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warriors why is my $x = ^5 ; for $x {} different from for ^5 {} 01:44
timotimo putting stuff into a scalar container (my $foo) makes them have item semantics 01:45
you can decont it to have `for $x<> { }`, you can contextualize it as a list with `for @$x {}` or `for $x.list { }`
if you use binding instead of =, i.e. `my $x := ^5` then you'll not have a scalar container, and the item semantics go away too 01:46
warriors thanks 01:47
|$x also works 01:54
flattens object
timotimo true, that'll be what you need if you have some extra items from another list you want to iterate over individually as well 01:56
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Geth ecosystem: a1aa5910ba | (Henri Schmidt)++ | META.list
Add new Bio module. See github.com/schmidt73/Bio.
ecosystem: fd9d71bc3c | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Merge pull request #572 from schmidt73/add-bio-module

Add new Bio module. See github.com/schmidt73/Bio.
doc: 52ad12dabd | (Stoned Elipot)++ (committed by Juan Julián Merelo Guervós) | doc/Type/Test.pod6
Document Test.done-testing's return value

ref #3580
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Test
DOC#3580 [open]: github.com/Raku/doc/issues/3580 [checklist][docs] Checklist for 2020.08
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ToddAndMargo Anyone on newbie duty tonight? 09:24
I am having trouble declaring a method inside a class. Anyone available to look at my code on vpaste.net? 09:28
coldpress ToddAndMargo: why not post the URL? 09:30
ToddAndMargo I wanted to make sure someone was home first: vpaste.net/m6JZt
coldpress pretty sure methods belong to an object, so `Angle.new.AngleCosine` should work 09:32
ToddAndMargo I was trying to get around that. I am trying to do a `say 1.cos` style method, only angle instead of radians 09:34
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ToddAndMargo I am writing myself instructions on how to do methods and this wold make a good example 09:35
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coldpress I don't know if it's possible to extend native types like that 09:39
I think `Angle(1).cos` would work, though 09:40
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ToddAndMargo How would I alter this code to get `(45.0).AngleCosine` to work? 09:41
Angle(1).cosCannot find method 'Angle' on object of type Int in block <unit> at <unknown file> line 1
coldpress sorry, forgot Raku has weird object initialization syntax 09:43
I meant Angle.new(1).cos
but that's not what you want
tyil coldpress: you can `augment class Int` I'm sure 09:48
it works with Hash in one of my modules
but requires MONKEY-TYPING
and it'll cost you on performance 09:49
ToddAndMargo I am told to stay away from the monkey!
tyil and you should
I'm not saying you *should*, I'm saying you *can* do something
coldpress cool, thanks for the tip 09:51
ToddAndMargo I an even get this to work: class PrintString2 { method PrintStr( Str:D: ) { print "self = <" ~ self ~ ">\n"; } }
say "abc".PrintStrNo such method 'PrintStr' for invocant of type 'Str'
I thought the `Str:D:` took care of that 09:52
tyil why
coldpress is there an easy way to make the lists in a set of lists unique? (easy means: without declaring a custom class that overrides WHICH)
tyil "abc" is a Str, and Str doesn't have your method
coldpress m: Set([[1],[1]])
camelia ( no output )
coldpress m: say Set([[1],[1]])
camelia Set([1] [1])
coldpress here there are two "identical" [1]'s, but Set considers them to be different 09:53
lizmat Arrays are not value types
coldpress yes I understand why Set considers them to be different 09:54
is there an easy way to make Arrays value types?
ToddAndMargo Now I am confused. All values that are "Str" have to be in core.c Str.pm6?
tyil what 09:55
is Raku your first object oriented language, ToddAndMargo?
ToddAndMargo yes 09:56
tyil (or your first programming language in general)
I would strongly recommend learning about object oriented programming before trying remotely advanced tricks
ToddAndMargo not by any shake of the stick. Never used OO though
tyil otherwise you're just going to come in here every day being confused about rather simple things 09:57
and it's really frustrating for others to then realize they have to walk you through the absolute basics of OO
ToddAndMargo I used Perl5 a lot before switching to Raku and that uses OO a lot.
I do know that each implementation of OO is specific to the language it is used in. Do you know of a paper that explains how Raku is using OO and what the specific OO rules are for Raku? 09:59
I am writing my own instructions with examples, so once I get it once, I should not have to come back here.
tyil well, I've seen you return with very simple questions time and time again, and proper explanations being waved away 10:00
ToddAndMargo Can you tell me what I did wrong in the code I posted?
tyil 10:53 <tyil> "abc" is a Str, and Str doesn't have your method
ToddAndMargo So back to the question, I can not use a type Str unless it is in code.c Str.pm6? github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/mast....c/Str.pm6 10:01
tyil I'm really not eveen sure what you're trying to say here 10:02
ToddAndMargo sorry core.c, not code.c
tyil you're missing the core of OO too much here, and I don't have the patience to walk you through the bare basics
ToddAndMargo Would you mind correcting the code I posted so I can pick it up by example? 10:03
"when do I wave away" things? Sometimes I do not understand, but I always state such. 10:04
tyil what you're trying to do doesn't really work (though yes, you *can* do this in Raku specifically, it would introduce things that you've already been told to stay away from when possible)
well, you're waving away my advice to learn the basics before trying to dive into the deep end
ToddAndMargo Oh, the monkey thing? 10:05
I am not waving anything away. I asked about a paper on the specific implementation of OO in Raku. You never answered me. Each language has its own implementation rules. Where are Raku's? 10:06
tyil I answered you to learn the basics of OO
not how Raku has implemented the ideas of OO
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ToddAndMargo Sorry. I got kicked off for some reason. 10:08
Where are Raku implementation rules for OO?
tyil pretty sure those are on the docs 10:09
but again, you're completely missing what I'm *actually* saying
stop trying to make huge leaps without prior knowledge
ToddAndMargo I found that one already. It says it is a tutorial, but it does not define what a class or an object is. It is badly written. This is my definition: 10:10
"class" is a "container for methods (functions) and properties (variables), and you can create multiple instances [objects] from a single template. The rest (implementation) is language dependant. Also, a class can have *internal* (private) variables that you can only access by way of a method - which means that those 10:11
internal variables are not properties (that you can read from and/or write to)."
tyil it is badly written for someone who doesn't know anything about OO, perhaps
when I started Raku years ago, docs.perl6.org had all the info I needed to do some object oriented programming with it
it has only improved since then
ToddAndMargo And without link to or explaining how OO is implemented in Raku, it is pretty much useless to anyone that does not already know what they are doing and does not need it. 10:12
Had you programmed in OO before?
tyil yes 10:13
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ToddAndMargo Are you religiously opposed to correcting the code I posted? 10:13
tyil which goes to show that it doesn't matter how Raku implements OO, you just need to know what OO is and how the concepts work
no, I'm opposed to your mindset 10:14
it prohibits you from understanding what you're doing
and in the long term, prohibits you from learning properly
you're trying to sprint a marathon before being able to walk
ToddAndMargo we all learn in different manners. Reading wikipedia's OO page would not help in with this issue 10:15
tyil and then when you fall over, all you say is "no, I want to SPRINT, not WALK"
ToddAndMargo The only way learn is to dive in. Others learn differently than me. And yes, I do admit I am weird.
tyil well, if you keep blaming everyone who's trying to help you, and actively ignore what they're saying, I can't help you 10:16
I don't think anyone here can
ToddAndMargo Whose it blaming anyone? I sincerely appreciate the help. Even yours
tyil if you did appreciate it, you would do something with it 10:17
but you're still just telling me you don't want to learn the basics
ToddAndMargo how about you posting a link to a good OO tutorial that you think will help with the code I posted? Or you can continue insulting my skill level. Where did you learn OO? 10:18
Where are the basics?
tyil www.tutorialspoint.com/What-is-obj...amming-OOP 10:19
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tyil tutorials.supunkavinda.blog/php/oop-intro 10:19
ToddAndMargo Thank you. I have some reading to do 10:20
tyil just 4 from the top of duck duck go
when searching "object oriented tutorial"
there's books on this
there's talks on this
there's decades of work poured into this
ToddAndMargo Do you have a favorite link?
tyil no
tadzik also, it's notoriously not taught properly :)
tyil tadzik: that's certainly true 10:21
the "best" OO info I got was at university
tadzik I always had it explained to me as "classes are like structs, but they also have functions in them", since it was a logical consequence of complexity after learning C, I suppose
and what taught me the most about it was hanging around then-Perl6 people who actually understood what it's for, rather than what it's made of :P 10:22
tyil tadzik: a struct with function references is the most basic way you can do it in C iirc
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ToddAndMargo We were doing machine coding on 8080's when I was at university. Fortran was the go to language 10:22
tadzik tyil: or just have similarly named functions operating on plain structs, which is like Gtk does this afaik
tyil but the language-specific implementation is mostly irrelevant here
tadzik indeed
the fun part is the idea that makes you think of objects in your program as sets of operations that abstract away some data, so that the data structures themselves become mostly irrelevant 10:23
it's the switch from "what is it made of" to "what does it do, somehow"
for me anyway
and then you have Perl and Raku that hit it off with "your attributes and your interface are two sides of the same coin and we're making it as easy as possible to disregard the difference" and argh, but I've ranted about that before :P 10:24
tyil coming from (mostly) php, Raku is not all that different in how I'd do things 10:25
when it comes to OO design, at least
it still adheres to the methodology pretty well, so if you know that, all you need to read is the class tutorial on docs.raku.org 10:26
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tyil ToddAndMargo: www.youtube.com/results?search_que...rogramming there's a bunch more potential things here, even a 40 minute talk from MIT 10:32
ToddAndMargo thank you 10:33
Thank you all for the tips! I am calling it a night. 10:45
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El_Che rakudo-pkg: all distro's look ok, except FPM on ubuntu 20.04. I'll release the packages whem I fix that 10:55
lizmat El_Che++ 10:56
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coldpress Hi, what's the best way to concatenate two 2D arrays horizontally? 15:32
m: (map {[[&append]] $_}, map *.Array.List, [Z] [[1,2],[3,4]], [[1,2],[3,4]]).say
camelia ([1 2 1 2] [3 4 3 4])
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El_Che ok, found workaround for ruby ffi 18:54
so release will happen once built
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jmerelo hey, samcv 19:14
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Geth doc: JustThisGuyAZ++ created pull request #3743:
Update Map.pod6
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El_Che weekly: github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg/releas...g/v2020.12 22:12
notable6 El_Che, Noted! (weekly)
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