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SmokeMachine .tell niner it’s probably not that helpful, but I had played with libgccjit before, if it’s somehow helpful... github.com/FCO/bernalang/blob/mach...GccJit.pm6 00:34
tellable6 SmokeMachine, I haven't seen niner around, did you mean nine?
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fluca1978 I'm getting an error I cannot understand: I try to insert an element in ordered array of integers 09:00
given @N.grep: { $_ >= $N }, :k { @N = |@N[ 0 .. $_ - 1 ], $N, |@N[ $_ .. * ]; @N.say; exit; }
but I got "Seq objects are not valid endpoints for Ranges"
so I suspect I cannot change @N while `given`ing it, but I don't understand the error. 09:01
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fluca1978 got it, it was simple: `grep` is returning a list, so I need to get the very first element by means of adding .first 09:09
jmerelo fluca1978: great you found it. I would encourage you to post questions also in StackOverflow. It's quieter than it should be... 09:19
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fluca1978 jmerelo: I will try but I'm not a great stack overflow fan 09:25
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elcaro fluca1978: instead of @N.grep(EXPR).first, in most cases you can just do @N.first(EXPR) 09:40
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fluca1978 elcaro: thanks, I think I'm addicted to grep! 09:50
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lizmat fluca1978: alternately, you can do "last" in a .grep 10:19
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PimDaniel \o 11:15
What's the hell to export constants or variables when they are into a module, i mean without writing 'is export' but with EXPORT sub? 11:17
I need to export and/or export_ok like it was done in p5. 11:18
I'v observe it works when there's no module i mean no module mymodule { nor unit module mymodule; 11:19
but i do need a module just to preserve namespaces 11:20
jmerelo Hi, PimDaniel 11:26
lizmat the most common gotcha with writing an EXPORT sub, is that it needs to be in the compunit's namespace
class A { sub EXPORT { } } won't cut it 11:27
it would need to be
class A { } sub EXPORT { }
jmerelo PimDaniel: additionally to what lizmat says, check out the documentation docs.raku.org/language/modules#ind...sub_EXPORT 11:28
PimDaniel I'v allway look at this doc and it does not help me. 11:30
s/allway/allready/ 11:31
Theses cases do not work for what i want to do. 11:32
jmerelo PimDaniel: I'd appreciate if you raised that issue in the documentation repo 11:34
lizmat PimDaniel: this may be overkill for you, but maybe it could help: github.com/lizmat/List-AllUtils/bl...lUtils.pm6 11:35
it;s an example of a module re-exporting symbols from other modules
PimDaniel :lizmat thank's for your help! 11:37
:jmerelo , thank's tooo!
Reference is not really well organize but it think the problem is Raku. Really that part is not easy at all and i really wonder why. 11:39
In perl5 it was yet bullshit, sorry but... it is still. 11:41
elcaro PimDaniel: For selective exporting of subs (like EXPORT_OK) there's Exportable on the ecosystem 11:50
full disclosure: I wrote that module.
Exportable needs to be imported outside of the class you're using it in (probably for the same namespacing issues lizmat mentioned) 11:51
but unfortunately won't help you exporting constants/vars
but yes, I feel writing an EXPORT sub is low-level plumbing. It could probably be improved... and you're welcome to dig your teeth into it 11:52
you could try writing some sugar around exporting vars (like Exportable does for subs) 11:53
supporting selecting imports should be made easier in general. unfortunately, the path of least resistence is just doing `is export` and polluting the importers namespace 11:59
Sorry... diggin' up old wounds :D I complained about this a couple years back 0racle.info/articles/exportation_exploration 12:00
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PimDaniel elcaro: Thanks! I look at your article. 12:08
elcaro I should go back through all my old blog posts and change Perl 6 to Raku 12:10
lizmat elcaro: I've been meaning to do this more generally 12:29
glad to see more people having the same idea 12:34
elcaro at the very least, it should provide more "Raku" hits for the Google spider 12:43
lizmat indeed
something like a "remastered" edition of these blog posts 12:44
not unlike the re-issue of Wendy Carlos' work :-)
or The Hype -> U2 :-) 12:45
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PimDaniel why \o 13:48
lizmat 42 13:49
PimDaniel where can i found many example on "str".match method. And why does "MSTR".match(/^[A-Z]$/) does not work? 13:50
MasterDuke that's looking for exactly one character 13:51
PimDaniel Where is doc about regexes with exhausted examples in ordre to understand something?
MasterDuke m: "MSTR".match(/^[A-Z]+$/)
evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04===
MasterDuke, Full output: gist.github.com/1e398b56d9718f9224...f4a35196e6
Scimon m: "MSTR".match( /^ [A .. Z]+ $/ ) 13:52
PimDaniel moi@DebianMsrv64:~/raku$ moi@DebianMsrv64:~/raku$
Scimon m: "MSTR".match( /^ <[A .. Z]>+ $/ )
PimDaniel re '"MSTR".match(/^[A-Z]+$/)' ------> "MSTR".match(/^[A⏏-Z]+$/) : BANG!
Unable to parse expression in metachar:sym<[ ]>; couldn't find final ']' (corresponding starter was at line 1) 13:53
Scimon You don't use `-` in a Raku regex.
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MasterDuke "Searching and Parsing with Perl 6 Regexes" by moritz is good 13:53
PimDaniel so re '"MSTR".match(/^[AZ]+$/).say' -> Nil 13:54
Does NOT match.
Scimon m: "MSTR".match( /^ <[A .. Z]>+ $/ ).say
evalable6 「MSTR」
PimDaniel works but , tell me : spaces are no more take in account? 13:56
And character classes are suppressed?
MasterDuke not by default. it's like the /x modifier in perl5 regexes
PimDaniel Ok so flag /x is enable by default? 13:57
MasterDuke yeah
PimDaniel ok ok
Scimon docs.raku.org/language/regexes#Enu...and_ranges : Sorry. Meeting can't handle more.
PimDaniel :Scimon thank's... 13:58
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JJAtria[m] m: my %a = gather with "foo" { take "literal" => $_ }; dd %a 14:01
evalable6 Hash %a = {:literal("foo")}
JJAtria[m] m: my %a = gather with "foo" { take literal => $_ }; dd %a
evalable6 (exit code 1) Unexpected named argument 'literal' passed
in code at /tmp/kjdTKk5MfD line 1
in block <unit> at /tmp/kjdTKk5MfD line 1
JJAtria[m] ^ Any idea why this is? It took me by surprise
moritz you've called take() with named arguments, but it doesn't like that 14:11
MasterDuke it's something about how the unquoted version creates a Pair
moritz correct
m: my %a = gather with "foo" { take (literal => $_) }; dd %a
evalable6 Hash %a = {:literal("foo")}
moritz another way to avoid it being interpreted as a named arg
JJAtria[m] I guess what took me by surprise was that quoting the key would make the pair not be a named argument for "take" but the pair that needs to be taken 14:12
I wouldn't have expected it to have an effect
And I'm not sure I can justify why it does make a difference 14:14
PimDaniel Hi : 14:29
lizmat I think in a future language version, we should consider making a difference between named parameters and Pair syntax 14:30
and force :foo(value) for named parameters 14:31
PimDaniel Hi! what is IRC command that you use and makes my Nick appear Highlighted?, Thanks!
lizmat PimDaniel: start the line with "/me" ?
PimDaniel lizmat: thank's! 14:32
.beer lizmat 14:33
doesn't work :(! No beer : sorry! 14:34
PimDaniel thank's 14:35
hum i suppose it works.
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lizmat it's really a function of the IRC client that you use 14:40
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lizmat yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2021/02/01/2021-...proposing/ 16:18
sjn yay! 16:23
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jmerelo lizmat++ 16:29
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PimDaniel \o 17:09
what is the default tag for is import?
The problem is when i import things on the use Line, all is import things are not imported anymore. :(. 17:10
The things into list are module constants. 17:11
The problem is when i import things on the use Line, all "is import" things are not imported anymore. :( 17:12
Undeclared routine: bar used at line 11. :( 17:14
hooo sorry : it works! tests are difficult to do anyway! 17:19
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[Coke] "has anyone seen Perry?" 18:27
perry Noooo
[Coke] (/phinneas-and-ferb)
oops, phineas. 18:28
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PimDaniel \o 18:36
Yet another problem that stucks me.
PimDaniel lizmat: i watched your examples of code. 18:38
Here is my question : How could i export 50 Constant living into a module calling a TAG on the script side? 18:40
i mean without writing is export(:mytag) on each constant. 18:41
Oh sorry : the day is Monday. i'v forgotten.
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[Coke] Are you not allowed to ask questions on Monday? :) 18:47
PimDaniel: so, if you want your export to follow your rules and not "is export", then you can create a sub EXPORT in your module (docs.raku.org/language/modules#ind...ub_EXPORT) 18:48
(er, it's in the compunit of your module, not the module itself, I think) 18:49
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[Coke] so then you can either put the constants in there by name, or dynamically get the list of constants somehow. If you are exporting all constants, that's probably straightforward - if you want to discriminate... 'is export' may be just as much typing. 18:50
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PimDaniel Thank's Coke. I allready know how to bind variables with EXPORT sub. 18:54
what i want is group them into tags because thez are many.
and i want to group them.
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PimDaniel but without is export(':TAG') which is silly. Anyway all export will allways be bullshit in all Perl/Raku versions. 18:56
I think those that made it like masturbation. 18:57
You need to write lines of code just to export: silly tricky!
I should say that thinks are still more complicated than in p5. 19:02
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RaycatWhoDat QQ: Is there a more succinct version of this: glot.io/snippets/fvh9phcmda 19:19
I know it's pretty close right now but I just wanna make sure there's no Raku magic I can use in lieu of this. 19:20
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tonyo RaycatWhoDat: is `E` not the next grade? 19:32
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RaycatWhoDat tonyo: probably 19:32
I'm just guessing at the prompt from a glance in an email, lol 19:33
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tonyo m: sub grade(Int() $a) { qw<E E E E E E D C B A A>[max(min(100, $a),0)/10]; }; grade(5000).say; # this is a more succinct way of getting a letter grade 19:51
evalable6 A
tonyo RaycatWhoDat: ^
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tonyo m: sub grade(Int() $a) { qw<E D C B A>[(max(min(90, $a),59)-50)/10]; }; grade(100).say; # even better RaycatWhoDat 20:08
evalable6 A
neshpion wouldn't it be <F D C B A> 20:10
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tonyo not if you grew up somewhere that knows the order of the alphabet 20:22
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[Coke] seeing a very slow module 'use' time for a not-very-complicated module of about 30 lines. gist.github.com/coke/7d6cac113a7fa...9b9a38c023 20:47
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[Coke] I get that time with multiple runs of the .t file - so the .pm should already be compiled. 20:48
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[Coke] nine guessed "too many files in lib", and yes, there were over 9K due to a cache of compiled POD files. 22:10
moved the cache out of lib, all is well 22:11
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neshpion why is $HOSTNAME defined in my shell but is uninitialized under raku and returns (Any) ? 23:14
i thought it would inherit all environment variables D:
and apparenlty i can't `say "{shell "hostname"}";` either because it returns "Proc<\d+>` D: reee i just want to simulate my $PS1 23:16
fwiw i installed via rakubrew i don't know if it uses a shim that nukes my env before executing or something 23:18
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