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tony-o .tell lizmat deathbyperl6.com/fez-zef-a-raku-ec...-and-auth/ 00:22
tellable6 tony-o, I'll pass your message to lizmat
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kawaii Is there something other than '' I should be using at the end of my expression here to represent nothing? I tried Nil but it can't be used in a string context, or maybe I should just write this entirely differently? `my $description = (%member<name> || 'Unknown') ~ (%member<locale> ?? " :flag_{%member<locale>}:" !! '');` 02:39
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kawaii Also it seems that no matter what I try, I can't get Raku to `uniparse` any kind of flag, even when I construct them correctly with the regional indicator symbols, if your IRC client shows an EU flag in the paste preview (or browser) ignore it, it's lying >:( www.irccloud.com/pastebin/1wU6pxTT/ 03:18
flag emojis are constructed by two "Regional Indicator Symbol Letter" emotes, but Raku seems unaware they exist 03:19
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[Coke] kawaii: works here 03:56
m: my $a = 'Regional Indicator Symbol Letter E'.uniparse ~ 'Regional Indicator Symbol Letter U'.uniparse; say $a;
camelia 🇪🇺
[Coke] ^^ and there.
what version of rakudo do you have?
might pre-date the unicode update with flag info?
kawaii [Coke]: huh, I wonder if my shell was the issue all along? usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/...-57-05.png 03:57
Odd, because this is Ubuntu from last year, and the flags were introduced in 2015 or so 03:59
m: my %member = locale => 'EU'; my $flag = do for %member<locale>.split('',:skip-empty) { ('Regional Indicator Symbol Letter ' ~ $_).uniparse }; 04:14
camelia ( no output )
kawaii 🤔
oh, no say, lol
my %member = locale => 'EU'; my $flag = do for %member<locale>.split('',:skip-empty) { ('Regional Indicator Symbol Letter ' ~ $_).uniparse }; say $flag;
evalable6 (🇪 🇺)
kawaii m: my %member = locale => 'EU'; my $flag = do for %member<locale>.split('',:skip-empty) { ('Regional Indicator Symbol Letter ' ~ $_).uniparse.join }; say $flag; 04:15
camelia (🇪 🇺)
kawaii my $flag = do for %member<locale>.split('',:skip-empty) { (('Regional Indicator Symbol Letter ' ~ $_).uniparse).join }; say $flag; 04:16
m: my $flag = do for %member<locale>.split('',:skip-empty) { (('Regional Indicator Symbol Letter ' ~ $_).uniparse).join }; say $flag;
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '%member' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my $flag = do for 7⏏5%member<locale>.split('',:skip-empty) {
kawaii my %member = locale => 'EU'; my $flag = do for %member<locale>.split('',:skip-empty) { (('Regional Indicator Symbol Letter ' ~ $_).uniparse).join }; say $flag; 04:17
evalable6 (🇪 🇺)
kawaii That's probably highly unoptimal but I guess it works
Ah wait no, $flag is actually a list 04:18
I think I want `.values.join` here but doesn't seem to give me the string I'm looking for 04:21
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[Coke] m: my %member = locale => 'EU'; my $flag = %member<locale>.comb.map({uniparse("Regional Indicator Symbol Letter $_")}).join; say $flag; 04:43
camelia 🇪🇺
[Coke] not sure why you had the do/for there.
kawaii oh, that's way better, sorry I'm not very good with map yet, do for is my go-to way of looping in this way at the moment :( 04:45
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kawaii [Coke]: thank you for your help this evening :) 04:50
[Coke] ofc. 05:02
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jmerelo releasable6:status 06:59
releasable6 jmerelo, Next release in ≈7 days and ≈12 hours. 1 blocker. Changelog for this release was not started yet
tellable6 2021-01-15T18:11:15Z #raku <guifa> jmerelo are you just doing voiceover for your FOSDEM presentation or are you recording video of yourself talking as you’re giving it
releasable6 jmerelo, Details: gist.github.com/3cbea08f3084676c40...52b8a16da1
jmerelo .tell guifa you have to record the voice. During the presentation, you can answer questions
tellable6 jmerelo, I'll pass your message to guifa 07:00
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notandinus what is the "loop marker"c called? 11:07
m: marker: for 1..2 {.say} 11:08
camelia 1
notandinus ^ "marker:" <-- is there a name for this?
sortiz A Label, see docs.raku.org/type/Label 11:09
m: marker: for 1..2 { last marker if $_ == 2; .say } 11:14
camelia 1
notandinus ah i see 11:17
do other languages have this Label thing? apart from Perl and Raku, i don't seem to find it for python, nim 11:26
gfldex notandinus: C/C++ does, but with different semantics (read: you can mess up the stack). 11:28
sortiz Javascript also, with semantics similar to Raku. 11:30
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El_Che isn't label extremely commom to break out of the correct loop? 11:32
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El_Che Besides python, all other languages probably have it 11:34
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sortiz But only in Raku they are also objects, like almost everything. 11:34
notandinus is it being object better? 11:35
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El_Che more consistent with the rest, but I wouldn't know that to do with it as an object 11:36
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sortiz m: marker: for 1..2 { marker.last if $_ == 2; .say } 11:37
camelia 1
El_Che is it better than marker: for 1..2 { break marker if $_ == 2; .say } 11:38
(it only makes sense of course ig there are several nested loops)
sortiz Indeed. 11:39
timotimo (marker1, marker2, marker3).pick.last 11:43
sortiz \o timotimo 11:44
notandinus so i have this wordsearch project and want to put this word-search function in it's own module 11:45
El_Che more fun to pick at random 11:46
notandinus should i put it under ProjectName::wordsearch or just wordsearch ?
hmm nvm ^, i was confused with module structure 11:51
Missing serialize REPR function for REPR MVMContext (BOOTContext) 11:56
i get this ^ at line 6, which is "use WordSearch"
lizmat notandinus: is this on a recent Rakudo ? 11:57
tellable6 2021-01-16T00:22:41Z #raku <tony-o> lizmat deathbyperl6.com/fez-zef-a-raku-ec...-and-auth/
notandinus WordSearch (lib/WordSearch.rakumod)
lizmat: tihs is on Raku 2020.11
2020.10, sorry
lizmat hmmm... I seem to recall nine fixing some issues with precomp that could be related to this since then 11:58
notandinus i see, is upgrading the only fix?
lizmat I'm not saying upgrading would fix it, but it could 11:59
notandinus gives the same error after removing .precomp
i see, i'll try upgrading then
can i upgrade with: rstar fetch && rstar install ? 12:00
timotimo you can often get that error to go away by resetting $! with Nil at the end of the mainline
lizmat yes, please, if it still errors, then we may have a system issue worthy of a ticket
timotimo which fwiw i think we could totally do for you automatically?
lizmat notandinus: could you try timotimo's suggestion first :-)
notandinus timotimo: by mainline you mean the module file?
timotimo yeah, just at the end of the file probably 12:01
notandinus hmm timotimo that didn't work but something else worked 12:03
i had this module Neighbors (lib/Neighbors.rakumod)
WordSearch had this line (use Neighbors)
moving all Neighbors.rakumod functions to WordSearch file and removing that line made it work 12:04
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timotimo it's possible that the fix needs to go into Neighbors instead 12:04
the $! = Nil one
notandinus it was Foo.raku -> (use WordSearch -> (use Neighbors)), it's now Foo.raku -> (use WordSearch) 12:05
timotimo: i put it in both files
ok i tried putting it only in Neighbors and the error didnt go away
btw what I'm doing is totally correct right? i can import Neighbors from WordSearch right? 12:06
looks like rakudo star has not released the latest release, it's still at 2020.10 12:07
timotimo yeah rakudo star is on a looser schedule compared to rakudo 12:08
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notandinus so should i use try using rakubrew? 12:14
timotimo whichever way of installing raku itself you prefer. there's also packages for a couple of distros, there's docker containers, there's even experimental AppImage 12:17
also have a look at LoneStar
oh i think lonestar wasn't the one i was thinking of 12:18
El_Che notandinus: what os do you run?
notandinus openbsd
ports has 2 year old raku 12:19
i'm currently installig App::Rakubrew, i'll see if it works 12:20
timotimo: can you link me to lonestar? i didnt find anything related to raku while searching 12:21
timotimo github.com/tyil/lonestar
notandinus timotimo: it says its a bash script to install the rakudo star distribution 12:26
but the star distribution is at 2020.10
i already have the star distribution
timotimo yeah i thought it was something else 12:27
notandinus hmm looks like rakubrew doesn't build it 12:28
it says, no precomp release available for my system 12:29
hmm it has build option, i'm trying to build 2020.12 12:32
El_Che notandinus: I use a small bash script to build relocatable linux builds, it should work on openbsd: github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg/blob/m...able-build 12:33
(comment out the cp commands because it copies files from the repo) 12:34
( I call it with /create-relocatable-build $RAKUDO_VERSION $ZEF_VERSION 64) 12:35
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notandinus i see, i'll check it out 12:44
also looks like pkgsrc has 2020.12, i'll try building that way first
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guifa o/ 15:39
tellable6 2021-01-16T07:00:00Z #raku <jmerelo> guifa you have to record the voice. During the presentation, you can answer questions
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notandinus so i wasnt able to build the latest raku, will try again tomorrow 16:29
but i tested it with 2018.12 (from ports) and it gave the same error
is what i'm doing supported?
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Geth ecosystem/finanalyst-patch-2: c1bbbc1531 | (Richard Hainsworth)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Add RakuConfig to ecosystem

ecosystem: finanalyst++ created pull request #576:
Add RakuConfig to ecosystem
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xinming m: B0756KCKFN 17:38
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared name:
B0756KCKFN used at line 1
xinming oops
m: sub t (*@a) { @ = |@a; }; my $t = t(1,2); t(3,4); $t.raku.say; 17:39
camelia $[3, 4]
notagoodidea I am looking for ressources to use to catch heredocs strings and use them as a template if it is possible?
timotimo heredoc strings are like string literals, you'd directly assign them
notagoodidea I remeber seeing a qq/to/HTML doing something similar but I can't remember where.
xinming Today, This subtle bug bit me quite hard. :-)
timotimo qq:to/ENDOFTEXT/; 17:40
qq will give you interpolation like double quoted strings whereas q will give you the same as 'blah'
in terms of what $blah and \t will do
notagoodidea oh, ok. I must have blurry memories.
Ok, I found what I tought it was my bad. 17:42
www.perl.com/article/observing-cor...with-raku/ They call using qq/to/HML a built-in templating engine where it is "just" the interpolation. 17:43
timotimo close enough :) :) 17:52
notagoodidea Yep :) 17:57
I remerbered it as a slang or a way to meddle with qq string :)
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PimDaniel Hi 18:32
notandinus hello PimDaniel o/
PimDaniel my $str = 'interview' ; says $str./ ^inter //; Is it ok? 18:33
notagoodidea You want to match against? You can use the smartmatch operator : ~~ 18:35
m: my $str = 'interview'; say $str ~~ /^inter/;
camelia 「inter」
notagoodidea m: my $str = 'interview'; say $str ~~ /^inter.*/;
camelia 「interview」
PimDaniel Thank's camelia but want to substitute. say $str ~~ /^inter//; ?? 18:36
timotimo m: $_ = "interview"; s/^inter//; say $_ 18:37
camelia view
notandinus PimDaniel: use s/
notagoodidea You can use `$foo ~~ s/lalal/bar/` The form s// is for substitution.
PimDaniel true i'v forgotten the 's' preceeding. 18:38
notandinus docs.raku.org/syntax/s$SOLIDUS%20$...20$SOLIDUS
notagoodidea There is also the .subst methods but it won't do it in-place. 18:39
notandinus and you could also use .match to match and .replace-with to replace the match
PimDaniel It's not fundamently different from Perl5.
notandinus m: say "interview".match("inter").replace-with("") 18:40
camelia view
PimDaniel Does it behave like if the flax x should be enable by default?
notandinus what do you mean by 'flax x' ?
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PimDaniel notandinus : In the same idea probably use substr which should give better perfs on huge texte searches into loops for example. 18:42
Problably wrong in this case until we have an anchor. 18:44
Hum, sorry : i must go! Thank you very mutch! 18:45
perry m: my $str = q@<^<()(?R){2}>\z|\1\Q^<()(?R){2}>\z|\1\Q>@; say $str ~~ /^<()(?R){2}>\z|\1\Q^<()(?R){2}>\z|\1\Q/;
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Unable to parse regex; couldn't find final '/'
at <tmp>:1
------> 3Q^<()(?R){2}>\z|\1\Q>@; say $str ~~ /^<(7⏏5)(?R){2}>\z|\1\Q^<()(?R){2}>\z|\1\Q/;
expecting any of:
infix stop…
perry Oops. Meant to do that in PMs.
PimDaniel notandinus : sorry : *flag //x 18:53
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patrickb El_Che: I looked at the shell script of yours. Are you sure it creates a relocatable build? Nowhere in that script is the `--relocatable` option used. 19:56
notandinus: Can you paste the error you get when building? (gist.github.com or a nopaste service can help) 19:58
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PimDaniel Aïe! 20:01
Is there a way to directly report part of a matched constant : say CONTANT.rx/.+(group).+/; ???? 20:05
should be match buildin sub : CONSTANT.match.rx/.*(group).*/; 20:07
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PimDaniel I, Is there a way to enable word jump/insertion/history in raku interpretor to make it more convenient? 20:14
timotimo there's the linenoise module as well as another readline one that you can install with zef, or you can run the repl wrapped inside rlwrap 20:17
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PimDaniel @timotimo : thanks's ! But i would like a complete solution , tab completion, history, etcc. 20:24
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timotimo sounds like maybe the jupyter kernel could be more to your liking 20:27
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lizmat .seen mst 20:36
tellable6 lizmat, I saw mst 2021-01-04T20:34:24Z in #raku: <mst> nnn/w 409
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PimDaniel Is zef able to manage any dependencies? 20:43
lizmat if the dependencies are properly declared in the META6.json file, yes 20:44
PimDaniel Isn't this automatically done?
My paste : pastebin.com/hYSVWZ65 20:45
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lizmat Ah, you mean native dependencies... 20:47
no, these are not done (yet anyway) by zef
PimDaniel Well, for start, i just wanted to use a practical interactive raku CLI and now i've forgotten what i wanted to achieve, pffff 20:48
Probably falling back to inline shell would be better. Does anyone know what i must remove when zef crashed but started to install. 20:50
well i'll use -e option : i loose my time! 20:51
lizmat PimDaniel: personally, I have an alias: alias r='raku -e' 20:55
which allows me to just say: r 'foo' in the shell :-) 20:56
PimDaniel lizmat: ok 20:57
lizmat or small throwaway scripts to alpha test
PimDaniel this works : raku -e 'my $var = "interview"; say $var;' 20:58
I use to have aliases too : alias ll='ls -ltra --color=auto' 20:59
lizmat actually, my aliases are: 21:00
alias r='time raku -e'
alias rl='raku --ll-exception -e'
alias rp='raku --profile -e'
PimDaniel ok, thank's : i'll copy them : what's the price? 21:03
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RaycatWhoDat raku-musings.com/palindromic-stack.html 21:14
Whoever runs this blog has the date bug
2022 instead of 2021
timotimo oh where does that come from?
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timotimo it also says "{{COPYRIGHT}}" at the bottom, heh 21:16
RaycatWhoDat I think it was something about how the date formatters do things 21:17
Something about "YYYY" over "yyyy"
PimDaniel say &[<=].name() => infix:«<=», but is there a way to just obtain : <= , without matching? 21:19
does .name() applies to any referenced sub? or only to infix? 21:20
lizmat PimDaniel: 0c 21:21
PimDaniel lizmat: what? 21:23
lizmat the price: zero cents :-) 21:25
PimDaniel Ho sorry : thank's! I took it for the reply to my new question about infix. 21:26
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lizmat ah, to answer your questions 21:29
.name can be called on any Routine object
m: dd &[+].name.substr(7,*-1) # works for most, I'd say 21:31
camelia "+"
PimDaniel lizmat: for those i tested, it does indeed! 21:35
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gfldex m: BABEL: Nil; BABEL.HOW.mixin(BABEL, role :: { method super { "secret" }}); BABEL.super; 21:41
camelia ( no output )
gfldex notandinus: ^^^ labels being objects allows us to hide stuff in them. :->
m: BABEL: Nil; BABEL.HOW.mixin(BABEL, role :: { method super { "secret" }}); BABEL.super.say;
camelia secret
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PimDaniel Is this to compact and elegant enought? : pastebin.com/4THwJAEH 21:47
gfldex m: BABEL: Nil; BABEL.HOW.mixin(BABEL, role :: { method line { $?LINE }; method file { $?FILE } }); BABEL.&{ .file ~ ':' ~ .line }».say; 21:48
camelia <tmp>:1
gfldex notandinus: ^^^ it might even be useful 21:49
lizmat PimDaniel: you could do: die "assertion $x &op.name.substr(7,*-1) $y failed..."
PimDaniel: and for ease of use, you could have "assert" take a string for the operator 21:50
PimDaniel lizmat: No no no! The problem is : i need to have variable names to indicate what i'm checking... probablay a caller() solution? 21:51
This is important for me to have variables's names.
lizmat m: my $a = 42; sub b($b is raw) { dd $b.VAR.name }; b $a 21:52
camelia "\$a"
PimDaniel OK!
I'm quite new to Raku : didn't know it was so simple!
lizmat :-) 21:53
with regards specifying the op as a string
m: my $op = "+"; dd ::("&infix:<$op>").name 21:54
camelia "infix:<+>"
lizmat this will do a runtime-lookup of the operator name
this will be expensive, so YMMV
PimDaniel Beware i'll have man calls and if it says value variables instead of names : a message like : assertion failed because 3 < 100 is un-usefull at all! I need to have : assertion failed : ($x) = 3 < ($y) 100 21:57
Not sure that you gave me the goot answer!
need to have names of variable from caller!!! 21:58
lizmat m: my $a = 42; sub b($b is raw) { say $_ ~~ Scalar ?? .name !! $b given $b.VAR }; b $a; b 42 22:00
camelia $a
lizmat that's the name of the caller, no ?
gfldex PimDaniel: see: gfldex.wordpress.com/2020/12/01/nomen-est-omen/
PimDaniel lizmat: YES! sorry I must try before to deny you! 22:01
lizmat PimDaniel: no worries, just wanted to make sure we were on the same page
PimDaniel gfldex: thank's!
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PimDaniel I'm coming back! 22:45
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PimDaniel It does not work because my variable are numbers : not string! 22:46
But i need numbers, and i do not want to pass strings to the sub!
lizmat m: my $a = 42; sub b($b is raw) { say $_ ~~ Scalar ?? .name !! $b given $b.VAR }; b $a; b 42 # that seems to work ? 22:47
camelia $a
PimDaniel lizmat: i do understand anymore at all! 22:48
what has $_ to do with that? 22:49
timotimo "given" sets $_ for you
lizmat that's set by the "given $b.VAR
so you don't have to repeat that
m: my $a = 42; sub b($b is raw) { say $b.VAR ~~ Scalar ?? $b.VAR.name !! $b }; b $a; b 42 # version without $_ or given 22:50
camelia $a
PimDaniel hooo ok i think i see!
perl5 was orrible in presentation : you make perl6 more horrible!
Sorry but a program MUST be understook for people who read you! 22:51
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lizmat sorry if I was using too advanced features :-) 22:51
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lizmat so is the version without $_ more understandable ? 22:51
PimDaniel for me newbie : yess
lizmat good :-) 22:52
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lizmat note to self: write simpler examples :-) 22:52
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PimDaniel ok i think i need to work again! i did not understand given in fact! 22:54
what are ?? and !! ?
timotimo it's like ? : in other languages
PimDaniel There are too many things i do not know in the exemple and it's why i don't understand. 22:55
lizmat is off to catch some shuteye 22:56
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timotimo shoe-tie 22:59
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PimDaniel this works : my $varname;my Int $afdsl = 42; sub b($b is raw) { $varname=$b.VAR.name }; b $afdsl; say $varname, even if afdsl is typed Int, ok? 23:03
but in my script it complains with : No such method 'name' for invocant of type 'Int'. Did you mean any of ... 23:04
lizmat did you bind to the variable by any chance? 23:05
PimDaniel bind?
lizmat ok, so you didn't
PimDaniel I'm French, sorry! 23:06
lizmat no worries
PimDaniel bind : atteindre
lizmat m: my $a := 42; sub b($b is raw) { say $b.VAR ~~ Scalar ?? $b.VAR.name !! $b }; b $a; b 42
camelia 42
lizmat version with binding ^^
:= instead of =
otherwise I have no idea why it doesn't work in your script 23:07
will backlog tomorrow
really sleep&
PimDaniel You'r true! See you tomorrow.
Thank's for your help! 23:08
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notagoodidea Is it normal that "file".IO.changed does not provide the DateTime in the right timezone? 23:09
timotimo does the filesystem save the timezone along with the date?
notagoodidea ie, I created a file at 00:10, and ls reports it correctly at 00:10. 23:10
timotimo otherwise i would expect it to use $*TZ i guess?
notagoodidea But in raku, I got 23:10, I am at GMT+1
timotimo m: dd "/".IO.changed
camelia Instant.from-posix(<1178447450309/764>)
timotimo m: dd "/".IO.changed.DateTime
camelia DateTime.new(2018,11,17,16,1,24.697644)
timotimo m: say qx,ls -l /, 23:11
camelia total 0
drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1788 Dec 20 11:00 bin
drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1214 Sep 4 17:06 boot
drwxr-xr-x 17 root root 3700 Jan 11 11:00 dev
drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3936 Jan 15 11:00 etc
drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 72 Mar …
timotimo *shrug* 23:12
gotta run
notagoodidea $*TZ is at 3600 so UTC+1, weird 23:13
m: say "/bin/".IO.changed.DateTime.timezone; 23:15
camelia 0
notagoodidea m: say $*TZ;
camelia 3600
23:20 wamba left
notagoodidea m: dd "/bin".IO.changed.DateTime 23:34
camelia DateTime.new(2020,12,20,10,0,23.154922)
notagoodidea m: say qx,ls -l /bin,
camelia total 2132
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 May 16 2020 arch -> /usr/bin/arch
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 21 Jun 8 2020 awk -> /etc/alternatives/awk
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 17 May 16 2020 basename -> /usr/bin/basename
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root r…
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