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tony-o .tellable 00:46
.tell jmerelo another article/bit of info on zef eco - deathbyperl6.com/faq-zef-ecosystem/ 00:47
tellable6 tony-o, I'll pass your message to jmerelo
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notandinus if i specify a version in "depends" section of META6.json then will zef install that specific version if the user already has the module with higher version? 04:16
hmm i noticed the "+", so this : WWW:ver<1.005006+> means any version above 1.005006 will work, right? 04:18
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xinming_ SmokeMachine: when we fetching large column, which is over 2M size, It's quite slow, Is there any hint on how I can troubleshooting this? 05:48
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rindolf Hi all! Can anyone recommend a good chatroom for history/etymology disussions? Please no discord.gg ( twitter.com/shlomif/status/1338045500210212866 ) or whatsApp though ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WhatsApp#Rec..._criticism ) 06:18
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SmokeMachine xinming_: sorry, no... I’ve never tried to get so large columns. Do you know where it’s getting slow? 07:35
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xinming_ SmokeMachine: I just now tested, It seems, it's slow when I try to assign values to variable. 07:57
SmokeMachine: It's pre-generated html fragment 07:58
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CIAvash weekly: deathbyperl6.com/faq-zef-ecosystem/ 08:09
notable6 CIAvash, Noted! (weekly)
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notandinus should i report moar vm panics? my code is probably doing the wrong thing but it compiles and runs until moar vm panic 09:16
here is the code and error: paste.debian.net/hidden/0741519e/ 09:18
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notandinus i'm trying to get the total time taken to execute the word-search subroutine 09:18
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notandinus hmm, wait looks like the *return* in front was causing the panic 09:20
anyways, how would you get the time taken to run word-search subroutine in this: paste.debian.net/hidden/e6e54b52/ 09:21
it uses concurrency to run the same subroutine multiple times for different values, i want the time taken to run each subroutine individually and also the total time (which can be timed directly by putting DateTime.now - $initial after "await" right?) 09:22
hmm i probably want to do it in parallel 09:30
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Scimon Morning. I'm just tweaking my IRC settings. Think it's done now. 09:56
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PimDaniel What is the common mistake with has @.aaa; and cannot look up attributes in method aaa; what is the hell? 11:25
Heu bonjour quand-même , heu \o
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lizmat m: class A { has @.aaa }; A.aaa 12:04
camelia Cannot look up attributes in a A type object
in method aaa at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
lizmat PimDaniel: is that the error?
"in a type object"
PimDaniel lizmat: no, heu not sure!
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PimDaniel I am into A 12:05
lizmat if that's the error, you didn't instantiate the class, aka, you didn't call .new on it
m: class A { has @.aaa }; A.new.aaa
camelia ( no output )
PimDaniel suppose my constructor is tricky : like : method new (**@points where all (@points>>.elems) == 2) { 12:06
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PimDaniel I cannot attrib directly each elements of x in a list a point: 12:07
class A has @.coords;
loop is for @points -> ($x is raw , $y is raw) { 12:08
dakkar please show a bit more code… 12:09
PimDaniel i can't do $.coordonnees.push(Pint.new($x,$y);
dakkar I can't follow, the names of the things you mention don't match with each other 12:10
please write a small test case and put it up somewhere (some pastebin, gist, or whatever)
PimDaniel i made a my @coords variable too;
and it works but i have a question:
self.bless(:@coords, :$motif); , does this mean that ha must have a @coords and a @.coords variable? and i suppose it sends it to bless in hash form, no? 12:12
dakkar "variable" and "attribute" are not the same thing 12:13
(plus, why are you changing `new` and calling `bless`? are you sure you need that?) 12:14
I still can't see your code, so I can't answer anything
PimDaniel I'm sure of nothing!
dakkar that's a good start!
what are you trying to accomplish?
Scimon :D Generally I'd say that if you're using bless in a simple object you're probably doing it wrong. 12:15
dakkar hmm. lunchtime for me now, I'll be back in ~1hour
PimDaniel i try to lean Raku!
Scimon I would look at the BUILD submethod.
PimDaniel *learn Raku!
Scimon Wonderful!
PimDaniel All my code is no sense.
tadzik ime BUILD is rarely what you want, it looks deceptively simple and deceptively isn't
PimDaniel And that is why i do not want to show it.
tadzik bless if fine if you want your new() method to take arguments in a non-standard way, I'd say 12:16
Scimon Ahhh... I may have been decieved.
It's ok. We're nice.
tadzik TWEAK is the BUILD alternative that mostly does what people actually expect :P
Scimon Ah yes.
PimDaniel One second! it comes...
tadzik don't worry, we've all written bad code. It's the first, mandatory step to writing good code
Scimon What they said 12:17
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PimDaniel pastebin.com/C8BPMrgg 12:17
Scimon So @.coordeonnes is an array of Points? 12:18
tadzik this looks sensible
PimDaniel Porqué por favor? 12:19
tadzik self.bless(:@coordonnees); means self.bless(coordonnees => @coordonnees), if that's the bit that confused yed
PimDaniel YES!
but then another question occurs: is @coordonnees copied in @.coordonnees? or is it a kind of pointeur? Is it a good way to operate? 12:21
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PimDaniel And in general how would you attrib objects of object in contructor? May be there's a simple way? 12:23
tadzik I'm not sure what the technicalities are, but this is idiomatic code
well, I'd just have the user submit an array of Points, instead of creating them yourself 12:24
PimDaniel Idiomatic ? This means that i am idiot?
tadzik :D no, it means that that's how an experienced programmer would write it, and others would easily understand it
Scimon Of course you can have a multi method new where if they submit an array of none points it maps it to and array of points and then calls new again with that. 12:26
tadzik following up on my suggestion: it may seem easier to create Point inside new, but it's a bit of an anti-pattern in object-oriented programming in general. Imagine a situation where you have objects that are compatible with Point (they have the exact same interface, or a "bigger" one), and you wanted to use them here. Currently you can't since your Polygone forces everything to be a Point
Matthias15 I have some text files (json and simple word lists) which contains german special characters like ö,ä. All these files are saved as utf8. Now, when i am slurping these files i got in some cases broken characters and some are printed well (with ä..). Are there any suggestions how to dig into that problem?
Scimon (I do love multi methods for that kind of thing)
Matthias15 running on windows btw
tadzik Scimon: yeah, that's a good solution to this
Scimon How are you reading the files Matthias15? 12:27
Matthias15 my @list = slurp "list.json";
and in a hash context: my %j = from-json slurp "search.json"; 12:28
i have tried diffrent encodings while slurping..nothing changed 12:29
PimDaniel Not sure to understand what you say :(.
En plus! I must go now! Thank's to all of you. 12:30
I must leave: back later... merci beaucoup!
i'll read you again in some hours...
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tadzik :) 12:32
Matthias15 No suggestions to prevent me going crazy? :D
Scimon And I take it when you open the files in an editor they look OK? I'm not sure I'm afraid. I take it you're using powershell?
Matthias15 in the text editor (ultraedit) all files are ok. and im using the normal CMD 12:33
Scimon Hmmmm.... that *might* be the problem.
Matthias15 just tried..same result in powershell 12:34
Scimon I can't check it out until this evening as I'm on Linux at work.
Ok... Hmmm.
Matthias15 i made a copy from a file which dont make problems..then i copied the content from another file and then i got problems again..weird 12:35
Scimon It might be the editor isn't saving it as utf8 correctly? It feels like an encoding issue. 12:36
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Matthias15 Ultraedit is some kind of a mature editor..could this happen? mhm 12:37
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Scimon The ä thing is a dead give away for encoding errors. I see it a lot with the £ symbol which will often end up corrupted. 12:40
Matthias15 well..do you have a hint how to get into that issue on a more lower level? 12:42
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Scimon Well first thing I'd think about is try and make a fresh file and see if the issue happens. Also try writing from Raku to a file and then try reading it. Then open and make a simple mod in ultaedit and see what happens. 12:44
I may be able to look at it this evening but not before I'm afraid.
Matthias15 well, makes sense..thank you so far! 12:48
notandinus zef was taking ~550-580M memory while installing App::Mi6, is reducing memory usage something that can be done in future?
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kawaii I've experienced the same thing, using zef on servers with ~1GB RAM often causes it to oomkill 13:30
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timotimo we sure hope so 13:43
could be interesting to grab a memory snapshot at some opportune moment 13:44
i assume installing App::Mi6 causes multiple things to be installed? 13:45
quite possible that from each installation something sticks around that doesn't need to
also, does zef use /tmp? if so, is /tmp on the machine in question a tmpfs?
notandinus yeah it does cause multiple things to install, i noticed slowness when the install was completing, it was using ~550 MB of memory then 13:46
timotimo: no, i'm on obsd, /tmp is not tmpfs
even just the REPL takes ~100mb, not nice for low resource systems 13:48
timotimo that's more than i'm used to
let me double-check 13:49
need to build a rakudo first tho
notandinus btw can i make a dependency optional? like if the user has WWW dep then use it, otherwise just print no WWW dep and exit, to do this currently i created a new branch without-www and removed the dep there, is there a better way?
ah i see, i ran 2019.11 on ubuntu and it was ~100mb in REPL, same for 2020.10 on obsd 13:51
timotimo oh, huh, i'm at 150 megabytes for the repl? 13:55
notandinus hmm which version? 13:57
kawaii timotimo: `zef install API::Discord Cache::Async Cro::HTTP::Client JSON::Fast YAMLish` # caused a server with only 1GB of RAM to oomkill it ~3 times before it finally succeeded on the 4th try, not sure if you can replicate 13:59
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timotimo well, i have 16 gigs of ram, but i'm already 13.2 of that used, and already 7 gigs swapped out into zram ... 14:02
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timotimo but when my system ooms i tend to be unable to use it for at least a couple minutes and i'm actually trying to get work done :) 14:04
notandinus jnthn.net/papers/2015-yapcasia-con...df#page=24 14:05
^ why did jnthn use start/await over here and why not .race things?
if i understand correctly start/await runs things concurrently and .race runs them in parallel right?
timotimo was race already implemented with parallelism already?
notandinus yeah, they give example of using race later in the talk 14:06
[Coke] I assume it was for pedagogical reasons.
timotimo quite possible 14:07
notandinus i see, if i understand correctly start/await will cause one to start processing the json while the other one is still being read right?
but in .race, both will start reading at the same time 14:08
lizmat notandinus: I don't think .race and .hyper were implemented then 14:11
notandinus hmm start/await was under parallelism in that talk but in docs/language it's under concurrency
lizmat: they talk about race in slide 36 14:12
so is start/await for parallel or concurrent computing?
lizmat ah, then I stand corrected :-) 14:13
timotimo if you want to be extra pedantic, you can set a custom $*SCHEDULER and/or $*AWAITER to get different amounts of concurrent/parallel 14:15
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notandinus i see, 14:33
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timotimo also, i forgot which one is concurrent and which one is parallel 14:35
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timotimo one of them you can get without multiple cores, i think that's concurrent 14:35
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notandinus yeah, parallel can't run without multiple cores 14:38
timotimo the default implementation of "start" will push the thing into a job queue from which multiple worker threads will pull tasks 14:39
well, that's the default implementation of the scheduler
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timotimo hyper or race will create a job to split the incoming data into batches, one job to merge the results together at the end, and some amount of worker jobs to do all the per-item work in the middle 14:40
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notandinus i see, do the worker threads run on multiple cores or single? 14:43
timotimo they are threads, like what you get with "Thread.new"
if your operating system allows it, they will run on separate cores
notandinus i see, i don't know about threads, i'll look them up 14:44
timotimo of course you can use cpuset and friends to limit all of that to your liking
well, Thread is available in rakudo, but usually there's other things that will be more sensible to your use case
notandinus so if they run on multiple cores doing tasks then it's basically parallel computing right?
timotimo because threads "don't compose" unlike start/await/etc 14:45
yeah that'd be parallel
notandinus oh so start/await is running things in parallel?
this difference b/w concurrent and parallel is confusing 14:46
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timotimo i think you can get away without caring about the difference 14:46
notandinus i see 14:47
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elcaro notandinus: I saw that you solved your nested search thing in octans, but your question yesterday spurred me to build a deepgrep 15:34
modules.raku.org/dist/Deepgrep:cpan:ELCARO 15:35
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notandinus elcaro: i see, my solution was not ideal and i was looking for something better, thanks for this 15:59
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notandinus m: for 1 .. 10 { state $i = 100; say $i++;} 16:02
camelia 100
notandinus hmm that's nice
m: for 1 .. 10 { state $i = 100; say $i++;} say $i
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Strange text after block (missing semicolon or comma?)
at <tmp>:1
------> 3for 1 .. 10 { state $i = 100; say $i++;}7⏏5 say $i
notandinus m: for 1 .. 10 { state $i = 100; say $i++;}; say $i 16:03
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '$i' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> 3.. 10 { state $i = 100; say $i++;}; say 7⏏5$i
notandinus is there another way of keeping track of how many times the loop has been executed? 16:04
say if i'm looping over "test".IO.lines and want to know the line number
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notandinus or is there a better way of converting a 2d grid in a file to a 2d array in raku? 16:05
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Scimon What's the file format? 16:09
notandinus plain text
it's like this: t e s t\nh e l l ... 16:10
i'm looping over .lines and then .words to convert it to a 2d array
Scimon So @a = "file".IO.lines.map(*.words); would be my thought. 16:11
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Scimon m: my $file = "t e s t\nh e l l\na b c d";my @a = $file.lines.map(*.words);dd @a; 16:12
camelia Array @a = [("t", "e", "s", "t").Seq, ("h", "e", "l", "l").Seq, ("a", "b", "c", "d").Seq]
Scimon m: my $file = "t e s t\nh e l l\na b c d";my @a = $file.lines.map(*.words.Array);dd @a;
camelia Array @a = [["t", "e", "s", "t"], ["h", "e", "l", "l"], ["a", "b", "c", "d"]]
Scimon Ta fa 16:13
ta da even.
notandinus oh, yeah i've seen that before
Scimon No worries. 16:14
notandinus elcar_o i'm sure that my input will be a 2d grid so i think i'll stick to nested for loop and that way i'll be able to work around deepgrep's limitation
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notandinus deepgrep is nice for when nesting is not known but MxN grid is expected 16:16
The iterator of this Seq is already in use/consumed by another Seq 16:27
^ i get that
i'm reading a file in @a and iterating over it, i think @a is lazy so it's not letting me iterate over @a 16:28
i've encountered this before, don't recall how to fix it
hmm i just ran ag and found .cache.Array that fixed it 16:29
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Raycat|Work Hey, quick question. 16:48
Is there a nicer way to say `.grep(! (* %% 2))`?
Scimon m: say 5 !%% 2 16:49
camelia True
Raycat|Work i didn't know that was an operator
Scimon So .grep( * !%% 2 )
Neither did I I tried it out ;) 16:50
JRaspass Isn't a single percent good enough in practice? The remainder will still be "true" 16:51
Scimon %% is the is divisible by operator. 16:52
JRaspass yeah what i'm saying is grep: * % 2 will produce the same results as !%%
Scimon Yeah.. but only for 2. Where as !%% will work for any divisor. 16:53
JRaspass really? I can't see where it breaks down, 3 is fine 16:54
Scimon (... I'm being dumb aren't I?)
JRaspass but yeah, probably clearer to use not exactly divisable than say has remainder
i guess i'm used to perl where we don't have these fancy ops ;-)
Scimon docs.raku.org/language/operators#N..._operators : Here's how it works. 16:55
You can negate any Boolean operator that doesn't begin with !
JRaspass i guess that explains why not smart match is !~~ rather than !~, nice symertry
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Raycat|Work m: say so 0 16:57
camelia False
Scimon Yeah I just... I'd rather avoid relying on that.
Because it makes for magic code.
JRaspass TIMTOWTDI :-P 16:58
Raycat|Work Dawg, we're using a language built on magic
When your language can print out 90% of Baby Shark in one line, all bets are off
tadzik m: say "baby shark tititititi" 16:59
camelia baby shark tititititi
tadzik wasn't too hard :P
Raycat|Work no no no
it's so much worse
I have to find that now
tadzik is it shark-shaped?
Raycat|Work No, it uses ZX 17:00
Oops, X~
But this is it
(<Baby Daddy Mommmy Grandpa Grandma>X~" Shark"X~ |((" doo"x 6)xx 3),'!')>>.say
evalable6 Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo
Baby Shark d…
Raycat|Work, Full output: gist.github.com/c681d9b6e3ff290471...17e396b8b1
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Raycat|Work Also, what triggers evalable6? Any Raku code? 17:02
evalable6 Hello.
Raycat|Work Interesting
Potentially abusable
AlexDaniel` as if `m: hacketyhack` isn't abusable? 17:03
don't abuse it, it's a community service :)
ebabable6: thank you for your service! 17:05
linkable6 AlexDaniel`, I'm happy to help!
tellable6 AlexDaniel`, \o/
evalable6 AlexDaniel`, \o/
AlexDaniel` now that's an actual issue :D
MasterDuke: I think sift4 is acting up :D
tadzik Raycat|Work: hah, nice 17:06
AlexDaniel` MasterDuke: not your module, but the algorithm itself probably. It's hard to see how all these would match 17:07
evavable6: say 42
coverable6 AlexDaniel`, Seems like you forgot to specify a revision (will use “HEAD” instead of “say”)
evalable6 42
AlexDaniel` yeah something is wrong
or maybe we should just lower the threshold 17:08
coverable6 AlexDaniel`, gist.github.com/0932a02480e119a4a6...d70d5d531a
AlexDaniel` lovable6: say 42 17:11
coverable6 AlexDaniel`, Seems like you forgot to specify a revision (will use “HEAD” instead of “say”)
AlexDaniel` that one kinda makes sense at least 17:12
coverable6 AlexDaniel`, gist.github.com/992c3bc7f7109c9694...5907d1319f
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PimDaniel I'm back! 17:26
tadzik welcome back :) 17:27
PimDaniel Here's my code (again) : pastebin.com/C8BPMrgg
Is there a simpler way to achieve this?
Or is there something bad in my code?
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tadzik I'm not sure if you need the `is raw`'s 17:28
PimDaniel Not surprise: i don't understand it :(.
*surprised 17:29
is rw is easy and ok but is raw ???? This is not clear to me.
I suppose it plays with tie into variables. 17:30
yes/no ?
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tadzik if you don't understand it, why did you put it there? :) 17:39
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PimDaniel I'v put it because it is nice! 18:15
is raw is beautiful for me. 18:16
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PimDaniel No te preocupas! 18:16
well i do not yet understand but i see that sometimes scripts work when i put it. 18:17
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Raycat|Work Ah, I'm back 20:13
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[Coke] waves from the US. 20:37
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tadzik o/ 20:42
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moon-child m: {([+] @^a),+@^a}(<1 0 1>) 21:59
camelia ( no output )
moon-child m: print {([+] @^a),+@^a}(<1 0 1>)
camelia 2 3
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moon-child is there a way to do something like ^^ but without parentheses around the <1 0 1>? 21:59
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thundergnat moon-child: you're passing in a parameter so not really, though you can set the topic variable i suppose. 22:11
m: print .&{@^a.sum,+@a} with <1 0 1>
camelia 2 3
moon-child can I do it with feed? Tried .&{...} <== <1 0 1> but no dice there 22:12
thundergnat Not my area of expertise so anything I tell you would be suspect. :/ 22:13
I rather suspect that if is is possible, it will require rather more parenthesis than your initial example. 22:14
moon-child heh, ok 22:15
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elcaro m: say ([+] $_),+$_ with <1 0 1> 22:31
camelia 23
elcaro but not shorter 22:32
but if we were golfing, could for this 22:33
m: say {.sum,+$_}(<1 0 1>)
camelia (2 3)
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raku-bridge <Murilo> hello guys... do you know who is responsible for the branding and marketing of raku? 23:23
[Coke] there isn't a marketing committee. closest thing is probably the Steering Council. Why, how can we help? 23:39
raku-bridge <Murilo> I want to know more about it, and maybe contribute 23:54