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jjatria Stringification of a named capture 00:06
guifa2 For the key part, it's overkill (hash keys stringify by default) but for the value, you generally you want a Str and not a Match 00:10
Actually, RaycatWhoDat thanks for making me think about that stuff a bit harder. Just realized I can simplify one of my module's export code by a lot ^_^ 00:13
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tony-o JJAtria[m]: it doesn't affect anything 01:10
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tony-o it was changed because of the disabling of that eco was really weird to read `zef is updating zef at 360.zef...` 01:11
s/disabling/updating/ 01:12
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spacebat2 Hi, I'm playing at the raku repl and have defined a class, now when I try to redefine the class I get an error "Redeclaration of symbol" 06:00
is there a way to undeclare, clear, unintern, or maybe just reopen the class so I can change the members? 06:01
guifa2 What are you trying to change about the class? Classes are mostly set in stone once they've been composed 06:04
(mostly because there are ways just intentionally not pretty)
spacebat2 just seeing how classes work
so I make a class, try it out, now I want the class to be something else
I guess I'm used to common lisp where you can unintern a symbol that names a class 06:06
or perl5 where you can mess with a package on the fly
what's a not pretty way? 06:09
guifa2 use MONKEY-TYPING; augment class Foo { … } 
spacebat2 cute
that's like reopening the class?
db48x +1 for redefining classes in CL
guifa2 although that's a bit imperfect, because supersede is the one that lets you actually override 06:10
I don't know of a way to remove a method, for instance — the HOW only has methods for adding methods 06:12
db48x is the set of quoting characters that Raku allows documented somewhere? 06:14
the best I've found so far is a unit test with a decent list, but it's not entirely complete
guifa2 db48x: I'm assuming you're referring to github.com/Raku/roast/blob/aa4994a....t#L49-L65 ? 06:15
db48x guifa2: the very same! 06:17
guifa2 if you use Q, I'm fairly certain it's an open list based on Unicode. For the shorthand (e.g. just saying 'foo' as opposed to Q:foo:), I believe it's just the Asian bracket-style and Northern European apostrophe-ish (with the German „ ” equivalent to “ ”) 06:20
angular quote styles do lists 06:21
db48x yes, I'm lumping regexes and lists in with the quoting here 06:23
what I have so far is that they can be any characters in the P (punctuation) category (aside from the special case for parens) 06:24
and then everything in the Pi and Ps categories matches up with some character from the Pf and Pe categories, respectively
aside from the low quotation marks you mentioned, which match up with the high quotation marks from the "wrong" category 06:25
the only other exception that I know of are angle brackets, which are in the Sm category
guifa2 it's basically anything that can't be used as a valid identifier 06:28
m: say Q⚑hi⚑ 06:29
evalable6 hi
db48x ah
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guifa2 jmerelo: final version has been uploaded ^_^ 06:51
and I maybe give a call out to you re documenting code
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jmerelo guifa2: great! 06:58
guifa2: what do you need?
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2021/01/25/2021-...reporting/ 10:48
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Scimon lizmat: Weekly looking good :) Some great stuff in there 11:34
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raku-bridge <勉人> how can i get a variable to work in an enumerated character class in a regex? i want to do s/a(<-[a]>+?.)m/z$0m/ on alabama to give alzbaqa, but i need to use variables, so that the regex looks like: s/$letter(<-[$letter]>+?.)m/z$0m/ but this doesnt work. how can i put a variable within the <-[]> ? 19:19
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donaldh I've got an annoying habit of writing buggy code when I use sets. So I blogged about it: donaldh.wtf/2021/01/if-sets-would-dwim/ 19:58
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guifa2 勉人: you can't, because <[$letter]> is the set <$ l e t r>. You could do some match introspection to do that, though. 20:16
raku-bridge <勉人> whats match introspection?
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guifa2 putting in a code block, and checking out $/. For example 20:17
m: "alabama" ~~ m/ a(.)a(.)a(.)a { say $0 ~ $2 } /; 20:18
evalable6 lm
MasterDuke or EVAL the regex 20:19
guifa2 MasterDuke: yeah, if the inputs are guaranteed to be alphanums. Gets nastier if you need to escaping 20:20
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raku-bridge <勉人> i just got it! i did s/$from0(<{"<-["~$from0~"]>"}>+?.)m/z$0m/ and it works like this (by surrounding the whole thing as a string) 20:27
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tony-o how does that behave if $from0 contains a ']' 21:17
raku-bridge <勉人> asking the real questions here
tony-o just fine, it seems
spacebat2 BTW what is <-[]> in a raku regex? 21:50
guifa2 it's the same as [-…] in other regex flavors (a negative character class) 21:51
spacebat2 you mean [^...]? 21:52
guifa2 err yeah
been a while since I've done regex in other languages ^_^
spacebat2 right, and <> are for grouping, like () were
guifa2 It's cool though in that you can do <:Lu-[A..Z]+[BF]> to do any upper case letter, excluding A..Z, but also including BF 21:55
so the -/+ on the outside of the brackets has value 21:56
spacebat2 I see, looks like they chain 22:06
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