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Set by lizmat on 1 May 2021.
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moon-child m: say 5 ∈ <5> 09:19
camelia False
moon-child m: say 5 ~~ <5> 09:20
camelia True
moon-child ^^ why?
I guess maybe ∈ uses eqv? 09:22
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moritz_ yes, ∈ uses set semanatics, and sets test using === or eqv (not sure which) 09:24
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lizmat === 09:38
moritz_ thanks lizmat 09:43
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lizmat m: .WHICH.say for 5, <5> 09:44
camelia Int|5
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El_Che weekly: rakudo-pkg added packages for the newly released fedora 34 17:03
notable6 El_Che, Noted! (weekly)
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excalibor greetings! I am starting a new project on gitgub and setting up a CI pipeline I found that after installing rakudo on the build agent, I don't have an easy way to fulfill dependencies... Is there anything I am not finding in «zef --help»? thanks! 18:02
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moritz excalibor: zef --install . # installs the current project and all its dependencies 18:06
erm, without the -- I think
excalibor @moritz ah, great! I'll try that, thank you!
okay, zef install . seems to do the job, but I don't yet have all the files, so it fails because the bin/program does not exist... :-D   I'll setup a small script to check for dependencies, no problem... I was wondering if there's something similar to python requirements.txt or javascript denpendencies.json... But it's not hard to do by hand... 18:13
gotta go, see you around, thanks for the help!
raydiak if you're trying to list all the dependencies, you want 'zef depends .'. if you're trying to install the dependencies (but not the module itself), you're looking for 'zef install --deps-only .' 18:19
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excalibor raydiak ah, excellent!  thanks a bunch! (y)   good night! 22:06
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raydiak excalibor: you're welcome :) g'night 22:25
excalibor :-) (y)
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softmoth If anyone would like to run: zef update && zef install rakudoc; and let me know if it installs OK and works for you, that'd be appreciated 23:25
m6locks running now 23:32
failed to resolve some missing dependencies
failed to find dot:from<bin> 23:33
softmoth m6locks, oh, OK
that's a dependency for ... Documentable, right?
m6locks I think you're missing a colon
softmoth I may need to include a stripped down Documentable, it's too finicky and I only need a tiny portion of it.
m6locks oh sry no 23:34
softmoth No, it's not a typo. It's depending on a system package
m6locks aye
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softmoth m6locks, thank you for the feedback 23:42
m6locks np 23:43
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