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[Coke] why not use %*ENV? 00:25
m: say %*ENV{HOSTNAME}
evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Error while compiling /tmp/rDetAVQbhA
Undeclared name:
HOSTNAME used at line 1
[Coke] m: say %*ENV<HOSTNAME> #oops
evalable6 (Any)
[Coke] so, no hostname there, but that should work for you.
I may be misundestanding a sublety of your request, though 00:28
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[Coke] m: run('hostname', :out).out.slurp(:close) # getting hostname from command 00:42
[Coke] m: say run('hostname', :out).out.slurp(:close) # getting hostname from command
evalable6 superserver
[Coke] (you have to capture the output, get the IO object, and slurp the data (waiting for it to close first)
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elcaro FWIW, on my CentOS server, when I type `env` at the shell, I see HOSTNAME, and `raku -e 'say %*ENV<HOSTNAME>'` works 00:47
on my Ubuntu server, no HOSTNAME seen in `env` output, and hence no 'hostname' in %*ENV
so it "works on my machine"... maybe check where your HOSTNAME var is being exported? is it under /etc/profile.d/* or /etc/bashrc or ~/.profile? 00:49
if you can find out where it's being exported, maybe that will point towards why Raku isn't seeing it (or reveeal a bug) 00:50
m: say qx[env].match(/HOSTNAME\S*/) 00:51
evalable6 Nil
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andinus m: say "perl\nraku" 07:46
evalable6 perl
andinus m: say "perl\nraku".comb
evalable6 (p e r l
r a k u)
andinus how can i ask comb to not consider newline as a characters?
i just want <p e r l r a k u> 07:47
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tyil m: "perl\nraku".comb(/\w/).say 07:49
evalable6 (p e r l r a k u)
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andinus m: "perl\nraku\n1234 \n0".comb(/\w/).say 07:53
evalable6 (p e r l r a k u 1 2 3 4 0)
andinus i see, thanks tyil
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andinus i have defined a sub, can i add tests within the script for it? 08:27
so that i'm able to call it with : ./bin --test my-sub
MasterDuke you can always manually do that by handling the --test flag in your script. you may also find www.codesections.com/blog/raku-uni...mpilation/ useful 08:36
gfldex Is yellow considered the colour of warnings in most cultures?
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andinus i think so, yellow bg with black text 08:39
MasterDuk_e: i see, thanks
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PimDaniel .tell Hi lizmat! How can i install locally your code github.com/lizmat/List-AllUtils with dependencies? , i need to play with it. Thank's in advance. 09:10
tellable6 PimDaniel, I'll pass your message to hi
PimDaniel .tell lizmat! How can i install locally your code github.com/lizmat/List-AllUtils with dependencies? , i need to play with it. Thank's in advance. 09:11
tellable6 PimDaniel, I cannot recognize this command. See wiki for some examples: github.com/Raku/whateverable/wiki/Tellable
PimDaniel .tell lizmat Hi lizmat! How can i install locally your code github.com/lizmat/List-AllUtils with dependencies? , i need to play with it. Thank's in advance.
tellable6 PimDaniel, I'll pass your message to lizmat
Scimon PimDaniel : Have you tried zef install List::AllUtils ? 09:12
PimDaniel Scimon: YES : does not found anything. :(
Scimon I'm running that now and it seems to be working fine. 09:13
Just installed the dependencies.
PimDaniel Not possible :)
Scimon Yup it's worked maybe your zef install needs updated? 09:14
PimDaniel I try again and give you the error!
zip update?
Scimon Good luck. 09:16
PimDaniel Scimon: is there a way to install it into my user land?
MasterDuke92 PimDaniel: if you want to make modifications to github.com/lizmat/List-AllUtils and test them, you'll need to clone it, and then in the clone directory, run `zef install .`
PimDaniel Because i need to play with it.
jmerelo PimDaniel: maybe it's not yet in Modules.raku.org 09:17
MasterDuke92 or run whatever code you're using with -I path/to/your/clone's/lib
PimDaniel MasterDuke : you reply to my question befor i ask! Goog guy!
Scimon What MasterDuke92 said. Clone the repo (I'd fork it) then you can install it locally.
PimDaniel I partially cloned it into /tmp dir but i cannot find the List-Util package on Github? 09:19
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Scimon If you do `zef install --deps-only .` in the folder it should get the dependencies for you. 09:20
Unless you want to modify List::Util as well?
PimDaniel > if you do `zef install --deps-only .` in the folder : let us be clear into List-AllUtils cloned dir? f 09:22
Scimon Yup 09:23
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Scimon This should install all the dependencies. 09:23
PimDaniel Scimon: Ok thank's , i give a try!
zef install --deps-only => usage: .... :( 09:24
MasterDuke92 did you put ` .` at the end? 09:25
PimDaniel Hooo nooooooo. :( Sorry!
It worked but Question: i see theses modules dependencies into .zef is it the place and the only place it installed it? 09:29
tyil not a zef dev, but iirc it stores the dist in ~/.zef, but installs into ~/.raku 09:30
MasterDuke92 i believe that's the default. there is an option, something like '--install-to' if you want to change it 09:31
tyil the only thing that saddens me about this is that neither raku nor zef respect XDG basedirs 09:32
PimDaniel tyil and MasterDuke92 thank's. Yes look inside dirs, that's just curiosity because i do not really want to work on them.
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PimDaniel Thank's to all of you, i'm less crazy than yesterday, i come back in one minute because i'm sure i'll be stucked since. :) 09:33
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PimDaniel I have many modules installed into ~/.zef but i cannot use them : what is the operation to do for it? 09:45
for sure i could use lib but no :( RAKULIB nor because there are many PATHS! 09:46
MasterDuke92 if they've been installed then you shouldn't need to modify RAKULIB or your PATH. a simple `use foo;` should work 09:52
PimDaniel MasterDuke: which path exactly? : i have a tree of libraries into .zef and i'll put my module main module into another local lib to play with it. 09:56
if i had $HOME/.zef to rakulib is it sufficiant? 09:57
MasterDuke92 that shouldn't be necessary
PimDaniel of is it $HOME/.zef/store ? 09:58
or is it $HOME/.zef/store/<module1>:$HOME/.zef/store/<module2>, etc...?
MasterDuke92 if i understand what you're trying to do, you want to modify a module, and then use that modified module in some script? but the module you're modifying has some dependencies? if zef has installed those dependencies, you don't need to do anything with RAKULIB or PATH to use them 09:59
dakkar also, installed modules go into ~/.raku/, not ~/.zef/ 10:00
in ~/.zef/ you have zef's own working space
PimDaniel So why doesn't it work on my system? 10:01
dakkar please read what I just wrote
~/.zef/ is *not* where installed modules go
don't look there
look it ~/.rake/
sorry, ~/.raku/
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PimDaniel i tried use File::Find and it hangs! 10:01
dakkar or even better, `zef list --installed`
MasterDuke92 what isn't working? using the module you modified? or is it complaining that the dependencies aren't installed? 10:02
dakkar PimDaniel: we don't have enough information to really help you
MasterDuke92 maybe it's just taking a long time to precompile the module, if it's the first time you're using it
dakkar "first time after upgrading rakudo", because zef pre-compiles on installation 10:03
PimDaniel zef list --installed returns File::Find:ver<0.1.1>, how do i import it?
dakkar `use File::Find;` 10:04
PimDaniel Doesn't work!
dakkar please describe exactly what you do, and what happens
"doesn't work" is rarely useful to people trying to help you
tyil PimDaniel: take a step back, show an example of some code you're trying to run, and show us the error you're seeing 10:05
you can do this on StackOverflow too, if you want more space to properly outline your issue
PimDaniel here is what i do : pastebin.com/A13QUBHM 10:08
MasterDuke92 is your ~/.perl6 a symlink to ~/.raku? or vice versa 10:10
dakkar ok, that's a bug in zef
it should list ~/.perl6 if rakudo doesn't look there 10:11
I think you can `mv ~/.perl6 ~/.raku`
PimDaniel NO my ~/.perl6 is a dir
with thinks into it 10:12
dakkar PimDaniel: have you noticed that rakudo shows you where it's looking for modules, and it's very clearly *not* looking in ~/.perl6 ?
try renaming that directory to .raku
PimDaniel but i yet have a .raku dir too 10:14
dakkar oh joy 10:15
only suggestion I have: delete ~/.perl6, re-install the modules you need
PimDaniel so i'll rename .perl6 temporarily to nimportequoi and make a link to try...
dakkar no 10:16
it's not used by anything, it confuses zef, and it confuses you
get rid of it
PimDaniel which one i delete? .perl6?
dakkar yes
PimDaniel ok for now i move it into /tmp/
dakkar do whatever you want 10:17
PimDaniel I'v got the same problem with simlink applied and .perl6 dir desapeared! :( 10:18
dakkar I don't understand what that sentence means 10:19
what symlink?
nobody told you to create a symlink
PimDaniel i made a simlink : ln -s .perl6 .raku like MasterDuke92 proposed to me. 10:20
MasterDuke92 PimDaniel: how did you install raku and zef?
dakkar no, that symlink must not be there
there must not be anything named ~/.perl6
PimDaniel MasterDuke: dont't remenber how.
dakkar MasterDuke92 *asked* if it was there, didn't tell you to create it
PimDaniel Ok i remove it. 10:21
Same problem :(
dakkar have you re-installed all the modules you need?
as I told you to?
PimDaniel dakkar: YES.
dakkar ok
I can't see what you're doing, so you have to tell me 10:22
can you re-run `zef list --installed` and show us the output?
PimDaniel The result is here : pastebin.com/A13QUBHM posted half an hour ago. 10:23
dakkar ys
but that was before you deleted ~/.perl6 and re-installed modules
the output must be different now
PimDaniel YES : only 2 lines. :( 10:24
dakkar can you please show that output?
PimDaniel pastebin.com/z0ETd6wY 10:25
dakkar now install File::Find
`zef install File::Find`
(that's what I meant by "reinstall the modules you need") 10:26
PimDaniel OK I don't need any perl6 seemlink? 10:27
dakkar no
there must be nothing named ~/.perl6 10:28
PimDaniel I installed File::Find zef install created a .perl6 dir. 10:32
dakkar ugh 10:33
PimDaniel I think i found the problem : my version of zef is Debian package one i thing not custom install raku.
Scimon Ahhhh....
dakkar yeah, I was going to ask what version of zef you were running
PimDaniel i check that.
Scimon It may not include cpan support.
dakkar probably ancient, if it's the standard Debian stable package
PimDaniel OK that's it! 10:34
dakkar mixing system packages and self-compiled bits is always a bad idea
MasterDuke92 yeah, you should uninstall that zef package 10:36
PimDaniel dakkar: yes but i discovering things, now how do i get zef for my custom installation? 10:37
dakkar github.com/ugexe/zef follow these instructions
*after* you uninstall the system zef
(ignore the `rakubrew` bit on that page if you are not already using rakubrew to build your rakudo) 10:38
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PimDaniel ok thank's! 10:38
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PimDaniel \o 10:55
zef works!
Sorry for the noise. 10:58
Scimon Glad it's working :) 10:59
PimDaniel but i'v lost my installed modules list :(
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PimDaniel Confused 11:05
Now back to the beginning where are installed so i can modify one of them just to play with it? 11:06
* where are modules installed?
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MasterDuke53 you can't modify modules that have been installed via `zef install Foo::Bar`. the source is copied to your system so you can see it, but raku actually loads the immutable bytecode 11:13
so if you want to test modifications you have to clone the repo (probably fork it first), make your modifications, then do `zef install .` (or just override the zef installed one with `-I path/to/the/modified/module/lib`) 11:14
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PimDaniel \o 11:29
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PimDaniel MasterDuke53: Like told me somebody here (you may be) i gitcloned the main package, went in the directory, then zef installed only its dependencies. Now i can play with the main package. 11:31
tellable6 PimDaniel, I'll pass your message to MasterDuke53
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PimDaniel Now i can play with the module because i just want to understand its code and adapt some part of code for myself. 11:33
I had to add the RAKULIB PATH on the main package of course 11:34
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PimDaniel \o , Hi! 12:29
my new question is here : pastebin.com/haixwFJv 12:30
I feel there's a kind of cache to manage the Module imports in Raku.
lizmat PimDaniel: BEGIN blocks are run at *compile* time 12:31
the first time you call it, the module gets (pre-)compiled, and runs the BEGIN blocks 12:32
PimDaniel Ok i see!
lizmat the second time, it is already compiled, so the BEGIN blocks are *not* run
PimDaniel and INIT behavec like BEGIN except it will rune each time? 12:33
sjn PimDaniel: docs.raku.org/language/phasers <- here's the full overview of BEGIN and other phasers :)
lizmat INIT is run every time execution is started
PimDaniel Yes but it must be run first!
Ok thank's!
lizmat Ah, you mean to set up the stuff to EXPORT ? 12:34
that'd be too late for that
sjn .o(Should EXPORT be mentioned in the phasers docs?) 12:35
PimDaniel lizmat: since yesterday morning i'm looking for a simple way to export_ok like in Perl5 into a :TAG some constants! 12:36
what you mean too late?
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lizmat the module's EXPORT is run at compile time of the "use"ing code 12:37
which would be before any INIT of the module
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PimDaniel So you mean INIT would not do the stuff! 12:38
lizmat the code in INIT will run *after* compilation of the code that does the -use-
PimDaniel ok 12:39
lizmat and that will have run the EXPORT sub of the module already
PimDaniel Ok now i understand too late!
lizmat in any case: so "is export(:TAG)" is not something you want to do 12:40
PimDaniel I try to adapt your code so that i can into a loop export_ok some of my CONSTANTS into a some :TAGS, is it the good way to proceed?
lizmat I would say, yes 12:41
please note that the EXPORT sub can be a multi
so you can use multiple dispatch on a tag
sub EXPORT(:$TAG!) { }
multi sub EXPORT(:$TAG!) { }
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PimDaniel But are there not yet some exporters written in Raku? That can to that? 12:43
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PimDaniel On the other hand, it not lost time because it helps me to understand things. 12:43
What is the ! after the positional $TAG? The 1st time i see that! 12:45
moritz it marks the argument as required 12:47
named args are optional by default
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PimDaniel moritz: thanks! 12:47
I'm learning: sorry!
lizmat hmmm... looks like :$TAG! *will* look at the standard mechanism 12:48
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lizmat I have this in a module: 12:48
constant A = 42; constant B = 666; multi sub EXPORT('TAG') { (A,B).Set.list.Map }
in a file lib/Foo.rakumod 12:49
and I can call it with:
raku -Ilib -e 'use Foo <TAG>; dd A,B
PimDaniel Hooo! So simple!
lizmat PimDaniel: would that do what you want ?
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lizmat before long, you should be able to the ".list" in there 12:50
PimDaniel lizmat: I think it is what i need but i MUST test your solution. 12:51
lizmat sure :-) you should never believe what you're being told just by someone 12:52
or hesitate to tell them that they're wrong
just because of perceived seniority
such behaviour was responsible for the greatest airline disaster of all time :-( 12:53
PimDaniel No problem : I never believe others and i never test my own code because i'm too proud for this!
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lizmat en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenerife_airport_disaster 12:54
"the KLM flight engineer expressed his concern about the Pan Am not being clear of the runway by asking the pilots in his own cockpit, "Is he not clear, that Pan American?" Veldhuyzen van Zanten emphatically replied "Oh, yes" and continued with the takeoff" 12:55
but enough of history :-)
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PimDaniel I know what you tell about, i saw all plane disasters, it's very fun, and i remember it. 12:57
well very fun. Hum :/ 12:59
lizmat sometimes learning things can be fun, even if they are not funny in of themselces 13:02
in this particular case, the junior officer did not dare to go against the most senior officer, and it got them killed 13:03
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2021/02/01/2021-...proposing/ 13:12
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PimDaniel lizmat: Your solution does not seam to work. :( 13:16
hooo wait: The problem is My constants are into a module. 13:19
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PimDaniel I works only when my constant are out of my package but i do not want that. :( 13:27
I works only when my constants are out of my package but i do not want that. :(
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PimDaniel lizmat: 1/ echo 'constant A = 42; constant B = 666;' > lib/Foo.rakumod 13:39
PimDaniel lizmat: raku -Ilib -e 'use Foo <TAG>; dd A,B , works without export sub,NO? But nothing is tagged and protected thought. :( 13:41
lizmat constants are by default "our", and thus part of default exporting
should have made them "my" :-) 13:43
argh,.. of course, it's taking the values, not the names: must not have been awake yet 13:46
PimDaniel Notice that to complicate things : i have them under an "unit module <name>;" , but i can change for a module <name> { } if necessary.
I also whatched code with loops around "MY::" but don't worry too mutch for me... i'll find a workarround for now if needed like use constant Foo is export(':tag') = 'TRUC'; 13:49
on each of them. 13:50
lizmat my constant A = 42; my constant B = 666; multi sub EXPORT('TAG') { <A B>.map({ $_ => ::($_) }).Map }
this will create the mapping you need for the given lexical constants
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PimDaniel does ::($_) looks into the inner module? 13:51
lizmat it does a lexical lookup 13:52
PimDaniel Ok but no, i did not well express my need:
hoo wait...
ok you declare each constants my but where? 13:53
heres's the stucture of my package : package Foo { my constant A= 42 ; my constant B= 666} thez are inner , or unit module Foo; my constant ... etc... 13:55
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lizmat PimDaniel: if that is in a module to be loaded, then you should put the constants *outside* of the package Foo() for visibility 14:00
so: my constant A = 42; package Foo { .... }; multi sub EXPORT('TAG') { ... } 14:01
PimDaniel why cannot we export them by some trick like if we would do that : unit module MyModule; constant A is export(":tag") = 42; in that case , use Module :DEFAULT,':tag' works. 14:03
and then A.say.raku; on the script side. 14:04
what i wonder is what trick make raku on the constants to make them visible. 14:05
raku is powefull but that part seams really obscure. :( 14:06
i must leave a few time : thanks lizmat, see you later... 14:07
lizmat later!
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lizmat afk& 14:23
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guifa o/ 15:50
our %foo is export := Map.new(…); is supposed to work no problem, right? Or is there a known bug with precompilation of it? 15:55
I’ve been getting this weird bug where when I pull it into a module file, %foo is empty, but if I just C&P back into the main script, it’s got what I expect. The values are Callables, though, and I know there are some issues with precompilation and callables 15:56
s/there are issues/there were (are?) issues/
vrurg guifa: doesn't look like it's something about callables. You either get %foo exported or not. But it being empty is something different. 15:59
guifa vrurg: yeah, I’m going to do some golfing today to try to track it down further 16:08
lizmat I think the main issue is here that %foo is getting exported before it is getting initialized 16:16
our %foo is export := BEGIN Map.new(...)
guifa confirmed, actually, with and without BEGIN. Just did a quick module with my %foo is export := [BEGIN] Map.new: ‘a’, 1, ‘b’, 2, ‘c’, 3; and %foo.keys returns an empty list 16:18
vrurg guifa: try replacing := with assignment. If it fixes the problem then this is the export/initialization race.
guifa vrurg: it does 16:19
vrurg lizmat: BEGIN before Map would not help because the actual binding takes place after is export picks the container.
guifa: then see my note for lizmat. Not sure if `BEGIN our $foo is export := ...` will work, but you could try. 16:20
lizmat our %foo is export *is* already compile tim 16:21
guifa vrurg: BEGIN our %foo … gets the same result.
I can use plain old assignment here no problem
vrurg lizmat: that's why I doubted `BEGIN ...` will work. :) 16:22
Ok, I have to go now...
guifa I just instinctively use binding for array-to-array and hash-to-hash assigning so it never really occured to me to use plain assignment
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lizmat well, if you use assignment, %foo won't be a Map 16:23
m: my %foo is Map = a => 42; dd %foo 16:25
evalable6 Map.new((:a(42)))
lizmat m: our %foo is Map = a => 42; dd %foo
evalable6 (exit code 1) ===SORRY!===
First child of a 'bind' op must be a QAST::Var, got QAST::Op
lizmat that is definitely LTA and a bug
need to go afk again& 16:26
guifa found a decent enough work around (this is going in a submodule file, so I don’t mind a bit of boilerplate for cleaner code elsehwere).
my \foo = Map.new: … ; sub EXPORT { Map.new: ‘%foo’ => foo };
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JRaspass Writing a graphical program in Raku and I'd like to change the name that appears in the gnome top bar, atm it's just "rakudo". I presumed I would write to $*PROGRAM-NAME like you'd write to $0 in Perl, but that's readonly now :-( Is there a supported way? 16:49
tadzik what are you using for that graphical program? Gtk? 16:50
JRaspass sdl
i've changed the window name
tadzik is the gnome top bar showing something else than a window name?
sounds weird
JRaspass yeah, just "rakudo" 16:51
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PimDaniel \o, Look at that piece of code : pastebin.com/CsFXUW3b, the question is the last one : TODO, thank's! 16:58
JRaspass tbf it's probably a gnome thing, i suspect a .desktop file would fix it
(am slightly surprised we can't rename our processes anymore though) 17:00
the perl way used to affect what htop/ps etc showed
PimDaniel The question is the last *LINE , #TODO: 17:01
Juste for information : this is not my code, I grabed this code somewhere, and adapted it but i did not change many things. 17:03
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PimDaniel I'm disappointed to find that my problem is of no interest. :( 17:09
Ohhh sorry: Tea time probably. :/
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andrzejku hello 17:11
PimDaniel \o
andrzejku what's current raku status? 17:12
PimDaniel andrezjku: are you talking to me? 17:13
for myself : status is 0 and the posted code works, but there's a question at the end of it. 17:15
andrzejku PimDaniel, yes you can answer 17:18
I meant more globally
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guifa andrzejku: in what sense do you mean? 17:23
(there are a lot of ways to answer the question ha) 17:24
andrzejku guifa, I mean if it is production ready 17:25
guifa I would say it is — there are a lot of us that are using it now in production. 17:28
I think the only issues people have right now with it are speed (which is constantly being improve step by step) and ecosystem (which has made a lot of strides over the past year, in large part because 6.d is more production ready) 17:30
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PimDaniel Sorry andrzejku : I think it has been released as a stable one but i'm not an expert of the subject. 17:30
guifa: where are speed problems? particularly? 17:33
guifa PimDaniel: there’s not any one single area, but for one example, run time type checking is done a lot where it might not strictly be necessary 17:34
PimDaniel Ok i see... well for now and for myself and what i need to do , learn Raku at most, it is not yet a problem. 17:36
guifa Because Raku is written in Raku, optimizations can thankfully have a compounding effect :-)
PimDaniel ok ok : je comprends! :)
but the time you loose at running your programs will be earn in programming because it is a really most powerfull langage, no? ;) 17:39
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guifa Indeed — that’s generally the trade off you have with most languages 17:40
C can be made to be very fast — but it requires a lot more work to develop in
PimDaniel True: We often loose compilation time and test time. 17:41
so i can say all languages i use are very fast because i never make tests. 17:42
we ofter *forget ...
El_Che PimDaniel: that's a silly statement, the never test one 17:43
guifa The amount of code that is *really* speed critical in the world is probably fairly limited.
Heck, Python is the most popular language for ML, and you’d really think for training massive datasets and stuff you’d want to use insanely optimized C for that. 17:44
PimDaniel Sorry : what is ML? 17:46
JRaspass machine learning
PimDaniel Ok the new fashion. 17:47
tadzik I think all python modules for ML are actually using insanely optimized C(++) under the hood, merely exposing a python interfaec
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PimDaniel but When we use NaviveCall with raku, is it as fast as C? I mean if you do not do many calls into a loop? 17:49
Even in Perl5, for some Modules, the underhood was compiled libraries, no? 17:51
guifa tadzik: are they? I’ve seen a number of them that list the Python API as the fullest, with the C (and other) APIs as incomplete, so I just assumed that they were written in python and were being ported slowly
NativeCall has a little bit of overhead when you call it, but I don’t use it enough to tell yo how bad it is 17:52
PimDaniel Or how good is it, no?
you seam to have an advice. 17:53
Well these thinks are interesting but not the most important for me now. I like the language anyway! 17:54
El_Che If your main concert is speed, I would pick another language. But most use case, there are external factors that make speed relative like IO or network 17:57
PimDaniel Damn : my pastebin disapeared :(!
hooo no, here it is my i post it again? pastebin.com/CsFXUW3b 17:58
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guifa does a dance 17:59
Skeleton patterns are now (mostly) supported in Intl::Format::DateTime
format-datetime DateTime.now, :language<es> :skeleton<HHmmB> —> 13:00 de la tarde 18:00
now I just need to figure out some decent named options to make the skeleton less… cryptic (I’ll see myself out) 18:01
PimDaniel me gusta la mentequilla , me gusta!
back later ... 18:02