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summerisle tbrowder: it may come down to hacking it with the mop 06:09
but that does sound odd
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PimDaniel \o everybody! 09:51
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PimDaniel I can symbolize a variable like this : my $what='thisvar'; $which='thatvar'; my $thisvar='I am beautifull'; my $thatvar='I am the best'; then you can write say $::($what) which says $thisvar content. How would i express it for a class variable : $instance.a.x but can be $instance.a.y ? 09:57
Thank's in advance. 09:58
I hope i was clear.
tyil PimDaniel: p.tyil.nl/r0qj would this answer your question? 10:01
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PimDaniel Thank's tyil At a first watch, i think so. I'll give a try but i think it is ok. 10:06
PimDaniel tyil it work's into my project, thanks! 10:12
tyil :> 10:13
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Geth ¦ doc: tbrowder self-assigned Show example of inheritance to add a new "new" method github.com/Raku/doc/issues/3813 11:46
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lizmat Have your Raku snippets tweeted automagically: twitter.com/juliawritescode/status...7199738891 15:02
weekly: twitter.com/juliawritescode/status...7199738891
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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PimDaniel o/ 17:38
How do i test match is True while matching : this does NOT work : if my ($type,$a,$b,$c) = ($v ~~ /^ ('horiz'|'vertic') '_' (\d+) '_' (\d+) '_' (\d+) $/)>>.Str { ... }
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PimDaniel Well i made it in 2 times 1/ capture and test the match, 2/ convert the match to Str. 17:53
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guifa2 .tell PimDaniel: taht's the best way to do it. 18:01
tellable6 guifa2, I'll pass your message to PimDaniel
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CesareoAguirre Hello. Im from Mexico and, since years, about to put hands on Perl again... well, now is Raku. If you want to join t.me/RakuLangMX well you probably found more questions than answers for now, but I want to spend at least an hour a day on this.. 18:14
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jmerelo CesareoAguirre: not exactly the same, you know. Perl is Perl, and Raku... well, it's Perl in a way. 18:26
.seen salortiz 18:31
tellable6 jmerelo, I haven't seen salortiz around, did you mean sortiz?
jmerelo .seen sortiz 18:32
tellable6 jmerelo, I saw sortiz 2021-03-02T16:41:09Z in #raku: <sortiz> summerisle, In particular can be used for complex "returns" constraints.
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CesareoAguirre jmerelo: thats the thing, trying to understand how it was and how is now. 18:39
jmerelo CesareoAguirre: Well, Perl is alive and kicking. And Raku is a wonderful language you'll surely enjoy using. 18:40
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neshpion i want to use raku but i can't think of a reason why, i just cobble horrible bash scripts for everything. how can i convince myself to not torture myself? 19:04
summerisle at some point i was forced to jump from bash to perl 5 when i needed to do something that required greater performance than bash could provide. one of the biggest killer features for me to begin with was combining -ne/-pe with regular expressions and the topic variable. i imagine finding a similar "killer feature" would help. 19:10
what are you using bash scripts for neshpion
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neshpion most recently i had one to take deviantart URLs and grab the deviation id => query API => find image source => wget, and that could probably be written in something that isn't horrible, and its corollary would check the dimensions of all the downloaded images and automatically symlink the square-or-wider ones to my wallpapers directory 19:12
another one i have launches ffmpeg for screen recording, it does some disgusting bash string manipulation and saves previous filenames to a cache file, adds sequential numbers to filenames, and launches ffmpeg for different tasks depending on what the desired output filename is 19:21
i'm pretty scared of that one but *it works* :D
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tonyo_ you're bringing me back to the 90s 20:38
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tonyo_ now i have to compile an nvidia video card driver over three days just for nostalgia 20:38
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jdv79 the 90s werent that bad 20:39
tonyo_ i didn't say they were 20:42
jdv79 i was just making a random drive by comment with no implications 20:46
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gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2021/03/11/ra...match-for/ 20:55
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summerisle neshpion: both of those are definitely good use cases. the xml/html parsers I have used tend to be OK as long as (X)HTML is correctly formed (e.g. NOT using SGML features), otherwise weird stuff happens. DA is probably fine for that. 20:58
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tonyo_ gotcha - i liked the 90s..the days before cell phones 20:59
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summerisle but also the days of widespread SGML use... 21:00
jdv79 im fine with cellPHONES. all the *smart* stuff. idk, its not my bag. 21:01
gfldex I'm working in customer care for a largish cell phone provider. Saldy, I must report that most phones are smarter then their owners. 21:02
jdv79 yeah, xml wasnt put in its place at that point. sgml and xml, ugh.
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neshpion i'm fine with the idea of carrying a powerful touchscreen computer in my pocket, but not fine with its behavior being dictated by proprietary hardware and software 22:15
gfldex A while ago the german goverment made a big fuzz about a new app that one can use to report holes in the coverage of the mobile phone network. 22:22
One big sham.
We know exactly where those holes are because we can see your phone disapear when it leaves the reach of the cell tower down to a dozen meters.
When beam forming comes with 5G we can dial in on your position down to a meter or two. 22:23
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