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summerisle looks like the new file extensions are finally picked up on GH 00:35
guifa2 summerisle: even rakutest? 00:41
summerisle strangely not (it looks like), though that was included in the PR that added the extensions... 00:42
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summerisle looks like it didn't add .rakutest 00:53
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summerisle so it appears that the reason .rakutest is not included is some bureaucratic nonsense - github.com/github/linguist/pull/51...-739561686 01:03
essentially, while .rakumod and .raku are common enough, .rakutest isn't as common and therefore was not considered eligible to be associated 01:04
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summerisle which is asinine, imo 01:04
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guifa2 summerisle: yeah that's what I remember it being left at when they first discussed it 01:07
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guifa2 I need to remember to change my endings over 01:07
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xinming_ SmokeMachine: after the row is created via XX::Model.^create(...); We should rebuild the row by fetching data from db, otherwise, We'll have some column missing 03:08
and inconsistency
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SmokeMachine xinming: could you show me a example, please? 07:35
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sortiz g'night #raku 08:22
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2021/02/22/2021-08-first-21/ 10:20
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PimDaniel Hi \o 12:10
Is : %!matching{$k}:delete unless $k ∈ $!left.keys; better than %!matching{$k}:delete unless $!left{$k}:exists? or the opposite? 12:11
I mean is ∈ better or worse than :exists in the case of a hash/Set/SetHash key? 12:13
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lizmat m: my %h = a => 42, b => 666; my $then = now; %h<a>:exists for ^100000; say now - $then 12:19
camelia 0.0376672
lizmat m: my %h = a => 42, b => 666; my $then = now; %h<a>:exists for ^1000000; say now - $then
camelia 0.29433666
lizmat m: my %h = a => 42, b => 666; my $then = now; "a" ∈ %h for ^1000000; say now - $then 12:20
camelia WARNINGS for <tmp>:
Useless use of "∈" in expression "\"a\" ∈ %h" in sink context (line 1)
lizmat m: my %h = a => 42, b => 666; my $then = now; my $b := "a" ∈ %h for ^1000000; say now - $then
camelia 0.1786981
lizmat m: my %h = a => 42, b => 666; my $then = now; my $b := %h<a>:exists for ^1000000; say now - $then
camelia 0.2896107
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lizmat from performance point of view, ∈ is about 60% faster ? 12:21
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lizmat note that you can call ∈ on the hash directly, no need to call it on its keys 12:22
m: my %h = a => 42; dd %h<d>:delete; dd %h 12:23
camelia Any
Hash %h = {:a(42)}
lizmat note that deleting a key that does not exist, is *not* an offense :-)
so you don't actually need to check for existence before deletion
PimDaniel: you might want to check the log for the whole story :-) 12:24
PimDaniel Thank's Lizmat
I try to understand, so i'm reading what you wrote. My mind is very slow, sorry! 12:26
what is for ^100000 ? 0 .. 100000? 12:27
lizmat 0 .. 100000 - 1
the ^ means to exclude the endpoint
PimDaniel Ok ok!
lizmat so effectively it is 0 .. 99999 12:28
in comparisons it would just exclude the endpoint
m: say 99999.999 ~~ ^100000
camelia True
lizmat m: say 100000 ~~ ^100000
camelia False
PimDaniel It seams that ∈ is faster but haaa i cant't read anymore on the top. 12:30
lizmat colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...02-23#l135 12:31
PimDaniel Sure that my Irssi Linux Ascii chars app has a pagination key but i do not know yet which. 12:32
I'm trying to translate a python code hopcropft_and_karp_bipartite_graph matching algorithm to Raku. 12:33
I'll publish it and i'm sure many will propose optimizations. 12:34
lizmat ++PimDaniel
PimDaniel Don't be to optimistic : I'm null in maths. :( 12:35
*too optimistic 12:36
Thank's a lot Lise! 12:37
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MasterDuke lizmat: i'm surprised ∈ is faster, not what i would have expected 13:22
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MasterDuke looks like it's just the overhead of going through `postcircumfix:<{ }>`, because calling EXISTS-KEY directly is even faster 13:33
m: my %h = a => 42, b => 666; my $then = now; my $b := %h.EXISTS-KEY("a") for ^1000000; say now - $then
camelia 0.02246
El_Che lo
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PimDaniel Hi \o 13:49
Is there a way to debug seriously? 13:50
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PimDaniel I've a recursing method and and while(True) loop, i'm looping infinite into while True loop, i know why but i can't really understand. Thank's! 13:51
cetjs2 мяу
PimDaniel Of course my while(True) loop has last conditions. 13:52
El_Che PimDaniel: Comma has a debugger, but I haven 't used it
PimDaniel thank's El_Che. I installed Comma. Do you mean in non paying version? I see a part of debugging menus are greyed. 13:53
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PimDaniel Unfortunately i should have to commit my last version that worked before i replaced each :exists with ∈ :/ 13:57
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PimDaniel But i'm quite sure this has nothing to do with this : probably more an random thing. 13:59
A random behavior. 14:00
ctilmes rakudo 2021.02 is now in alpine:edge. You can install with "apk add rakudo" (or "apk add zef" if you need that) -- let me know if anything is broken in it.
El_Che ctilmes: \o/ 14:01
PimDaniel Is it faster? :)))
El_Che edge? No, it's the dev branch 14:05
PimDaniel Ok but my question was a few ironic! Sorry! 14:06
El_Che your humour is edgy
(see wthat I did there? :) ) 14:07
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PimDaniel Ok I'll never do it again. 14:11
El_Che no, do it whenever you like
PimDaniel back later 14:15
Thank you all for your help.
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kawaii Hello :) I'm trying to replace spaces in a filename with hyphens, but apparently this is a null regex and not allowed? 14:45
lizmat_ s/ ' ' / 14:47
whitespace in regexes are not significant in raku
alternately, you could write:
my $filename = $title.subst(' ',:g) 14:48
my $filename = $title.subst(' ','-',:g)
m: my $title = "foo bar baz"; my $filename = $title.subst(' ','-',:g); say $filename
camelia foo-bar-baz
kawaii lizmat_: thank you <3 14:49
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tonyo vrurg_: i'll manually remove that package until i can get the dep chain you suggested done 16:43
vrurg_: actually, i don't see the 0.1.9xx you're referring to as indexed 16:51
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guifa2 When things work beautifully, they work beautifully: 18:31
cetjs2 мяу
guifa2 m: say buf8.new(0 xx 4, 2 xx 2, 4 xx 2, 8 xx 4) 18:32
camelia Buf[uint8]:0x<00 00 00 00 02 02 04 04 08 08 08 08>
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PimDaniel Hi \o 19:46
May be i'm too late? 19:47
I'm just wondering what is a hash key type when you don't quote it.
summerisle like %hash<key>? 19:49
it's a string
or Str
i believe
MasterDuke a hash by default has key type Str
summerisle %hash{key} would look for key (without a container) 19:50
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PimDaniel ok ok 19:52
Ok so this could explain my bug 19:53
cause the algorithm reverts keys and values, and make === or !=== on them, then type mismatch. I must look at where it fails. 19:54
Ok, bonne nuit à tous. 19:58
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Fady hello ! 22:55
codesections hi :) 22:56
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guifa2 kind of wishes he could do `use Foo::Bar::<A B C>` 23:30
guifa2 kind of wishes someone would say "oh, but you can! it's just $slightly-different-syntax" 23:31
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elcaro so to be clear, would `use F::B::<A B C>;` be equiv to doing `use F::B::A; use F::B::B; use F::B::C;` ? 23:38
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guifa2 elcaro: yeah 23:43
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guifa2 Basically i'd expect it to work like doing either %modules{'Foo'; 'Bar'; <A B C>} or %modules<Foo><Bar><A B C> (if either of those were valid ways to access modules, of course) 23:44
elcaro yeah, it gets a bit weird with args. I guess they'd sent to all 3? `use F::B::<A B C> <X Y Z>` 23:45
I can't see it happening in core, but macro's might make it possible to create syntax that does what you want
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guifa2 Ah that's true, I didn't think about arguments 23:46
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guifa2 Right now I just have a section in one module that's got about a dozen uses, all with the same three-package prefix 23:47
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guifa2 Is there a better way to uniquely identify a type object other than .WHICH or .WHERE? Those aren't available at compile (e.g. during trait application) 23:50
elcaro Couldn't your front-end module's &EXPORT potentially take a list of args and export whole sub-modules into the callers namespace?
re: comp-time alternatives to .WHICH and .WHERE... i'm not sure 23:51
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guifa2 elcaro: hmmm. This is all internal, so it feels weird writing a module to import modules within my module (lol), but I did just write a trait for save me typing for lazy loading the attributes so… maybe ^_^ 23:57