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tyil lizmat: nice presentation :> 10:02
lizmat thank you :-)
I can also answer questions here, if people have any
tyil I think most people will congregate on the matrix channel, but it's quite laggy 10:03
the last message I saw on the irc side of things took 14 minutes to arrive from the matrix side of things :/
lizmat wow 10:04
tyil oh no, it's getting worse :( 10:06
welp, I don't have time to be upset about it 10:07
I hope to be able to watch some vids of this on youtube soon-ish, there's a lot of interesting stuff on the fosdem planning 10:08
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El_Che hiliz 10:28
lizmat El_Che o/ 10:30
El_Che was only able to watch the end of the talk, but it look/sounded good
hopefully I'll catch the rest with the recording
lizmat yeah, if FOSDEM manages to lose it, I still have a copy :-) 10:31
El_Che good thinking 10:32
saw you on the mattermost channel 10:33
lots of sports :)
lizmat ?
El_Che you look very fit
lizmat ah, ok, well... yes, I think I lost about 25kg since last fosdem 10:34
already cycled ~670 km this year
El_Che \o/ 10:35
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jmerelo clickbaits chat.fosdem.org/#/room/#perl:fosdem.org for the perl and raku devroom 11:10
tellable6 2021-02-05T14:39:02Z #raku <tonyo> jmerelo: lisp is pretty simple and easy to implement
jmerelo From the comfortability of your own place (or wherever)
El_Che someone today to me: 11:33
"you spent all this energy explaining to us that Raku and Perl were different languages and the Fosdem put you in the same room!? " 11:34
jmerelo El_Che: you probably missed it, but it will be recorded 11:36
El_Che: I mentioned your organization of the devroom, along with Wendy, up to now, and how grateful we were with that 11:37
El_Che: WRT to what you just said... Meh. There are devrooms for many, or no language
El_Che it sets my PR efforts to -10 irl 11:38
but better a mixed room than none, that's for sure
jmerelo El_Che: why? I really can't see why 11:39
El_Che because Perl PR is kind of a lost battle ATM
maybe perl 7 will change it, but now it's sad
lizmat FWIW, I would be in favour of having separated rooms
El_Che perl 6 was pulled down by that
I *love* and support what Ovid and Leonerd try to do to modernize Perl 11:40
but we are talking about base OO systems, try catch and signature
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El_Che poeple are not triggered by that 11:41
and there is a risk that p7 will be the p6/pythom3 story over again 11:42
you don't want to be in the blast zone if that happens
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ab5tract o/ all! 12:19
been a good while since I've logged on, hope everyone is doing ok these days 12:20
El_Che hi ab5tract!
ab5tract hey El_Che :) 12:22
anyone here running Comma on Linux with rakubrew? I'm having trouble getting the IDE to recognize the validity of rakubrew's raku as an SDK 12:30
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ab5tract hmm, it only seems to be an issue based on launching via my custom .desktop file versus launching from the command line :/ 12:36
El_Che ab5tract: I run comma as a plugin for intellij with rakudo-pkg
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ab5tract El_Che, interesting.. I have never heard of rakudo-pkg 12:48
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ab5tract El_Che, thanks for the hint! rakudo-pkg is awesome :O 13:00
El_Che ab5tract: I am in the process in moving to Github action and putting the repos in CloudSmith (bintray will close down in may) 13:02
ab5tract Considering how crappy the experience of trying to get a recent nodejs installed was, I think rakudo-pkg is quite a contribution to the Raku ecosystem 13:04
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guifa2 feels like he's the only one at FOSDEM who didn't include a webcam window at the bottom of his presentation =\ 13:17
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ab5tract one thing that confuses me about Comma: when creating a new project, it seems impossible to create a namespaced module (ie, Grammar::Foo). Or am I holding it wrong? 14:25
guifa2 ab5tract: I've had a bit of trouble with that myself at times. WHen you go to File --> New Project, and choose module, IIRC it's the *first* part where you name the module that you use the colons. Everywhere else, avoid colons and the project should start out okay even though it might not be clear from the dialogs 14:27
But I've definitely had to manually make the namespace a few times so I feel your pain :-) 14:28
ab5tract guifa2, that's the ticket! Never managed to ignore the issues in the next dialog before :) 14:29
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El_Che I mever encoutered because I mostly create the repo first and clone it through the cli 14:40
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sjn guifa2: great talk at FOSDEM! :-D 16:49
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lizmat guifa2++ # indeed! :-) 16:56
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guifa2 sjn++ lizmat++ thanks! 17:01
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ab5tract just noticed via the channel topic that evalbot and camelia still expect 'p6' 17:39
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