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frej00 howdy, how set in stone is the current pod6 object representation? I'm working on a module that generates man (mdoc) pages and am running into some difficulties that could be made much easier by a better $=pod data structure 05:28
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El_Che jj: ==^ 07:02
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jmerelo Guadec call for participation is open discourse.gnome.org/t/guadec-2021-...-open/5640 Although it's got Gnome in its name, it would be great to have some Raku talks there. 07:53
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gfldex m: use experimental :macros; macro want-succeed-handlers { quasi { CONTROL { when CX::Succeed { say 'seen succeed' } } } }; given 'a' { succeed; want-succeed-handlers; }; 10:26
camelia succeed without when clause
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
gfldex I'm trying to inject a CONTROL handler using a macro. The macro is called, the code is injected. Still no catching. Any pointers are very welcome.
This would be the final pice to custom given/when constructs. 10:28
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codesections gfldex: there's not any way to do this with `will` instead of a macro, is there? docs.raku.org/language/phasers#ind...will_trait 10:46
(probably not, but I thought I'd ask) 10:47
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gfldex codesections: not directly but I might be able to learn something by reading the code of that trait. 11:21
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Guest10602 p6: say "abc".split("")[1] 12:08
camelia a
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QhpAptyj9hj0RQwM masak: Hey masak, let me know if that PR on alma is missing anything :) 14:50
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masak QhpAptyj9hj0RQwM: thanks for reminding me. I'll merge it now; it looked good last time I reviewed it 14:56
still need to handle the Travis/actions thing, but that's not really related to your PR :) 14:57
...merged. 14:59
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QhpAptyj9hj0RQwM masak: Awesome, ty. <3 I'll submit the next PR when I finish updating the object names. 15:15
masak I'm going to look favorably to changes that get us off deprecated names. I might be conservative about other changes, though :) 15:19
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PimDaniel I \o 17:16
m6locks helo frens
PimDaniel Is there an elegant way to return some values "A la carte" ? Let's say a sub that has returns a result but we want to potentially get some intermediate results. 17:17
I mean other than a hash? or may we return Positionals? 17:18
I's like Pink Floys here! :) :). 17:19
Is there anybody OUT THERE? 17:20
codesections People are around; IRC isn't really an instant medium
I'm not sure I understand your question 17:21
PimDaniel No problem.
PimDaniel codesections : Just make a sub that returns many things.
Many results. 17:22
but a practical way to get the thing you want to.
codesections m: sub f() { my @positional = <1 2 2 2 8>; #`(do stuff) @positional}; say f()[1] 17:23
camelia 2
codesections like that? ^^^
PimDaniel what is ^^^?
codesections oh, sorry – those are arrows pointing at the line above 17:24
m6locks heh
PimDaniel Yes why not! 17:25
lizmat PimDaniel: remember: everything in Raku is an object
*and* a sub can only ever return 1 single value
m: sub a() { return 1,2,3 }; say $a
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '$a' is not declared. Did you mean '&a'?
at <tmp>:1
------> 3sub a() { return 1,2,3 }; say 7⏏5$a
lizmat m: sub a() { return 1,2,3 }; say a 17:26
camelia (1 2 3)
lizmat you might say: but there it returned multiple values?
nope: it returned *one* List object with 3 values
PimDaniel Thank's lizmat ok but this could be sufficient for me. 17:27
A list containing the infinite is heaven too mutch for me.
lizmat that would just be lazy :-) 17:28
PimDaniel Lazy is fine for me.
Okaiiiiy! 17:29
Thank's to you codesections and lizmat. Merci beaucoup. Bonne Soirée!
codesections unrelated question/idle curiosity: does anyone know how Raku came to be one of the only languages where you can *actually* index into a String in O(1) time **and** one of the few languages where you can't index into Strings (syntactically) 17:30
lizmat not sure, I think because Perl doesn't allow you either ?
codesections Both of those make sense, but I've always found the combo suprising
lizmat note, you can index into codepoints... 17:31
PimDaniel Hum :/ interested question.When i'll be tall may be i'll understand it.
codesections ah, yeah, I bet it is from Perl. I should probably pick up some Perl basics one day... 17:32
lizmat m: say "foobar".encode[2,3,4]
camelia (111 98 97)
lizmat codesections: otherwise modules.raku.org/dist/Pythonic::Str may be a thing for you
codesections I mean, &substr takes an index, so it's not a problem 17:33
lizmat m: say "foobar".substr(2..4) 17:34
camelia oba
lizmat it even takes ranges :-)
codesections We just have so _much_ context-sensitive syntax that I've always wondered why we don't have that
indeed it does
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leont codesections: If you add subscripting syntax people will also expect the rest of positional logic 19:34
And once strings are positional, other things get complicated (e.g. iteration)
listification is probably a better example 19:35
codesections leont: what do you have in mind? We already can iterate with $str.comb; I guess I was imagining a similar api 19:36
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codesections m: my str $s = "foobar"; { $s.substr(1..2); say "method: " ~now - INIT now }; { substr($s, 1..2); say "sub: " ~now -INIT now} 19:59
camelia method: 0.0007747
sub: 0.001629
codesections my understanding was that method calls on native types caused auto-boxing and were much slower than using the sub form 20:00
(I got that from tpm-perf.perl6.party/#/32) 20:01
but the method form is faster ^^^^. Is that just an exception, or is the auto-boxing thing no longer good advice? 20:02
oh 20:05
m: my str $s = "foobar"; { $s.substr(1..2); say "method: " ~now - ENTER now }; { substr($s, 1..2); say "sub: " ~now -ENTER now} 20:06
camelia method: 0.0007236
sub: 0.0000606
codesections nvm
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parabolize codesections: iterating the results of a string method is much safer than the string it self. If you can iterate the string directly people will iterate the string in a list when intending to iterate the list producing strange behavior. Its a very common problem for new programmers in python 20:24
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leont Yeah, that parabolize said 20:38
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leont «for i in string» versus «for i in string,», basically 20:38
codesections hmm, but we already deal with that via the single argument rule 20:40
for arrays, I mean
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moon-child leont: what's wrong with propositional logic? ;o 21:53
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sortiz \o #raku 21:57
codesections o/
sortiz m: gist.github.com/salortiz/73a92a158...9c0df24db6 21:58
codesections, for you ^^^ 21:59
codesections ha, very clever :)
camelia ( no output ) 22:00
MasterDuke e: gist.github.com/salortiz/73a92a158...os.rakumod 22:01
evalable6 MasterDuke, Successfully fetched the code from the provided URL
("e", "m", "o")



("Give them some rope",)
sortiz MasterDuke++ 22:02
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