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xinming_ I have 2 promises, both will take a while, just not sure which one will be finished first. Is there an api to monitor a list of promises, and pull one finished one after another? `wait @promises` will wait for all promises to be finished. 05:10
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raku-bridge <frost> m:for 1..10 {} 05:33
raku-bridge <frost> m:for 1..10 {}
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Xliff Happy New Year, everyone! 08:10
Can someone help me with this slang?
I'm trying to figure out why it looks like the 'xpath' keyword isn't getting picked up.
I know I can use a function, but I wanted to see if I could eliminate the need for quotes. 08:11
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gfldex m: my @ps = my ($p1, $p2, $p3) = (1..3).map({ Promise.start({ sleep $_; say "promise $_ done" }) }); sub watcher($_) { .say }; for @ps { .Supply.tap: &watcher; }; await @ps; 09:26
camelia promise 1 done
promise 2 done
promise 3 done
gfldex xinming_: ^^^
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Geth doc: 3293842507 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Type/Promise.pod6
Tweak example output style
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Promise
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Geth doc/output-style: 03945eeb9e | (Stoned Elipot)++ | 15 files
Uniformize example output style

And sync styleguide with this commonly adopted style
doc: stoned++ created pull request #3761:
Uniformize example output style
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v_m_v Hello. Does anyone have some issues with zef on chromebooks (debian)? I can not fetch some packages...and to be honest I don't know why. 11:33
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Geth doc: 03945eeb9e | (Stoned Elipot)++ | 15 files
Uniformize example output style

And sync styleguide with this commonly adopted style
doc: 9481b586d8 | stoned++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 15 files
Merge pull request #3761 from Raku/output-style

Uniformize example output style
tbrowder g'day fellow rakoons! 13:14
has anyone been getting mail sent to their @cpan.org account? i tried back in nov an again just a couple of days ago and nothing. i have been trying to reach another cpan author and he hasn't been seeing anything either. i do get auto email from cpan about my module, though. 13:17
it may be gmail throttling me somehow. can someone please send a test mail to me at <mailto:tbrowder@cpan.org>? many thanks 13:19
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tib mail sent 13:26
I have a question about zef
If I do
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tib zef install --/test github.com/melezhik/Sparrow6.git 13:27
zef install --/test github.com/melezhik/sparrowdo.git
zef install --/test github.com/melezhik/sparky.git
All installs fine
zef install --/test github.com/melezhik/Sparrow6.git github.com/melezhik/sparrowdo.git github.com/melezhik/sparky.git
reports a resolving issue 13:28
"Failed to resolve some missing dependencies"
Because sparky requires Data::Dump:ver<2.0.0+> when Sparrow6 require Data::Dump:ver<1.0.0> 13:29
but I thought that zef was able to handle this (threat each git repo as independent) 13:30
What do you think
v_m_v it is funny becouse I also have issues with zef but with IO::Path::ChildSecure. I can not fetch it and to be hones I don't understand why. 13:36
tib v_m_v fetching and install OK for me 13:37
what says verbose 13:38
recent zef ? recent raku ?
v_m_v yes. It is funny becouse it is happening only on chromebook (on the virtualized debian) and only with that lib. Cro::HTTP has been fetched fine. 13:39
tbrowder tib: got it, thanks! 13:40
v_m_v When I am running zef install with --force-fetch then I am getting: "No such method 'parent' for invocant of type 'Any'. Did you mean 'print'?" 13:44
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tbrowder is the new module bot working? 13:56
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xinming_ gfldex: Thanks for the idea, I don't know that we can have Supply :-) 17:06
SmokeMachine: in Red, .grep({ (.col > $min) and (.col <= $max) }) behaves differently from .grep({ ($min < $.col) and ($max >= .col) }); The former works fine, the latter will be optimized to False always. 17:08
SmokeMachine xinming_: it’s probably a Optimization bug... would you mind to open a issue for that, please? 17:14
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SmokeMachine xinming_: it seems I’m not testing the side the variable is here: github.com/FCO/Red/blob/master/lib...ND.pm6#L25 17:24
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SmokeMachine xinming_: would you like to fix that? I’m away from keyboard for some time... (I’m on vacation my girls don’t let me to use the computer) 17:27
notagoodidea Does someone have experience with KDE XML syntax highlighting files of raku? It seems to fail to be integrate with the skylighting library (github.com/jgm/skylighting/issues/114) 17:33
I will look at it, asking in case of someone is more knowledgeable or one of the authors is around. 17:34
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Guest28650 Hi, maybe someone answer a question regarding the Red module? 18:36
moritz pro tip: nobody can answer a question that hasn't been asked 18:37
Guest28650 I have tried create a model with a Floating Point column and the sqlite backend.
Unfortunatly it doesn't work with the types Num, Numeric and Rat. Maybe it is not implemented? 18:38
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moritz how did it not work? 18:41
Guest28650 All the created columns Num, Numeric and Rat in the resulting table are varchar(255) columns. 18:44
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moritz you could also try num 18:44
though that wouldn't map onto the "REAL" storage class either 18:45
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Guest28650 Hmm same result. I will open an issue on Github / Red and ask there. Thx 18:49
moritz +1 18:50
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tyil lizmat: poke 20:01
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SmokeMachine Guest28650: it seems to be a bug, until it’s fixed, you can try using something like: `has $.col is column{ :type<any-type-you-want>}` 20:17
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Xliff Can someone help me with this slang? 20:51
I'm trying to figure out why it looks like the 'xpath' keyword isn't getting picked up.
I know I can use a function, but I wanted to see if I could eliminate the need for quotes.
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Xliff moritz ^^^ 20:58
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andrzejku hello 21:11
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v_m_v Hello. I have generated my project with InteliJ plugin for Cro. I would like to add a new dependiency into my project. For that I have to add it into META6.json file in depends? 21:41
sena_kun v_m_v, to install the dependency, you need to use an actual package manager (zef), something like `zef install My::Nice::Dependency`. Adding it to META6.json just specifies the dependency, but there is no machinery in Comma to automagically install it or something. 21:50
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v_m_v sena_kun: I see. I am trying to install XML::XPath and I am getting error: pastebin.com/xSCbVQmr he can not find "Test" 21:53
sena_kun v_m_v, cannot reproduce it. :/ It is very odd to not find the Test module, it is shipped with Rakudo. 21:57
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v_m_v I know. I have installed a bunch of Cro packages without any problems. 21:58
sena_kun v_m_v, what if you try `zef install github.com/ufobat/p6-XML-XPath.git`? 21:59
v_m_v the same issue 22:00
sena_kun v_m_v, hmm. Ok, what if you explicitly `git clone` the repo, cd inside and `zef install .`? 22:01
v_m_v sena_kun: you mean `zef install ./META6.json` ? 22:02
sena_kun no
In the directory where META6.json of the clonned XML::XPath is, where dot at the end states "the path of the current directory". 22:03
v_m_v I see. Ok, I have the same issue. 22:04
sena_kun v_m_v, can you just `raku` into REPL and type `use Test` there?
It should respond with `Nil`
v_m_v wow...no I cannot....
sena_kun Ok, so the module is innocent. I wonder if your Rakudo distribution somehow got corrupted. 22:05
Anything comes to mind? Also, which way did you use to install it?
v_m_v I have installed it by rakudobrew
sena_kun has to go afk, but an attempt to re-install may help, plus check `which zef` and `which raku` (if they are pointing to a sane place?). 22:07
v_m_v both of them are pointing into:/home/michmajchrzak/.rakubrew/shims/
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sena_kun v_m_v, mine points to /home/koto/.rakubrew/versions/moar-2020.10/install/bin/raku and /home/koto/.rakubrew/versions/moar-2020.10/install/share/perl6/site/bin/zef, I wonder if you need to do a `rakubrew switch $version` after you did `rakubrew build $foo; rakubrew build zef`? Though if you did install cro packages, this looks like a mystery. 22:09
v_m_v So, remove rakudobrew? with .rakudobrew folder and install it once again? 22:11
sena_kun v_m_v, I would firstly try to recover just the rakudo version rakudobrew installed. First, check `rakubrew list` to check what version has an asterisk, then do `rakubrew nuke $that-line-without-asterisk`, then `rakubrew build $version; rakubrew switch $version; rakubrew build zef`. 22:12
If it does not help...
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v_m_v sena_kun: ok, now my rakubrew/bin folder is empty. I think that I will remove everything and install it once again. Tomorrow. Maybe I have missed one step somewhere. 22:16
Thx for help. If it will not help then I will go back here :) 22:17
sena_kun v_m_v, sure! Good luck.
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tony-o Xliff: what exactly do you suppose is to happen with that slang? 23:27
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tony-o Xliff: you most likely want $<xpathS>=[.*?] rather than [.*]? .. the way you have it will eat until EOF 23:37
this also looks like something that should just be a method, i don't know what your further plans are for what's in <<< >>> 23:39
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Xliff tony-o: One sec. 23:55
I want to make a new literal constructor. 23:56
So something like: xpath{val} where <val> will be taken as a string and passed to a sub to construct the actual object. 23:58
tony-o: The only problem is that if I do something like "xpath{String with spaces}" I still get stick with the "Two operators in a row" error. 23:59
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