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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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frost-lab m: my $a; for ^1000_000_0 { $a = now }; say now - INIT now; 13:38
camelia 1.874580487
frost-lab m: my $a; for ^1_000_000_00 { $a = now }; say now - INIT now;
camelia 18.700105474
frost-lab m: for ^1_000_000 { $_.is-prime };say now - INIT now 13:40
camelia 0.032996886
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lol hi 16:37
@everyone 16:38
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theangryepicbanana 😒 16:39
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Razetime booooooo 16:45
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Hydrazer woooooooo 17:23
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sampersand excellent lol 19:10
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[Coke] доброе увп 20:14
(which I think is "good UGT")
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Nemokosch what is UGT 20:35
~~and why is it uvp~~
moritz_ UGT is Universal Greeting Time 20:48
Nemokosch this is a weird concept xD 20:52
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moritz_ it's what allows us to say "good morning" at every time of the day :D 20:55
Nemokosch eh, don't 20:56
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perryprog But it's afternoon...? 21:53
[Coke] not everywhere. 22:05
perryprog I don't know about you but my timezone's the only right one...
[Coke] on $dayjob calls, we regularly start out with 'good morning, good afternoon, good evening'. shortcut on IRC is "good UGT" so no one has to correct for timezones.
on $dayjob calls, we regularly start out with 'good morning, good afternoon, good evening'. shortcut on IRC is "good UGT" so no one has to correct for timezones. 22:06
Nemokosch ~~good life~~ 22:08
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