differently for comparison
RaycatWhoDat codesections: I've been able to access the site recently. What was the cause? 16:58
tbrowder on the types page i cannot get to the date type either by click or the search box: i get an unsafe msg from the browser
codesections we 16:59
[Coke] tbrowder: have you tried in incognito?
clearing cookies/cache, etc.
codesections RaycatWhoDat: we don't know -- I was hoping you had changed something on your end and could tell us :D 17:00
[Coke] what browser are you using? what version?
tbrowder if we're using cro i think it is having trouble. jonathon told me the tls cert handling is a bit tricky 17:01
using chrome on ipad, but chrome and firefox on debian have same problems, but i'll go check in a bit.,, 17:02
incognito same thing unsafe 17:03
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tbrowder cleared cache, no help, going to check debian... 17:07
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patrickb nine: Can you elaborate a little what you are currently working on? I'm a bit confused by you calling off in-process precompilation vs all those new commits related to parallel compilation. (I am impressed by your work and am just wondering what you're up to...) 17:08
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tbrowder it's a bit erratic at first, but i can get to the date page. i'm convinced the dynamic nature of the website is the culprit, maybe a non-https cross-reference which is now a no-no with most browsers 17:13
[Coke] .. the website is not dynamic.
tbrowder maybe links in css or other included code 17:14
[Coke] unless there was recently a big change recently?
tbrowder don't know, how the docs are updated and published is a mystery to me 17:15
codesections tbrowder: and something like that would impact everyone, not just you. I have accessed the docs site many times recently from multiple browsers and devices
[Coke] a static site is generated and that's what's served out.
what *version* of browser are you on? 17:16
I'm on Version 86.0.4240.198 (Official Build) (x86_64)
(running on mac os x at the moment - not seeing any cert issues at all)
tbrowder which browser?
Geth doc: 9957486ab1 | (Moray Jones)++ (committed by Juan Julián Merelo Guervós) | doc/Type/Slip.pod6
Fix slip example error
doc: d59669f39b | (Moray Jones)++ (committed by Juan Julián Merelo Guervós) | doc/Type/Slip.pod6
Inserts example that doesn't break up

Adds a non-breaking up example of slip in a subroutine
Adds a method call that acts differently for comparison
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Slip
codesections it sounds more like a dns issue to me, and those are always a pain. Could be at the ISP level
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[Coke] Chrome, sorry 17:18
RaycatWhoDat I'm on Chrome 86.0.4240.198 and I'm checking the site now. Got in from DDG to the comb routine.
[Coke] tbrowder: what DNS provider are you using? your ISP or something specific like or ? 17:19
I'm using here 17:20
tbrowder yeah, could be, i'll stop whining until i check with isp. my deb box is running off a different dns than incoming providing wireless. i usually set opendns but haven't check lately. thnx 17:21
nine patrickb: the work on in-process precompilation exposed a couple of concurrency issues - places where we keep global state of the compiler which caused unwanted references to previous compilation units with in-process precompilation and all sorts of concurrency issues when having multiple threads EVAL
jmerelo tbrowder: they're updated by hand. 17:22
nine patrickb: I've fixed the ones I knew about, but when testing those fixes discovered a couple more
tbrowder thnx, jj
patrickb nine: Ah. I understood. Thanks for clarifying! 17:23
rba patrickb: rakubrew.org is back in business...
tellable6 2020-12-07T07:54:04Z #raku-dev <patrickb> rba raku.org is down. Can you have a look?
jmerelo tbrowder: there's an alternative site which I use mainly for staging, rakudocs.github.io
patrickb rba thanks!
tbrowder jj, i'm having no issues with that at all! good to know as a fallback! 17:25
jmerelo tbrowder: sometimes it's a couple of commits behind, but I always deploy there to check for any trouble. 17:26
tbrowder btw, i hope to get advent article fixed by evening--using pod::to::html route... 17:31
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jmerelo tbrowder: great ;-) Final slot filled in. Thanks! 17:37
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leont «No exception handler located for catch» (followed by a stacktrace directly into rakudo itself) is not the easiest error message to figure out 18:04
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jmerelo attending GitHub Universe now and asking about Perl & Raku support in codespaces. 18:10
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leont It appears something is returning a Failure, that turns into an Exception in a place that doesn't support exceptions 18:12
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v_m_v Hello. Could you explain me why this code: pastebin.com/8UEzbaxB is ~25% faster then this one: pastebin.com/s2csadL1 ? I have changed only one line (I have moved $number.sqrt.Int + 1 from "for" loop into variable) 18:27
jmerelo v_m_v: there might be an error here? 18:30
m: my $number = 64; say 2 .. $number.sqrt.Int + 1
camelia 2..9
jmerelo hum, no, .. has is looser than + 18:31
leont I don't think I can debug this without compiling custom raku's :-/
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jmerelo Only difference I can see is that you're using a native int in the second case. That's not a big difference in the overall thing, since it's not going into arithmetics 18:32
leont I'm guessing it's spesh
jmerelo Once you turn it into a Range, it's no longer a native int, so no real difference there.
leont If spesh knows how to optimize a range, then this would make sense. No idea if it actually does.
jmerelo So I'm gonna go with spesh as leont
leont: but the two ranges would actually be the same. 18:33
So no idea
leont I guess if it knows it's an int, it can optimize it the same way it does for 2..42? 18:39
jmerelo Well, comparisons might be a bit faster. But I'm not so totally sure native ints are carried over to Ranges. They might. 18:40
v_m_v I see. The difference in time is about a couple of seconds (14.1s with variable and 19.7s with range). 18:43
jmerelo v_m_v: I can't think of anything else here. Might definitely be the native thing. 18:44
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leont If spesh manages to avoid the Range entirely, then it suddenly makes sense 18:51
Basically turn it into a C loop
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guifa gfldex++ for return-rw 19:57
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grondilu SpaceX's new rocket about to launch : www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkfa5ebOcgM 22:27
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MasterDuke isn't www.youtube.com/watch?v=nf83yzzme2I what you want? 22:37
grondilu yeah, it's an abort. Sorry I know it's off topic. I thought you guys could have enjoyed watching this. 22:38
perryprog No, thank you! 22:39
Off topic space links are always welcomed, everywhere.
MasterDuke oh, too bad. why the abort?
grondilu An engine detected a non-nominal state at the very last second. 22:40
feel free to join #space for more info
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jdv79 it was supposed to happen hours ago... 22:43
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lizmat was watching... 23:04
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guifa2 pokes lizmat 23:12
Is it possible to shape native arrays after declaration? 23:13
(asking only because I know you recently did a lot of work on it)
m: my str @foo; @foo = @[1,2,3];
camelia This type cannot unbox to a native string: P6opaque, Int
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
guifa2 m: my str @foo; @foo = my str @[1,2,3]; 23:14