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raiph SmokeMachine: I've written something in it. I don't see how to link to the site with my text in it. Surely there's a way? 00:02
SmokeMachine I don't think there is... :( 00:03
raiph: but you can copy the text 00:04
raiph throw bow n arrow through loopy hoop
SmokeMachine throw/θrəʊ/ 00:05
raiph SmokeMachine: Do you hear a difference between grow and food? 00:06
SmokeMachine raiph: yes.. but I think the harder to me is `a` and `æ` 00:07
raiph ok, but the difference between throw and through, is the same as between so / mood, glow / brood, blow / rude 00:08
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raiph so for throw / through, and other word pairs with the same phonetics that you confuse, don't rely on phonetics 00:10
instead, try relying on tiny stories you make up, with rhyming
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raiph s/same/similar/ 00:16
SmokeMachine: goodnight; I hope you dream of throwing dictionaries through hoops :) 00:18
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guifa2 JJAtria[m]: ah that works. Although it's a bit awkward to need to use metas for it. I think I'll still have a proper method too (there's two versions anyways — data and code — so it makes sense to have both in the same spot) 01:33
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guifa2 SmokeMachine: it's not like Portuguese is any better with -o being any of <ó ô u ə Ø> ;-) 03:44
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guifa2 This feels....oddly circular 05:24
m: class A { class B {  }; also is B } 05:25
camelia ( no output )
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SmokeMachine guifa2: but Portuguese I know! :) 07:44
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nine raiph: callbacks are indeed the way to go. Inline::Perl6 is an example of how to embed MoarVM and run Raku code from C: metacpan.org/source/NINE/Inline-Pe...9/Perl6.xs 09:06
tellable6 nine, I'll pass your message to raiph
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SmokeMachine Does anyone know how can I get more details about the Raku programmer at Atikon? (github.com/Raku/problem-solving/is...782104766) 10:42
El_Che SS 10:43
SmokeMachine: ping nine
SmokeMachine El_Che: thanks! 10:46
nine: is there a way of getting more details about the Raku programmer position at Atikon? 10:47
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nine SmokeMachine: I can tell you about it :) 10:55
SmokeMachine nine: please, do! :) 10:56
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JJAtria[m] m: my %x{Mu}; class A { }; %x{A} = "XXX"; say %x{A.new.WHAT} 14:35
camelia XXX
JJAtria[m] m: my %x{Mu}; role A { }; %x{A} = "XXX"; say %x{A.new.WHAT}
camelia (Any)
JJAtria[m] m: my %x{Mu}; role A { }; %x{A.new.WHAT} = "XXX"; say %x{A.new.WHAT} 14:36
camelia XXX
JJAtria[m] ^ I guess this is because when using a role, the assignment is using the role, but when I read the variable I'm using the punned class, and those are treated as different
Is there a way to get access to the pun without actually calling `new`? 14:37
Well, .^pun does the trick 🎉 14:48
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lizmat and another Rakudo Weekly hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2021/02/22/2021-08-first-21/ 15:37
afk for a few hours& 15:39
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rindolf .seen TimToady 16:21
tellable6 rindolf, I saw TimToady 2019-07-22T20:38:55Z in #perl6-dev: * TimToady had the power company swapping his electric meter, and it broke my / key
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tbrowder hi, i'm looking for recommendations on best of the currently-available Raku/Perl 6 books (paper) for highly experienced Perl people. 16:58
shameless plugs are fine ;-D
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moritz I'd like to think that even most experienced raku programmers can learn something from my Parsing book 17:49
(maybe with the exception of jnthn++ :-)
lizmat so true!
on both statements :)
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tonyo .seen skaji 19:26
tellable6 tonyo, I saw skaji 2019-04-25T13:24:52Z in #perl6: <skaji> ugexe: gist.github.com/skaji/9b90b942bdfa...1d7e8660c7
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tbrowder moritz: thnx, but maybe a bit too early for someone who hasn'tbeen interested 20:06
*who id
barf...too soon for someone not yet interested in raku 20:07
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tbrowder maybe recommend it along with a more intro book 20:08
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guifa2 any way to access a private attribute during in a trait_mod for a different attribute? 20:09
summerisle i presume MOP would work? 20:18
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tbrowder the "barf" was NOT a slam on moritz's book in case someone thought so. i was clearing my fumble-fingering... 20:34
guifa2 summerisle: huh, I didn't realize attributes would give up the private ones too 20:56
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summerisle it makes sense when you think about it. ruby's behaviour is similar 21:47
where no attributes are truly private, just a little harder to mess with 21:48
tonyo m: class A { has $!x = 42; }; say A.^attributes[0].get_value(A.new); 22:05
camelia 42
tonyo m: class A { has $!x = 42; }; say A.^attributes.grep(*.name eq '$!x').first.get_value(A.new); 22:06
camelia 42
tonyo pretty easy to bypass `privacy` 22:07
guifa2 summerisle: yeah, I think it's just one of those things of remembering where to look for it 22:15
but yay, this will make my code much cleaner now. I was manually writing some lazy loading routines, that were all backed by the same data file — that's what I wanted in a private attribute but still available to the access method made a trait 22:16
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