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PimDaniel o/ 11:14
Is there a faster way to return the indice of a first value found into an array. 11:15
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PimDaniel my @a =<3,7,6,12,9,6,6,6> ; say first_indice_for(6) --> 2 11:17
lizmat m: say (3,7,6,12,9,6,6,6).first(6, :k)
camelia 2
PimDaniel say first_indice_for(6,@a) --> 2 : i need to mention the array of course.
lizmat m: my @ = 3,7,6,12,9,6,6,6; say @a.first(6, :k) 11:18
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '@a' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my @ = 3,7,6,12,9,6,6,6; say 7⏏5@a.first(6, :k)
lizmat m: my @a = 3,7,6,12,9,6,6,6; say @a.first(6, :k)
camelia 2
PimDaniel lizmat thank's! 11:19
but what is :k ?
Ha ok: means keys i suppose. 11:21
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lizmat m: my @a = 3,7,6,12,9,6,6,6; say @a.first(6, :k, :end) # for the record: from the other end 11:35
camelia 7
pmurias hi 11:36
lizmat pmurias o/
pmurias how are things in Rakuland? Anything particularly exiting happening in the last year? 11:37
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lizmat wow, where to start ? 11:40
patrickb Well there are the two jnthn projects: RakuAST and the dispatcher rewrite.
lizmat and there's MUGS
cool new Comma and Cro features 11:41
patrickb Apart from that, less bugs, more performance, more users.
lizmat /r/rakulang crossed the 666 Rakoons mark at Christmas 2020, is now at 799
pmurias: if you really want get up to date, you can look at rakudoweekly.blog/blog-feed/ 11:42
patrickb there is a new ecosystem: fez.
lizmat there a Steering Council 11:43
patrickb and a new module website: raku.land
right, the RSC is a big thing that happened.
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pmurias patrickb: how is the number of users tracked? 12:16
patrickb It isn't. Just my gut feeling 12:17
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MasterDuke someone with a HN account could plug raku here news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26580366 12:25
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pmurias lizmat: I look at the weekly sometimes but was curious about the momentum/direction of the language 14:32
It's good to see jnthn back 14:33
leont really wishes he hadn't missed jnthn's presentation about Cro, I kind of needed it right now. 14:35
Is my understanding correct that Cro is build for network protocols that have a request/response paradigm? 14:36
(At least that's the case with all examples I've seen so far)
MasterDuke pmurias: oh hey, just the person i was looking for!
i was trying to build the nqp js backend to test github.com/Raku/nqp/pull/706 but it wasn't building. however, it didn't seem to me like the errors i was seeing would have been caused by my changes 14:38
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vrurg leont: not only. There is also ZMQ module with support for at least pub/sub. 14:41
leont: Cro implements reactive model, that'd be the most correct way to say.
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patrickb weekly: dev.to/patrickbkr/hi-and-an-introd...i-bot-3p3g 14:46
notable6 patrickb, Noted! (weekly)
pmurias MasterDuke: I think the js backend has bitrotted 14:47
I am waiting for a train atm, but I haven't really maintained it recently 14:48
MasterDuke ok, then i'll continue with the assumption that my changes didn't break anything 14:52
pmurias: i see tons of graalvm/truffle news and hope the truffle backend makes more progress at some point, i just keep getting sidetracked by other projects 14:55
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leont vrurg: thanks. I'll look some more at that. It's quite a complex model though. 15:33
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pmurias Masterduke 15:47
MasterDuke: I sometimes think about getting back to work on the truffle backend but it needs a not small about of work to get it to work with the new graalvm version 15:49
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pmurias And I am distracted with the newish work and have been kind of depressed often last year so I don't get as much stuff done as I wish for 15:50
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MasterDuke pmurias: well, hopefully at least you're enjoying the work 15:57
i once tried to rebase the truffle branch up to master, but there were some conflicts i couldn't easily figure out how to resolve and i lost steam 15:58
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sena_kun patrickb++ 16:02
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pmurias MasterDuke: the work is ok, but it's just writing an ui in typescript (For Data Catalog that's part of Google Cloud) 17:15
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tbrowder hi, folks, just been bitten by / vs div for integer division 17:22
is there any way to have Raku warn of situation where both operands are Int and the operator is '/' instead of 'div'? 17:23
i looked at doc 'traps' but didn't see anything... 17:24
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tbrowder i was porting C++ code and i think i recall tha C++ overloads the '/' operator to do the same as our 'div' (at least my tests imply that). 17:26
japhb tbrowder: I wouldn't want that warning by default, because I often want the Rat path for that. 17:29
tbrowder good point! and the Rats are a big plus for our cool Raku! 17:30
a compiler flag might be the answer
japhb leont: I use a combination of Request/Response and Server-Push paradigms with Cro in MUGS (github.com/Raku-MUGS). I also use it at two layers: to serve client/server messaging using WebSocket, and to serve HTML/CSS as one of the available UI options. 17:31
tbrowder i think it should be mentioned in doc 'traps'
japhb tbrowder: Seems reasonable from the point of view of "people coming from other languages won't expect Doing The Right Thing By Default". :-) 17:32
tbrowder yep, and i am doing a lot of porting C++ at the moment... 17:33
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MasterDuke pmurias: let me know when you're back on the graalvm/truffle and i'll see what i can do to help out 18:29
tellable6 MasterDuke, I'll pass your message to pmurias
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