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moon-child m: say 0..^* 04:58
camelia 0..^Inf
moon-child m: say ^*
camelia WhateverCode.new
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bbkr hi. any idea why my article from 2015 suddenly popped up on pl6anet.org ? no changes or updates were made, looks like a bug. 09:56
tadzik hah 09:58
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lizmat yeah, I was wondering the same thing 10:12
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demostanis[m] Installing Rakudo 2021.02.1 from ports using pkg_add works again. I wonder why the error disappeared. 10:24
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PimDaniel tadzik : I tried to see your video, i like bad programmers. but i did not understand because i do not understand too fast english. 10:47
tadzik ah, sorry :( 10:48
PimDaniel tadzik : i should have probably use $!bar is built like proposed me lizmat. 10:50
tadzik sounds like a good idea 10:51
PimDaniel tadzik What i was just trying to say and sorry that i was not clear, is that you can't access any class attribute before it is blessed. Well you can pass it to bless but nothing more; Do you agree? Or there is something that i mess? 10:55
*or messed may be.
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PimDaniel hum well i must be more precise : you can attrib on the default new constructor but only with given posisionnal parameters not with overloaded constructors and even with is built. 11:13
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lizmat PimDaniel: inside the .new method, there is no object yet, just a type 11:23
so you cannot access any attributes yet, as there aren't any yet 11:24
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tadzik yeah. You can transform it to your heart's desire *before* you pass it to bless though, and after the bless you can still do whatever you want on the object 11:25
after the bless, but before the new() ends
lizmat yeah, but *not* inside of the "new" method itself 11:26
because there "self" is still the type object, so $!foo won't work
tadzik oh, right. You can call methods on the result of self.bless though, no?
lizmat yup
tadzik right
lizmat or you can haz a TWEAK :-) 11:27
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PimDaniel lizmat: "inside the .new method, there is no object yet, just a type so you cannot access any attribute yet" : i know this yet and that's a bit what i'm trying to explain to tadzik. 12:25
lizmat :-) 12:26
PimDaniel tadzik: you can transform any .new method parameter but you can't touch any class attribute so you can't share anything at this step. 12:27
tadzik what are you starting each of your messages with a /me? :)
PimDaniel Only TWEAK acts has is, but afterwords, because TWEAK is just a method self triggered after after any constructor. 12:30
i don't know what does me: 12:31
i searched for the instruction that make me appear in yellow. 12:32
This is easier ton interpell a particular person. 12:33
I looked at Irssi Help on my Linux but did not understand which method people use to appear in yellow. Like Lizmat did into this message: inside the .new method, there is no object yet, just a type 12:34
at 13:23
One day lizmat told me that it was /me. 12:35
But may be i did not well understand or the opposite.
Why is me so borring?
MasterDuke putting /me at the beginning puts your username at the start. but if you want to trigger notification of someone else, usually you just put their username and a colon. 12:37
MasterDuke is demonstrating that /me at the beginning is replaced with my username
PimDaniel yess but Masterduke does not appear in yellow. 12:38
MasterDuke PimDaniel: but putting your username at the beginning will likely highlight this message in your client
PimDaniel Yess now MasterDuke is yellow colored. 12:39
what is a colon? this --> : 12:40
MasterDuke you can probably configure your client how you want, but those are the standard conventions (use /me if talking about yourself, use <username>: to cause a message to be highlighted for someone else)
PimDaniel MasterDuke: Do i appear higlighted? 12:41
MasterDuke the entire message is 12:42
PimDaniel Why? What dit i miss?
:MasterDuke is it ok now? 12:43
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MasterDuke it's the same. this client highlights an entire message if my username is anywhere in it (and yes, my username is printed in a different color). there is the option to only highlight if a message starts with the username though 12:44
PimDaniel MasterDuke do you mean without colon? 12:47
\h 12:48
MasterDuke yeah. so both "MasterDuke do you mean without colon?" and "Yess now MasterDuke is yellow colored." are highlighted for me
PimDaniel Sorry, not clear: You say that the entire line is colored or just your Name? Or are thez colored in different colors or what? 12:52
I looked at the web page but nothing is really colored.
MasterDuke a normal message has a white background with black text. when my username is in a message the entire message has a gray background with black text and my username is in color 12:54
PimDaniel MasterDuke ok thank you very mutch. I get nearly the same except that message are allways in the same intensity: low white on black. only Names may appear higligted and/or colored. Thank's. 13:01
MasterDuke np
PimDaniel PimDaniel i test something. 13:02
Does not work.
PimDaniel: I test another thing. 13:03
No more.
Bon nevermind.
jjatria PimDaniel: If I start a message with your name, it will be highlighted for you. If you do it with my name, it will be highlighted for me. If you do it with your own name, I guess it doesn't need highlighting, so it doesn't 13:04
PimDaniel jjatria If i tried this it's because I understood exacly the opposite from MasterDuke. 14:38 message yellowed. PimDaniel: but putting your username at the ... 13:10
Well nevermind : this will suffice. Thank's to all of you for your help! 13:11
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summerisle after poking around i've determined that even if writing a comprehensive lexer for emacs is out of the question due to performance requirements surrounding indent-line-function (it gets run a whole lot) it's likely more straightforward to replace the current raku-mode line-indent-function with something homebrew as opposed to SMIE. It would be nice to use CC-mode's engine; however, it seems pretty embedded and if it's possible to build other modes with it it isn't 15:22
terribly well documented for that purpose.
cperl-mode is as complicated as it is because of cruft for _very_ old emacs support, afaict. and there's little point in borrowing from it. 15:23
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jdv79 what changed in the last ~year wrt MAIN? 16:32
i just tried to build master and i get "Type check failed in binding to parameter '<anon>'; expected Any but got Mu (Mu)" 16:33
and the ll trace seem to imply src/core.c/Main.pm6
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jdv79 rather, i built raku off master and tried to run some $work code that works on a raku that's about a year old 16:34
lizmat several things did change last year 16:39
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jdv79 line 86 so codesections stuff... 16:41
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lizmat jdv79: if you could golf... :-) 16:52
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jdv79 nopaste.nl/aygAKLCcyn 17:01
lizmat and what should I pass as parameters ? 17:03
jdv79 ^^
jdv79 nothing
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lizmat running that code is clean for me 17:03
codesections same for me (on both master and 2021.03) 17:04
jdv79 nopaste.nl/Wack3DZ1GV 17:06
last known to work on "This is Rakudo version 2020.06-7-gf1960baa9 built on MoarVM version 2020.06-6-gbf6af07de 17:08
implementing Raku 6.d."
lizmat oops? 17:09
jdv79 pasted what i thought was multiplelines
nothing about the issue at hand 17:10
ugh, what i thought was one line. can't think today.
codesections do both of those RHS ~Date.… lines run ok by themselves for you? 17:11
jdv79 yeah 17:12
codesections aha, I can reproduce. It requires splitting into two files, as in your second paste 17:14
Interesting, ./bin/fetcher.raku -f='' doesn't crash, nor does /fetcher.raku -f=1 17:26
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codesections further golfed to `sub MAIN (:$f = Date, :$t where * > $f) is export {}` 17:35
So I'm guessing it's something to do with compile-time calculation of Dates? But I'm not positive 17:36
Geth doc: 2d903afd4e | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Type/Lock/ConditionVariable.pod6
Lock::ConditionVariable gets its own page

This refs #3844, but still `signal` to go, since I have actually no idea what it does.
Also documents wait with predicate, thus refs #3828
doc: 8cdb710ee0 | (JJ Merelo)++ | 2 files
Eliminates Lock::ConditionVariable definition from the condition method.

Refs #3844
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Lock::ConditionVariable 17:44
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jdv79 i guess i'll file a bug report as it seems non-trivial to address 17:55
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japhb codesections: It looks like you're setting $f to a type object, but then trying to do a comparison in $t's where clause. But you can 18:39
't compare to a type object that way.
FEK 18:40
jdv79 yeah, that golfing isn't equiv 18:44
i'd have to guess it might be something about the * and not dates but i'll try to look later maybe 18:45
what is the intent of ".ACCEPTS: True" in this context? 19:07
daemon hey all this might seem a bit of a trolly question but please bear with me, in terms of processing JSON data from a websocket or alternatively JSON objects straight from a TCP connection, which would be capable of doing more object processing per second, perl5 or raku 19:09
jdv79 Perl 19:10
daemon cool thank you jdv79
codesections jdv79: it distinguishes between parameters MAIN that accept True as an argument (and thus can be called from the CLI with a flag like `./fetcher --flag`, that is without an argument, which is the same as --flag=True) from those that *must* have an argument 19:12
That's what lets us tell how to parse a space-separated CLI call 19:13
full details at github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/4209 19:14
jdv79 m: say :(DateTime :$t where * > DateTime.now).params[0].constraint...].ACCEPTS: True 19:16
camelia Cannot resolve caller Real(DateTime:D: ); none of these signatures match:
(Mu:U \v: *%_)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
jdv79 idk if that's remotely related...
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jdv79 maybe these new ".ACCEPTS: True" calls require some pre-reqs (like sig/cap binding,etc...)?... idk:) 19:28
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MasterDuke jdv79: did it break as of today? or are you using a recent release? 19:36
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jdv79 i know it works on a 2020-06 raku 19:47
i'm almost certain that its that constraints are being used before being "fully formed" 19:48
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jdv79 codesections: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4278 is all i can do today 20:18
i might be able to help, if possible - idk that stuff well, later
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ugexe bisectable6: say :(DateTime :$t where * > DateTime.now).params[0].constraint...].ACCEPTS: True 20:34
bisectable6 ugexe, Will bisect the whole range automagically because no endpoints were provided, hang tight
ugexe, Output on all releases: gist.github.com/6062ed2adf0209d46b...f9cf34ed05 20:35
ugexe, Bisecting by output (old=2018.11 new=2018.12) because on both starting points the exit code is 1
ugexe, bisect log: gist.github.com/c4efffd674d37f332e...4ca00259d1
ugexe, (2018-11-19) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/86...8e77b500f3
ugexe, Bisecting by output (old=2016.05 new=2016.06) because on both starting points the exit code is 1
ugexe, bisect log: gist.github.com/63c39044277d75b082...893cc0974a
ugexe, (2016-06-09) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/b6...430078bc7d
ugexe, Output on all releases and bisected commits: gist.github.com/65e0491fa5f2a20688...b87c73025f 20:36
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ugexe m: sub MAIN (DateTime(Str) :f(:$from) = ~Date.today.DateTime.earlier(:1day), DateTime(Str) :t(:$to) where * > $from = ~Date.today.DateTime) { say "$from - $to"; }; 20:38
camelia Type check failed in binding to parameter '<anon>'; expected Any but got Mu (Mu)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
ugexe bisectable6: sub MAIN (DateTime(Str) :f(:$from) = ~Date.today.DateTime.earlier(:1day), DateTime(Str) :t(:$to) where * > $from = ~Date.today.DateTime) { say "$from - $to"; }
bisectable6 ugexe, Will bisect the whole range automagically because no endpoints were provided, hang tight
ugexe, Output on all releases: gist.github.com/e0f9610662c41da22e...e9e8c3ba3b
ugexe, More than 4 changes to bisect, please try a narrower range like old=2021.02.1 new=HEAD
ugexe bisectable6: old=2021.02.1 sub MAIN (DateTime(Str) :f(:$from) = ~Date.today.DateTime.earlier(:1day), DateTime(Str) :t(:$to) where * > $from = ~Date.today.DateTime) { say "$from - $to"; } 20:39
bisectable6 ugexe, Bisecting by exit code (old=2021.02.1 new=76022f6). Old exit code: 0
ugexe, bisect log: gist.github.com/71259030fc06a43208...003d6eb5f2
ugexe, (2021-02-24) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/67...58c459a631
ugexe codesections: ^ 20:40
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raydiak .seen adu 22:06
tellable6 raydiak, I saw adu 2019-05-08T19:54:44Z in #perl6: <adu> hi timotimo
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raydiak interesting...my own logs show that person last in #raku on 2020-07-24. Logging bot must have been out to lunch 22:17
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