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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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guifa Not bad, I got DateTime::Timezones updated withint an hour and a half of its release :-) 02:17
(of the new timezone data from IANA, I mean)
japhb guifa++ 02:22
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stanrifkin i install rakudoc via zef, but i can't read any documentation with ex.: rakudoc Str. What i missed to install? 05:58
oh... i see. Have had to install p6doc too. That seems to work now. 06:00
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holyghost stanrifkin: use p6doc then, same thing AFAIK 06:19
tellable6 holyghost, I'll pass your message to stanrifkin
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Kaiepi .tell altai-man, Trait::Traced's update has been released. Data::Record and Kind::Subset::Parametric need more maintenance, but should be doable over the weekend 08:38
tellable6 Kaiepi, I'll pass your message to Altai-man
sena_kun Kaiepi, thank you very much for your work! 08:44
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holyghost It'd be nice to have a python grammar for "binary" loading of pic files into a raku program 11:46
Then have some kind of execution with them
I'm not going to write it 11:47
I know it's a parrot idea but there's several languages of choice including us
CORBA is dead I guess 11:49
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[Coke] last time i wrote CORBA was at Enron. 12:06
holyghost I just compiled ORBit 20 years ago, I don't know much about it 12:13
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holyghost I just posted AI-Agent 0.2.10, it's actor based (non-native raku), interesting also for OOP. I am working on the actual AI Music Agent which can be networked later on. 17:17
By non-native raku, I mean without built-in actors which might be in raku itself
It's from my Scheme days in college, we used actor systems like that in Scheme to build systems. Doing the same in LISP which gives cognitive AIs sometimes 17:20
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holyghost Everything is at github.com/hollythemage/AI-Agent and github.com/hollythemage/AI-Agent-Music 17:34
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codesections CIAvash, I have a question prompted by the github reply you just posted 18:31
m: my &f = grep(* !%% 2) # This doesn't work 18:33
camelia Type check failed in assignment to &f; expected Callable but got Seq (().Seq)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
codesections m: say ([0..5] ==> grep(* !%% 2) ) # So why does this?
camelia (1 3 5)
CIAvash I don't know :) it's how the feed operator works and I haven't looked into it. Also for some reason which I don't remember, the functions need to have parenthesis. (most of the time!) 18:36
codesections wait, never mind; I was just misreading that syntax 18:39
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codesections The equivalent (ish – it's .grep instead of &grep) syntax would be: 18:40
m: my &f = *.grep(* !%% 2) 18:41
camelia ( no output )
codesections which does work
And I'm pretty sure I realized that at some point earlier, which is why I didn't use the &mul_odd_squares example in the GitHub issue – it can already be written as 18:48
m: my &mul_odd_squares = *.reduce(&[×]) ∘ *.map(*²) ∘ *.grep(* !%% 2); say mul_odd_squares ^6
camelia 225
CIAvash yeah, but those are methods, does it work functions? 18:50
codesections No, which is part (all?) of the motivation for the issue 18:51
but it's actually pretty hard to come up with good examples using fns from CORE, because nearly all of them are also methods 18:52
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CIAvash `await` is not a method, I remember wanting to use it like method 18:57
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codesections Part of what makes this more workable is the docs.raku.org/language/operators#m...dop_.& So, for example: 19:01
m: my $p = Promise.start({ sleep 2; 42}); say $p.&await
camelia 42
CIAvash yeah 19:04
codesections So part of what I was trying to get at with my &minmax-primes example was the ability to deal with more complex signatures. if it was just &min-prime, you could write it as 19:05
m: my &min-prime = *.first(&is-prime); say min-prime [10..42] 19:06
camelia 11
codesections But there's no way to pass :end to that
m: my &min-prime = *.first(&is-prime); say min-prime [10..42], :end 19:07
camelia Unexpected named argument 'end' passed
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
codesections m: my &minmax-prime = &first.assuming(&is-prime); say minmax-prime [10..42], :end
camelia 41
CIAvash same thing applies to `await` I think. `*.&await` works only on one argument, but await can take more than one argument, although you can pass an array to it as well. 19:16
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