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guifa kawaii: anytime 00:25
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thundergnat kawaii: FWIW I have Text::Sorensen module that provides both Sorensen-Dice and Jaccard similarity coefficients. modules.raku.org/search/?q=Sorensen 00:42
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Geth doc: 682cda4454 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Type/Seq.pod6
Adds all definitions of new

Also skips because of CachedIterator, so solves #3779
notandinus m: my @t = (<h i>, <b y e>); say @t.flat; say @t.flat.elems;
camelia ((h i) (b y e))
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Seq
DOC#3779 [open]: github.com/Raku/doc/issues/3779 [docs][xt] Failing signature test for Seq
notandinus why does .flat doesn't work in above case?
m: say (<h i>, <b y e>).flat;
camelia (h i b y e)
notandinus when i call it directly on the list, it works
m: my @t = (<h i>, <b y e>); say @t.List.flat; 06:58
camelia (h i b y e)
notandinus hmm, .List makes it work, why though?
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CIAvash because Array itemizes its elements and puts them in scalar containers? 08:01
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moritz the more often I read these questions and discussions, the more I'm convinced that any kind of auto flattening is a grave mistake 08:08
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moritz python takes the opposite approach, and never flattens anything, and provides a list concatenation operator in addition to the comma (for list construction) 08:09
it also errors out on iterating over anything that isn't iterable
that sometimes leads to exceptions, but they are easy to fix, and very transparent
I very much prefer this mode, and which that Raku wouldn't try to be super fancy about semiautomatic flattening, having different behaviors for itemized vs. non-itemized lists in scalars etc. 08:10
Raku's approach surprises even pretty experienced Raku developers with some regularity, which is basically a hallmark of bad design 08:13
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MasterDuke kawaii: yeah, the whateverables do the same thing github.com/Raku/whateverable/blob/...m6#L80-L98 08:39
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Xliff moritz: So would you say the fix is for Raku to require explicit flattening? 08:49
AlexDaniel` lizmat: hear hear
Xliff AlexDaniel! o/
AlexDaniel`: Did I miss something?
AlexDaniel` I don't think you missed anything, the way raku deals with lists is bonkers 08:50
Xliff Oh, you said "lizmat" 08:51
moritz Xliff: 100% 08:55
Xliff moritz: Could that be accomplished in module-land?
What would have to be changed?
AlexDaniel` I highly doubt that
Xliff I've always had to use .flat --- and sometimes that doesn't work. 08:56
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moritz Xliff: no, it's pretty deep in List, Array, iterators, and probably even dispatch 08:56
AlexDaniel` yes, in many cases it would've required just a tiny little bit more of code, but it'd be so much more explicit and a lot easier to reason about
Xliff Huh. Thanks for the explanation.
AlexDaniel` I think lizmat's response to these discussions was “ha so you'd much rather write that? perl5 snippet”, well, I don't use perl5, and dealing with lists is so much easier in other languages (even if it requires a few extra characters), so… 08:58
but there comes the issue – fixing something like this will likely break compatibility, but without that you can't really argue that raku helps you write less buggy code, in fact it's the opposite. Soo… what does raku offer again, remind me? 🙂 09:00
anyway, I'd better run… o/
Xliff Wow! Tell us how you really feel! :) 09:01
Dropping that molotov into the flammable laundry and fleeing? So soon?
I find that Raku's bugs are just....different... than the bugs I get in other languages. 09:02
That is, of course, unless I am attempting to bridge with said other language.
I develop (and debug) faster in Raku than I can in any other lanugage I've used. 09:03
So... it's 4am. I'm EDT. I should have been in bed hours ago. 'night everyone.
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AlexDaniel` they are not different, they are unique 09:06
I do agree that writing scratch projects is faster in Raku, until a certain point that is reached pretty soon 09:07
that's not something you can successfully market though, even if it's wonderfully true 09:08
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gfldex m: my @t := <h i>, <b y e>; dd @t.flat; 10:17
camelia ("h", "i", "b", "y", "e").Seq
gfldex notandinus: see ^^^
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gfldex m: sub s(*@a) { dd @a }; s(<h i>, <b y e>); 10:20
camelia Array element = ["h", "i", "b", "y", "e"]
gfldex notandinus: I don't really use .flat at all. I do most of the fancy list handling with slips and signatures. 10:21
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JJAtria[m] We're starting to index zef dists in raku.land now! raku.land/zef:jjatria/HTTP::Tiny 10:23
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PimDaniel Hi everybody! 10:41
I installed rakudo-star-2020.10.tar.gz tarball on my computer. 10:42
It contains moarvm and nqp which are also installed on my machine.
I read here and there that we can compile java jar files, true? 10:43
But where can i find documentation on how to do that. 10:44
MasterDuke the jvm backend is not as mature, so it usually isn't bundled. but you can build it yourself if you'd like 10:47
github.com/rakudo/rakudo#configuri...on-the-jvm 10:48
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PimDaniel @MasterDuke, thank's! Do you know is there is a mature vm? 10:50
MasterDuke well, MoarVM is the most mature vm for Rakudo (the JVM and JS VMs are obviously quite mature for their native langs) 10:51
PimDaniel Ok but what kind of file produces MoarVM? 10:52
Is is built with : raku --target=moarvm options?
MasterDuke --target=mbc -o <filename> will output the MoarVM bytecode to a file 10:54
PimDaniel Where can i find documentation for that?
MasterDuke for the bytecode? 10:55
github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/blob/mast...e.markdown 10:56
PimDaniel Thanks! no, for the commands: where is the process documented : tu build bytecode and run it? 10:59
MasterDuke it's a little tricky to run the bytecode directly 11:00
PimDaniel MasterDuke : thank you very mutch. 11:02
MasterDuke i'm not sure i've ever done it
timotimo knows how i think. or patrickbr 11:03
PimDaniel I like tricky things but that said , i could regret what i say!
MasterDuke you could look at what github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/mast...ner/main.c does 11:04
or if the tarball comes with a (rakudo|perl6)-gdb-m shell script you could look at how it calls the moarvm executable 11:06
PimDaniel MasterDuke : i thank you very much. I'll look ... anyway it is not a priority.
MasterDuke welcome
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notandinus gfldex: i see, thanks 11:49
m: my @t = <h i>, <b y e>; say @t.flat;
camelia ((h i) (b y e))
notandinus m: my @t := (<h i>, <b y e>); say @t.List.flat;
camelia (h i b y e)
notandinus hmm, what does := change?
docs.raku.org/language/containers#...containers 11:51
^ has these examples
so it says scalar container prevents flatenning, 11:52
so @t = <h i>, <b y e> is stored in 2 scalar containers? 11:53
PimDaniel Hum :(! Reading here and there i can see that running bytecode is not achieve yet. 12:07
Weird! For such a beautifull langage! 12:08
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CIAvash notandinus: I don't know if you missed my message, but yes it stores two scalar containers. binding puts the list inside @t so @t becomes a List, not an array 12:14
tbrowder hi, all
moritz hi there tbrowder 12:15
PimDaniel Salut tbrower! 12:16
tbrowder FYI, skaji_ has fixed App::Mi6 so the build step works with a Build.rakumod file now. I'm using it successfully to build additional Markdown files from pod. Good stuff!
PimDaniel: hello \o/ 12:17
gfldex notandinus: `@t =` basically means `@t[0] :=`, while `@t :=` means (sort of) `@t[*] :=`.
tbrowder do i know you in another life? 12:18
good morning moritz
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tbrowder i was surprised at the sudden response, and didn't recognize PimDaniel 12:20
tony-o: my love for App::Mi6 is going to delay my working with fez unless the two can be integrated somehow 12:22
it woul
*would be convenient to use the same module repo layout for both systems 12:23
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notandinus CIAvash: oh i hadn't missed it, i just don't understand containers properly 13:34
gfldex: thanks, that makes sense
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notagoodidea hey #raku, if some of you want to lose some time : github.com/notagoodidea/todos 13:52
feedbacks, ideas and/or critics welcomed :) 13:53
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notandinus how would you match paste.debian.net/hidden/571a2555/ 14:05
i want to match "C* H A M\nO* G L L\nR N I E\nA L G N" 14:06
anything before that is to eb ignored, text before that is not sttatic and can change
i'm doing /\n\n (.*) \n (.*) \n (.*) \n (.*)/ but that matches (correctly) the intial text too 14:07
JJAtria[m] tbrowder: would anything other than a UploadWithFez release handler for App::Mi6 be needed? 14:10
tbrowder off the top of my head the only thing that might cause problems are the auth name differences. 14:12
also, how can one module repo support two distro systems at one time during the trials until we are happy with the new one? 14:15
hm, ignore that last question 14:16
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notandinus i solved that thing by doing: / ([[(\w [\*]?) \s*] ** 4]) ** 4 $/, just need to cleanup this thing now 14:51
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notandinus flatenning is so confusing 15:23
i have: paste.debian.net/hidden/11a6bcf5/ 15:26
^ how do i flatten it? (turn it into 1d array)
ok, Whatever does what i want: docs.raku.org/language/subscripts#...lattening_ 15:31
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jmerelo m: my @a = Array.new(:shape(4,), [["c", "h", "a", "m"], ["o", "g", "l", "l"], ["r", "n", "i", "e"], ["a", "l", "g", "n"]]); say @a[], |@a, @a<> 15:32
camelia [[c h a m] [o g l l] [r n i e] [a l g n]][c h a m][o g l l][r n i e][a l g n][[c h a m] [o g l l] [r n i e] [a l g n]]
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jmerelo m: my @a = Array.new(:shape(4,), [["c", "h", "a", "m"], ["o", "g", "l", "l"], ["r", "n", "i", "e"], ["a", "l", "g", "n"]]); say @a[*] 15:33
camelia ([c h a m] [o g l l] [r n i e] [a l g n])
jmerelo m: my @a = Array.new(:shape(4,), [["c", "h", "a", "m"], ["o", "g", "l", "l"], ["r", "n", "i", "e"], ["a", "l", "g", "n"]]); say @a.duckmap: -> @a { |@a }
camelia [c h a m o g l l r n i e a l g n]
jmerelo notandinus: ^^^ stackoverflow.com/questions/502019...-really-do 15:34
notandinus say @a[*;*] does the job
hmm, i'll checkout duckmap
jmerelo notandinus: with duckmap you don't need to know in advance the number of dimensions. Anyway, if that works for you... 15:35
notandinus ah i see, duckmap is nice 15:39
nothing would work if it's not 2 dimensional 4x4 so i'll do *;* for now
does flat not work on my code because those values are stored in 4 different containers? 15:41
Geth doc: b957fc163d | Coke++ | xt/pws/words.pws
track new word.

new type in rakudo source
jmerelo notandinus: right. flat only flattens the first level 16:03
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kawaii If I have a scalar with a list inside, how can I extract [0] and [1] to be the k and v in a hash? Do I need to use map or? `Odd number of elements found where hash initializer expected: Only saw: $("Omar G.", <2/3>)` `my %r = @results.sort( -*.[1] ).head(1);` 16:41
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[Coke] m: my @a = <a b c>; dd @a.kv 16:51
camelia (0, "a", 1, "b", 2, "c").Seq
[Coke] m: my @a = <a b c>; my %r = @a.kv; dd %r; 16:52
camelia Hash %r = {"0" => "a", "1" => "b", "2" => "c"}
[Coke] ^^ ?
kawaii: Is that what you're looking for?
kawaii [Coke]: hmmm, not quite, this gave me an output of `{0 => (Omar G. 0.666667)}` 16:54
[Coke]; test script www.irccloud.com/pastebin/wTnhCbiF/
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notandinus can i use functions from the main script for raku tests? 17:03
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notandinus main script being in bin/ and tests in t/ 17:04
melezhik .tell notagoodidea on - todos repo -   take a look at modules.raku.org/dist/App::Tasks:cpan:JMASLAK
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to notagoodidea
melezhik .tell JJAtria[m] "We're starting to index zef dists in raku.land now!" do you mean from fez repositories ? 17:05
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to JJAtria[m]
melezhik .tell JJAtria[m]  the order is broken in recent entries on raku.land/ ... for example for fez , not a big deal, just for info ... :] 17:07
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to JJAtria[m]
notandinus oh & about fez, where does it upload stuff to? 17:08
will there be a fez specific repository?
i'm going afk, will be back after 12 hours, thanks 17:09
[Coke] m: my %r = 0, 'a', 0, 'b', 0, 'c'; dd %r; 17:11
camelia Hash %r = {"0" => "c"}
JJAtria[m] melezhik: Yes, I meant dists in the zef ecosystem. And thanks for the heads up on the timing issues. We had noticed them, just trying to find the TUITs :) 17:15
[Coke] kawaii: if I try to run your snippet, it just hangs here. 17:16
can you golf it a bit so it's just processing data and not hitting the network?
kawaii [Coke]: will do, few moments 17:17
[Coke] Or maybe remove the kv and do a dump of the line that would end in head(1)
if your @results is more complicated than my @a... 17:18
oh, it did eventually finish.
kawaii [Coke], done www.irccloud.com/pastebin/mOXSCriu/ 17:19
[Coke] so, the head(1) entry is:
$("Omar G.", <2/3>)
kawaii Yeah, and I'd like to extrapolate it to be something like `%("Omar G." => <2/3>)` 17:20
[Coke] ... so if that is your array element 0, it's going to stringify as "Omar G. 0.66667" (or so). So it's doing what we told it.
so you have to construct your string.
if the default stringification isn't what you want...
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thundergnat m: .say for [("Omar G.", <2/3>), ("Gomer P.", <7/8>), ("Homer S.", <13/16>)].map({ .[0] => .[1] }).sort({ .value }).head; 17:21
camelia Omar G. => 0.666667
[Coke] maybe add a .map(*.raku) to the pipeline?
thundergnat Maybe? ^
kawaii thundergnat: let me try this :) 17:22
thundergnat: much closer, but it seems to disorder my original array 17:23
[Coke] m: .say for [("Omar G.", <2/3>), ("Gomer P.", <7/8>), ("Homer S.", <13/16>)].map({ .[0] => .[1] }).kv
camelia 0
Omar G. => 0.666667
Gomer P. => 0.875
Homer S. => 0.8125
[Coke] no, because if he's doing the .kv he's still getting the stringification of list to string that he didn't like.
m: my %r = [("Omar G.", <2/3>), ("Gomer P.", <7/8>), ("Homer S.", <13/16>)].map(*.raku).kv; dd %r 17:24
camelia Hash %r = {"0" => "\$(\"Omar G.\", <2/3>)", "1" => "\$(\"Gomer P.\", 0.875)", "2" => "\$(\"Homer S.\", 0.8125)"}
[Coke] ^^
kawaii I get `{Chris Boulton => 0.041667}` which is the right structure but wrong data, as Omar should be the highest value
[Coke] if you want something more clever than *.raku, you can swap out the map.
kawaii [Coke]: ah that's perfect, thank you :) 17:25
[Coke] oh good 17:26
notagoodidea melezhik: Yeah I found it before. todos in my idea was more a playground to showcase some raku code under a loose constraint. 17:28
tellable6 2021-01-13T17:04:41Z #raku <melezhik> notagoodidea on - todos repo -   take a look at modules.raku.org/dist/App::Tasks:cpan:JMASLAK
notagoodidea todo list is just an excuse. Worst case, I have fun on my side.
guifa kawaii: default sort is low to high. So if you want the highest value, use .sort( -*.value) 17:29
kawaii guifa: yep, got it, thanks :) 17:30
melezhik notagoodidea so you people add a source code of their todo manages to your todo repo, right? 17:31
tellable6 2021-01-12T06:14:26Z #raku <lucs> melezhik: Yeah, makes sense. Just not used to that term I guess.
2021-01-12T18:43:36Z #raku <tony-o> melezhik you're welcome to push tests. #15 is merged
melezhik so you -> so you want 17:32
tony-o cool, will try to make a PR with fez /Sparky tests
Geth doc: 14ad7fa562 | Coke++ | doc/Type/Seq.pod6
Remove skip

With latest rakudo/master (executable and source dir) all tests pass on the file.
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Seq
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notagoodidea melezhik: for example or just something silly on the repo. Does your question imply a scheme of gathering others code without credits. If not, now I ask myself if it the best way by doing it under my repos. 17:35
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notagoodidea For example, I am trying to code golf a todo list manager right now and after that I will try to do one with internationlization of the CLI. 17:37
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notagoodidea Just a frame to play with stuff in raku. At least that was my initial idea. Not any intent ready to ship programs for "serious" uses. 17:38
guifa Is there a way that I can make a class that automagically uses a proxy for access or does that require a trait?
melezhik notagoodidea I see. No I am just curios. Basically you choose between referencing  to other repos from your todo repo or asking people to merge their tools to your todo repo ...
notagoodidea In a way, both could be done. Letting people chose to edit the readme to link to their repo or drop other stuff in the repo. 17:39
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melezhik notagoodidea ++ 17:39
patrickb . 17:40
notagoodidea melezhik: thanks for the eye opening :)
patrickb tony-o: I think now might be a good time to publish an introduction to the zef ecosystem, the new p6c indexer and the fez uploader. I think it's high time to drive out the confusion of the zef eco vs the fez uploader. 17:43
jjatria patrickb++ 17:46
melezhik patrickb++
however I know writing docs is tough ha-ha :]
Geth doc: c378f15235 | Coke++ | xt/check-signatures.t
Add a note for editors/testers
guifa okay actually a trait won’t be bad but 17:50
how can I have a trait produce a Proxy on access for an attribute 17:51
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guifa pokes the queen of traits, lizmat 17:51
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kawaii Is there a method I can use to transform a hash with a single kv into a pair? 17:53
patrickb tony-o: Also I'd be very interested in how the p6c indexer works exactly. Does it guarantee that installing some version will always install the exact same thing? If so, how does it decide what commit to use for a given version? 17:54
guifa kawaii not a single one. Just .pairs.head
notagoodidea :p? 17:55
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patrickb tony-o: And btw. a huge thanks for picking this up again and investing time into the new eco. It's really amazing to see this move forward! 17:56
notagoodidea m: my %foo = {foo => 1}; say %foo:p; say %foo:p.^name;
camelia 5===SORRY!5===
Variable '%foo:p' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my %foo = {foo => 1}; say 7⏏5%foo:p; say %foo:p.^name;
Other potential difficulties:
Useless use of hash composer on right side of hash assignment; did you me…
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notagoodidea m: my %foo = foo => 1; say %foo<foo>:p; say %foo<foo>:p.^name; 17:59
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Malformed postfix call
at <tmp>:1
------> 3 => 1; say %foo<foo>:p; say %foo<foo>:p.7⏏5^name;
notagoodidea m: my %foo = foo => 1; say %foo<foo>:p;
camelia foo => 1
notagoodidea m: my %foo = foo => 1; say %foo<>:p;
camelia (foo => 1)
guifa nm, I got the proxy for the attribute, but now I can’t access the actual value, when I use $attribute.get_value(self), it calls the proxy again for an instant infinite loop =/ 18:05
tony-o patrickb: i have it started to make an intro to fez and the new eco 18:13
should probably be done with that on friday
patrickb Yay! I'm really happy to see all the progress. 18:14
melezhik tony-o++ 18:23
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sortiz m: my %h = foo => 1; my $p = %h.pairs[0]; $p.WHAT.say; # kawaii 20:30
camelia (Pair)
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notagoodidea .tell melezhik Does the new wording/structure better match the intent? github.com/notagoodidea/todos/blob.../README.md 20:50
tellable6 notagoodidea, I'll pass your message to melezhik
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melezhik . 20:52
tellable6 2021-01-13T20:50:37Z #raku <notagoodidea> melezhik Does the new wording/structure better match the intent? github.com/notagoodidea/todos/blob.../README.md
melezhik .tell notagoodidea: this is good , very clear 20:54
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to notagoodidea
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[Coke] yawns. 21:14
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melezhik . 22:12
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Geth doc: 90efdf1f9e | (Stoned Elipot)++ | 3 files
Fix links to Empty
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: melezhik assigned to rba Issue Independent CI server for Raku modules and infrastructure github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/258 23:07
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