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Froogal Hi!  I'm trying to compile Rakudo-star but for some reason Configure.pl isn't in the .tar when I extract the files.  But one of the steps is to run Configure.pl. 01:01
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Froogal PS: I'm following these steps rakudo.org/star/source 01:05
codesections Froogal: I've never installed Rakudo Star from source, so I can't offer much help. Those instructions look pretty different from the ones in the README, though, github.com/rakudo/star. Maybe those would work better? 01:09
(There is a Configure.pl in the Rakudo repo/source tarball -- and I have used that one without issue. Maybe star used to be the same but isn't anymore?) 01:11
Froogal codesections wow thats much different lol.  Let me give it a try.  Thank you :)
yes it looks like you just run a bin in rakudo/bin/
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[Coke] If you're willing to compile from source, I'd compile rakudo, not r-star 01:13
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Froogal Whats the difference besides extras? 01:18
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Froogal So the instructions on GH worked. 01:54
It seems those Rakudo compile instructions are old.
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El_Che the one from rakudo.org? THose work fine. I use something pretty similar to build the rakudo-pkg linux packages 07:46
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jmerelo First draft of the application for season of docs is completed perl-foundation-outreach.github.io...posal-2021 12:11
Any suggestions and PRs are welcome.
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uzl[m] weekly: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26566245 13:50
notable6 uzl[m], Noted! (weekly)
uzl[m] weekly: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26566099 13:51
notable6 uzl[m], Noted! (weekly)
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[Coke] (the difference) r-star bundles a specific version of rakudo/nqp/MoarVM/modules. when you build rakudo, even from a tagged release, you are probably getting a slightly newer version of the first three (but depends on where in the release schedule we are), and you have to install the modules you want yoursel. 15:14
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RaycatWhoDat Hello. 15:28
tellable6 2021-03-14T18:42:42Z #raku <rba> RaycatWhoDat: You may try docs.rakulang.site/ . Yet since mid of last week docs.raku.org and docs.rakulang.site MUST point to the same IP as I have turned of CDN on cloudflare. Please report if the ip differs.
RaycatWhoDat Oh, neat
I would like to throw my hat into the ring for a website redesign. I haven't worked on it in a while but I might be able to do something here 15:29
Once upon a time, I made this: raymperry.github.io/raku-fansite/ 15:30
I'll be refining it over the weekend 15:31
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dpk m: say "ss" ~~ /:ignorecase ß/ 15:49
camelia 「s」
dpk bug i found in 2017 still isn't fixed
i think i may have reported it wrong at the time and it might not have actually made its way into the issue tracker
where *is* the issue tracker and how can i search it to find out if it's there and report it if it's not? 15:50
jdv79 github rakudo 15:56
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dpk okay. hopefully i did it right this time! github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4263 16:10
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jmerelo OK, season of docs proposal is good to go perl-foundation-outreach.github.io...posal-2021 16:36
If no one's got anything else to say, this will be the last version
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codesections is back 16:45
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summerisle i was using comma just to see how well it worked - i was suprised to see that its intellisense implementation for raku has a lot of false positives 16:48
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summerisle i think some edument guys hang out in here, so i was just curious - is that normal? there's a subroutine in one package declared export(:API) and that package is then use'd with the :API category. this is valid at runtime but static(?) analysis in comma seems to think it doesn't exist 16:49
nonetheless, there's little reason not to use emacs 16:50
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El_Che jmerelo: I just had a quick look, but percentage-wise maybe too may Raku Foundation/Perl stuff 17:12
en by the way: jmerelo++ 17:14
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lizmat summerisle: there's no official #comma channel afaik, but a lot of Comma devs hang out on the #cro channel 20:02
and they welcome bug reports :-)
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tonyo_ TOML 1.0.0 parser/generator is now available 22:56
sxmx I sometimes get an SSL error when using the docs.raku.org site. 22:58
guifa2 tonyo_++ 22:59
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[Coke] the docs SSL error is known and has been very difficult to track down so far. 23:21
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sxmx okay thanks, I just wanted to be sure someone was aware [Coke] 23:48
I've been using rakudocs.github.io as a workaround 23:49